In the Pskov region struggling with the consequences energoavary

In the Pskov region still eliminate consequences of the first heavy snowfall. Due to wire breakage without electricity is the fourth day are about twelve thousand. Some schools have canceled classes today. Meter by meter operational team deep into the forest. During the day, experts bypass kilometers of power lines. Energy work in emergency mode, but do not have time for the elements. The situation is complicated by the dangerous situation in the woods: the trees in ice shells fall under its own weight, causing new breaks. Damage to the drive and the ice on the power lines themselves. Read more [...]
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The cyclone in Primorye 10 villages remained without electricity

As a result of the passage of the cyclone in the Primorsky Territory remained without electricity 10 settlements Khasan district. According to RBC in the local MOE office, restoration work was carried out during the night of 3 to 4 December, but so far have not been successful.In the disaster area is home to over 6000 people remain without electricity in 1370 households.Specialists report that address the effects of the accident prevent snow drifts. Rescuers find it difficult to get to the power lines. In the remaining villages without electricity forced to urgently connect diesel generators.In Read more [...]
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Backroom Vatican protects the pope from the new revelations

After the scandal with leaking secret documents to the Italian press, the Holy See has strengthened security measures. All citizens of the Vatican will get special access card. Protect Document Pope will "kibersvyaschennik» Slovenian Mitja Leshkovar.According to the new requirements of the Vatican, all employees of the papal office and its subordinate institutions in the near future will be the code card. These cards will allow them to open the doors and gates of the Vatican. The new permit system will allow the Pope and his entourage to receive accurate information about who and Read more [...]
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Inner space: visually impaired Turner became a photographer

Almost completely lost sight Permyak discovered his unique gift to create works of art. Andrew Starikov once turner was one of the best in the city of Perm. He had a sixth category - the highest he has received in 23 years. But in 1998, disaster struck - household injury. When Starks climb the stairs to the porch sled with sugar, ended abruptly rope. Powerful punch head on concrete: unbearable pain, a hospital and a disappointing diagnosis from doctors - "progressive atrophy of the optic nerve." Photo by: Dmitry Ovchinnikov Disease within "The doctor said that of Read more [...]
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Because of the accident at a substation in Lipetsk center remained without electricity

Today, December 3, at 6.54 there is damage to one of the cables from the substation "South" to the RP-45. By disabling some were at home on the streets of the Soviet, Voroshilov, Gorky, March 8, Day, Tereshkova and others.According to the press-service of JSC "LGEK" remained without power for more than three thousand people and 70 organizations. Are currently under emergency repair work, damage to the cable line will be removed and apply power to the 16 o'clock today.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Yakutskenergo: restored power to customers after the accident at power plant

Today, December 3, 2012, at 8 hours and 35 minutes (local time) at the Yakutsk TPP process violation occurred as a result of which, interrupted power supply to consumers, the press-service of "Yakutskenergo."All consumers of the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the suburbs, remaining in that time without electricity, were fed for an hour.The cause of the fault is established. The investigation will be conducted in the prescribed manner with the participation of management Lena RTN.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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90 people injured in an accident at the rig in Singapore

About 90 people were injured in an accident on jack-up rigs on Jurong Island in Singapore, said on Monday the TV website Channel NewsAsia. According to media reports, the incident occurred on Monday morning. For unknown reasons until destroyed one of the three pillars of the platform as a result of tilted. All the victims of the accident working to date sent to nearby hospitals. The condition of one of them rated as critical, another 22 people were seriously injured. Work on a drilling platform suspended.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Fire at power substation de-energized Malmyzh district, Kirov region

In Malmyzh area fire at an electrical substation de-energized communities, which are home to eight and a half thousand people.The accident occurred today, December 3, at seven o'clock in the morning. The fire damaged a high-voltage equipment in the cell 10 kilovolts transformer number 2. In place of the clothes went MOE. Now find out the causes of the accident.- It happens. Even though the equipment was properly - the press-secretary of "Kirovenergo" Olga Makoveeva.Restore electricity Malmyzh able only in the 12 hours of the day. Currently, no light remaining eight Read more [...]
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Cloned dog killer terrorizing New York

New Yorker twice their pet cloned after his death, and now both the clone running through the streets, catching up fear in the citizens. People complain about the aggressive behavior of dogs and require the owner to call the police to account. Gary Rintelen, a resident of the Upper West Side in New York, so much loved his dog named Astro, that after his death has not only made a hat out of his coat, but twice cloned pet. Four years ago, he spent $ 140 thousand on the cloning procedure of fibroblasts - cells of the connective tissue of the deceased pet. Their nuclei were introduced in donor eggs, Read more [...]
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F-15 fighter Saudi Air Force crashed in the Persian Gulf

Fighter F-15 Air Force (IAF) crashed in Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf, while the fate of the pilot is not known. This was reported by representatives of the Ministry of Defense. According to them, the incident occurred in the eastern province of the country last night during routine training mission. For unknown reasons until the fighter "fell into the territorial waters of Saudi Arabia," the search for the pilot continued, added to the Defense Ministry. To investigate the causes of the accident formed a special technical team sent to the local media. All-weather tactical fighter Read more [...]
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NPP units Cernavoda in Romania is canceled after the storm

In a statement Minister said that wind gusts up to 80-90 miles per hour caused breaks lines, after which the first nuclear reactor automatically shut down transformer.One of the two units of Romanian nuclear power plant "Cernavoda" Monday was disabled after the break lines, the agency Xinhua, citing the Ministry of Economy of Romania. In a statement Minister said that wind gusts up to 80-90 miles per hour caused breaks lines, after which the first nuclear reactor automatically shut down transformer. Second unit continues to operate normally. It is noted that the failure did not have Read more [...]
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Apotheosis of the guard: we are held hostage to a senseless occupation

They are everywhere. In doorways and gates, in schools and kindergartens, on construction sites and in parking lots. They have a simple Russian faces, they merge with the landscape, people in dark shirt and tie, or a season, in jackets padding polyester, written with ligature some ancient word "Hero", "Castle", "Mail", " Russia ". They nibble sunflower seeds or smoke at the entrance, a joker with drivers and couriers, or sitting at a desk on the watch, carefully re-write your passport data in greasy ledgers. There is another type, living in the office Read more [...]
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Part of Yakutsk remained without power this morning because of an accident on the city power plant

Energy JSC "Yakutskenergo" restored power supply in Yakutsk, which was interrupted due to the technological breach the Yakutsk TPP, the press service of the company on Monday. "The accident occurred at 8.35 am. After about half an hour all the consumers of the capital and its suburbs, remaining at that time without electricity were powered," - said in a statement. The report also noted that the cause of the fault is established. The investigation will be carried out in due order, involving Lena control RTN.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Plane with passengers because of problems two o’clock circled the Pulkovo, producing fuel

Passenger An-148, flying from Pulkovo in Chelyabinsk, returned to the airport of departure due to problems with the control system, "Interfax" a source in air traffic control of the St. Petersburg air hub."After take-off at 00:42 MSK aircraft commander asked An-148 landing approach at Pulkovo because of unstable control system operation. He managed to safely land the plane at 2:54 MSK, Spent Fuel" - said istochnik.On added that on the plane was carrying 65 passengers, none of them was hurt.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Russian security officials estimated the power of a nuclear explosion in North Korea. And the experts call it, to whom he hurt most

Aftermath nuclear test, North Korea held the morning of 12 February, can be quite serious, experts are convinced. For the environment is no threat, according to preliminary data, no, but the reaction of the international community suggests that the North Koreans waiting for another round of fighting with the UN and the nearest neighbors, which are likely to impose new sanctions. But suffer from the innocent party.In Russia, a few hours after an underground explosion, recorded about 07:00 Moscow time in the North Korean nuclear test Pung-ni, recognized the tremors. "Seismic tremor Read more [...]
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Kamchatka Korf settlement ceases to exist

MPs Kamchatka village Korff, who in 2006 was badly damaged by the earthquake, have decided to eliminate him as a municipality. This decision must be approved by deputies Olyutorsky district territory, on the territory of which the settlement, after which will be adopted by the appropriate regional law. The number of registered villagers Korf eligible to vote is 18. With the current number of residents to keep in Corfe municipality with the head, the administration and members is impractical. Administrative functions transferred to local authorities Olyutorsky municipal area. The decision to Read more [...]
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Work to restore electricity in Pskov region

By the evening of Sunday, there has been a positive trend in the reconstruction efforts in the facilities of the branch of JSC "IDGC of North-West" "Pskovenergo." For the first time in three days could change the situation for the better. Number of disabled 10 kV transmission line, compared with the morning fell by 15 pieces. In addition, technological disturbances were eliminated in 110 kV Bezhanitsky-1 and the line placed under stress. Since then Novorzhev powered by the normal scheme of power supply. As of 18.00 on December 2 without tension remaining 53 of 10 kV and Read more [...]
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ISS solar panel meteorite struck

One of the solar panels of the International Space Station (ISS) is damaged micrometeorites. This was announced on Sunday, general director Gennady Raikunov Engineering Research Institute. "Most likely, one of the cooling pipe was broken solar cells. And what is - no one saw. Because the particles are obviously quite small. Now this whole situation is investigated. A complex of measures to address the problem, "- quote Raykunova online media. According to him, the specialists of the Russian-American Commission is currently studying the state of the ISS. Add Read more [...]
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Experts on how the next few years the Internet will change, and how these changes will impact on humanity

The opinion of the Russian and foreign experts on how the next few years the Internet will change, and how these changes will affect humanity.   Sakharov was wrong with the Internet In 1974, Andrei Sakharov wrote in his work "The world in half a century""In the future, perhaps later than 50 years, I guess a global information system (VIS), which will make available to anyone at any time the content of every book ever published, and elsewhere, the content of any article, receive any help. VIS shall include individual miniature Query-receiver-transmitters, control towers, control Read more [...]
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In Belarus, a serious approach to the study massonstva

In Grodno University. Yanka Kupala taught a course on the history of Freemasonry in Belarus, the website of the Department of History and Sociology of the university.Published on the website of the university work program for 4-year and full-time study program, as well as practical training topics and questions to offset. Developments is the author of Doctor of Science, Head of the Belarusian culture and regional tourism, Professor Vyacheslav Swede.The work program is based on the program of the same name special course approved by the Department of History and Sociology of 17.09.2008 (Minutes Read more [...]
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