Cruise liner specially overcome a thousand miles to save 63-year-old traveler

French yachtsman Alain Delors, the ship which was severely damaged during a trip around the world, 53 hours waiting for help in the open ocean off the coast of Australia. Ship "Orion", the only ship that responded to the rescue, was in one thousand kilometers from the distress. The cruise ship "Orion" with hundreds of passengers on board heading to Tasmania. According to the ship's captain Mike Taylor, people were disappointed to learn of the change of course. "However, when the rescue operation was over and we pulled an elderly man on the ship, there was Read more [...]
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In the wars in the Gulf 73.846 U.S. soldiers killed

Office of Veterans Affairs reported on 73 thousand killed in the wars in the Persian Gulf. Veterans of the Persian Gulf have died than Vietnam Veterans. You may be surprised. The truth is hidden behind technicalities. Here it is. It is easy to understand the loss of the Vietnam War. If the soldier died during the trip, it was considered a military loss. At the memorial in Washington, DC, are carved the names of 58.195 killed in Vietnam. But with the war in Iraq, something strange happened. The Bush administration has done something dishonest, and this is still ongoing. They decided to Read more [...]
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British wife hid a two-story house for $ 1 million in a barn

Briton Alan Beesley and his wife Sarah disguised two-storey house for approximately $ 800 thousand in the barn for hay. This was done in order to deceive the local authorities, but the scam was revealed, and now have to carry their spouses mansion. Twelve years ago, Beasley got permission from the administration of Hatfield (Hertfordshire) to build a common barn for hay, with no windows. But as a result of his wife equipped bathroom, living room, gym and three bedrooms. After they had lived there for four years, hoping that by law, the structure will still be recognized as an apartment building. Read more [...]
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Tank with sulfuric acid derailed in Sverdlovsk region

The city Revda on departmental rail in Sredneuralsky smelter derailed 15 tank with sulfuric acid. Acid spilled on the area 1000 square meters.Sulfuric acid - a strong dibasic acid under standard conditions, is an oily liquid is colorless and odorless. Unrefined sulfuric acid has a yellowish or brownish-yellow color. The technique is called its sulfuric acid and water mixture as well as with the sulfur dioxide. The basic physical properties: melting point - 10,38 ° C; boiling point - 279,6 ° C; matter density - 1.8356 grams per cubic centimeter. Concentrated sulfuric acid is a strong oxidant. Read more [...]
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Large reserves of uranium found in Egypt

Head of Radioactive Materials Egypt MOSH Muhamedin Ali said the discovery of the five major fields of uranium ore, in his view, the production of these minerals will contribute to the economic development of the country. According to him, the uranium found in the Abu Zenima in Sinai, Abu Rashid Red Sea Power in Upper Egypt and in Gtar 70 km from Hurghada. Abu Rashid also found "14 other rare and expensive elements including cerium, terbium and neodymium, which can be used in the aviation industry, electronics and manufacturing of medical equipment." Muhamedin said that because Egypt Read more [...]
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Around 50 bodies were found in the River Niger

At least 50 bodies found residents of Anambra State in southern Nigeria in the river, passing through its capital, the city of Oka. According to local information portal CWN, the body of which is of violent death were found on Saturday, when the villagers Amansea came to the river to fetch water. Anambra police and neighboring Enugu state began investigating the incident. While investigators could not determine what caused the death of people and how their bodies fell into the river. Information portal has published photos from the scene, which showed that most of the victims - men. According Read more [...]
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The head of one of the Bulgarian party attacked

The assassination attempt on President Bulgarian party "Movement for Rights and Freedoms" / DSS / Ahmed Dogan was made at the opening of the party conference in Sofia. After Dogan took the podium to give a speech to the crowd in the hall of party members on the scene ran a young man with a gas gun and sent arms to the leaders of DPS. Dogan managed to knock the gun out of the hands of the assailant, then both in the fight hit the floor. At that point guard twisted criminal, he was previously convicted for hooliganism and robbery of 25-year-old resident of Burgas Oktay Enimehmedov. Read more [...]
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In the UK, human trafficking is flourishing

Human Trafficking - the fastest-growing crime in the UK sector. Many of those who unlawfully and forcibly imported into the country, are in labor and sexual slavery. And the number of such people is growing steadily. Report RT correspondent Laura Smith. The story of Sarah - though from the 18th century, but it has happened in the UK today. Sarah sold, brought here and have actually made a slave, when she was 12 years old. Now she is 19, but she still remembers the fear of what happened. For ethical reasons, we do not show Sarah - played by an actress, but this shocking story is no less Read more [...]
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In the Krasnoyarsk region without light there are a whole city

Emergency power outage occurred today in town Kodinsky, located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Cause of the incident being investigated, reported to the regional office of the Emergency Alert.

Kodinsk located in the immediate vicinity of the Boguchanskaya HPP. It is home to about 15,000 people.

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UN confirms death of bees — a global phenomenon

The mysterious disappearance of bees, a phenomenon can not be explained, only one thing is clear - this phenomenon is global. The conclusion reached by a group of authors report on the massive loss of pollinators, which was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). After examining a number of factors that turned the planet into a world hostile to working women, the bees, the scientists urged humanity to change their mind and stop to cut the branch on which keeps food security of billions of people worldwide. Theme continues Natalia Terekhova.Mother Nature has given to Read more [...]
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In the Indian Ocean yacht sank — Faced with an unknown object

A husband and wife from Slovenia witnessed their luxurious ship went to the bottom after a collision with an unknown object. Active guests were not even aware that one of their trips could end in tragedy. Several months ago, the couple decided to go to a traditional cruise on your vehicle through Indonesia to the Cocos Islands. - Nothing boded trouble, and my wife and I enjoyed a lovely view - said the man. - However, one day our joint holiday could be our last. Empty, driving a boat with a flag of Sweden, the first to note that all out of control. According to the man, he could not pull Read more [...]
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Meteorite rain over Chelyabinsk caused many problems

Two days after the explosion of a celestial body above the Chelyabinsk region in the morning on February 15, the local authorities have managed to repair more than 1.7 thousand buildings. Municipal services are put in glass, and MOE have stopped searching the wreckage of a meteorite. At the same time, Internet users, politicians and journalists continue to push new versions of what happened. "For disaster management attracted more than 24 thousand people and 4.3 thousand units. Working fire rescue units from Tyumen, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk region - told in the press service of the Ministry Read more [...]
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The loss of the magnetic field of the Earth. Prospects and the risk to human

On our planet, now there are processes, which may be a significant threat to all life on Earth, as well as lead to its complete disappearance. One of these processes may be the loss of Earth's magnetic field, and the current data suggest that the likelihood of such a development as the years increase. Change of poles is underway. Where will this lead? As you know, our planet's magnetic poles is caused by features of a solid and a liquid core of the Earth. Their interaction is based on the principle of the core around which is laid turns of copper wire. The impact of facilities Read more [...]
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IBM supercomputer began frantically foul

IBM Fellow Eric Brown, who works "coach" of the famous supercomputer Watson, created by the company, made a grave error, load the dictionary of urban slang.Intelligent machine easily mastered new skills along the way they grow together with the previously internalized dictionary of medical terms, the "Novolitika."The result was not long in coming: Watson began to swear, because really do not understand the difference between "decent" and "indecent." At first, it all pretty fun, but then it became clear that just can not leave it all.Developers planned to Read more [...]
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Son stole the corpse of his father to raise him from the dead

A rather strange incident occurred recently in Detroit, Michigan. Son stole the body of his late father, to do for him prayer resurrection from the dead. Detroit police found the body of 93-year-old man inside a freezer in the basement of a house owned by his son. The body was found after investigators concluded that the coffin with the remains of a man his son was stolen from the cemetery Detroit. Bright was the late Clarence. His 48-year-old son, reportedly told family members that he had stolen his father's body to the cemetery on the east side of Gethsemane city on Monday morning, to Read more [...]
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Stopped second unit of Rostov NPP following operation Electrical generator

Stopped second unit of Rostov NPP following operation Electrical generator. Itar-Tass reported in the regional emergencies department.

"At 16:52 MSK following operation Electrical generator Rostov NPP stopped the second power. Radiation background is normal," — said the source.

"Energy consumers are not violated," — he added.?

Category: Factors and accident
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Sperm whales stranded in New Zealand

15 foot whale washed up on a beach Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast that the Coast. A few hours after getting ashore dead sperm whale in front of the crowd of onlookers gathered.

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In the Chelyabinsk region have completed the search for meteorite fragments

Vice-Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Igor Murogov said Feb. 16 the completion of the search for fragments of a meteorite that fell in the region. Earlier it was reported that the lake Chebarkul fragments of the celestial body could be found.Deputy head of the region reported that researchers mistaken for a meteorite impact site wormwood. In fact, the area of open water formed due to other reasons, reports RSN.Apart oz.Chebarkul, searches were conducted at the village and Zvyagin Kuvashi. According to the assessment by the Commission of the Government of the Chelyabinsk region, to find the Read more [...]
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Dead dolphins found again on the coast of Peru

A year ago, also on the northern coast of the country have been found about 900 dead dolphins, which caused the death, according to scientists, could be the impact of the acoustic equipment used for oil exploration nearby.On the northern coast of Peru once again found numerous remains of dolphins and other representatives of the ocean fauna, said on Thursday the Mexican media. According to the Institute of the sea of Peru, we are talking about at least 12 dolphins, 35 killer whales and 12 pelicans, whose cause of death has not yet been established. A year ago, also on the northern coast of the Read more [...]
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Lightning hit the plane, Turkish Airlines

In commercial aircraft, "Turkish Airlines", traveling from Istanbul to Antalya, was struck by lightning, Trend reports with reference to the newspaper Haberturk. The incident occurred just before the landing of the aircraft in Antalya. As a result of a lightning strike ship was damaged, but the landing was successful. No one was hurt, the passengers got off with a fright.All on board were 69 people. On the eve of the plane "Turkish Airlines" from Paris skidded off the runway while landing at the airport in Istanbul. On board the aircraft were 275 passengers, they were not Read more [...]
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