More than 20 failures of the soil in China

More than 20 failures appeared in Lyanyuuane (Lianyuan), China from September 2012 to the present time.

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The broken land: 3 km crack in the ground worried residents Otumpa, Argentina.

January 5 — Otumpa, Argentina. A crack in the earth, 3 km long, has passed through the village Otumpa (Dept. Moreno), Argentina, which is literally divided the village in two. A crack in the earth damaged houses and other farm buildings. The cause and origin of the crack is still not known.

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In Pennsylvania, because of multiple failures soil evacuating residents


Sinkhole occurred in Orlando, FL

USA, Florida
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A giant hole formed at Abai Almaty

In Almaty, the road hole formed at the intersection of Abai Turkebaev, workers pumped 12 truckloads of concrete.It is learned that on Saturday night at the intersection of Prospect Street and Abai Turkebaev, formed a seemingly small hole into which a drive wheel failed. Later arrived at the scene to eliminate road noise, the workers were horrified when looked inside the hole - a huge area of emptiness, and the threatened collapse of the soil moist asphalt pavement. Place emergency immediately cordoned off and sent to the place alongside the police to divert traffic.More than 12 truckloads of Read more [...]
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In Turkey, under the weight of snow fell through the pavement

12/07/2012 In the north of Turkey in a town not far from Ankara failed pavement. The way land is literally out from under the feet of passers-by recorded video surveillance cameras. In the middle of the day on a busy city street asphalt not stand the weight of snow. One of the residents fell into the pit and was injured. He was taken to the hospital. The witnesses to the accident have not been able to understand how this could happen, and blame the utilities. The authorities, in turn, promised a thorough investigation. Assure that repairs are under way, and will restore the pavement Read more [...]
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Ground failures in the U.S.

Ordinary Americans are concerned about the increasing rate of occurrence of large gaps occur in the U.S.. The authorities and the media remain silent.

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In several cities in China was subsidence, one dead

November 29, 2012, all over mainland China was subsidence, it is now known about a death caseIn Nanjing in the metro station № 3 formed failure, which fell bus with passengers. Thanks to the timely evacuation, nobody was seriously hurt.In the city of Xiamen, Fujian Province on the streets as there was a failure, resulting in a brick and concrete barriers have fallen to near parked cars.According to the evening newspaper "Canton" in Guangzhou at the construction site of the hotel, owned airline Hainan Airlines (HNA Hotel), there was subsidence, resulting in the resulting failure Read more [...]
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Failure destroyed the highway in the state of Ohio, USA

November 30, 2012

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Mammoth failures spread in China

Several buildings were in a huge failure in Guangzhou, China, killing at least five shops and leaving the world around 3000 houses nearby. Failure area is 300 square meters (3229 square feet), and seems to be growing. The causes of education, as in most cases, are unknown. The problem of soil failures increasingly concerned about the people of China. In 2007, there were 54 funnels, and by 2009 that number was already 129. According to one estimate, from 21 July to 12 August 2012 and was formed only in Beijing 99 failures.Category: Karst failures Read more [...]
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