Cyclone Evan hit Fiji

Tropical cyclone "Evan?" the first in the South Pacific this year? December 16 fell on the northern part of Fiji. Hurricane-force winds with strong gusts of over 200 km / h and a powerful surge Surges caused many breakages of transmission lines and major flooding of coastal areas, including human settlements and roads. Authorities quickly evacuated the island nation of about 3500 people. Local meteorological experts call "Evan" the strongest storm in the last 5 years.Largest coastal areas were flooded along the northern and western coasts of the country, while heavy Read more [...]
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Victims of typhoon Bofa in the Philippines were 1043 people

Victims of typhoon "Bofa" in the Philippines were 1043 people. 2662 people were wounded, 844 missing. On this day the official statement of the presidential administration of the country. Typhoon completely destroyed 65 thousand 537 houses, 758 thousand 101 more homes partially destroyed. Were affected by the typhoon 701 thousand 224 families / 6,000,000 203 thousand 826 people /. 6 thousand 608 families / 25 953 thousand / shelter from the elements in 63 evacuation centers.Category: Hurricanes Read more [...]
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3.5 thousand people were evacuated because of the powerful cyclone in Fiji

Coprovozhdayuschie cyclone strong winds and flooding caused numerous cliffs power lines and flooding several roads and bridges. Despite some of the victims and the destruction of seriously injured people, thanks to the measures taken in time, the authorities of Fiji have been avoided.Powerful cyclone "Evan" (Evan) on Sunday hit the northern part of Fiji, forcing authorities to evacuate the island nation of about 3,500 people, reports on Monday night by the Associated Press referring to the information minister of Fiji, Sharon Smith-Jones (Sharon Smith- Johns). According to her, the strong Read more [...]
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Fiji has made evacuation

According to the forecasts of meteorologists on Sunday on the island of Fiji cyclone fall "Evan." Republican authorities fear that it will be no less destructive than the storm, "Keane," which took in 1993, lives of 23 people and left thousands of people homeless. Declared emergency evacuation of people living in low-lying areas of the islands. They are sent to evacuation centers at higher elevations.Wind speed at the center of the cyclone could reach 230 km / h Element has already killed three people in Samoa, where another seven are considered missing.However, Read more [...]
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Samoa comes after the hurricane hit, Evan

Samoans lack of food and water after the cyclone struck the island under the name Evan. Element has claimed the lives of four people, injured many. In the city of Apia flooded dozens of homes - the local river burst its banks. The power plant, supplying power throughout the region, destroyed. Its repair can take up to two weeks. Meanwhile, the authorities ordered the evacuation of Fiji people living in areas at risk. Forecasters say that the force of the wind in the center of the cyclone is 200 km / h.Category: Hurricanes Read more [...]
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By approaching Fiji powerful tropical cyclone Evan

Pacific nation of Fiji is preparing for the arrival of a powerful tropical cyclone "Evan", which should come close to the islands of the archipelago on Sunday. Currently, the wind speed in the region of the cyclone reaches 180 kilometers per hour, but, warns Fiji Meteorological Service, it may rise up to 230 kilometers per hour. However, forecasters remain poor reliability that "Evan", which is close to Fiji in the east, at the last moment to change direction and bypass the archipelago to the north. The authorities have urged people to leave coastal and low-lying areas of the Read more [...]
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Storms damaged buildings Antarctica station Youth

The first days of the 58th season of the Russian Antarctic expedition polar continent presented a few surprises. As reported on Thursday the press office of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet (AARI) overnight research vessel "Akademik Fedorov" also reached the seasonal field base "Youth" then began unloading operations by helicopters.Reactivate the "Youth", explorers found that during the winter period from March to December, when the station was not the staff and buildings were badly damaged. Cause damage to the steel hurricane winds of Antarctica.Meanwhile, Read more [...]
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U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado

12/12/2012 According to witnesses, at least six tornadoes swept over the four southern states in the U.S. for one night earlier this week. Their force was so great that under the impact craters could not withstand the roofs and walls of houses, as well as fragments of tubes and pumps from the local gas pipelines. This event is not only surprising number of tornadoes, who managed to leave a mark on the southern United States in such a short space of time, but the fact that they were formed and gained power in an uncharacteristic season. Indeed, in mid-December, the tornado season is generally Read more [...]
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Powerful typhoon Bofa returns to the Philippines

Claimed the lives of more than five hundred people strong Philippine typhoon "Bofa" changed direction and comes back to the island nation. Meteorologists warn that the element will fall on Sunday night at the north of the island of Luzon. Wind speed will reach 160 kilometers per hour. Typhoon "Bofa" already "visited" on Tuesday in the southern Philippines: now they destroyed homes, torn power lines, halted air and rail links. "Bofa" was the most powerful typhoon in the Philippines in 2012.Category: Hurricanes Read more [...]
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The death toll from typhoon Pablo has reached 420

Previously reported 331 dead and 380 missing. The total number of Filipinos who suffered from "Pablo", exceeded, according to the National Civil Defence, 5 million. Typhoon also damaged more than 7,000 houses were completely destroyed more than three thousand. In shelters and evacuation centers are over 275 thousand people lost their homes. In the three most affected provinces - East Davao City, Davao and southern Compostela Valley - emergency was declared. According to the administration of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA), the Read more [...]
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For New Zealand powerful tornado swept

In New Zealand calculate the damage from a tornado. From the disaster hit the suburbs of major cities — Auckland. In amateur video appeared on the Internet eyewitnesses. As a result, the storm killed three people, seven were injured. About 250 residents were evacuated. Destroyed more than a hundred buildings.
Category: Hurricanes
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Eyewitnesses removed as tornadoes bent trees and flooded roads in New Zealand

A powerful tornado struck the suburb of Auckland in New Zealand. Look at the video, the storm bent rooted trees, destroyed buildings, and flooded roads.
Category: Hurricanes
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Tornado in New Zealand

Tornado - rare in New Zealand. But yesterday, December 6, it was observed in the north. With the passage of atmospheric fronts, developed a powerful cloud, experienced heavy rainfall. Auckland city per day dropped 24 mm of rain, and it is here that there was a tornado. According to local media at least three people were killed and several people injured. According to eyewitnesses, the hurricane also knocked a lot of trees in the city and around.Category: Hurricanes Read more [...]
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Typhoon Bofa claimed the lives of 300 Filipinos

At least 300 people were killed in a typhoon "Bofa" hit the Philippines. The authorities of the island state does not rule out that the death toll could rise as rescue workers have not yet completed the search and rescue efforts in areas cut off from the world of the elements. "Missing considered whole family: the flow of water carried off people groups" - quoted "Interfax" comment Interior Minister Philippines Mara Rojas. The most severe blow assumed Compostela province, in which the wind speed reached 130 km / h To date there found the bodies of 151 people, Read more [...]
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Typhoon in the Philippines

The number of victims of the strongest in the southern Philippines for the past 20 years, the typhoon "Pablo", according to official data of the National Civil Defence, to reached 274 Wednesday evening, injuring nearly 350 people. Earlier official reports of the death of 140 people.Category: Hurricanes Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the typhoon in the Philippines has risen to 230 people

The number of victims of Typhoon "Bofa" — the biggest in the Philippines this year — has grown to 230 people. It is reported by Reuters citing local authorities

In addition, several hundred people are considered missing.

Typhoon "Bofa" hit the southern Philippines on Tuesday morning. Previously reported 80 dead and a hundred injured.

Category: Hurricanes
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Hurricane on the Kuril Islands

Deep cyclone hurricane unleashed on Kurils wind. The village Malokurilskoye recorded gusts up to 34 m / s! Inherited from Cyclone Primorye and Sakhalin, where wind amplified up to 28 m / s.Cyclone refuses to go to the north, will not allow anticyclone. Rainy whirlwind turned west. On Thursday, the large pressure gradient between it and the northern anticyclone would enhance wind in the north of Khabarovsk Krai in places up to 20-25 m / s. Here - the epicenter of bad weather: apart wind expected heavy snow and blizzard with a significant deterioration of sight. On Sakhalin wind weaken slightly, Read more [...]
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80 people were victims of the typhoon in the Philippines

At least 80 people were killed in a powerful typhoon "Bofa" that hit today on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Rescuers fear the death toll will rise, according to national television. Strong wind gusts that reached 210 km per hour, tore roofs and felled many trees. In the area of disaster marked power outages. There were no floods: typhoon accompanied by intense rainfall. By the authorities, were evacuated from dangerous areas, more than 53 thousand inhabitants. The country has canceled 145 flights, paralyzed sea ferry service between the numerous islands of the Read more [...]
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Waterspout off the coast of Italy

2 December 2012

Category: Hurricanes

San Francisco suffered shtorma

Came from the Pacific storm of the next series of "Pineapple Express," added the problems people in the Bay of San Francisco, has not yet had time to recover from the previous two servings of rain and high winds, floods, and had organized around power outages.
Category: Hurricanes
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