China is ready to change the Earth’s climate for the betterment of their GDP

This position was a very unpleasant surprise to environmentalists and experts, who hoped that the biggest polluter of the atmosphere on the planet agrees on the need to reduce CO2 emissions ahead of a summit on climate change, which will be held this month in Doha, Qatar. China's interests at the summit will be Xie Zhenhua.In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, he said that it would be unreasonable to expect a significant reduction in emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the country, with GDP per capita is only $ 5 thousand Note that in Russia this figure is closer to around Read more [...]
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North Korean fishermen from the storm battered boat spent several days on a deserted island in Primorye

Six North Korean fishermen because of the storm spent several days on a deserted island in the Far Eastern Marine Nature Reserve. "Barkas illegal fishermen storm broke in mid-November. After that, they took refuge in the island Matveeva," - said the agency "Interfax-Far East" state inspector of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve Igor Katin. The inspector noticed fishermen reported them border guards. "In my experience, they spent 4-5 days on the island," - said I.Katin. Because of the raging storm, the boat a few days could not come to the island. "On the island Read more [...]
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The military is not involved in the disappearance of the An-2

The investigation was not confirmed information that the disappearance of the An-2 in the Sverdlovsk region, who disappeared in June, may be involved in the military. Press service of the investigation department of the Ural transport TFR reports that verify the information asked for relatives of the missing passengers of An-2."As a result of verification by the military prosecutor's office of the Central Military District, found that 11 June 2012 antiaircraft weapons within 250 km. From aviation area of Serov was not applied. Information about the involvement of the military in the Read more [...]
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Passengers, emergency sat down in the Indian Ocean, rescued by fishermen

Comorian passenger plane crash sat down in the Indian Ocean were rescued by local fishermen, reports BBC BBC. Representatives of Aviation Comoros reported that all passengers and crew members survived. Aboard a small commercial aircraft was 29. The aircraft began experiencing trouble shortly after takeoff in Moroni - the capital of the Comoros. Once the aircraft has poured fuel tanks, the pilot decided on an emergency landing on water. Recall Comoros are an archipelago of volcanic origin in the Indian Ocean, in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Africa.Category: Read more [...]
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In Venezuela, during a military parade ground attack aircraft crashed Chinese K-8

Venezuela during a military parade on the 92 th anniversary of the Air Force of the Republic, light attack aircraft crashed Chinese K-8. As reported by official sources, the plane crashed to the ground, but both pilots managed to eject and landed safely. French-made helicopter "Cougar" / Cougar /, taking off to search for the pilots, also crashed and fell to the ground. According to preliminary data, the helicopter crew survived. Venezuela has purchased 18 aircraft from China K-8. The first batch of these vehicles entered the South American country in 2010. This is not the first incident Read more [...]
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Glasgow authorities promised a warm welcome aliens

Glasgow authorities expressed their willingness to warm and friendly welcome to the strangers in the event that they meet land in the largest city in Scotland. According to The Scotsman, so officials have responded to the request of one of the local residents who wanted to know what are the plans of a possible visit by aliens.In response to a request by representatives of people of Scotland Glasgow Information Department said that it was an alien arriving in the city, most likely, will not take place in the next five years, but if it does happen, any non-hostile-minded representatives of extraterrestrial Read more [...]
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The explosion at the distillery in England

Hundreds of residents were evacuated after the explosion at the distillery in Oldbury.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The cause of the accident at the CHP-1 has a voltage drop in the networks

Evgeny Morozov told reporters on the causes of the accident at the two thermal power plants in Kaliningrad. Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that the tragedy occurred as a result of the voltage drop in the network. In this case, the exact cause is currently under investigation."At about 18-19 hours we plan to test launch in CHP-1. Now through the Heating systems, we include social facilities "- said Morozov. However, the official could not answer the question about the exact amount of damages, because "while counting was not performed". He also noted that the test for heat Read more [...]
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The FBI keeps track of all — the former Special Agent

About unprecedented measures to spy on personal correspondence and telephone calls of Americans in an exclusive interview with RT told former U.S. National Security Agency, William Binnie.
Category: Factors and accident
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On the British secret base in the brutal experiments blew pigs found animal protectors

British animal rights activists have found in open sources of dirt on scientists conducting experiments with animals on a top-secret base in Wiltshire. Over the past two years, researchers had severe blow, poison toxic gases and infect thousands of deadly diseases monkeys, pigs, mice, and guinea pigs. Exposed the secret military research activists of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). Animal rights activists found in scientific papers of 2010-2012 mention of six brutal experiments based in Wiltshire, some of which were held in conjunction with the U.S. military, according Read more [...]
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Norwegian police declassified video of terrorist attack in July 2011 year Breivik

The footage from the surveillance camera for the first time shown on air local television, is seen as a criminal to park the car in the government quarter in Oslo and goes out quickly and the machine explodes. A few hours later, Breivik opened fire at a youth camp near the capital. Breivik's victims, who arranged the bloodiest in the history of the country's double attack, a total of 77 people were. The court sentenced him to twenty-one year in prison - is the most severe punishment to Norwegian law.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The pilot successfully landed the plane without landing gear

Emergency situation - it is always a risk, but sometimes it is the extreme conditions in humans reveal their best qualities and professional skills. Aspiring pilot was landing, but suddenly a training aircraft refused chassis. Pilot kept his head and decided to sit on the "belly". The plane slowly declined, and then gently landed. Fortunately, no one was hurt.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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December 19, 2012 will fall to the ground Kosmos-1484

Despite the clamor raised by MPs to ban references in the media about the end of the world, all of the new threats to our world continue to emerge and old ones just not going away. U.S. Air Force Strategic Command raised the alarm over the new danger, which will be particularly relevant in the middle of December 2012: an old satellite "Kosmos-1484" started in 1983 in the Soviet Union from the Baikonur cosmodrome December 19, 2012 could fall to Earth, thus arranging a minimum local apocalypse. Not functioning "Kosmos-1484" is essentially a space debris. Companion of almost Read more [...]
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In Kazan airport emergency landing Boeing-737 AK Tatarstan

Aircraft airline "Tatarstan" Boeing-737, departing this morning from Kazan to Moscow, was forced to go back and make an emergency landing. Preliminary cause of the landing - cabin depressurization.At 7:00 am the aircraft took off from Kazan. The plane was supposed to land at the airport "Domodedovo". However, after 20 minutes in the office of the aircraft tripped and the crew decided to return. At 7:52 aboard landed at Kazan airport, no casualties, the official Republican Agency "Tatar-Inform".Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In the U.S., found scraps of confetti secret documents

Confetti, which were thrown at a parade on Thanksgiving Day in New York, was made from the secret police documents. For unusual strip confetti noticed one of the visitors parade Finkelstin student Ethan (Ethan Finkelstein). He said that he saw the numbers on the paper strip, which seemed to him like a social security number (social security number) - a unique nine-digit number assigned by the citizens and residents of the United States. Looking closely, Finkelstin convinced that before it actually someone's social security number. After that, the student and his companion more closely examined Read more [...]
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In southern Kazakhstan are looking helicopter, carrying eight people were

Mi-8 helicopter, which was carrying eight people, disappeared on the eve of the Almaty region of Kazakhstan, said on Sunday the press service of the regional department for emergencies. "The helicopter, rented by" KazTransOil ", flew in on Saturday morning with one of the landing sites, with eight people on board (pilots and employees of the company) in order to detour around the perimeter of the Kazakhstan - China. Closer to dinner communication with the crew was lost. Crew commander is experienced pilot Raul Khabibullin, "- said in a statement. Clarifies that the incident Read more [...]
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Secret signs of doomsday. Film 1

A documentary film on the 1st channel: How animals, birds, fish and insects warn of future tragedy, what they serve and what signs can transmit deadly diseases to humans? What lesson can be learned from this man?Dolphins, seals, seals, thousands are thrown to the sea and ocean. It looks like a mass suicide. The most striking case was recorded in Sochi. Also experts observe and inappropriate behavior underwater inhabitants. For example, sharks are hunted in the shallows, where had never swam. Scientists argue that the sensitive inhabitants of the seas and oceans in their own perceived signals Read more [...]
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In the An-2, committed a hard landing in Yugorsk, engine failure

Light aircraft An-2 was forced to make a hard landing as a result of violations of the engine, the press service of the investigation department of the Ural transport TFR. "According to preliminary information, the aircraft has taken off for parachute jumps. After takeoff, at an altitude of 100 meters in the result of a malfunction in the engine, the pilot turned the plane to land and then crashed aircraft", - the report, received by "Interfax" Sunday. In Raman said that on board the passengers and crew taken to the city hospital YUGORSKY with various injuries. According Read more [...]
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America loses weather satellites

According to the paper, "Miami Herald", the American system of meteorological satellites, supplying the entire country progrnozami forecasts and warnings of approaching storms, floods and other natural disasters, is under threat of destruction. Most weather satellites plying today in low Earth orbit, almost completely exhausted their resources. However, neither the Congress nor the specialized agency or Ministrerstvo togrovli not have been preparing for the launch of new generations of "celestial wanderers." According to the most optimistic estimates, the new satellites in Read more [...]
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Boeing aircraft emergency landing in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, the emergency landing Boeing aircraft airline "Globe", which was carrying 300 passengers. Landing was successful. Affected by the incident, no.

Airliner flying from Chita to Moscow. According to preliminary data, the pilots requested a landing in Novosibirsk after the in-flight show incorrect generator.

Category: Factors and accident
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