In Yakutia, the search for missing fisherman and find out whose remains found in the forest

Yakut investigators opened a criminal case after the taiga found human remains. The media already being discussed possibility that get lost fishermen could eat his friend - supposedly the remains belong to him. But in this story there are still many unclear points. Yakut investigators opened a criminal case after the taiga found human remains. "Investigative team made two inspection of the scene, in which discovered and seized parts of the human body with signs of violent death" - told the Investigation Department of the Union of Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The case filed Read more [...]
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The collapse of the cargo ship in the Black Sea: missing seven sailors

In the Black Sea coast of Turkey continues search operation at the crash freighter "Volga-Balt 199". It all happened during a heavy storm. On board were 12 people - 11 citizens of Ukraine and Russian. On the eve of the staff of emergency services pulled from the water four victims, another member of the crew died. Seven sailors are still missing. During the operation, also killed three members of the emergency services in Turkey, their boat crashed on the rocks. And another incident occurred in the Black Sea. Denied because of the storm cargo ship steering in - "Adriatic". Read more [...]
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In Vitebsk mass killing ducks

In the mouth Vitba, at the gateway under a pedestrian bridge, gathered many carcasses of dead ducks. Their team gathers for catching stray animals. As the master of this team, they were instructed to collect and dispose of their ducks.Just in front of the correspondent gathered about 35 individuals.Cause of mass death of birds is unknown, and, judging by what had directed carcasses disposed of immediately, no examination will be undertaken. It is possible that the cause of death of birds was improper feeding. For example, the body of birds, with the exception of the sea, is not able to display Read more [...]
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Washed up on the shore of Odessa African dolphin

The animal's body was found near the water. Found him people believe that it issued to the bank by the storm. For some typical signs witnesses suggested that the dolphin was not killed by the storm, and he died in the sea for some other reason.Or not to sea? After all, in the area of the Black Sea are found, mostly bottlenose dolphins. They have a characteristic "beak." The photo also shows that the dolphin has no "snout." One can assume that this is widespread in the oceans blue dolphin. However, in many handbooks Black Sea does not belong to its range of its habitat. Read more [...]
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More than 30 thousand homes in the U.S. are without light a month after the Sandy

More than 30,000 homes in the north-eastern United States are without electricity and heat for over a month after the power lines were severed by Hurricane "Sandy", CBS television reported According to him, the damage from the disaster was the strongest of 30-50 billion dollars. Only in New York City and the surrounding area, reports CBS, about 6,000 private homes and 800 apartment complexes left without heating, and their inhabitants warms only the gas stove. Residents in the affected areas have all kinds of insurance, but many of them complain that they still can not get anything Read more [...]
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Americans are preparing to fight the zombies

A few weeks before the end of the world, U.S. residents are massively buying weapons, fearing that the zombies take over the planet. According to The Huffington Post, the FBI recorded a growth in sales of firearms in the country by 20%. The fear of the undead support manufacturers of ammunition."A lot of people are really scared by this development in the case of the end of the world. I've seen a whole series of targets in the form of a zombie. At least two companies that produce ammunition boxes of offer, which they call rounds against the zombies. Basically it is ammunition for shotguns Read more [...]
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Iran shows captured drone

Iranian television channel Press TV December 4 showed drone Boeing ScanEagle, captured, according to Tehran during the spy mission over the territory of the Islamic Republic.According to Iranian officials, they were able to take control reconnaissance drone, before landing on their territory.Earlier, the U.S. Navy Command categorically rejected loss UAVs, saying that they are on a strict allowance, so the disappearance of one of them would immediately become known.According to the Associated Press, some rules can be both ways, since the U.S. is not the only country using ScanEagle in the region. Read more [...]
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The plane made an emergency landing because of uncollected chassis

On Wednesday morning, at the Novosibirsk Tolmachevo because uncollected chassis made a forced landing aircraft ATR-42-500 of airline "Taimyr". In the West-Siberian Transport Prosecutor reported that the aircraft flying Novosibirsk - Ekaterinburg, took off at 8:11 am Moscow time, but after taking off alarm signal that the board gear is not removed, and the commander of the crew decided to return to the airport departure. Landing was successful at 8:35, there were no injuries. On board were 27 passengers and 4 crew, reports "Interfax". Upon incident Novosibirsk Transport Prosecutor's Read more [...]
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Hundreds of customers in Kamchatka three days remain without internet and cable TV

Some providers of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for the past three days, can not restore normal operation of the communication system to resume uninterrupted signal of cable television and the Internet, which has been broken due to wire breakage during a powerful storm on December 2. Today, hundreds of residents of Kamchatka's capital in different neighborhoods can not get to the network from home, and forced to watch TV with a standard antenna. "During the storm there was a serious accident, which techniques are not able to quickly deal. Who neighborhoods connected to the network gradually. Read more [...]
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In the Gulf of Mexico rescued cruise ship Carnival Triumph with 4000 passengers

More than 4,000 people were taken prisoner on an ocean liner Carnival Triumph, which on Thursday made a five-day cruise off the coast of the United States. After a Sunday on the ship caught fire, the engine broke down, and it lied to the agency AP.The fire caused the engine room, was extinguished by the automatic fire extinguishing system. The incident resulted in one of the on board 3143 passengers and 1086 crew members was injured. However, due to engine failure management of the vessel was lost, and it is strongly deviated from the course. $ CUT $On Monday, the ship drifted in the Read more [...]
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Strange flashes of light going on. At this time in Odessa

In the night sky Odessa appeared strange flashes of light, accompanied by surges, power outages and interruptions in communication. At night, the villagers Kotovsky observed strange phenomenon - many flashes of light on the horizon, which sparkled in different colors - from light purple to pink and white. A couple of times in some of the houses, even the lights went out. Eyewitness: About 35 seconds was the bright flash in the sky. The light turned on and off. Accompanying shimmer and moving smoothly like rays of light. And then the brightest flash and darkness. Strange sounds during Read more [...]
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America faces massive dementia

In the coming decades, the United States will face a sharp increase in the number of people with Alzheimer's disease, because the population is aging rapidly. By 2050, the number of patients with this disease triple to 13.8 million (data from 2010 - 4.7 million). "This is a heavy burden on society, because a huge number of disabled. Accordingly, there is a need in the medical staff nurses and other things," - says researcher Jennifer Vuve Institute of Healthy Aging Rush. Thus affected, first of all, of the "baby boom" (people born in the years 1946-1964. Forecast was made Read more [...]
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Thousands of Americans have signed a petition calling on the White House to build the Death Star

More than a thousand Americans have signed a petition calling for the U.S. government to launch a program to create space station "Death Star" (Death Star) in 2016. The text of the petition said that such a program is needed to strengthen national security and create jobs in the construction, engineering and space exploration.Fictional space station called "Death Star" was invented creators fantastic epic "Star Wars" director George Lucas. The action on it is in the fourth story of chronology and the first year of release episode "A New Hope" (Star Wars. Read more [...]
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Chiefs Skolkovo stole 24 million budget money

Salary of 300 to 600 thousand rubles, rent a overhaul of my father's shop and other liberties with the budgetary funds identified in Skolkovo. 24 million was, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia, stolen from the budget allocated to the science city "Skolkovo". Guilty of this suspect Director of Finance for-profit organization "Foundation for Development of the Center of Research and Commercializing of New Technologies" Cyril Lugovtseva and Director General of Customs and Finance "Skolkovo" Vladimir Khokhlov. The investigation was opened by the Read more [...]
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Rodents on Mars and mass layoffs NASA

This video shows how to detect "hidden gem" in the photo. Meanwhile, NASA has matured a new scandal. It is associated with Mars, but mainly with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the incomprehensible actions of increased secrecy. It is learned that about 100 scientists and engineers, NASA had to leave their seats or retire. Practicing in humor, they are trying to determine the kind of living creature lurking behind the two stones. Slum rat? Special breed of guinea pig? However, to this fun game anyone can join. Here are the data. Meanwhile, Read more [...]
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Fighter fell on the house in the south of China, the pilot ejected

According to preliminary information, the accident suffered a multi-role fighter "Jian-7" (Chinese copy of the MiG-21), the pilot managed to eject.Military aircraft suffered an accident on Tuesday morning, falling to a house in the southern city of Shantou (Guangdong), pass the Chinese media. According to preliminary information, the accident suffered a multi-role fighter, "Jian-7" (Chinese copy of the MiG-21), the pilot managed to eject. According to the fire, as a result of the crash caused a fire, which injured four people. They were hospitalized, injured one Read more [...]
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Due to bad weather in Ukraine energized over 300 settlements

In Ukraine, because of bad weather on the night of 3 to 4 December 2012. been energized over 300 settlements in 14 regions. It is reported by the country's Ministry of Emergency Situations. As noted, the most affected Kherson, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava region. In Lugansk from power off the first children's hospital, in intensive care under artificial respirator was a child. After nine minutes of Emergencies of Ukraine by a generator resumed power supply to the machine. In the evening the same day electricity hospital was reopened. In addition, because of snowfall hampered traffic Read more [...]
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The explosion at the Vorkuta: started for the bodies of the dead miners

Started for the bodies of miners killed in an accident at the mine "Vorkuta." This was announced by the head of the regional SU IC chief Nikolai Basmanov. According to him, the identification will last until about 15:00 pm, and will begin immediately after conducting forensic examination in order to establish the exact cause of death of the miners. "Taking all the necessary documentation for examination instruments. Investigation group is working closely with specialists RTN. Preliminary cause of the accident - the release of methane and subsequent explosion," - said Nikolai Read more [...]
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The dead rising from their graves and attacking the living: American TV broadcast the message from getting an attack of zombies

Local TV U.S. state of Montana during the nightly broadcasts warned viewers about a zombie attack. When watching a show Americans when they heard the warning signs and the message: "The dead rising from their graves and attacking the living." Sensational information was given on the air on Monday, February 11, on two channels - KRTV and CW, notes AP. Despite the promises in the future to provide more details, impatient audience decided to refine the data about the threat to the police - the guardians of order at least four times a phone call alerted Americans. In the evening news Read more [...]
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The launch is Glonass-K moved to 2013 due to technical problems

State Commission at a meeting on Monday decided to transfer from December 2012 to the following year launched a spacecraft "Glonass-K" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, "Interfax" a representative of the Press and Information at the Ministry of Defense troops Aerospace Defense Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.

"The reason for the transfer start spacecraft" Glonass-K "at a later date it is technically not ready upper stage" Fregat "- said Zolotukhin.

Category: Factors and accident
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