Storm warning in the Primorye

Cyclonic vortex, spin over Manchuria, in the next day at a speed of 40 km / h attacks Primorye, rapidly displacing a fine anticyclonicn. Already begun in the south edge of the first snow, and during the day it is expected to gain. Wind from the south unfold rumba to the north and to gain up to 12-17, gusts up to 25 m / s. Zakruzhat blizzards reduce visibility on the roads of snow drifts. Maritimes forecasters developed storm-warning. Emergencies Ministry warns of likely failures in housing facilities, increasing the number of accidents on the roads of the local and federal levels, accidents Read more [...]
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In the capital, declared a storm warning

Forecasters Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow region extended storm warning for severe weather in the capital region. According to them, during the period from 01:00 to 06:00 Moscow time expected strong winds with gusts of 15 meters per second and higher, sometimes ice, sleet and snow storm. Earlier, a similar warning, however, is valid until 10:00, it was common in the suburbs. Currently, the region's weather stations record the air temperature at minus 9.8 degrees south and south-east wind speeds of up to 10 meters per second. Earlier, forecasters Hydromet in its forecast for the Read more [...]
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8 predictions for 2013

The past year has been eventful, but many observers predicted trends, in particular, the dramatic events that have not happened. As we approach 2013, it appears that time is speeding up on its own, making the potential for dramatic events more likely. It seems that events have reached a tipping point on multiple fronts, and it's hard to predict what will happen on the other side.But let's divide the crystal ball and make some bold predictions for 2013. These predictions have not been inspired by some esoteric knowledge, rather, they were born on the basis of finding information on the Read more [...]
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In Moscow and the area declared a storm warning

Forecasters Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow region extended storm warning for severe weather in the capital region. According to them, during the period from 01:00 to 06:00 Moscow time expected strong winds with gusts of 15 meters per second and higher, sometimes ice, sleet and snow storm. Earlier, a similar warning, however, is valid until 10:00, it was common in the suburbs. Currently, the region's weather stations record the air temperature at minus 9.8 degrees south and south-east wind speeds of up to 10 meters per second. Earlier, forecasters Hydromet in its forecast for the current Read more [...]
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After the death of the Russian Emergencies Ministry frost warning about threats to life from sharp warming

Dramatic warming, which this week comes in the Central and Volga federal districts of Russia, is fraught with accidents at utilities and emergencies associated with the release of the people and on the thin ice of ice forming on rooftops. This warning is issued on Tuesday MOE and called on citizens to "be especially careful during this period and did not put their lives at risk."In Moscow warming after heavy frost will begin on Wednesday: the day the thermometer will show a minus 7 - minus 12 degrees, and the evening will warm for two or three degrees. Chance of freezing rain, Read more [...]
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The sharp drop in pressure in and around Moscow

After a period of ten days of stable and high background atmospheric pressure, to which a significant number of people meteodependent already managed to adapt over the next few days the pressure in and around Moscow and fall quite sharply by almost 30 units. Fluctuations in the main meteorological parameters, gain wind, precipitation expected in the next few days in the capital region, will have a negative impact on the health of many people meteodependent. They should pay attention to their condition and do not forget about preventive measures that will help reduce the damage from adverse health Read more [...]
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The fate of Japan.

Again about Japan. The prediction was for 17 .03.2013 N.Kartuzov astrologer.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Again and again checking the astrological charts - March 11, 2011 and 2012 - I try to understand the course of events of these tragic days.Drawing a card - March 17, 2013 - I see that tragedy happen again --- but with the same force it all happen - the question.Three planets together in fish - Neptune-Mercury - Mars - is a formidable force.Fish --- it Far East - Japan - for astrological breakdown.At Read more [...]
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Moscow will be a very dramatic warming

After prolonged frost in Moscow for two days get warmer by more than 20 degrees, said the Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region."On Monday night the air temperature in the capital dropped to 24.3 degrees, the day will not exceed 15-17 degrees. In Tuesday night will be still quite frosty - minus 19-20 degrees, but on Tuesday afternoon the thermometer rise to 6-7 frost already, and on Wednesday afternoon - to 0 - minus 2 degrees "- quoted forecaster" Interfax ".According to him, on Tuesday and Wednesday with a weakening cold clouds will be more snow expected.According to the Read more [...]
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2013 — a year of hope for the planet?

We are inevitably approaching the end ... In this connection, even frequent recommendations on the official level. As part of the logic of "never too late" attempts to create pressure for action. Do not think that my worries are also associated with the coming end of the world predicted by 21 th December. Forgive me, Maya, at the end of this week, end of the world will not ...Rapid death in a collision with a comet or large meteor - it's not for the planet ... In fact, my fears stem from the fact that our planet will survive for as long as we as a crowd of parasites do not absorb Read more [...]
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Scientists: Powerful earthquake in southern Russia and the Caucasus are very likely

Seismologists can not yet say whether the earthquake in the Black Sea near Sukhumi, which occurred the night before, to be a harbinger of a more powerful seismic events, but this can not be ruled out. In an interview with RIA Novosti news agency said the head of the seismotectonic unit of the Institute of Earth Physics named Alexander Schmidt Marahanov.According to the MOE, to 17.31 MSK. December 23 in the Black Sea for 31 kilometers to the south of Abkhazia in Sukhumi earthquake registered magnitude 5.8 depth of ten meters. Tremors could be felt in the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, Karachay-Cherkessia Read more [...]
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Tsunami Vladivostok: Russia overwhelm 200 million refugees from China?

19/12/2012 Outset: China now - one of the richest and most stable countries in the world, but to the "Arab Spring" is to be made, and Libya. Are we ready to storm the Russian border by the Chinese, if China will begin large-scale riots? ... - It only seems - to China very often live clones: narrow-eyed and dark-haired Chinese eat noodles with chopsticks, and all speak Chinese. But in Shanghai dialect to communicate in "woo", has nothing to do with "tangerine" - the official language of China. In Manchuria, in Sichuan, Yunnan - their dialect, and local residents Read more [...]
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Predictions of world events for January 2013

Astrological predictions of world events for January 2013 astrologer Nicholas cap.1-Jan-In Europe, the warm weather, a small nebula.In Poland - Czechoslovakia - moderate rainfall - a small nebula.In the Moscow region, and the European part of Russia little cold - moderate rainfall.In the Perm region and the Pre-Ural regions - strong wind - drifts on the roads - poor visibility.In Kamchatka - the wind-storm.In Kamchatka - volcanic eruptions - the earthquake - a force 4-5.Earthquake in the Aleutian Islands (U.S.) force 4-5.In Guatemala - Earthquake - force 4-5.Canary Islands - volcanic activity.2 Read more [...]
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Apocalypse: not all will be saved. Instructions for Survival

The cherished date - December 21, 2012 there were 3 days. The excitement reached its climax: the candles disappeared from stores, the media are full of reports of possible natural disasters, the collapse of the world financial system, man-made disasters and the end of the periods in the calendar in May. Public opinion divided - from extremely skeptical "All this nonsense!" Fanatically to panic "all die!" Their scripts outage events offer various psychics, magicians, astrologers. This was almost unheard din those involved in basic sciences and study processes occurring on Read more [...]
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IBM attributed the computers set of human feelings

IBM introduced another forecast The Five in Five. In it the company nominates five trends that, in its view, would prevail in computer technology over the next five years.In the list of The Five in Five list for the year 2012 trend coincides with the list of feelings that people can experience. IBM predicts that computers will be endowed with hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch."Hearing" to enable computers to decipher the sounds of the world - so, utilities for the trees creak in the wind will be able to determine if there is a risk of collapse. Phones endowed "human ears", Read more [...]
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To 2030 using the printer will create a new human race — cyborgs

17/12/2012 By 2030, humanity learn how to create artificial organs using 3D printers, and this, in turn, will create a new race of people having superpowers. This was said in a report last week by the National Intelligence Council of the U.S. government. The paper entitled "Global Trends 2030", states that theoretical physicists such as Michio Kaku, already being talked about the possibility of transforming them into cyborgs. "Scientists would soon establish a retinal implant that will give a person the ability of night vision, an enhanced memory and speed of thought in the brain Read more [...]
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Earthquake in California, December 14, 2012. Analysis, prediction.

Under the action of cosmological factor, at the turn of Uranus in direct motion- December 14, 2012, at 10:36 UTC-world time- off the coast of California and Mexico earthquake magnitude of 6.3 - 6.4 at a depth of 11.3 km.Earthquake in California in the Pacific Ocean have been 121-zone maps for earthquake prediction in December 2012. The forecast of seismic events in the dates Zone 121 - chance-85% - 4, 11, 13, 17, 24, 28, 31/12/2012.Prediction error 10 hours 36 minutes.Given the increase in seismic activity under the cosmological factor-in the date specified in the forecast, the region may be intense, Read more [...]
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Moscow and the Moscow region are anomalous Siberian winter

The fact that Winter 2012 - 2013 period Russia will be severe, forecasters warned long ago, but few people thought that not used to the cold Siberian winter capital come so early. In the coming weekend in the Moscow region and other regions of the European part of the country come true cold, and next week the temperature will continue to fall. Apogee is expected on Wednesday, but after the concessions will not."Plans for the weekend to Muscovites and residents of suburbs have to be tailored to the expected anomalously low temperature. Already on Wednesday, the average temperature Read more [...]
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The alignment of the planets in a line during the Mayan Apocalypse can cause earthquakes

In recent months, Art Cashin of UBS warned of increased earthquake activity due to the interaction of the planets and the sun at certain angles.In the "Comments Kashin" this morning, he noted that the next planetary interaction can cause an earthquake during the period when we have to survive the apocalypse supposedly Maya: The coincidence of events - mass culture focused on December 21 as an important date the Mayan calendar. Some people believe that this date should be the end of the world. Some traders have noticed that the date of the Maya comes rather close to the anniversary of Read more [...]
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MES predicts in 2013 the risk of major earthquakes in the Far East and the tsunami of up to 8 meters

Last earthquake shook the Krasnodar region, made Emergencies Minister to review its positive forecast for 2013. Russian Emergencies Ministry forecasts for 2013 increased risks of strong earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 7.5 Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka region, tremors which can cause a tsunami up to8 meters.But more recently Tufts said that - in 2013 there will be no disasters of the most likely threats, what can be expected in the next year, this is the load on the network and the pipe with rapid temperature changes. In some regions, the minister said, from falling trees Read more [...]
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There were first forecasts for hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in 2013

12/11/2012 A team of scientists from the University of Colorado, united in the "Project of Tropical Meteorology", released an initial forecast for the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean in 2013. The final version of the forecast will be released in April next year, but now it is only the possible scenarios. To date, researchers have proposed four such scenarios. Their description is provided on site PhysOrg.In 2013, an unusual increase in the rate will thermohaline circulation, thus there will be no effect Southern Oscillation. As a result, the average tropical cyclone activity Read more [...]
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