Flooding threatens parts of the UK 200

The reason for raising the level of the rivers in the UK has been a dramatic warming that led to the rapid melting of snow. Weather forecasting is most affected by the floods south-west of the country, as well as Wales, where heavy rains are expected.

The last year in the UK was the wettest in the history of weather observations.

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Australian Army to the rescue flood victims

On Tuesday, on the east coast of Australia struck deadly floods. Administrative capital of Queensland, Brisbane, preparing for the invasion of the elements. The victims of the weather were already four people, including - a child of three, who was killed by a falling tree. In the city of Bundaberg, which is located 360 kilometers from Brisbane, flooded more than two thousand homes.Hundreds of people were evacuated from Bundaberg by military helicopters "Black Hawk." The rescue operation is continuing, according to Agence France Presse.Australia's national weather bureau said Read more [...]
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In Mozambique flood victims were 38 people

In Mozambique flood victims were 38 people, more than 150 thousand inhabitants of affected areas of the element have been forced to flee their homes. These data provided the staff of Children's Fund (UNICEF) Marie Makengendo working in the field of natural disasters, reports Press TV. According M.Makengkndo, the country urgently needs additional humanitarian assistance and financial support in the amount of at least $ 15 million Earlier, the UN published the data of 36 dead and 70 thousand people whose homes flooded "great water." Cause floods of heavy rains in the region and in Read more [...]
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Flooding in Peru

Torrential rains caused landslides and crowded five rivers in the San Martin and Ancash. Water swept away 730,000 homes, damaged roads.
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In Britain, the thaw. Declared flood warnings

In Britain, shrouded in dense blanket of snow, came a thaw. Now meteorologists expect floods in some parts of the country. In addition, heavy rains further complicate the situation, experts predict. Recent snow storms that raged in the night from Friday to Saturday, caught hundreds of drivers on the highway in the north of England.British Environment Agency has issued six flood warning for South West England, and, according to the severity of these warnings, flooding is inevitable. 100 more a warning saying that the floods are possible, as for the rest of the country. Rapidly melting snow Read more [...]
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Indonesia continues to pour

January 15 Indonesia has seen heavy rains that caused severe flooding. 11 people were killed and over 18,000 Indonesians had to be evacuated. Last Thursday in the city of Bandar Lampung in Sumatra due to strong winds and floods collapsed wall enclosing the site for mini-football. As a result of the death of two children, returned home after the game, says "Jakarta Post".The main transport artery of the city were paralyzed after leaving the shores of the river Wai Kuripan. Water height reached five feet. In some areas of Bandar Lampung flood level was so high that about 2700 houses Read more [...]
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Australia: Queensland prepares for new floods

Considerable part of the state over the last several days, suffering from the heavy rains that came after the tropical cyclone "Oswald."

Hundreds of people were evacuated.

Flood warnings of new and made in respect of the districts of which experienced severe flooding just two years ago.

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Australia frying, now sinking

Australia's national weather bureau said the strong and very heavy rains that swept north and east of the country. Especially dangerous is the ex-tropical cyclone "Oswald" cloud system which can be traced to the photo from space in the south-eastern Queensland and north-east of New South Wales. "Oswald" brought heavy rain, lightning, wind storms and powerful Surges tide.Cloud arrays cyclone extend for 2,000 km, representing a potential threat to the flooding in the heat parched Australian soil. Meteorologists predict a loss of 100 to 300 mm of rain over the Read more [...]
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Flooding in northern Australia

Footage from Australia, which spread all over the world: the young resident of the State of Queensland have miraculously saved from the flood, and he did it in the style of Indiana Jones or another hero adventure movies. In the struggle against the powerful flow of dirty water child to cling to a tree and tightly hugged his trunk. So he spent a few hours - until the arrival of rescue teams, who managed to evacuate a brave boy with a special cable and to a hospital. Floods in northern Australia began after heavy rains, which brought to the continent tropical cyclone.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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In Mozambique, due to flooding evacuated 55,000 people

Authorities ordered the evacuation of the Republic of Mozambique 55 thousand people due to severe flooding in the south of the country, local media reported.

"We ask people to move to safer places. According to our estimates, the disaster has affected 55 thousand people," — told reporters in the press service of the Office of Disaster Management in Mozambique.

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3,000 people were left homeless by the flooding in Peru

31 people died and more than 3 million homeless in the last months of heavy rains that have affected various regions of Peru and caused severe flooding.
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Catastrophic situation in Jakarta torrential rains paralyzed life in the city

Called catastrophic power situation in the capital of Indonesia. Heavy rains have paralyzed life in the city. Flooded even the presidential palace. In some areas, the water level reaches three meters. At this moment we know of eight victims. 120,000 people homeless. The current rainy season in Indonesia worsened chronic problems of the metropolis. Because of the active consumption of ground water in the city literally drowning - a rate of 10 centimeters per year. Already, half of the capital is below sea level.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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8 people were killed by floods in western Java

Two people drowned in Jakarta, in some areas where the water level reached up to three meters. The situation is particularly severe in the east of the capital, where the flooded seven out of ten administrative regions, paralyzed traffic.Floods caused by heavy rain and landslides in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and the adjacent Banten province on the island of Java killed eight people, about 120 thousand became homeless, said on Thursday the national media. "We need the help of the central government in full - and the need to act quickly," - said the governor of Jakarta Special Capital Read more [...]
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Flooding in Indianapolis, USA

Regions of Central and Southern Indiana can not cope with the severe floods after heavy rains. Reported one killed.
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Israel and the Palestinian territories since the end of last week hit a record rainfall in a decade

Israel and the Palestinian territories since the end of last week hit a record in a decade rainfall that caused flooding, flooding residential areas, closing highways. The situation is complicated by the strong wind, and cold.Israeli military helicopters on Tuesday shot compatriots from the roofs of flooded homes and saved the Palestinian schoolchildren whose bus blew rain flows, officials said army spokesman. Israel and the Palestinian territories since the end of last week hit a record in a decade rainfall that caused flooding, flooding residential areas, closing highways. The situation is Read more [...]
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Heavy rain hit the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro

Heavy rain hit the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, New Year's day. According to the National Meteorological Institute, a day fell to monthly rainfall, leading to a rapidly developing floods and landslides. The problem was that the disaster hit in the early morning, when most Brazilians were still asleep. Intense rainstorms triggered overflows nine rivers of the famous river of Rio de Janeiro, which gave the city its name.Flood covered eight districts of the state. According to official data, there are dead and missing. More than 2,500 people were forced to flee their homes. Read more [...]
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In western Lithuania in response to floods declared an extreme situation

Municipality located in western Lithuania Silute district declared an extreme situation due to flooding, according to head of the department of civil defense, fire protection and safety Silute region municipality Romualdas Ryanchyalyauskas."The situation is such that the water level in the river is growing, and now road-Rusnė Silute covered by water more than 40 centimeters," - he said BNS Thursday. According Ryanchyalyauskasa, Silute region flooded 15 villages, where there are eight estates. It is home to 11 people. While they have not asked for help. Unexpected flooding in recent Read more [...]
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Severe flooding in Brazil

Settlements were flooded, hundreds were left homeless.Category: Floods Read more [...]

Sinking Holland should seriously consider the option of national evacuation

Evacuation of coastal areas, and later the entire state, not so pointless to slowly submerged Holland, as it might seem at first glance. It is to believe in Delft University of Technology and bringing their ideas to justify a few facts. Dutch coast is still not very high quality prepared to meet with a strong flood. Many residents have no knowledge how to behave in the event of natural disasters. To correct this omission, by scientists from the University of the above plan developed effective evacuation of the island of Walcheren (population 112 thousand people) using a personal car. The plan Read more [...]
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Rio de Janeiro dives

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of Brazilian metropolis remained without a roof over their heads. The police report of the dead and injured. Under the water were several neighborhoods, flooded basements and first floors of buildings. Fallen trees damaged dozens of parked cars. When the city returns to normal, authorities have said they can not. According to weather forecasts, precipitation in the coming days will not stop.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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