Scientists also complained about trolls

A group of scientists published in the journal in the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication appeal, which states that the negative comments on scientific news and popular content on the Internet were one of the most negative factors affecting the image of science as a whole and its individual sectors such as For example, nanotechnology, reports RIA "Novosti". People who have read the article with a comment "trolls", assessed the importance of science to the world and society in general are much lower than those volunteers who searched the same article, but only with regular Read more [...]
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U.S. scientists have developed a new synthetic strain of bird flu

Scientists from the U.S. and Denmark are planning to continue creating new artificial strain of avian influenza H5N1, which is very contagious and can spread from person to person. At the moment, a voluntary moratorium on studies of the virus introduced by scientific teams a year ago, has officially withdrawn. According to the researchers, the study of the virus will help prevent massive epidemics in the future. However, other members of the science were critical of the decision, according to the "AIF". According to the Australian scholar Robert Meyya such violation moratorium Read more [...]
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Fragments of the booster are dangerous to the ISS

Fragments of the booster "Briz-M", which exploded in October of 2012, could threaten spacecraft in low orbit, including the International Space Station. According to experts of NASA, the danger is short-term, most of the fragments of the upper stage during the year should enter the atmosphere.The likely impact of ISS and other satellites with fragments of block "Breeze-M" for this period scientists call "a small fraction of the risk of collision with the usual debris."American experts who observe outer space, were able to identify about 700 fairly large fragment "Breeze-M", Read more [...]
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Ryanair aircraft emergency villages in Genoa because of problems with sealing

Irish airline Ryanair plane made an emergency landing at the airport of Genoa, reports "Interfax". Flight FR4632, coming from Valencia, Spain to the Italian city of Bergamo, has requested the emergency landing due to problems with sealing. The statement said the airline "is one of the instruments recorded faults in the system, responsible for the interior leaks." The airline has already apologized for the inconvenience. Landing was successful. Suffered only two of the 93 passengers. One man felt a sharp ear pain, and the second - a pain in the chest. They were hospitalized Read more [...]
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Atomic healing

Physicist Basil Okoneshnikov heals patients by means of the periodic table. Radio engineer-constructor, PhD Basil Okoneshnikov heals the sick through the periodic table. And he is the author of a unique project - a sort of Silicon Valley at the edge of the permafrost."Back in the old days healer, sitting by the fireside, dropped the disease in the fire. Fire "straighten" the atoms. It seems unusual, but this is the future of medicine, "- says the hero of our material.Vasily Ivanovich said that the purpose of its activities is not healing, and the knowledge of the atom. Read more [...]
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Employers in the United States send employees to courses sleep

Leaders of American giants such as Procter & Gamble and Goldman Sachs, is sounding the alarm: the employees come to the office does not get enough sleep. Chronic fatigue staff brings to the company a loss of billions of dollars, says U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal. In connection with this program are gaining popularity for efficient recreation staff. Companies interested as installing lights that regulate the level of the hormone melatonin, responsible for sleep.Experts of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 30% of the U.S. working population (about Read more [...]
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A gas leak caused panic in Rouen

01/22/2013 Lubrizol has occurred at the chemical plant in northern France harmless gas leak triggered panic among users of social networks. The inhabitants of Rouen, where the plant is located, in the morning on January 22 in the air felt a sharp odor. At the same odor complaints and residents of Paris, located 100 kilometers from the place of incident. The government reported a leak of mercaptan, which gives the smell of domestic gas and is harmless. However, despite a harmless situation, the incident provoked a lot of messages in social networks. Users have complained of malaise, headaches Read more [...]
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Social movement in New Zealand calls for ban cats

01/22/2013 Cats in New Zealand destroy rare species of birds, so they must be banned, says the founder of "Cats Out!" Gareth Morgan. "This little fluffy ball, who lives with you, - a born killer," - says the official website of the movement. According Moragana annually cats in New Zealand destroy natural environment. "Cats need to go, if we really care about the environment," - he said. Morgan also said that "the problem of cats in that they kill birds for fun." Although, as stated by the founder of the extravagant movement, it encourages owners of cats Read more [...]
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On the globe spreads bloodstain

The destabilization of the African continent, which began with the "Arab Spring", a section of the Sudan and the violent change of government in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, is growing in front, acquiring a new quality. War in Mali, hostage in Algeria and coup attempt Eritrea is a natural continuation of the events of two years ago, although it has nothing to do with street revolutions. Smart people a few years ago warned that the struggle for resources resulted in a new phase of the colonial wars, and, judging from the way things are going, they were right.The war in Mali and hostage Read more [...]
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As a result of a special operation in Algeria killed 37 hostages

Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal summed up the rescue operation at the oil and gas sector Statoil, BP and Sonatrach in the Sahara desert in the east. According to him, among the dead - 37 foreigners from eight countries, seven more are still missing. Algerian Prime Minister also said that 32 terrorists came in Algeria in the north of Mali. According to Associated Press, the militants were from Canada, Egypt, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tunisia. During the special operation 29 terrorists were killed and three others were arrested. "It was very difficult to control the situation. Read more [...]
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Leak from the tank of radioactive waste found in the U.S.

The governor of the U.S. state of Washington said that the leak from one of the tanks of radioactive waste, which accounted for the year from 570 thousand to 1.1 liters, not harmful to the health of the residents.The governor of the U.S. state of Washington Jay Inslee (Jay Inslee) reported that one of the tanks at the complex storage of radioactive waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation south-east of the state takes place, and worry about the technical suitability of other containers that have been installed in the same period, according to a Saturday TV channel CNN. The Governor noted that the Read more [...]
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Cod migrates to the warming of the Russian waters in the Barents Sea

Number of cod in the coming years will be increased in the northern Barents Sea and off the coast of Russia, which is caused by migration of this species due to climate warming in the Arctic, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Scientific Director of the Institute of Marine Research Tromsø Harald Loeng. Norwegian scientists predict an increase in population of cod north of Spitsbergen, in the Kara Sea and the coast of Siberia and explain it, first of all, increase in temperature in the sea. "The population of cod increases. Last year it was a record number in the Barents Sea. We note that the cod Read more [...]
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Ocean ozone layer

Scientists from the University of York and Leeds have made an important discovery, identifying the cause of the destruction of the ozone layer over the oceans. The researchers found that the reaction of ozone with iodide on the surface of the ocean can produce about 75% of the observed level of iodine oxide in the tropical Atlantic. While iodine with bromine in the atmosphere to destroy a huge amount of ozone in the lower atmosphere over the tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean - 50% more than predicted by the most advanced climate models climate.In laboratory experiments, scientists have Read more [...]
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Large reserves of uranium found in Egypt

01/21/2013 Head of Radioactive Materials Egypt MOSH Muhamedin Ali said the discovery of the five major fields of uranium ore, in his view, the production of these minerals will contribute to the economic development of the country. According to him, the uranium found in the Abu Zenima in Sinai, Abu Rashid Red Sea Power in Upper Egypt and in Gtar 70 km from Hurghada.Abu Rashid also found "14 other rare and expensive elements including cerium, terbium and neodymium, which can be used in the aviation industry, electronics and manufacturing of medical equipment."Muhamedin said that because Read more [...]
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Another incident occurred at the Belgian nuclear power plants, Dul

As reported by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Safety (AFCN), the pressure in the turbo pump, ensuring a continuous supply of water to cool the core of the second reactor nuclear power plant, has fallen below the minimum level.The incident, which is qualified as an event of the first level (technical incident without consequences) on international seven-point scale of nuclear incidents INES, occurred at the nuclear power plant "Dul" in Belgian Flanders. As reported by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Safety (AFCN), the pressure in the turbo pump, ensuring a continuous supply of water to Read more [...]
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NASA sent the telescope Kepler to vacation due to technical problems

01/21/2013 NASA engineers transferred orbital telescope "Kepler", discovers planets outside our solar system, in a "sleep" mode until the end of the week because of problems with one of the gyroscopes, said the U.S. space agency. Of the telescope, which was launched in May 2009, temporarily suspended until January 27, after a one of the three functioning gyroscopes staff began receiving signals of increased friction.Excessive wear gyroscope can lead to failure, and then the machine will lose half of its attitude control system - the first gyroscope dismissed in July 2012. To Read more [...]
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Water speeds up the melting of glaciers, directing sunlight

21/01/2013 German researchers have discovered one of the reasons that destroyed perennial ice fields. It turned out that willow - permanent ponds of meltwater on the surface of the ice fields - act as lenses, conducting heat deep into the ice mass. Melt water speeds up the melting of glaciers, directing focus the sun's rays into the ice. As they note, such as the sun would "burn" the ice.Climatologists believe that the most serious problem is the qualitative change of Arctic ice.Experts from the National Information Center for Snow and Ice (NSIDC) U.S. found that Arctic ice Read more [...]
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England — All power to the scientist!

Britain goes to in order to become the first country in the world that will make policy decisions based on rigorous analysis of data, and not as anyhow.Imagine a government that builds a policy based on the scientific method, publishing a thorough rational explanations for its decisions with a description of the analysis, a description of those arguments and the reference to the data collected.English popularizer of science Michael Brooks believes that the UK has moved in this direction.AhavatHaEmet.) "Height =" 420 "width =" 600 ">UK Ministry of Education believes Read more [...]
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On the beach in Queensland a struggle with the shark swam up to the shore

Shark suddenly appeared in the coastal area near the beach where children were swimming. Rescuers were on the shore and the two men did nothing themselves to fight the shark, jointly causing it to retreat. This fight almost cost his feet, one of the brave men.
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In a suburb of Vienna facing passenger trains

In a suburb of Vienna Penzing two passenger trains collided .. According to some reports, a significant number of passengers were injured. However, the exact information about the dead and injured yet. The accident happened during the morning rush hour. To the place of emergency ambulance arrived. The disaster led to the cancellation of some trains. Circumstances of the accident are being investigated. Recall that recently, on 10 January in the same rush-hour similar accident occurred in neighboring Switzerland. In a collision of two passenger trains hit head-on 17. Fortunately, the state Read more [...]
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