Fallen out of the train Moscow Neryungri resident of the Irkutsk region ran after him 7 km

Of train 'Moscow - Neryungri"At full speedfell passenger, 43-year-old resident of Bratsk, Irkutsk region. By sheer luck man alive.- From the words of the passenger he walked into the lobby to smoke, - the official website Transport Management Russian Interior Ministry in the Far Eastern Federal District. - Back in the car, the man mistook the door and opened tailgate nonworking vestibule, which was not closed.Stepping into the darkness, the 42-year-old passenger was on the tracks. Around was taiga. That day was 40 degrees below zero. On our countryman was sweat pants, T-shirt Read more [...]
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USS Philippine reefs damaged

U.S. Navy ship, stranded in the waters of the Philippines, caused serious damage to the coral reef on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, said on Friday the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).Philippine unit WWF said the ship damaged at least ten meters reefs are considered some of the richest in terms of biological diversity among all objects Coral Triangle in Southeast Asia. In this case, environmentalists point out that the fuel leaks from the American ship until it was, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Associated Press.Agency reminds that in 2005, international environmental organization Read more [...]
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Dmitry Medvedev: The number of fake doctors and candidates surpasses all possible limits

Russian Education Minister Dmitry Livanov signed 11 orders of deprivation of academic degrees of individuals protected dissertation council at Moscow State Pedagogical University. February 11 advisory council of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), the Ministry of Education and Science recommended deprive ten degrees, to forge their thesis. In particular, they talked about the things presented to the protection of the former director of Advanced Educational Research Center of Moscow State University Andrey Andrianov, the head of the council of the metropolitan area Zamoskvorechie Nonna Kharitonov, Read more [...]
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At nuclear power plants in South Korea, there was a reactor shutdown

Automatic reactor shutdown occurred on Thursday at the first power plant "Ulchin" in the southeast of South Korea because of a fault in the power system. According to the operating company Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, the incident occurred at 11:15 local time (05:15 in Minsk). Of measurements have shown that the automatic reactor shutdown did not result in the release of radiation, the agency "Yonhap". Cause of the failure of the energy system installed. Add the NPP "Ulchin", launched in 1988, are six reactors, the last of which was launched in 2005. In addition, Read more [...]
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The Tu-204 made an emergency landing at the airport of Vladivostok

The Tu-204 "Aeroflot" - "Vladivostok Avia" has made an emergency landing today at the airport of Vladivostok. According to the press service of the regional Emergency Center, the airliner, flying on the route Vladivostok - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at 02:30 MSK / 09:30 local / refused main hydraulic system. The aircraft returned to Vladivostok and at 05:02 msk/12: 02 Local / made a safe landing. On board were 97 passengers and 7 crew members. Victims and victims.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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35 hostages killed in Algerian bomb attack helicopters during the operation to free the … Hostages

35 foreign experts and 15 of their captors were killed in Algerian bomb attack helicopters during the operation to free the hostages. Among the dead - militant leader Abu Bara. The surviving gunmen threatened to blow up the hostages if the Algerian army closer to the object. According to some reports, only at the time of capture of the object were 45 foreign employees. Militants attacked a gas complex Institute Amenes in eastern Algeria near the Libyan border January 16, 2013. In-field Amenes jointly exploit the British BP and Norway's Statoil. That foreign experts become the target Read more [...]
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Eight people were killed in a plane crash in Mexico

Plane crash at some time paralyzed the airport, arriving aircraft were diverted to nearby cities.Eight people, according to preliminary data, were killed Thursday in the crash of a small plane at the international airport of the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez in the Mexican state of Chiapas, among the dead - three children, said emergency services staff. According to the first information, the airplane Pipper Navajo crashed seconds after take-off, falling a distance of only 100 meters from the hangar belonging to the Government of Chiapas. Upon hitting the ground explosion and fire broke out, which Read more [...]
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New methods of combat training dolphins have developed for the Ukrainian Navy

In the State Oceanarium of Ukraine to resume training for Black Sea dolphins fighting to strengthen the anti-sabotage defense Ukrainian ships on Soviet methods.Members of the State Oceanarium of Ukraine (Sevastopol) developed a new technique to use military dolphins for National Navy (Navy), involves searching for military items under the water, told RIA Novosti source in the power structures of Sevastopol. Previously, the same source said that in the State Oceanarium of Ukraine resumed combat training dolphins in the Black Sea to strengthen anti-sabotage defense Ukrainian ships on Soviet methods. Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk meteorite PS 02/16/2013

The new information received from the global network of sensors has allowed scientists to specify the size of the object, which had invaded into the atmosphere - atmospheric entry of 17 meters, weight 10 tons, the energy of the explosion 500 kilotons, the flight from the moment of entry into the atmosphere of 32.5 seconds.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Children who are brought up TV

I do not know about you, but in recent years I often come across four or five-year kids that look ... no, of course, is not mentally retarded, it would be too strong a word, but still significantly underdeveloped. They do not understand simple questions to answer either silent or have some crap, can not even play with my mother in dolls simple scene or tell a story, the story is seemingly navyaz in their teeth. These kids (mostly boys) are very shy and fearful at the same time incredibly competitive, the build of a "cool". Ashamed to show their best side (for example, tell you what they Read more [...]
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American woman suspected of killing the other breast

Residents of Everett Washington, 50-year-old Donna Lange intend to lay charges of strangling his 51-year-old friend's chest.According to witnesses, the murder took place on 12 January at the trailer park, in one of which she lived with her boyfriend. Through the open door of the van occupants neighbors Campers saw during a quarrel Lange brought down his victim's face and closed his bust, says CBS News.Arriving medics took a man to a local hospital, where he later pronounced dead.Police officers are going to present Lange charges of manslaughter. The guards said that the weight of the Read more [...]
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Japanese airline has suspended flights of all its Dreamliner

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced the suspension of all flights affiliated Boeing 787 Dreamliner, according to Reuters. The decision was taken on Wednesday, January 16, after another incident with the "Dreamliner" the company.Operation of Boeing 787 Dreamliner Japanese airline intends to resume only after a thorough check of all 17 aircraft of this model within its park.January 16 on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airline ANA, heading from the city to the west of the country Yamaguchi in Tokyo, about 45 minutes after take-off there was smoke. The plane, which was Read more [...]
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As a result of the collapse of a residential building in northern Egypt killed 28 people

The death toll in the collapse of a residential building in northern Egypt has reached 28 people. This was reported today the Ministry of Health Egypt. According to authorities, the eight occupants of the building collapsed recovered alive from the wreckage and taken to hospital. 8-storey apartment building collapsed at dawn Wednesday in one of the areas of the northern capital city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast, where people were still sleeping. Rescue operations continued throughout the last day and were only stopped last night after it became clear that more survivors under the Read more [...]
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The teenager lost in the Australian desert and to survive for three days drinking his own urine

18-year-old Briton lost during sports jogging. For three days, passed in heat waves, the teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine, to die from dehydration. Sam Derry went for a run on Tuesday morning. The young man from Europe recently got a job mate on a farm near the Australian city of Longreach. Derry got lost while running in woodland. He came out of the thicket into the wilderness, and went in obviously the wrong direction. Teenager three days actually walked in a circle. At this time, the air temperature in the Australian desert is more than 40 ° C. For three days Read more [...]
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The helicopter crashed in the center of London

Of the British capital comes the first details on the crash of the Thames. The helicopter touched crane and fell on two cars at the crash site of a fire. There are reports of casualties.
Category: Factors and accident
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Cuba and the United States also got the Meteorite

Shortly after the fall of the meteorite near Chelyabinsk fell to Earth two celestial bodies. One flew over Cuba and exploded in the air. No injuries or damage, the explosion shook the walls of buildings and glass in the windows. Another fireball photographed American drivers in California. Only in the plot shown is not American, and Chelyabinsk meteor :) Channel "Russia" appear to take an example from the 1st channel, showed a pseudo-crater and instead of video from California in the plot shows a portion of the video of a meteorite in Chelyabinsk. On this basis the accuracy of Read more [...]
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In central London, the helicopter crashed into the tower crane

In central London, the helicopter crashed into the tower crane, the ITAR-TASS referring to the British television channel Sky News. It happened in the area next to the River Thames, Vauxhall. The helicopter fell to the ground, with the rise of the fall smoke.

According to some reports, the crane fell onto parked cars below. Of deaths or injured as a result of emergency has not been reported.

Category: Factors and accident
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Residential building collapsed in Egypt, there are victims, are people under the rubble

Eight-story apartment building collapsed in one of the densely populated neighborhoods Egyptian city of Alexandria - Maamure, said Wednesday at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt. According to preliminary data, in the collapse of four people were killed and eight were seriously injured and taken to the city hospital. According to the representative of the Ministry of Interior, lived in the house 24 families, and in the rubble of the building, with high probability, there are still a few dozen people. Currently, rescue teams do not stop working on analysis of the debris, hoping to find Read more [...]
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Fighter for the freedom of the Internet found hanged

In New York, killed himself known programmer Aaron Schwartz. He was found hanged in his apartment on Friday, January 11, but it has become known only today, reports CNN."Unquenchable curiosity Aaron, his creative approach, outstanding ability, empathy to other people, to the selfless and unconditional love, the failure to perceive injustice as something inevitable - all its distinctive qualities made this world and our lives are much lighter" - said in a statement native Schwartz. According to preliminary data, Schwartz has committed suicide. It is known that he had problems with the Read more [...]
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In an international spy ring suspected of Russians

"Kaspersky Lab" announced the discovery of a large-scale cybercrime group that for the past five years Spies for diplomatic, government and research organizations around the world. As stated in the report company, the main goals are malicious computer systems and corporate networks that are based in Russia and the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Also on the list of victims of hackers includes the USA, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, EAE, and Uganda.Investigation of attacks on computer networks of international diplomatic experts "Laboratory" began in October last year Read more [...]
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