MiG-21 crashed in southern Egypt, pilot killed

Training aircraft MiG-21 Egyptian Air Force crashed in the southern province of Aswan, reported in the local media, referring to the statement by the military command of the province. Fighter crashed shortly after take-off from a military airfield, located a few dozen kilometers from the provincial capital - the city of Aswan. According to preliminary data, the pilot lost consciousness during takeoff: in a few minutes with the board there was no connection. However, according to witnesses, before the fall of the aircraft on board heard a loud explosion. Fighter pilot, Captain Egyptian Air Force, Read more [...]
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Experiment: Eating 20 days crackers and chips, rats bald, blind and died

Dnepropetrovsk chemistry teacher proved harmful favorite food of most Ukrainian schoolchildren. In Dnepropetrovsk school № 25 chemistry teacher with the students decided to hold an unusual experiment with your favorite meal pupils - chips and crackers. As an experimental selected 12 rodents.They were divided into four groups: one fed chips, second - crackers, and others in the food poured flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (E621), which is added to sausage manufacturers and fast food, and a quarter were fed grains, vegetables and fruits. "When children are told that the chips are harmful Read more [...]
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Nine people were injured in the hard landing of Mi-8 in the Omsk region

Nine people were injured in a hard landing of the Mi-8, which took place on November 17 in the Omsk region, said on Wednesday the International Aviation Committee (IAC). The incident occurred in the village Sedelnikovo at 17.50 (14.50 MSK). Mi-8 "UTair" on the approach to the heliport made the list to the right side, caught the screw for the ground and fell on its side, having mechanical damage. Threat of fire helicopter was not. The reason for the emergency is established. On board were 20 people: 17 shift workers and three crew members. On the ground, victims and destructions. Earlier Read more [...]
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In the Rostov region priest 18 years deceiving parishioners

For 18 years Shakhty Priest Vadim Edamenko baptized children, sanctified cars and houses, burial service of the dead, without permission from the church. In 1994, Priest Vadim Edamenko derived from the state of the Russian Orthodox Church for violating church rules. According to one theory, the cause of this was the church that had a priest, being in extreme intoxication. For this he was banned from conducting services and priests. As it turned out, for 18 years the ban did not prevent Vadim Edamenko do it all, and at the same time taking money from the faithful. In Shakhtinsky diocese of the Read more [...]
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In California stolen prehistoric petroglyphs

Thieves with a saw cut from the rock ancient carvings. In a few hours they were able to steal at least four unique pattern, each on the black market can cost up to $ 1.5 thousand The petroglyphs are thought, for a few thousand years in the desert near the town of Bishop, California. These petroglyphs were created by scraping the top layer of rock to get to the bottom color. They all tend to relate to the prehistoric period. A memory of the old people still find on rocks and cave walls around the world. "The culture and spiritual heritage of ancient badly damaged. We will do everything Read more [...]
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The victims of the plane crash in Yemen were 11 people

Engine failure caused the crash of the military transport plane near the capital of Yemen. It is reported today Yemeni media quoted Defense country. Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company "Antonov" performed today a training flight and was about to go on the land, when he refused one of the engines. The pilot tried to put the car in a vacant lot in the area of Al-Hasbi, north of Sanaa. But this he could not do that - Airport car could not reach 15 km. Killing all 10 people on board, among them - the pilot and five officers of the Yemeni army. Currently working at the crash site rescue Read more [...]
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Calf cloned Tartu scholars, became ill and died

September 8 at the Agrarian University Hospital cloned calf was born, which in the early days was in good spirits and had a good appetite. Despite the animal fell ill and died in the second week of life."Of course, we got a surprise, but did not know what it is to wait," - said the professor of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry of the Estonian Agricultural University Ülle Yaakma.When in spite of good care of the calf he still appeared cord inflammation, scientists have known that the immune system of the cloned calf may be weaker than that Read more [...]
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In the United States declared a wanted killer dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico

In the U.S., announced a nationwide search for the killer dolphins. During the current year, on the coast of the southern states of the country have been found mutilated bodies of several friendly to man marine mammals "Animals were subjected to extreme violence", - told reporters the U.S. representative of the National Authority for the atmosphere and the ocean Jeff Radonski. "This is, at least, of the six dead dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, - he said. - Their mutilated bodies were thrown on the sea coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. " The last victim was found Read more [...]
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Number of accidents in 2012. increased 2-fold

Number of accidents in Russia in 2012. increased 2-fold compared to 2010. This was announced by Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. According to him, if in 2010. there were 12 air accidents, it has not ended in 2012. - Was 24. Speaking at the meeting of the Presidential Commission on the development of general aviation, the minister also said that the Russian operation for about two thousand aircraft of general aviation. According to him, in the Registry of the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation (Federal Air Transport Agency) number of aircraft operators, general aviation Read more [...]
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Four Russians robbed a truck with food to prepare for the Apocalypse

In Russia, four Kuzbass Residents aged 18 to 25 years old robbed a truck with food. How to tell the police officers, the attackers told his action approximation of the Apocalypse and the need to stock up in connection with this product."While the truckers slept four criminals broke the seal, opened the door of the trailer and got inside" - the official website of the Interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.It is noted that the truck was stolen stew, peas, oil and other products. The total amount stolen exceeded 30 thousand.Truck driver reported the incident to the police, Read more [...]
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German passenger helped land the plane at Dublin Airport

Suddenly became an airliner pilot hero joyfully welcomed serving the airport. A passenger came to the rescue and successfully planted Lufthansa Boeing 747 aircraft after the first pilot to become ill. On Monday, during a flight over the Atlantic, the first pilot was feeling pretty sick. When the crew announced that the aircraft deviates from the route, one of the passengers asked why. He was a retired pilot, who had a license to operate the Boeing 747, and he immediately offered to help. About 6 am under the German aircraft safely made an emergency landing in the capital of Ireland. Now the Read more [...]
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Back in 1975, Peter Leonidovich Kapitza proved the futility of alternative energy sources

October 8, 1975 at a scientific session devoted to the 250th anniversary of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, awarded three years later, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, made the concept paper, in which, based on the basic physical principles, in fact, buried all "alternative energy", except for controlled thermonuclear fusion.He did not discuss, however, the prospects for hydrogen and biofuels. Not because he did not know about them, and for reasons that we will discuss below.In short a suggestion of Academician Kapitsa, they are as follows: whatever Read more [...]
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One Space Telescope to search for exoplanets has become less

Software malfunction CoRoT space-based instrument and error "Kepler" in the very near future, seriously limit the possibility of a mass detection of exoplanets.French National Centre for Space Studies (Centre National d'Études Spatiales, CNES) reports that the space telescope CoRoT (COnvection ROtation and planetary Transits) November 2, 2012 fell victim to crash the software. And though the spacecraft is still functional ("iron" correctly), data transfer 30-cm telescope on Earth was lost. Rather, finally. Although much smaller than CoRoT Kepler, it was he who laid the Read more [...]
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Dismissed cop from Los Angeles opened the hunt for former colleagues

A retired police officer in Los Angeles 33, Chris Dorner went to the guerrillas, vowing to kill his former colleagues and their families. Motives for such radical solutions Dorner said in a special manifesto, the execution of bitterness, anger, and bragging. A former policeman has brought to handle the "system", as well as racism and the imperfection of the world total. Manifesto Chris Dorner is a very interesting read. If you omit many details, we are there about this: there lived a rough boy from a good Negro family. He studied well, behaved well, but the bad boys at school and Read more [...]
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Israeli Air Force attacked RT Office in Gaza

Office channel RT in Arabic ("Rusia al-Yaum") was shelled by the Israeli Air Force in the Gaza Strip on the night of November 18, at about 01:30 local time. Its employees are not affected, since left the building about an hour before the attack. TV News bureau located at the last, the eleventh floor of the building where the offices are concentrated in many international media, including Sky News and ITV, as well as Palestinian news agencies. Premise channel "Rusia al-Yaum" (the Arabic-language version of RT), located in the Gaza Strip, was destroyed in the shelling Read more [...]
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A chemical plant explosion in the U.S.

Nexeo at a chemical plant near Dallas was an explosion and fire.

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U.S. faces a severe shortage of medicines, hundreds of patients were under threat

U.S. hospitals, patients suffer from pain and lack of proper treatment. Problems with production suppliers left without some of the most important drugs, endangering lives. This year, the U.S. deficit hit list of more than 100 drugs. This led to numerous hearings in Congress, leaving President Barack Obama ordered the drug companies to publicly declare their difficulties. Health care workers have no choice but to give some medications only needy patients. Paul Davies, head of emergency in Ohio, told The New York Times, that one could not give morphine woman with a broken leg, because the bank Read more [...]
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Femen activists to speak in favor of minorities beat in the heart of Paris

In Paris, a second day was a demonstration against the bill to legalize gay marriage. Supporters of traditional marriage was not to the liking of action half-naked girls. Femen activist appeared in the heart of Paris, at a demonstration in support of traditional marriage. Ukrainian women have traditionally been exposed to the waist. Shouted slogans: "We believe in gay men." And protesters hurled white powder. Ukrainian activists Femen, residing in France, decided to demonstrate their opposition to the protesters came out to meet the procession in imitation of religious headgear Read more [...]
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The Army will continue to train in the UK shooting for pigs

UK Ministry of Defence defended the right of soldiers to carry out a training fire on the pigs. Injured animals will pass the military surgeons, so they can practice the treatment of common battlefield injuries. Earlier, the press-secretary of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Claire Kenneth said that the exercises, which take place in Denmark twice a year, are "disgusting and shocking," said France 24. "Pigs - very intelligent animals, and many people were shocked by this, besides the army has alternative ways to train, which do not harm the animals," Read more [...]
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In Dubna create database data search for extraterrestrial life

Data bank that combines the results of existing in the world searching for extraterrestrial life, will be part of a new sector of astrobiology, created in the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna."The database will focus different aspects of studying astrobiological problems. There will be a database in the field of mineralogy, geochemistry and biological problems associated with the study of cosmic material and the material of the ancient Earth, "- told RIA Novosti the head of the sector, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Biological Read more [...]
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