Factors And Accident | The survival encyclopedia - Part 30

Russian microsatellite Sphere crashed in the Indian Ocean

Microsatellite "Sphere", launched in August with the ISS Russian cosmonauts entered the Earth's atmosphere - the alleged crash site of the device is in the southern Indian Ocean, according to the U.S. Strategic Command.According to calculations by the U.S. military, the satellite entered the atmosphere on Saturday at 08.17 GMT (12.17 MSK), plus or minus 1 hour. The expected entry into the atmosphere of the device has the coordinates 47.5 degrees south latitude and 84 degrees east longitude - about 1000 kilometers south-west of the Kerguelen Islands in the Indian Ocean. According Read more [...]
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French first reactor Flamanville nuclear power plant, the new state of cold shutdown because of problems with equipment

The first French nuclear power reactor Flamanville / northwestern Manche department / transferred on Saturday in the state of cold shutdown because of problems with the equipment. This was reported by Energy Company "Electricite de France", the operator of the nuclear power plant. "Problems were found during the inspection of one of the valves located in a part of the station, where there is no radiation, - the company. - Environmental pollution is not." The workers decided to stop the nuclear reactor, launched on November 19. Prior to this, during the first three weeks of Read more [...]
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Tourists deprive people of Goa waters

India attracts many tourists to its cheapness. But, as the correspondent Priya Shridar RT, even the most basic amenities for tourists cost the local population is not cheap. Thanks to the beautiful beaches and the chic beaches of Goa, which is India's west coast, attracts many tourists from all over the world. Goa economy rests on tourism, but it's not that simple. According to new research, the tourists used here is 8 times more water than the local population, which is the season in tap water flowing at times a couple of hours a day. Previously, residents of Goa took water in nearby Read more [...]
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In Krasnodar Territory train derailment: cars burned

The collapse of petroleum products, which took place in the morning on November 24 Kuban, was the result of sabotage. This was reported to the representative of the Russian Railways Vladimir MOE Beam, who arrived on the scene. The incident occurred around 7.00 am in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory. With the rails at the station went Vyshesteblinskoy 17 tanks carrying oil. On the submitted data, have led to the accident of the unknown perpetrators who withdrew pads held together by railroad tracks. On-site emergency fire started, which only managed to put out a few hours Read more [...]
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The inhabitants of Novorossiysk taps flowed blue water

More recently, living in the fourteenth district of Novorossiysk people are afraid to approach their bathtubs and sinks. And if people and include cranes, they do so with fear - the other day instead of the usual clear of them poured some water blue substance. Particularly interesting here is filled with her various capacities, and waited, and when haze dissipated. - Tap water in my apartment I called a few days ago - told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a resident of one of the apartment buildings in the 14th district of Sergei. - However, it was still a strange color. On top of everything Read more [...]
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Texas high school student punished for refusing to mark the devil

Schoolgirl in Texas suspended from school for refusing to wear a special identification card with radiochipom determining location. According to the girls, this device hurt her religious sentiments, as is the "devil's mark" and violates the right to privacy.A girl named Andrea Hermandes studying in a school in San Antonio, was deeply shocked by the decision of the administration to oblige students to wear identification cards with RFID-sensor (radio frequency identification). Andrea tried to fight for their freedom, extending the school leaflets calling refuse to wear sensors, Read more [...]
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The helicopter crashed with the Americans in the Bahamas

Helicopter crashed in the Bahamas with the Americans. As a result, one person was killed and four were wounded. The helicopter crashed in the prestigious resort Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club, located in the northeast of the Bahamas, about 241 km from the south-east coast of the U.S. state of Florida, reports Reuters. According to preliminary data, due to strong winds at landing the pilot lost control of the ship. It is noted that he and co-pilot were injured propeller, resulting in the co-pilot died. Three other victims were taken to a U.S. hospital in a private helicopter. Official Read more [...]
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In Samara parts for rockets on the state order made in garage

In Samara region two criminal investigation into the falsification of spare parts for missiles. They performed "craftsmen" in makeshift conditions. Notably, it was the state order. One of the cases (under "abuse of power") instituted against the Deputy General Designer of JSC "Volga Design Bureau Rocket and Space Corporation" Energia "The Queen" Michael Firstova. According to the investigation, in 2008 the Company WKB RSC "Energia" received a government order for the production of equipment for the space-rocket complexes, namely, two blocks Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic a military plane crashed

Czech Air Force aircraft crashed on Thursday in the central part of the country, the fate of the pilot is unknown, reports the Associated Press According to the representative of the Army Ruzhichkovoy Jana (Jana Ruzickova), referred to by the Agency, it is a light multipurpose aircraft L-159. The incident took place near the town of Kolin, located 50 kilometers east of Prague.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In Venezuela, the two collided in the air military aircraft

In the Venezuelan state of Aragua, near the air base "Libertador" on Thursday faced two light attack aircraft model OV-10 Bronco. The tragedy killed flight instructor, the other two pilots managed to eject, reported the Ministry of Defense. After the collision, the pilot Jose Rafael Marin took control of one of the damaged aircraft and took it away from residential buildings, thus committing a heroic act, the report says department. President Hugo Chavez, who is chief of Bolivarian armed forces, has already expressed his deepest condolences to the families and friends of the deceased Read more [...]
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On the Lithuanian Baltic coast — mass death Turpanov

In Lithuania, the Curonian Spit on the Baltic coast recorded mass mortality in fishing nets endangered birds Turpanov (Melanitta fusca). The scale of the disappearance of these birds common concerns of environmentalists, because the preservation of such a trend view can generally cease to exist in the next decade.Scoter recently been common type of dives on the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea, they wintered on the Curonian Spit, a nest in the northern regions of Eurasia (most of the population winters in the Baltic Sea). In Lithuanian cabin and recorded the fact of mass destruction Read more [...]
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Fuel poverty in the UK

Millions of people in the UK are at risk to freeze this winter because of the sharp increase in prices for electricity and gas. Experts have called this phenomenon "fuel poverty." British fuel giants are not going to think about the population as their incomes rise.
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The plane with 23 passengers on board departed from the runway in Yakutia

AN-26 aircraft with 23 people on board went beyond the runway in Yakutia, said on Wednesday the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

According to the MOE, the victims of an accident there.

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In Korea subway trains collided

In a tunnel underground in the South Korean city of Busan collided trains. At last report, 50 passengers injured. Many doctors diagnosed fractures, some of the wounded were in serious condition. A train with 200 passengers stuck in the tunnel because of technical problems. In order to tow it, they sent a different composition, all the passengers who disembarked at the station. For unknown reasons, sent to help train did not stop in time and rammed jammed composition. Because of the strike train with passengers derailed. Busan - the second largest city of South Korea. It is home to over Read more [...]
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The second major outage this week occurred in Arkhangelsk

Because of the high voltage cable break during excavation construction company electricity outage occurs in the Lomonosov district of Arkhangelsk. There is no electricity in parts of houses on the street. Resurrection, Timme, Uritskogo Novgorod, etc., etc. Bypass canal. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region.According to the press center of the territory, which happened without light, five secondary schools, Children's Hospital and Eye Hospital, both are connected to a backup power source. At 11:30 MSK power in the Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Read more [...]
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U.S. uncovered the secret burial of bin Laden

The former leader of the international terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda" Osama bin Laden has not been cremated, his last journey was performed according to Muslim tradition, reports the Associated Press citing documents of Representatives U.S. Navy Command."His body was washed and wrapped in a white sheet ... The officer read out a prepared text of the ritual, which was then translated into Arabic ... When the words were uttered, the body was put on the board and ... it slid into the sea, "- quoted by one of the letters before passing them journalists were strict censorship Read more [...]
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In Gelendzhik 30,000 people were left without electricity

This morning in Gelendzhik out of orderlocal substation equipment. Because of this, no light left about 30 000 people.The substation already has two teams, equipped with all the necessary materials and equipment, - commented the Acting Head of the Directorate of Public Relations "Kubanenergo" Alex Pedchenko.Mayor Gelendzhik, in turn, promised that electricity will return in a couple of hours.Dear residents and guests of the resort! Due to the emergency situation at the substation "Gelendzhik" city temporarily de-energized - wrote in his microblog on Twitter Mayor Victor Read more [...]
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Domestic roaming canceled this year, but will have to pay for a long-distance

On the change in charging rules announced today by the Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov. According to him, the new legislation could be taken before the end of the year. The essence of the change is the abolition of intra-network roaming. "The idea is to what city we're not coming, we always were able to talk on a cell phone, using the local prices. That there was some strange charges for the right to use their SIM card in order to line the pockets of people do not SIM cards for different cities and constantly changed them into their phones "- quoted Nikiforov" Read more [...]
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In the event of a powerful earthquake in Almaty will be mass grave

If you believe the Mayan calendar, humanity to live one month - December 21, 2012 something happened which caused all life on our planet will die. In the largest city of Kazakhstan apocalypse could come at any time, without notice of the ancient civilizations. In the event that happens in Almaty earthquake measuring 8-10, metropolis turn into a huge mass grave, experts believe. Worst of all is that of Almaty will not have time to warn of impending danger, the head of the Center for Biophysical Ecology Victor Inyushin. "There will be a great tragedy if we do not have time to prepare for Read more [...]
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Explosion in Tver to 21 November 2012.

November 21, 2012 at 21:40 in Tver Street. Kristallnacht in Avtokooperative № 99 there was a fire (for now reason not known). The fire blew up a propane tank, burning four buses, Gazelle, cars.

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