In beef burgers from supermarkets in Britain and Ireland found horsemeat

In the beef burgers, which are sold in supermarkets, the UK and Ireland, was found a horse DNA. Meat, which subsequently fell into burgers, was processed on two plants in Ireland and one plant in Yorkshire in the north of England. Representatives of factoriesdid not plead guilty and say that is nachali its check Supplier European Meat. Total agency checks 27 types burgers. Ten of them were found horse DNA, and in 23 - Pork. Such meat is not a threat to man, but for some Irish, who do not eat pork, the content of pork in beef burgers unacceptable. In one of the types of burgers sold Read more [...]
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In China, the burst reservoir in Shanxi

There was a destruction of the walls of the dam at the top of the channel irrigation reservoir in Quting Hongtong county in Shanxi province in northern China, resulting in the flood. Chinese comrades urged on by rail wagons loaded with sandbags and a crowd of Chinese activists, accompanied by a red flag-bearers, carrying the sacks into the breach. And it will cast ... They are also a lot of ...Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Odessa University students will study the aliens

Biology students of the Odessa National University I.Mechnikova offer listening course on astrobiology. As the press service of the University, the course of extraterrestrial life will be read at the Masters. "The objective of the course - to help students broaden their scientific work, using the methods of astrobiology," - said the head of the future course of Mikhail Ryabov (Candidate of Science, senior research fellow of the Odessa branch of the Institute of Radio Astronomy of NASU, assistant professor of astronomy). - All scientific work of students, one way or another, related Read more [...]
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Blood donors will stop paying

January 20 by force of law, which provides for donating blood or blood components. Already on January 21, citizens can not even get compensation for meals. Doctors concerned: the number wishing to donate blood has decreased dramatically, and the web has more ads on the purchase and sale of donated blood.For donation until you can get the money. For example, 100 ml of whole blood was paid 650 rubles., And the procedure for dual hardware eritrotsitofereza could earn 6,000 rubles. Procedure hardware trombotsitofereza bring donor 4500 rubles. But now the government intends to introduce only Read more [...]
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U.S. called the main threat to its security

Particular concern in the area of foreign policy, the authorities of the United States is the question of nuclear safety, said on Tuesday the U.S. State Department Director for Policy Planning Jake Sullivan at a press conference at the White House. "Nuclear safety has always been a major issue for the U.S. president," - said Dzh.Sallivan. "This is a key threat," - he said, "Interfax". At the same time, Sallvan said that in recent years, U.S. authorities have tried all ways to reduce the threat and slow the development of nuclear technology in the world. In addition, Read more [...]
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Wolves have damaged 9.3 million rubles Tuva

Damage of 9.3 million rubles caused gray predators in 2012 agricultural enterprises and private households hunting grounds in the Republic of Tuva, said on Tuesday the government press service of the region. Most affected by the attacks of animals Bai-Taiga and Barun-Khemchik district of Tuva, which account for more than half of the damage, the report said. According Goskomohoty republic, by the end of 2012 in Tuva was destroyed Predator 581, which is 83 percent of the plan. According to experts, the total number of wolves in the beginning of 2013 was in Tuva in 2400 individuals. The remuneration Read more [...]
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In Japan, made an emergency landing Boeing 787 Dreamliner

kstrennuyu a landing today at the airport in the Japanese city of Takamatsu "Boeing-787" / "Dreamliner" / airline "Oll Nippon Airways." The reason - the smoke in the cockpit. According to preliminary data, there were no injuries. On board the ship who performed domestic flight to Tokyo's Haneda airport, there were 137 passengers and crew members. They all safely evacuated by air bridges. This incident continues a series of incidents with the "Dreamliner". In "Dreamliner", owned by Japanese airline Jalili, last week at the airport in Boston, Read more [...]
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Two whales washed up on shore of Long Island in New York

Two whales washed up on shore of Long Island in New York, with an interval of a few hours, one by one. Both China soon died.

Recently, it has four whale found on a beach in the area. Three whales were killed themselves, and one was put down by rescuers.
Category: Factors and accident
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In Sweden, the cleaning lady stole the passenger train

The girl stole a train at high speed crashed into a house in the suburbs Saltsjöbaden. The train had no passengers, tenants are also not affected. Ugonschitsa itself is in hospital with serious injuries. According to local newspaper The Local, the cleaning lady has got a train and stole it. Having developed a high speed, she lost control. The train derailed and drive another 25 meters at full speed crashed into a three-storey house, rammed kitchen. The incident cost without sacrifice, as the train there were no passengers, and five residents of the house were in another room. According Read more [...]
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Frost and disease reduce the population of France

Demographers say the sharp drop in the population of France. For 2012, the number of citizens of the country has decreased by 300,000 people (or 0.5% of total population). The reason for such statistics - extreme cold and disease. However, experts are looking to the future with moderate optimism: the number of weddings in France is growing. Specialists from the National Institute of Statistics said that the main reason for these figures - the cold that hit France in early 2012. "In the first forty days of the year in the country were exceptional frost - the minimum temperatures were comparable Read more [...]
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Egypt: The train crashed into a freight train recruits

Train crash in which there were more than 1,300 recruits, was not far from Cairo last night. As a result of the disaster killed 19 people, about 120 soldiers were wounded. The incident occurred last night at the station Al Badrashin around Giza. According to recent reports, 19 people were killed and 120 were injured. 35 people are in critical condition. According to the Ministry of Transport of Egypt, the last two cars spetssostava route from the province of Asyut in the Army distribution center in Cairo, get off the train derailed and crashed into the standing on adjacent routes freight Read more [...]
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The ban on the pill healthier Russia

Kodeinosoderzhaschih withdrawal of drugs from the free sale resulted in a "phenomenal" healthier. Introduction to the Russian ban on free sale of drugs containing codeine, led to a "phenomenal improvement of the nation." This was stated by the Director of the Federal Service for Drug Control (FDCS) Viktor Ivanov. "As a result of our work, in six months the market desomorphine decreased tenfold. Quantity drug houses halved" - was quoted as Russian Service BBC. In just the past year in Russia of trafficking were seized about 106 tons of various narcotic, strong and Read more [...]
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Scientists on trolling

With this sign everyone who has written articles and notes on climate change at some popular sites (or, even worse, spoke on the topic on YouTube). Immediately after the publication of the material in the comments appear flock trolls. Basically it is the global warming deniers who immediately begin to challenge what has been said and attack on science - sometimes with insults and even outright abuse. Here is a typical example:"As in the phrase" 16 years on Earth no warmer "to understand? You alarmists, call any time period for which the information does not confirm your hypothesis Read more [...]
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Scientists propose to completely remove the ability to post comments with scientific news

The Internet is a wonderful opportunity for the exchange of information between scientists all over the world and share the latest scientific discoveries and advances to read them by the public. However, this openness and accessibility of scientific data can have unexpected and unpleasant consequences, warn two professors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Dominique Brossard (Dominique Brossard) and Dietrich Shefel (Dietram Scheufele), permanent authors section of the journal PerspectivesScience, warn all researchers who decided to publish the results of Read more [...]
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Identified the main causes of death for people in the modern world

Hypertension, alcohol and tobacco - causes most smertey.V very large-scale study, which was conducted over five years, attended by 500 scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle.Researchers asked to identify the main causes of mortality in the period from 1990 to 2010. Scientists have compiled two lists, which consisted of 100 points: disease, war, the incompetence of doctors, accidents, etc. The findings of researchers are: high blood pressure, alcohol and smoking - the main causes of ill health and the cause of death. Problems with excess weight, obesity, against which Read more [...]
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Invasion of the red king crab to Vladivostok

During Christmas vacation divers in Vladivostok (Russia) conducted dives in the Gulf of Peter the Great, which is situated on the bank of the capital of Primorye. During the dive the divers were found large clusters of crab.Commented on this fact, scientists Pacific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (TINRO). Experts argue that talk about increasing the number of red king crab in the waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great is not necessary. The observed accumulation can be called "man-made", as in the Gulf were released crab fisheries inspectors seized from illegal miners. Read more [...]
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The fall of a luminous object in the Netherlands

February 13 in the Netherlands in the surveillance camera footage got glowing object entered the atmosphere.
Category: Factors and accident
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In Elista emergency landing passenger plane

Airliner flying from Elista to Moscow made an emergency landing at the airport of takeoff, the agency "Interfax" in technical services Elista air hub. "After the departure at 17:45 MSK devices showed that there is no cabin pressurization. In this regard, the commander of the crew decided to approach. Within an hour, the plane made several circles over Elista, producing fuel, and then at 18:50 MSK landed safely at the airport in Elista, "- said the source. According to him, on board were 36 passengers, including two children. None of them was hurt.Category: Factors and Read more [...]
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Numerous observations fiery object in the sky: Cuba, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany

According to Western media, "fireballs" were seen in a number of countries: Japan, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. For example RaiNews24 reported that luminous objects explode over Cuba - "The residents of the village is located in the central region of Cuba stated that they saw an object that fell from the sky and exploded with a big bang that shook the buildings of the city Rodas. It is a city in the province of Cienfuegos. Witnesses describe a very bright light, flash, which appeared before the explosion of the object in the sky. " Japan, February 14, We Read more [...]
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Every day in 2012 marked a natural phenomenon in Russia

Over the past year, 469 times the Russian territory was exposed to severe weather, which brought considerable material damage. The average? of 1.3 cases per day. For comparison, last year such events observed in 1.5 times less. A statement of fact, which leads Roshydromet not accompanied by analytical material explaining the reasons for the sharp rise in the seemingly relatively quiet last year.Traditionally, the highest frequency of severe weather has resulted in heavy precipitation and fell on the summer season, when gaining momentum convection processes? Lift up well heated air.Prolonged Read more [...]
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