Great Day Perehod.Tri light.

Now you have the most discussed topic of Transition - three days going through the photon belt. You have a lot of information was given. But they caused among you fears and doubts and shake the faith of many of you. First of all, the belief that you - Creators! Do you doubt that they will be able to survive? How can you doubt his creation? We say to you. It turns out that you are my doubts all the time to change your reality, and they can not anchor. It's not about how and which of you will be able to survive for three days. Speech is about WHAT you made those three days. Joyful and Read more [...]
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Scientists have a new hypothesis about the nature of homosexuality

12/12/2012Geneticists have suggested that the development of homosexuality is associated with disturbances in the packaging of DNA, when the embryo retains epigenetic marks, which he acquired from the parent of the opposite sex. Article outlining the hypothesis published in The Quarterly Review of Biology. Its advanced alumni Sergey Gavrilets, of the University of Tennessee, along with his colleagues at the California and the University of Uppsala.For a long time it was thought that the cause of homosexuality is a genetic mutation, but despite the efforts of scientists, "homosexuality Read more [...]
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Biblical flood could actually be

12/12/2012 Made famous in 1958 by the discovery of fragments of the liner "Titanic" and professor of oceanography underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard believes to have found evidence that the biblical story of the Flood and Noah's Ark is not a myth, and is based on real events. Earlier in search of the "Titanic" Scientists used vehicles on the remote control. Now, he uses more advanced technology."12,000 years ago, most of the world was covered with ice. Where I live now, in Connecticut, was just a big ice cube. But then the glaciers began to melt, leading to Read more [...]
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The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko. 02/12/2013

In the service of the Third Reich. As the largest U.S. corporations have worked for the Nazis? Business for blood. Who really was the mastermind behind the Holocaust? Falsification century. Why intelligence organized the September 11 attacks? The partners in the business. As terrorist number one was the best friend of the American president?Category: Hypotheses Read more [...]

Scientists propose deflect asteroids spacecraft

10/12/2012 As you know, thousands and thousands of asteroids travel through the solar system, and some of them have come close to the planet that sometimes encounter it. New plan to save the Earth is another interesting alternative in the fight against the apocalypse. This has already happened many times in Earth's history, but also in the history of its satellite - the Moon. If many of the "scars" of asteroids and meteorites relatively quickly "delayed" due to, for example, geological processes, the expansion of the territory of the plants, or as a result of human activity, Read more [...]
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5 arguments for the existence of a multiverse

Universe in which we live can not be the only one. This is not science fiction, but one of the issues to consider and discuss kosmologisty, and on it they have good reasons:1. Infinite universe - If space-time is infinite, then our universe must necessarily be repeated anywhere in accuracy.2. Universes-bubbles - Expanding the Universe inflates it like a balloon, and infinity can be a "froth" of such balls.3. Parallel Universes - From string theory comes the idea that our three-dimensional universe may be part of the multidimensional space with the other three-dimensional universe.4. Read more [...]
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Parallel Worlds?

It seems that the most convinced skeptic, as we approach 12/21/12., No - no, and ponder. What are referrals, Rapture? What is it - the other worlds? The piquancy of the situation makes the fact that in the "vanguard" of stunning ideas are increasingly ... scientists. At the macro-scale of the universe there is no direct and reverse time and have the time perpendicular - imaginary (Hawking). In the quantum world is a place for the "soul" (Penrose). Parallel Worlds, there are, in time, you can move there (Kaku). With theology is somewhat simpler. Many denominations Read more [...]
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21/12/2012. Earth's magnetic field. Clear, or not?

Names of the magnetic poles is a clip supposed causes of doom, which is expected December 21, 2012-year. Science today is powerless to give a precise answer, as far as possible a sharp reversal, however, scientists continue to explore this natural phenomenon.French researchers from the University of Paris VII Denis Diderot name found that the change of the magnetic poles may occur at any time. In their view, can only predict the polarity of 10-20 years. More long-term and accurate prediction impossible. The inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth, which has been marked in the past, followed Read more [...]
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Scientists: the universe was initially a star

Uchenye of Maccachucetckogo tehnologicheckogo inctituta, Kaliforniyckogo tehnologicheckogo inctituta and Kaliforniyckogo univerciteta in Can-Diego pocmotreli in proshloe nactolko daleko, chto doctigli togo momenta, kotorye predshectvoval cozdaniyu tyazhelyh elementov.Obscheprinyato, chto in pervye minutes after, Bolshogo vzryva, protony and neytrony ctolknulic in reaktsii yadernogo cinteza, obrazovav vodorod and gely. Pockolku Vcelennaya ohlazhdalac, verily cliyanie octanoviloc, octaviv vodorod in kachectve ocnovnoy coctavlyayuschey Vcelennoy. Bolee tyazhelye elementy, takie kak uglerod and kiclorod, Read more [...]
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End of the world: we'll start again?

Hysteria about the end of the world, "scheduled" on December 21, entered the home stretch. Most interesting is that all this fuss is quite amenable to scientific explanation. End times, supposedly predicted by the ancient Mayans, only means the beginning of another calendar cycle.Hysteria about the end of the world, "scheduled" on December 21, entered the home stretch. Around the world, people with unstable mentality seek shelter in order to survive the apocalypse. Byugarash French village in the Pyrenees, was forced to move to a state of siege: some seers prophesied that Read more [...]
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Mystery of the satellite of Mars — Phobos. The spacecraft, the station man-made object.

Scientists can not come to a consensus on the origin of the Martian satellite Phobos-. One version states that Phobos is artificial. Both satellites of Mars were discovered by American astronomer Asaph Hall in 1877. He named them Phobos and Deimos, which in Greek means "fear" and "horror". One of the moons of Mars, Phobos, is located 9400km from Mars. He is wrong, not typical for cosmic bodies form, and he, like the Moon always faces the planet only on one side. Its dimensions are 26.6? 22.3? 18.5 kilometers. One theory about the origin of the Martian satellites Phobos is Read more [...]
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Quantum reality: the limitless potential of all

The Nobel Prize in physics have shown that, without a doubt, the physical world - a single ocean of energy that occurs and disappears after a millisecond, pulsing again and again. There is nothing solid and firm. This is the world of quantum physics. Proved that only the thought allows us to gather together and keep those "objects" that we see in this ever volatile energy field.So why do we see a person, not a flashing ball of energy?Imagine a spool of film.Film - a set of frames at about 24 frames per second. Frames are separated by time. However, due to the speed at which a frame Read more [...]
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The myth about the end of the world launched American historians

12/06/2012 In anticipation of the "end of the world", scheduled for 21 December this year, scientists are increasingly attempting to stop the mass hysteria about this. Eve PhD, professor of the Kiev National University Vadim Rubel recalled that never tire of repeating historians in the Mayan calendar is not forecast, predicted end of the world and the death of all mankind. "Any prediction about the end of the Mayan world at all. Their calendar this not built" - quoted scientist However, he said that if there is no idea of Maya mythology of doom, it is present Read more [...]
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Alexander Pint mirror of personality

What is necessary for each of us to meet up with yourself? What we need for self-examination? We need to see a direct mirror that will show who we really are. This book is about one of these meetings.Download the bookCategory: Hypotheses Read more [...]
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Why Wang believed that the 21st century will be fatal for humanity

Not die, but be changed: why Wang believed that the 21st century will be fatal to mankind; Theorem apocalypse: how scientists were able to calculate the exact date of death of the Earth, Amazing country, why prophets considered Russia the hope of the world.
Category: Hypotheses
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Dolores Cannon talks about what will happen after the quantum transition.

Dolores Cannon - regressionist in past lives and hypnotherapist which specializes in the restoration of "lost knowledge." It started practicing hypnosis in 1960. Dolores specializes in Hypnotherapy in past lives since 1979. In this video, she talks about what will happen to mankind after the planetary changes, and what happens to us and nature, and gives simple advice for people who chose their change of life, and not stuck in the old dogmas.Category: Hypotheses Read more [...]
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Distant Vision: Life on Mars, and now run the planet real robots

Teacher on remote viewing Edward Dayms reported some data from recent sessions (a proven way out of body or astral travel). Obtained in the course of these sessions, info, reports Dayms, talks about how Mars lost its atmosphere and clarifies some of the other parts of the planet's life.Processes taking place on Mars resemble what today passes through that planet Earth. Because humanity has launched the process of destruction of the biosphere for its reckless actions, its fate lies in wait for Mars. Life on Mars humanoid races ended after the planet lost atmosphere. A long time ago, said Read more [...]
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How great is the risk of death in Rise of the Machines?

Scientists from the University of Cambridge are going to create a center that will assess the risk of the destruction of human civilization by robots. They rushed or too late?No, it's not likely to happen until December 21, 2012 - unless, of course, Apple will not release tomorrow some piece of metal called iGod.But in the future there is a chance, optimistically believes team led Hyuva Pryce (Huw Price) from Cambridge University (UK). A background she sees today. Mass development of autonomous military robots, while being only in the design stage, may well end up with an all-out war robotization Read more [...]
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666 and 999: If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of

Satanic symbol 666 comes from the Bible. In the Revelation of John, Ch. 13, art. 18 we read: "Here is wisdom. Anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man: His number six hundred sixty-six."Commentators have a common understanding and to who we have in mind in this puzzle. But almost all agree that the so-called "Gematria" may be the mechanism by which we can try to solve this riddle. Gematria is an ancient method by which relate numeric and literal values to understand the hidden meaning of the word. Gematria is based on the Read more [...]
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Scientists have found the most exact date of extinction of dinosaurs

End of the world because of falling space object on the surface of the planet - a global catastrophe that we are afraid of, and periodically try to predict is already happening on the planet. Tsunami up to hundreds of meters, air pollution and nuclear winter, the violation of the geochemical carbon cycle by as much as five thousand years - this is an incomplete list of consequences of the collision of Earth with a space object. The asteroid, reaching 10 kilometers in diameter, fell at home Maya - Yucatan Peninsula. It is terrible to imagine what would have caused this disaster today, but 66 million Read more [...]
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