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1.  Zander not recovered after a long, late spawning. The weather is cold and the because the water temperature rises slowly (at a depth of 6-9 meters is less than 12 ° C).Predator attacks bait so sluggish that many feel that it does not take at all. At this point, easier to catch walleye on mugs, because he did not have the strength to take the bait, slipped past him relatively quickly. Pike attacks it only if it passes exactly through his parking space, and only during the pause between turns of the coil (1-2 turns) of 7-10, and sometimes more seconds. In some cases, the spinning can Read more [...]
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AE Berman Young Tourist. Water and water terrain riders. Part 35

Rafting on the river has one fundamental feature: you can not dispose of the time. If on foot speed, skiing, climbing in the mountains you can almost always stop and think about the situation, the fast water jet are you passionate about as if the flow of time itself. You can not delay the meeting with an obstacle, because the density of the rubber boat and did not stop, but not in a kayak. always have time to turn around and stick to the shore is not always and everywhere possible. Rafting on the rapid river is sometimes compared to a game of chess: the need to solve the problem in a limited Read more [...]
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Survival in cold climate areas. Part 3

State of health As we move north of the equator reduces the number of insects - vectors of disease, poisonous snakes, plants and animals, as well as reduced morbidity, but increased natural hazards, such as snow and cold. The main danger in the Arctic - it's freezing. Snow blindness, carbon monoxide poisoning and sunburn - is following in importance after the danger of freezing Arctic.Frostbiting - constant danger for those who are exposed to temperatures below 0 ° C. When frostbite does not feel pain, and it may come quickly. Symptoms of frostbite include: stiffness, lack of sensitivity, Read more [...]
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Sudden loss of consciousness

First, one must find out the reason why there was a loss of consciousness. If the loss of consciousness is not due to trauma, stroke, fall, man is not subjected to any physical abuse, but suddenly lost consciousness - it is an urgent need to put on your back, get rid of the body tightening things (backpack straps), unbutton the collar, provide fresh air. Sprinkle cold water on the face, the nose gently bring cotton wool soaked with ammonia. When the patient regained consciousness, he has to give to drink strong tea, coffee, or 20-30 drops korvalola valokordin, or 30 drops of valerian tincture. Read more [...]
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H. vernalis Maxim. — Herbaceous perennial to 40 cm high. Distribution: The Far East. Contains alkaloids established structure to 0.3% in oversight. h detected flavonoids kardenolndy, saponins.

Medicinal. In the experiment, the water-alcohol extract and tincture have hypotensive, antispasmodic, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Toxicity. Toxic.

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Sphagnum moss - a perennial plant that has no roots, and flowers are never formed, and therefore, the fruits and seeds, as occurs in flowering plants. Moss reproduces by spores. Such plants are called spore. Escape sphagnum highly branched. In the upper part of the mature box on legs. In them that the spores are formed. Typical sphagnum peat bogs. Here he not only prevails among all the other plants, but also determine the conditions of their lives. Therefore, these are called sphagnum bogs. "Sfagnos" in Greek - a sponge. Like a sponge, moss absorbs water at 15, and even 35 Read more [...]
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Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is much more dangerous, as damaged blood vessels and internal organs or blood poured forth, sputum, feces, urine, or accumulates in the closed cavity (peritoneum, pleura, skull). Stop this kind of bleeding alone is nearly impossible. Bleeding from the nose eliminated crowding head, if possible on the bridge and neck or put snow, ice or a bandage soaked in cold water. Wing nose pressed to the nasal septum finger for 10-15 minutes. Blow his nose and wipe his nose is not recommended, as it can hurt the blood clot, clog the bleeding vessel, and the bleeding resumes. Read more [...]
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Small-leaved maple

A tree up to 15 m high with a dense crown. Thickness of 50 cm stem bark is gray, old trees with sinuous longitudinal cracks. Young shoots are gray or yellow, mostly pubescent. Leaves up to 11 cm long and 12 cm wide, 5-lobed, sometimes at the base rudimentary pair of extra blades, glabrous above, and on the lower side with beards in the corners of the veins at the base of the sheet. The flowers are bright yellow with black-purple disc, 6-8 mm in diameter, are collected for 15-30 pieces in corymbose panicle; appear in May. Fruit-lion to 3 cm in length, ripen in August, their wings diverge almost Read more [...]
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Silvicultural activities

Volume of silvicultural activities in the country is huge. They are aimed at restoring the felled forests and to create new arrays of forest plantations. The main importance for hunting has a composition of forest plantations, which determines the future outlook of the forests. Narrowly defined silvicultural tasks require conifers, mostly spruce and pine, will be involved in more extensive areas of forest. To this end, at logging sites placed predominantly seedlings of coniferous trees, are making efforts to replace the deciduous and mixed coniferous forests. So there are forests dominated Read more [...]
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Short-tailed turtle

The upper side of tail reddish-brown, lower - wine-red, head, neck, blue-gray, throat lighter, black necklace around his neck in the form of semicircles, undertail are white, black beak. Female less male and more brownish. Length of birds - 22 cm, tail - 9 cm Distributed in Hindustan Peninsula and Indochina and in North-West China. It inhabits forests and cultural landscape. Basic food - the seeds of various plants. The nest is built high in the trees. Short-tailed turtle does not tolerate disturbance and frequent inspection throws nest. Incubation lasts 14 days, the chicks will fly to the Read more [...]
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P. grandiflorus Qacq.) A. DC. - Herbaceous perennial, 40-50 cm high. Distribution: Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Contains triterpenoids, flavonoids (including anthocyanins), phytosterols, carbohydrates and poliatsetilenovye Comm. (Ahn et al., 1996), aliphatic alcohols (Chung et al., 1996) and clay kozidy ustaiovleiioy structure. Marked tannins, volatile oil (Chung et al., 1996). Detected alkaloids, coumarins, saponins, vitamins B, PP. Drug (podz. hours). Therapeutic action - anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, astringent, analgesic. Indications - infections / infestations: Read more [...]
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Foci kind Castor in Eurasia in the early XX century.

From the huge area occupied by Eurasian subspecies of modern beavers kind of Castor, the beginning of XX century there were only miserable, isolated pockets. No summarizing reports or map of the location of beaver colonies throughout its range. Existing information is inaccurate and even some controversy. The most detailed information Ognev S. (1947). Referring to the AV Fedyushin which, according to him, gave the most complete summary of beavers spread in Belarus, SI Ognev reports that otters remained on the upper course of the river. Berezina and medium - p. Coolant, the middle and lower Read more [...]
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Samolovny fishing

All modern samolovy divided into portable and stationary. In relation to the autonomous survival we are interested only portable. Wooden portable samolovy Portable samolovy not installed on one fixed location. On request they can be moved to new locations. Portable samolovy - is infringing metal arc pressing and traps, all sorts of traps, loops and homemade wooden Scribbles and breakthrough. The principle of operation is the same in all scratching. In various areas, they differ only by the shape of pressing tools and parts nastorozhki. In a wooden box on the guide slits down moves T-crushing Read more [...]
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Organization bivouac on the mountain terrain

Dress code - storm suit, gloves, hat, high boots. Personal equipment - ice-ax. Equipment group - a tent, poles, banners, 2-3 avalanche shovels, 3-5 rifles, several pieces repshnura. Organization bivouac on the grassy slopes, scree, moraine ridges, simple rocky sites. Carried out at the exit to the upper rock climbing and driving. Recall the basic requirements of the place where a camp will be organized: Protection against falling stones, lumps of ice, avalanches, location in relation to the object of climbing, protection from the wind and so on, and Publishing of leveling pads, installation Read more [...]
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Rock falls - one of the most common dangers awaiting tourists in the summer. The fall of a single stone, due to one reason or another, may in turn cause an avalanche of rocks, the direction of flight which are difficult to predict. Add to this the sometimes enormous weight flying stones and high speed, it is quite clear the danger that awaits tourists caught in the rockfall zone. This danger is especially scary for tourists who do not have sufficient experience of traveling in the mountains or neglecting the rules of overcoming natural obstacles. Most education rockfalls promotes so-called Read more [...]
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Rhode XANTHIUM L. — Cocklebur.

Annuals, 10-150 cm tall. Distribution: European part (south), the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. Contain mono-and seskviterpeioidy (including seskviterpeiovye lactones), triterpenoids (including triterpene saponins), phytosterols, carotenoids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, nitrogen, sulfur and halogen-Comm. And diterpeioidy (Piacente et al., 1996), phenolic acids and their esters, higher fatty acids, higher alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and an established structure. Highlighted the essential oil, fatty oil to 41% from seed X. spinosum L "tannin to 2.7% of X. strumarium Read more [...]
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Magazine Fishing in Russia» № 9, 2007

Magazine "Fishing in Russia"- A full-color trade magazine for amateur and professional fishermen. Edition of the rich become the most advanced anglers in our country, not only repeatedly won national competitions, but the world championship! The magazine is designed for a wide range of readers, and contains a large number of columns: "School of Excellence", "Theory and Practice", "Tourism", the Arsenal, "Survival School", "hands", "The opinion of ichthyology", "Sports", "Cooking "etc. Download the magazine: Read more [...]
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Rhode SKIMMIA Thunb. — Ment.

S. repens Nakai - shrub to 50 cm high. Distribution: The Far East (Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands). Contains alkaloids and higher fatty acid established structure. Highlighted the essential oil from the bark of 0.5%, 9.7% fatty oil from the fruit. Found coumarins, saponins. Medicinal. Indications - infections / infestations: the flu - the leaves. In the experiment, the amount of coumarin exhibits antitumor activity, leaves - antimycotic. Toxicity. Exhibits insecticidal activity. Materials. Flavor of the perfume, with making soap: branch (essential oil). Read more [...]
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Rhode SALIX L. — IVA.

Trees, shrubs up to 10 m high. Propagation: All. Contain flavonoids (including catechins to 8.6% in the cortex S. triandra L., anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins), halkoiy, karotinondy to 11.4% in the underground. h S. alba L, diterpenoids, carbohydrates to 11% of pollen S. caprea L, as well as nitrogen-conn., phenols, biphenyls, phenolic glycosides and 7.5% in the leaves of S. purpurea L., phenolic acids, aromatic alcohols, higher fatty acids n alnfatncheskne higher hydrocarbons established structure. Marked tannins to 25.3% from the bark of S. caucasica Andersson, fatty oil to 9.8% of the Read more [...]
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Rhode POTENTILLA L. — Bloodroot.

Herbaceous miogoletiiki, shrubs 10-50 cm high. Propagation: All. Contain flavonoids to 3.9% in iadz. Part P. bifurca L. (Including anthocyanins, catechins, analyze their totsiaiidiiy), triterpenoids 6% in the underground. Part P. erecta (L.) Raeusch., karogiioidy, coumarins, phytosterols, hiioiy esters tsiklitolov, carbohydrates and phenols feioloaldegidy, feioliye acid to 1.4% in P. multifida L., esters, fatty acids, higher alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and an established structure. Marked tannins up to 25% of the Subtitle. Part P. anse-rina L., essential oil to 0.3% of iadz. Part Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).