Britain comes after devastating floods

Albion, which is just right to rename a rainy, is starting to recover from the devastating floods.Dozens of families can not return to their homes and forced to live with relatives or in makeshift shelters. Some will be able to return to her until Christmas. For flood relief charity created, wrote, "Daily Mail."In the town of Whitby, West Yorkshire, have demolished five houses, as the ground beneath them simply disappeared because of a landslide. Local residents blame the poor drainage system.In north Wales were flooded more than 500 homes. In one of them found Read more [...]
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Venice back into the water up to his waist

Due to unprecedented rains the water rose more than a meter and flooded the famous St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge neighborhood. Persistent tourists, however, go on trips in rubber boots, and for particularly sodden local bars put out chairs, which you can climb up to the feet. Scientists and meteorologists soothe residents and visitors.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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In southern Iran was a flood

Prolonged rains triggered flooding in the southern part of Iran. These events have caused the death of nine people. A few more residents were seriously injured and their lives are in danger. Iranians living in the south of the country, with no luck twice as together with flooding in the region, there was a terrible storm. He left extensive damage.The main elements of the pressure felt Fars, Khuzestan and Bushehr. At the time in Kazerun closed local schools since spilled rivers. Prohibited the use of certain roads, as they are more like streams. Disrupted road links between Abadan and Horamsharom. Read more [...]
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Scientists warn about the global threat of flooding of coastal regions.

Over the past 20 years, the level of the ocean has grown an average of 3.2 millimeters per year - 60% faster than expected by the UN experts.Sea level rise much faster than previously predicted, and residents of low-lying coastal areas around the world will soon be faced with the threat of flooding - German scientists warn, quoted Russian service Bi-bi-si.Using the latest satellite data, researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change found that over the past 20 years, the level of the ocean has grown an average of 3.2 millimeters per year - 60% faster than expected by the UN experts.The Read more [...]
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Flooding in Britain flooded hundreds of homes

Residents of British county Wales will have to leave their homes because of flooding. Already killed four people. Rescuers take out the people in the areas to which has not yet reached the water. The first evacuating those who live near the river Alvy. She came out of its banks and flooded hundreds of homes. But hope for compensation for the victims do not have to. Insurance companies are the financial costs will not pull. British authorities also refused to pay, promised to help only those who did left without a roof over their head. According to forecasters, the element of danger Read more [...]
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Scientists warn of the approach of the Flood

Sea level rise much faster than previously predicted, and residents of low-lying coastal areas around the world will soon be faced with the threat of flooding, prevent German scientists.Using the latest satellite data, researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change found that over the past 20 years, the level of the ocean has grown an average of 3.2 millimeters per year - 60% faster than expected by the UN experts.The findings were presented at the ongoing UN conference in Qatar to combat climate change.The report also says climate scientists that global average temperatures have risen Read more [...]
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Flooding in Jordan

In Amman, Jordan, and the second-largest city Zarqa after heavy rains flooding occurred. Water filled the streets eight hundred thousandth Zarqa and paralyzed traffic, began to climb in 10 minutes of heavy rain. This caused panic among the local population. As a result, water had to be pumped by pumps as storm drainage could not cope with the quantity. In addition, after the end of rain, water continues to flow into the town from the surrounding hills.According to witnesses, a similar flood in Zarqa on the saw with70 XX century. Fortunately, the element without its casualties. However, from Read more [...]
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UK dives

Strong rains triggered flooding in the UK, most of England, Wales, Scotland and rain did not stop for days. In connection with the element of almost 200 of the country declared anxiety. As a result of the incident were flooded highways, rail service interrupted. On the eve of disaster victims was the driver, the car is covered water when he passed near the river, according to ITAR-TASS.Category: Floods Read more [...]

About a thousand people were evacuated due to flooding in Jakarta

Flooding caused by heavy rains in the Indonesian capital Jakarta has paralyzed traffic in several parts of the metropolis and forced authorities to evacuate nearly a thousand people, reported Friday newspaper Jakarta Globe. As the chairman of the Moscow Office of Disaster Harp Akili (Arfan Akili), water levels in some areas of the city at the height of disaster reached 2.5 meters. "The height of the water in East Jakarta was 30 to 250 centimeters, but (now) it dropped to 10-50 centimeters," - he said. Total in Jakarta last night were evacuated 953 persons, and in some areas of the city Read more [...]
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Derbent: territory flood

Six weeks residents of Dagestan Derbent yourself struggling with the effects of natural floods that hit the city. The houses have no electricity, "float" the walls and ceiling, instead of roads and sidewalks - viscous mud slurry. Over the last week a number of blogs and the media reported that the press service of the government of Dagestan reportedly banned journalists visiting the flood affected torrent Derbent. Leadership of the Republic denies these allegations. Corresponding Roman Kulguskin been flooded and figured out how things really are. Despite the fact that time is Read more [...]
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The Middle Volga come autumn flood

Stream falling from hydroelectric dams Zhigulevskaya water - a sight for the end of November unusual. A similar pattern can be observed only once - in 1990. Then, as now, in the middle Volga started autumn flood. What will have to start running drop, energy expected in early November. Was too large amount of water, which came from the upper Volga. To date, its flow is two times higher than the norm. In order to prevent an emergency, it was decided - the dam to open. A few days earlier, the excess water began to drop hydroelectric Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod and the Upper Volga cascade hydropower Read more [...]
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Flooding in Scotland

Residents evacuated due to heavy flooding in Scotland. Scotland hit by heavy flooding and rivers burst their banks after heavy rains across the country.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Novgorod region has come autumn flood: Why is a rare climatic event?

Autumn flood these days going through Nizhny Novgorod region - is a rare climatic events. Water in large and small rivers of the region comes daily. The last time a similar situation was noted 20 years ago. Blame the weather is too warm and heavy precipitation. A correspondent of the "news - Volga" has learned how long the autumn flood, and when the weather changes. The abnormally warm weather is not in a hurry to leave the region. Rare weather phenomenon - autumn flood - began on November 8. Only at the Chkalov staircase water level in the Volga River rose to 2 days longer Read more [...]
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Flooding in Spain

In southern Spain powerful heavy rains led to flooding of several cities. Authorities have decided to introduce a state of emergency region. Suffered most in Andalusia in the provincial capital of Malaga water level rose by 13 centimeters.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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In the south of Spain declared a state of emergency due to flooding

In southern Spain because of rainfall was a significant rise of the rivers. Some areas of the country were flooded. Under the impact of elements and hit the tourist area of Costa del Sol According to RBC, one of the largest cities in the autonomous community of Andalusia - Malaga water level in half a day has increased by an average of 13 cm Precipitation also caused a sharp rise in mountain streams, which are then bombarded with dirt on the city in the lowlands. Authorities imposed a state of emergency in the region. According to witnesses, there are serious traffic problems related to the Read more [...]
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Incessant rains caused flooding in Europe

At the time, the weather in Central Europe from day to day under the influence of the center of high atmospheric pressure and does not cause much alarm among meteorologists, on the other side of the Alps, everything is completely different. Lasting for days rainfall caused concern, especially in Italy, in the Southern Alps and in Croatia, where the risk of flooding and high water levels in the rivers are quite high.The reason for this situation - a cyclone over the Upper Italy, who last weekend dismissed the high-pressure region. That's how the direction of weather in the Central Mediterranean. Read more [...]
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Six people were killed in flooding in Angola

In Angola, for a week did not stop heavy rains. This has caused a flood. Six people have been victims of disaster, hundreds of people have fled their homes.In the capital, Luanda, under the collapsed wall of the house was killed four children, BBC News reports citing ITAR-TASS. The two main streets are blocked flows of mud and stones. In Benguela, the second largest city of the country, killing a mother and child. Three more victims registered in southern Angola.Category: Floods Read more [...]
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In Iraq, the house collapsed due to flooding killed 6 children

In the east, Iraq, in Al Kut, Iraq, in the collapse of the house killed six children. The building collapsed under the pressure of heavy rains and floods that swept the city.Livni blow not only to the east, but also in the central and southern parts of Iraq. Emergency services reported flooding and destruction of buildings in the province of Cadiz, Wasit, Maysan, Baghdad. Some buildings are destroyed, but there were no casualties. The capital - Baghdad rains from November 18, triggering a serious difficulty of traffic on the streets. Experts point out that the main problem of Iraqi cities Read more [...]
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Flooding in Peru has killed six people

The second largest city in Peru - Arequipa rains caused severe floods. Elements led to the deaths of at least six people.Torrential rain began in Arequipa on Friday night - only for the first seven hours of the city dropped about 12 inches of rain. Flooding led to the destruction of hundreds of homes and buildings, streets turned into torrents of mud washing off on the way cars. As reported by the media, the water destroyed two bridges, cutting off Arequipa from neighboring villages.The rainy season, which usually starts in Peru in February, often accompanied by flooding of rivers, floods, mudslides Read more [...]
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Netherlands slowly go under water

According to scientists at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands slowly submerged. In order to prepare local people to the consequences of this truly outstanding event, researchers have developed several models, including - the ability to evacuate coastal areas, and later the entire state. Another model - plan an effective evacuation from the island of Walcheren (population - 112,000 people) with the use of personal vehicles. On the basis of this plan scientists propose to conduct seminars explaining in every corner of the Netherlands, to change things for the better.As pointed out Read more [...]
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