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Universe — a big illusion?

Why the world looks the way they did? As he is really like? Why it happens is what we call miracles, and why do not always work the laws of physics? Can I learn to control reality and the events that are happening around us? There is only one theory that explains it all: the so-called material world does not exist ...That was when there was nothing On the origins of the universe thought people in ancient times. Theologians believed that it was created by the Creator for a few thousand years before Christ. But archaeological and paleontological findings prove that the Earth and life on it Read more [...]
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Where does the power of the human mind?

Indeed some aspects of the human mind are of interest in science, and sometimes surprising. Unexplained cases of disturbing scientific consciousness everywhere, beating out the usual logic of the study. But, of course, the science gets to his feet and tries to explain every possible scientific and practical ways various miracles, and again tying the inexhaustible truth to the realm of reason, logic and criticism. All transcendental, ie beyond, seen everywhere in the world. One of the obvious and typical, in my opinion, the examples of the other world is the uncontrolled irrational mind. American Read more [...]
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Benedict XVI found a bug in the calendar. Scientists have long debated about when Christ was born

Pope Benedict XVI believes in the Christian calendar mistake, in which the Pope blames monk Dionysius the Little, who lived in the VI century, writes the Daily Mail. In their calculations the age of Jesus Christ that was mistaken for a few years, says the Pope. Their observations Benedict XVI wrote in his book about the life of Christ, which on Wednesday published in 50 countries. He believed that Christ was born a few years earlier, the newspaper said. Scientists have long debated about the birth date of Jesus Christ. Some believe that it happened between 6 and 4 BCE Surprisingly, Benedict Read more [...]
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Do scientists believe that the aliens — peaceful aliens

Finnish scientist Janne Korhonen the University believe that the risk of conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations could experience the "cold war." His work provides the first assessment of the risks of preventive attack by aliens who have discovered the Earth. This kick can be directed to kill humans as potential competitors.Whether the inhabitants of the earth are threatened by conflict with the aliens and what they write about it, users social network Facebook, experts tried to figure out the section "science news"Magazine"Market Leader".   Probability Read more [...]
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Magnetic pole shift could destroy civilization

Technology of the 21st century civilization drew a very dangerous and delicate angle. In general, technologies that use the banking system, meal delivery, electrical, utilities, communications, almost all of the modern world may collapse if things go wrong. Unfortunately, many are not, and the chances that it will be even worse, increase. Moving part of the growing danger of unstoppable, accelerating the shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth. The magnetic field acts as a shield to protect the fragile new electronic technology changes people from the sun and the surge in the solar wind, which Read more [...]
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Features bio and agroterrorizma in the modern world

Report on the First All-Russian Conference "Problems konrterrorizma: social dimension", held by the Russian State Social University November 26, 2004 LP Zhiganova. Features bio and agroterrorizma in the modern world. Anticipating the issue of bio-and agroterrorizme, I would like to say that the end of the 20th century had a different rapid development of life sciences in the first place, molecular biology and genetics, based on the achievements of chemistry and physics. By the 21st century, the world found itself in the face of global genetic revolution that will change many aspects Read more [...]
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Deep degassing

In 1987 in Montreal, Canada by representatives of industrialized countries signed an agreement on the reduction of hazardous industries — the main reasons for the formation of ozone holes. There is another hypothesis ozone depletion is the cause of the disaster — not a man …
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The territory of misconceptions

For many years, physicists, astronomers, anthropologists and archaeologists argue about, from whom there was a man, as the universe was born, why the solar system is not arranged in such a way as everyone else, and who have made our world so.
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A little history: Easter Island, Bimini Road, Pyramids, Stonehenge megaliths Okinawa, Kaaba

Operator: Now let's see Easter Island. All too exciting. From where he came from, what was it? ... I'm (very long stared, trying to interpret the "image"): For some reason ... the ships of old.Very beautiful, wooden ships with highly convex, steep sides, went under the sails filled with wind in the direction of the island. The sails were triangular and placed horizontally. Their color was not pure white, and with a pattern - something like a big red sun and other stylistic ornaments.(When I was looking for a suitable picture of ships at Google, came across this picture. Imaged Read more [...]
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About gravity and unification of interactions

Simon's response to Vitaly on the article "Gravity. The unification of interactions "My answer, of course, will be based on my understanding of nature, which has nothing to do (or nothing) to the existing scientific paradigm. I liked your approach to find common keys to understanding similar phenomena. Only there are some features to consider when implementing such a plan. On this below. I hope that you will be able to achieve the goal, if somewhat changed his view on the way things are. Do not call, but I recommend it "different understanding" for the occasion. Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the third world: Iran, Russia and China against the U.S.

WASHINGTON, DC - Now that we have chosen a commander for our upcoming war, let's look at how we have come to this. As always, to understand the future, one has to look at the past. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, July 22, 1944 - 730 delegates from 44 allied countries on World War II signed the Bretton Woods agreement, while also creating the International Monetary Fund and established the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency. This system meant that one troy ounce of gold will cost 35 U.S. dollars, and that the U.S. will exchange notes on this course the Federal Reserve to other countries, Read more [...]
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Time and space — just an illusion

Quantum physics has shown that space and time — it is an illusion of perception, so our bodies can not be a reality if you just take a place in space. Consciousness creates reality.
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Military Secret: Saturn's moon — Ray

Is there life on Saturn's moon, Rhea?

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How to distinguish genuine contactee with aliens from a liar?

Sensation! Just got in touch with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations! First time to get answers to all the questions from the aliens! Sensation? Of course ... But the message could be printed each week.In the archives of the Research Association "Kosmopoisk" exists on a database of people who claim that they are in contact with the EC. Contactors for over 7 thousand, and the number is constantly growing! What is the percentage of the truth? Can I check the messages of some contactees, based on subjective assessments? We immediately note that here and below, the term Read more [...]
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Megalodon shark not died?

During the history of the Earth such teeth could boast only one "fish" - Megalodon. One problem: she died 1.5 million years ago. Or not?   On the face of the terrible, same inside26.5 million years of giant bloodthirsty shark, known as Megalodon (Carcharodon megalodon), prevailed in the world's oceans. Nothing more terrible nature has not yet created. Scientists estimate that the long Megalodon reached 20 to 30 meters! And weighed from 50 to 100 tons. His favorite food was sperm and baleen whales, which he snacking, they say, at times.   Can you imagine the size Read more [...]
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NASA changes the space and time of high energy vortices

Researcher of strange atmospheric phenomena gathered evidence that the U.S. space agency NASA spends incredible experiments, possibly in combination with the mysterious activities of HAARP. He believes that scientists have found a way to make holes in space-time. Vortices appear around the world [Image: Chris Everard]   Christopher Everard, British director and writer, a man with a mission, a man who is trying to present the unbelieving world is evidence that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched a series of experiments with high energy which are "tearing holes in Read more [...]
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Gravity. The unification of interactions

One of the problems of physics is to establish connections between disparate phenomena in the union of the various forces of nature, the search for a single cause to explain the physical phenomena of a different nature. Currently, we know four types of fundamental interactions: gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong, which determine the existence of our universe. Combining the laws of physics is to bring unique equations describing all types of interactions. This task involves three main elements: a description of the combined interactions with one or more of the constants included Read more [...]
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Wandering stars to change the orbit of the Earth — says Harvard astronomer. Could she come back?

A new theory suggests that during the "hot" phase of the history of our solar system, a wandering star passed close to developing the solar system and our developing world pulled out of alignment with the solar equator.  According to astronomer Konstantin Batygina of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Cambridge, MA) of the journal Nature, this theory explains the reason why the earth revolves around the sun at an angle of 7 degrees with respect to the solar equator.   Constantine theory indicates that young stars can develop in clusters, with disks of matter surrounding Read more [...]
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Philosophy of age. Mysterious cycle in human life

Our life - a long road. When you're young, it seems endless, and you live with the feeling that you have a bright future and that you have available a lot of time, so much that he did not know how to use it and how to fill. At the end of his life, when most of the road is already done, you look back and see that the years have flown by like a flash. Realize that the time you were not so many, but there are very few. The long road of life a person lays on its models, according to the Nature and Destiny. These models provide their paths of movement and their periods stop, countless opportunities, Read more [...]
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