Antichrist. Third coming.

Terrible times when the Earth will be the Antichrist is so close … Antichrist was called Napoleon, Adolf Hitler. Who are now preparing for the throne of the Third Antichrist?
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Why invented zombies? To make it easier to kill people

The crowd is coming. They walk slowly, dragging his feet as terminally ill and tired people. Among them are women, children and the elderly. They are getting closer and closer. And here at the first of the blows coming from the head trapped in her bullet. This is the signal for the execution of all the rest - for a short time on the pitch of the crowd are only mutilated bodies. But that's okay. It's not human. It - zombies. Absurd topic Subject zombie, along with the theme of vampires (with deep esoteric roots) became mainstream popular culture. Filmed many movies, the most popular Read more [...]
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Other worlds. 7th dimension and fantasy.

"Do not blame soothsayers for their predictions did not come true. They all took place, but in a different time "- Cicero. Now, in the now fashionable quantum cosmology, one might say - in parallel worlds or other dimensions. Perhaps, then, in the "other" universe of super tsunami swept away. The following physical laws of the universe and even life does not have any similarities to our own. In the "third" - Earth bluzhdayusche killed by a black hole. And so - the options endlessly. That is to say - if the cat (Schrödinger) lives with us = he is dead in Read more [...]
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Born out of crystals?

In its structure, the simplest biological systems and hydrocarbon crystals are remarkably similar. If such a mineral supplement protein components, we get a real protoorganizm. That's what started to see the beginning of the crystallization concept of the origin of life.From what and how life originated? Modern science gathers more data, specifying the nature of the transition from non-living to the living forms of matter. It becomes clear that the geochemical evolution of the Earth led inevitably to biogenic processes, to the origin of life. We have a good idea, both from simple chemical Read more [...]
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The aliens will not attack people first

MOSCOW, February 7 - RIA Novosti. The risk of "preventive" attack alien civilization on Earth is small enough, because such an attack is associated with a fatal threat of retaliation, according to the author of article in the journal Acta Astronautica.Janne Korhonen (Janne Korhonen) of Aalto University (Finland) said that in assessing the risk of conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations can take lessons from the "cold war." Korhonen in his work assesses the risk of pre-emptive first strike by the aliens make the land, which will be aimed at the complete destruction of Read more [...]
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Peace will save the planet from climate change

Center for Economic Policy and Research says that any problem of climate change can be overcome, spending less time at work and spend more time gaming and leisure. The best model of working order, able to preserve the planet, will be a model similar to the European, which provides for a longer vacation, enough time for various types of recreation, rational distribution of work hours.Of American labor model, which implies a rather long work week, and a little vacation, is phased out. As soon as a reduction in the number of hours each year at least 0.5%, already in 2100, the amount of harmful greenhouse Read more [...]
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Impending asteroid provoke revolution

The financial crisis - not the worst thing that threatens the world today, I'm sure the Nobel Prize in physics and one of the discoverers of graphene, Andre Geim. Much worse, he said, that the world is immersed in the technological crisis and breakthrough technologies come to light much less than what is required for sustainable economic growth. "There is a deep crisis in the production of new knowledge. But without new knowledge may appear only derivative technologies, and they, no matter how important or were not able to maintain the level of economic growth that the world had time Read more [...]
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Is there life on the sun?

The story takes on a spiral. Often the idea of once forgotten and discarded as obsolete, back again, and found a second life in the light of new scientific evidence. Personolizatsiya Nature is one of the underlying features of the human psyche. Worship of spirits or gods of fire, water, wind, and was the basis of all ancient religions. Later, these ideas were rejected as superstition and replaced with a more "advanced" the doctrine of God as the Universal Absolute, father, son, etc. But let's think again, is it really so absurd old beliefs, or did they have some kind of rationality, Read more [...]
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The closest counterpart of the Earth can be no more than 13 light-years

The nearest solar system planet similar to Earth and fit for life, can be literally "around the corner" - only 13 light-years away - is the conclusion that astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics on the study of planetary systems, stars, red dwarfs ."We thought that we need to explore the huge space to find a planet similar to Earth. Now we know that the second land can be in our" backyard ", waiting for her to notice" - said lead study author Courtney Dressing ( Courtney Dressing).Dressing and her colleagues used data from the Space Telescope Read more [...]
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Dreams and Dreaming: the brain is engaged in the night?

Scientists are beginning to understand how the brain creates dreams and why they are such a horrible mixture of the real and the fantastic.Mary Shelley dreamed pale student, kneeling next to the corpse, which suddenly came back to life. Paul McCartney dreamed the melody Yesterday. Nightmares James Cameron inspired him to "Terminator."In dreams mixed with the familiar strange, and unraveling this tangle of people do from time immemorial. The final decision is still very far away. The discoveries made by Sigmund Freud, considered among the ultimate truth, and the other mercilessly Read more [...]
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Killer dinosaurs could be double

Notorious meteorite, which has helped to clear the land of dinosaurs, in fact, could be a double, that is, two asteroids hit the planet. Generally considered that the diameter of the giant killer lizards ranged from 7 to 10 km, but it can be a total diameter of a system of two bodies. The basis of the new hypothesis - revaluation of the share of craters that were formed as a result of a double exposure.Among the scars that are left in the world of double strokes, we should first call the Clearwater in Quebec (Canada) near Hudson Bay, formed about 290 million years ago. Such examples are rare: Read more [...]
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The phenomenon of duplicate numbers

More and more people around the world are starting to notice the interesting phenomenon as repeating sequences of numbers - the so-called "angel numbers" (angelic numerology). Thousands of people talk about "the same time" on the clock, timer, billboards, mobile phones and other places around the modern man. Many respected spiritual teachers, authors, therapists and psychics claim that this phenomenon occurs and is gaining momentum due to a spiritual awakening and awareness. People are spiritually evolving, and repetitive sequences carried out by designated posts above. Guardian Read more [...]
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Where in the brain the fear

Researchers break the monopoly of the amygdala to fear. It was found that people with a broken amygdala under some circumstances, it is capable of feeling fear - and even more than the others.For years, scientists have called the amygdala (or amygdala) the center of fear. These sets of experiments were carried out both with animals and with people saying that this is an area of the brain are formed emotions associated with a terrible, horrible, panic, etc. But researchers at Iowa State University (USA) in their article in Nature Neuroscience reported something entirely different: in their view, Read more [...]
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Can the U.S. Civil War?

At the end of 2012The New York Timespublished a sensational and volume of material, urges Americans to be prepared for ... social collapse ("How to survive in the suburbs during the social collapse"). They say Obama has already taken steps to prepare for combat "large-scale civil war" and "the manifestation of the coming of totalitarianism." This helps him emerged after the September 11, 2001 supervedomstvo - Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with more than 160,000 employees, a budget of tens of billions of dollars, bringing together the threads of control CIA, Read more [...]
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The unique properties of atomic gold

Scientists studying quantum mechanics, have recently confirmed that matter can simultaneously be in two different places. Established that, through quantum maze particles that are separated by a distance of millions of light years can interact without physical contact. Space-time can now be controlled, teleportation is becoming a reality, anti-gravity material for aviation is predicted, and the science actually made more understandable measurement set the world around us.Struck by the fact that the mysterious white powder gold and platinum group metals with high spin - not a new discovery. Read more [...]
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