Why are the days and the years fly by so quickly?

Perhaps, many have noticed that the last few years with the passage of time was something wrong. Days and months are flying rapidly, overtaking our capabilities, and we will be less time to make. One would think that day has just begun, and lo and behold, is already over!Before we "enter" in the third millennium, as the twelve years already ran, and we did not notice. The previous explanation of this phenomenon, which, they say, the older a person becomes, the more flies his life, is irrelevant. Now the rapid flight of time to notice not only the old people and even teenagers and Read more [...]
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Scientists have a new hypothesis of the origin of life on Earth

For many years, scientists have puzzled over the question, trying to find out how life could have arisen in all its variety of inanimate matter. Researchers from the University of Santa Fe presented a new interdisciplinary theory to explain the mystery of the universe.Life on the planet emerged simultaneously with the formation of an independent ability to develop, and the ability to fix carbon, which is very difficult. The fact that carbon dioxide, which is in its structure in the world, is a very stable compound, therefore, to use the carbon system must pass through the stage of unstable states. Read more [...]
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Activation of UFOs is the end of the world

Since Azerbaijan esoteric researcher Vagif Alekperov commented on the expectations of the December 21, 2012. According to him, the date of "the end of the world" in human history, there were many, but they all ended up in error. And this time, in spite of gloomy forecasts, our planet is plunged into darkness, will not break apart from a collision with Nibiru, and we will still continue to use electricity. Regarding the description of specific events in the Mayan prophecies unfortunate, then, as noted esoteric, known to those skilled in Mexico found the so-called stone "back of Read more [...]
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Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura — Time Travel

Different variations of conspiracy theories about time travel, agree on one thing - the U.S. Government as a result of decades of research have developed a technology that can circumvent the laws of the space-time continuum. The investigation begins with a meeting with Alfred Vebrom (also known as Alfred Lebremont Vebr), who Jesse describes as "a lawyer 'Ivy League', former White House adviser and present an insider." According Vebra, time travel is "the deepest and darkest secrets United States." Despite the fact that Jesse is familiar with Vebrom and inclined Read more [...]
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The true structure of the Earth

There are places on earth, covered with legends, speculation and predictions. Anomalous zones. And the map of these zones, twelve zones, among which the famous Bermuda Triangle, Kailash in Tibet, both poles, and others, have long made up. Form these areas, famous in the first place, magnetic anomalies, strange, icosahedron. And not surprisingly, many ocean ridges and other seals, go along the edges of the dodecahedron, in addition to this icosahedron. At points close to the vertices of an icosahedron, gravity is reduced, and where does the dodecahedron edges - is raised. Has the properties Read more [...]
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Arctic Civilization

In human history, there were dozens of civilizations. Up to this dispute are disputes about what to call civilization. Inflation is often the term and often referred to as a civilization that civilization would not be worth calling. 1 Civilization - is a highly developed society with its own cities, temples, palaces, kings, priests. As a general rule, almost always associated with civilization writing which appears almost simultaneously. So when they say "nomadic civilization" or "civilization of Black Africa" or "Arctic civilization" is not true. However, there Read more [...]
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Where did the Phoenix?

Why, indeed, such a bird is in the ancient legends of the American Indians, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, the inhabitants of the Nile Delta and in the Urals? Under what names she disguised in different people, and if she has a real prototype? Or perhaps, "the phoenix bird" - is something figurative, not related to ornithology? - Systematize their knowledge, get acquainted with the living phoenix and unwittingly ironic about how you can use the old fairy tale for political and religious fanaticism.Go through the known facts, to brush up on the point. So, the phoenix - the Read more [...]
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How the world will end in 2012?

Laura Knight-Yadchak (Laura Knight-Jadczyk) - writer, historian, and hypnotherapist. He is the author of 13 books, numerous articles and publications. Together with her husband, a professor, physicist quantum physics Arkadiusz Yadchakom (Arkadiusz Jadczyk), is involved, since 1994, in the so-called "Cassiopaean Experiment" (getting chennelengovoy information).I read in the news this morning that some video game developers have started collecting funds in the amount of $ 400,000 to finance his new video game. Only 24 hours, they collected more than was needed: They got 1.4 million! Read more [...]
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Norwegian futurists: the militancy in the future of mankind is reduced

19/12/2012 According to optimistic forecasts Norwegian futurists, published in the latest issue of International Studies Quarterly, in 2050 the number of wars around the world will be reduced by half. Thus, after 38 years in armed conflicts will be involved every twelve countries, and not one out of six as of today.Among those who will still be at war, scientists have named India, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania. To prove the soundness of his method, the scientists "predict" the war years 2001-2009, based on the statistical data for the seventies - the nineties of the last Read more [...]
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We never dreamed. The great mystery of water. 3.1 series. 13/02/2013

Set 1: "Underwater inhabitants", Episode 2: "Marine Aliens" Episode 3: "Underwater Universe" Scientists ready to reveal the secrets of the deepest in the world, the Mariana Trench. Perhaps there is a civilization that is not $ CUT $ just caught up with us in the development, but also surpassed. In Russia, we are working on the creation of three submersibles to explore the Mariana Trench. But if the person is ready to with what he might encounter at a depth of 11,000 feet? In the summer of 2000 at the bottom of the Gulf dyer in Egypt discovered the unique construction Read more [...]
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Military Secret

Sensational Version: Christ was married. Nicknamed «Paladin»: the best-selling howitzer century. Full immersion: underwater hunter U.S. Navy. Mutiny on the ship: adventures of a British sailing ship. Ian Fleming: the real James Bond. Beware! There comes a glacier! Fools on the road: how to stay safe. Exhaust: the latest development of Russian designers. At the bottom: underwater pyramids put scientists in a deadlock. Unknown history of the Earth. 17/12/2012Category: Hypotheses Read more [...]
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What is the Apocalypse — a scientific hypothesis or unscientific fallacy?

As you know, it all started with the Mayan calendar. This unusual obelisk is 10 meters high in Guatemala, in a town in the Mayan - Quirigua. She is almost one and a half thousand years. Mayan calendar - is fanciful images and pictures, each of which corresponds to some day. The Indians believed that the days of the month and eighteen, however, names for them for some reason they came up with two more - 20, as if in reserve. Despite the seeming absurdity of many to ask, "Will the end of the world or not, and what the Apocalypse - a scientific hypothesis or unscientific fallacy? '. Read more [...]
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Revealed new information about the Nazca Lines

First details of the detailed study Nazca Lines - mysterious curly at Nazca geoglyphs in southern Peru by about 2100-1300 years ago - were published in the November issue of the journal Antiquity. A five-year study by Dr. Nicolas Saunders (Nicholas Saunders) from the University of Bristol, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, and Professor Clive Raglesa (Clive Ruggles) from the University of Leicester provide for an expedition to the Peruvian desert, which would provide that the lines and geometric shapes, dating from between 100 g BC. e. and 700 AD. e. - The work of the peoples Read more [...]
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Parade of Planets in 2012 can cause failures of infrastructure, the Internet and technology in the world. At the end of 2012 inhabitants of the earth will witness the beautiful, but at the same time, the disruptive event: December 21, will the great parade of planets. In fact, this cosmic phenomenon is quite often - 9 planets in the solar system have often lined up in a row, but the parade of planets is significant because in addition to the nine major planets in a row with the sun will rise, and the ten celestial bodies will be on the center axis galaxy. And at the center of our galaxy is a Read more [...]
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Why are people talking, and the animals do not

The human language is still not clearly defined. No one knows exactly when or how it started. There is an assumption that our ancestors began to speak when your hands - the main communicative tool in the world of primates - have been busy.The amazing discoveries of linguistics told by etoi? Hypothesis Svetlana Burlak, specialist in comparative-historical linguistics, PhD, Senior Researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of the Philological Faculty. - You say that there is no universally accepted definition of linguistic language. Does Read more [...]
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Meteor shower — a global deception NASA

Throughout the period of observation of meteor showers, NASA tells people passing the Earth, through meteor showers. But people do not think about the main thing! On the orbit of the Earth, there are several thousand artificial satellites for various purposes. These satellites, there is no protection from falling meteorites. Please note that there have been no reports that the satellite was hit by a meteorite! On the orbit of the Earth, is the ISS. Before the advent of the ISS in orbit station "Mir". At these space stations, there was no, no protection from falling meteorites in Read more [...]
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American scientist questioned the sea the origin of life on Earth

12/14/2012 American paleontologist Gregory Retallack has suggested that the first living organisms on Earth originated not in the water and on land. A scientist has in mind the oldest multicellular organisms, found in Australia in the middle of the XX century. He argues that this is not the primitive marine invertebrates, as was before, and ground lichens. Retallack offered his own explanation of their nature. He found that the area, which is home to fossils, was at one time not in a tropical or subtropical climate, and at a moderate rate at which water off the coast of the hills was freezing Read more [...]
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2012: The real threat — it's not what you say

Millions of people around the world are actively preparing for disaster, inspired by television shows such as "Doomsday Preppers" («survivalist Judgment Day"), a demonstration of pervasive social trends. One of the popular thesis used in the discussion of this trend, it was often cited the phenomenon of "2012." If you adhere to the popular theory of culture in 2012, you probably "kupites" on the Mayan prophecy about the "end of days", which supposedly predicts the end of the world December 21, 2012. Obviously, people are concerned about, and instinctively Read more [...]
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Why aliens have not come into contact with us?

The space telescope "Kepler" is set more than 500 million planets in our galaxy are suitable for life. In this connection, the astronomers and mathematicians who joined them insist that only in the Milky Way - that is our galaxy - simply must be thousands, if not tens of thousands of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. And as in the rest of the universe - and they do not count.Skeptics, however, argue: no one but us, no. And refers to the famous Fermi paradox.According to legend, the Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi once at dinner listening fellow physicists who argued that the brothers Read more [...]
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