Over the Baltic Sea crashed military helicopter Norway

In the Baltic Sea the search for Norwegian military helicopter missing on Wednesday evening, according to Polish Cultural Center in Kaliningrad, with reference to the media on Thursday strany.Utrom German naval forces went in search of the missing helicopter. In cooperation with the German Navy are working in Denmark, Norway and Shvetsii.Norvezhsky Eurocopter 350 helicopter flew in Lübeck, Germany, and had to fly to Sweden Halmstad. In addition to the pilot on board was another chelovek.Po to the military, the duration of the flight is usually a half to two hours. So, after this time, and the Read more [...]
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Kolpino left without electricity due to power substation

Right Bank Kolpino stayed for half an hour today without electricity due to power substation № 510 "Kolpino right bank." Light in homes and on the streets disappeared at 17:30, resumed electricity supplies at 19:15. From Kolpino reported off the light on the left bank of Izhora."At about 17.30 turned off the light. Around the area on the left bank of the river Izhora. Light disappeared in the apartment and on the streets. Cause of the incident is unknown," - eyewitnesses.Some have reported that people were trapped in elevators and shopping malls.According Lenenergo Read more [...]
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The drying up of the Dead Sea has accelerated

Dead Sea continues to shrink. The water level in this unique body of water fell in November by another 11 centimeters, said on Tuesday, December 4, the radio station "Kol Yisrael".The drying of the Dead Sea is gradually increasing, and this year, lowering the water level by 40 cm higher than the average of ten years ago.Recall, after construction of new dams in Jordan and Syria almost completely stopped for Yarmuh River, a major tributary of Jordan in the area between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. As a result, last year the water level of the Dead Sea has fallen by 1.5 Read more [...]
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In the hands of 11-year-old Briton exploded BlackBerry smartphone

Kian McCray from Coventry was taken to hospital with multiple burns, after his brother's phone exploded BlackBerry Curve 9320, a few sparks fell on the blanket, and it caught fire. Now the victim's relatives urged smartphone makers - Research in Motion - immediately withdraw its products from stores. The boy's mother Sarah says she disconnect the phone from the charger and put it on the bed Kiana, then left the room, and after a few minutes there was a loud clap. Representatives of Research In Motion (RIM) announced that talked with the family and expect that they will provide them Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin residents reported explosions and flashes of light

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk actively discussing "Winter storm" - the sounds of violent explosions and flashes of light in the night sky above the city. In view of the fact that the city is a strong blizzard version of the "winter storm" themselves eyewitnesses say incredible. The easiest way to keep abreast of all events listen to the radio online.Eyewitnesses report the loud sounds of explosions and flashes in the sky, as well as the fact that the local radio reported that it "... it's just very rare weather phenomenon - in the snow storm and do not worry. "This report Read more [...]
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Amsterdam authorities want to open on the edge of a special bad area

Its going to settle rowdy, alcoholics, drug addicts and other undesirables. In Amsterdam planned major cleaning. In the past, the power of the largest cities in the Netherlands are usually cleaned out pink quarters and coffee shops, which sell marijuana, but now decided to take up the so-called undesirable element: Stop live respectable citizens hooligans, drunks, foul language and so on, and to relocate them in special quarters. For life they did not seem to honey, they will settle in ... container. What: cheap, good and effective for educational purposes only!"The aim Read more [...]
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Scientists said the continuous growth of male infertility

12/06/2012 French researchers found that since 1989 the world has seen a steady fall in male fertility. The relevant data were published in the journal Human Reproduction. In the study, researchers studied more than 26,000 men and found that from 1989 to 2005, the concentration of sperm decreased on average by almost a third, from 71 million per milliliter to 48 million per milliliter. Attaches particular importance result of the fact that the study was first involved a large number of people.That a reduction in sperm count continues to progress for the past 17 years indicates increased adverse Read more [...]
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A month after the hurricane in the United States without the light still sitting more than 30 million homes

12/06/2012In the north-eastern United States for over a month without electricity and heating are more than 30 million homes, according to television station CBS. As noted by RIA Novosti, only in New York and the surrounding area after Hurricane Sandy without electricity and heating are about six thousand private homes and 800 multi-family complexes. From the cold, they can be saved only by a gas stove. As it became known, despite the fact that most people have insurance, many of them still have not received compensation and trying to get a response from the authorities. Recall Sandy hurricane Read more [...]
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Stocks of oil products in the U.S. has increased

U.S. Department of Energy data for the next reporting period show a greater than expected reduction in inventories of crude oil (0.6%, or 2.4 million barrels. Against the expected 0.5 million barrels.), Which was more than offset by a sharp build-up of stocks distillates (by 3.8%, or 3 million barrels. versus 0.9 million barrels.) and petrol (up 2.7%, or 7.9 million barrels., down from 1.6 million barrels.). Strongly increased in the last two weeks of any approaching the top of the seasonal range. Stocks of crude oil declined, but remain above the upper limit of the seasonal range. The total Read more [...]
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U.S. has lost a clear space policy

Because the United States has lost a clear strategy in space, NASA can not determine the main directions of the activity, such a conclusion is contained in the report of the authoritative American experts, prepared under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences USA.The authors of the document, which was circulated on Wednesday in Washington, laying the blame for the vague space policy for the Obama administration and Congress, not being able to properly formulate the priorities for the NASA.The report also noted that NASA was not enough money to carry out all the planned projects and Read more [...]
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3000 people were left without electricity near Arkhangelsk

Almost 3000 people and six socially important facilities on Thursday remained without electricity in two areas of the Arkhangelsk region, told RIA Novosti source in the regional police."In Mezenski and Pinega areas disrupted power supply in homes about 3 thousand people in six socially significant objects", - he said, but did not specify the cause of shutdown.Emergency repair work has already begun, will be completed by Thursday evening.MOSCOW, December 6 - RIA Novosti.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In South Africa, a military plane crashed, killing at least 11 people

Military aircraft crashed today in South Africa, on board, according to some reports, there were 11 people. The plane took off from the air base at Pretoria in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, and disappeared from radar screens. Wreckage was found this morning in the town of Ladysmith, said the representative of the armed forces of South Africa Ksolani Mabanga. He declined to give any details, "that was not speculation." Meanwhile, Radio Algoa unnamed source sends word that it was an improved version of the American short-range transport aircraft Douglas DC-3, which was produced in the Read more [...]
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About 20 Pskov settlements week remain without electricity

20 settlements of the Pskov region for almost a week are without light. Last Friday because of sleet and freezing rain occurred breaks lines.

Power engineers managed to restore the most damaged substations. Work in the remaining villages will be completed today.

Category: Factors and accident
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The collision of ships in the North Sea, killing four people

Four people died and seven were missing as a result of a collision between two vessels in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands. This was reported today rescuers working at the scene. Wednesday evening in the sea facing car ferry "bolt Ace" / Baltic Ace /, which went under the flag of the Bahamas, and a container "Corvus Jay" / Corvus J / under the Cyprus flag. The first ship sank after the accident, and the second, to stay afloat, to pick up the 24 members of the crew of the ferry. Several other people were evacuated to land by helicopter. In the rescue operation Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the shipwreck in Bolivia has increased to eleven

Increased to 11 the number of dead in the crash of a passenger boat in Bolivia. Five others are reported missing.

As reported by the local authorities, the tragedy occurred on Lake Titicaca. The reason for PE — overload the vessel, ITAR-TASS reported. On board were 20 people, most of them — the local teachers. Among the dead — three minors. Four people were saved because they were able to stay afloat.

Category: Factors and accident
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The world could face not overpopulation, but on the contrary — its lack of

While the ruling class and continues to promote the myth of "overpopulation" in the real world turns completely different situation. In fact, we are fast approaching the point where the birth rate will drop so low that the real threat will be a lack of population.This fact has been discussed for years in alternative media and among the brave scientists who were not afraid to go against scientific political establishment. However, this issue is becoming more credibility as mainstream studies confirm that, and the alternative media talking all the time. Number of births in the world the Read more [...]
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The Lost Island Sandy is found on maps in 1908

We have already mentioned that in the Pacific island disappeared, which was mapped in 2000 Google Earth. Australian scientists have discovered the loss. Where there should have been a 25-kilometer long island - there was nothing. But on Admiralty charts in 1908 he is listed.By comment to this map, it appears that the island was discovered in 1876 by Captain whaler J. Robinson and mapped on the basis of his report. There is also an interesting postscript, that specify the exact location of the island is not possible. Island wanders and captains warn of extreme caution when in the area. The Read more [...]
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American Plan doomsday

The recent super hurricane Sandy, the effects of which are still there, was for the Discovery Channel excuse to create the documentary "American Plan Day of Judgment." As an expert in favor of the National Journal columnist Mark Ambridner. "This is a thrilling story full of little-known facts and previously classified information. And even the fact that we know shrouded in conspiracy theories, "said Ambridner. Almost all of these theories suggest that the U.S. government plans to organize a military dictatorship, which in the troubled times of chaos doomsday ensure order Read more [...]
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Where suddenly zasobiralas elite?

Accident or not, but the world leaders of the time to 20 December 2012 came to 'leave ", for example, for the first time in its history, the Parliament of England moved the Christmas holiday schedule from 25 to 20 December.In addition, leading experts and researchers of world corporations suddenly started to resign en masse and disappear from public view. Here is a short list of the most high-profile layoffs in the last month: General Director of Long Island Power Authority, New York, USA, Mike HarveyDirector General Oremex Gold, Ontario, Canada, David TerryPresident and CEO of Creso Read more [...]
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Iranian computer people hacked stuffing U.S. drone

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has received classified information. Tehran calls hacking database robot biggest success in recent years. The device failed to open without any problems, because his body in the capture was not damaged. True, what information was compromised as a result of Iran 'e-filling "of the U.S. drone is still unknown. However, Tehran maintains that extracted information is much more informative than the ones that managed to extract from the downed aircraft a year ago US RQ-170, said TV-Press. On the eve of the interception of valuable staff Vice-Admiral of the Read more [...]
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