A landslide killed 5’s on the south-western China

Five people were missing after a landslide came down next to a small coal mine in Guizhou Province in southwest China.
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In Indonesia landslides killed nine people

Two landslides caused by heavy rains on Sunday attacked the village of Tanjung Sani on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.Torrents of mud, earth and stones destroyed or damaged 20 dwellings. At the scene rescuers pulled bodies from the rubble of the five local residents, there is an operation to locate 17 missing.Near the village of another landslide destroyed the barracks where the workers had supper, four people were killed, according to online media.As reported, on January 18 the governor of Jakarta, Indonesia imposed a state of emergency, after much of the city was flooded due to heavy monsoon Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, four people were killed and 18 missing in landslide

In Indonesia, four people were killed and 18 were missing in a landslide, the Associated Press reports quoting official sources. Early in the morning tons of mud and stones came down from the surrounding hills in the village Anam in West Sumatra province, burying 20 houses. So far rescuers have found the bodies of four dead and three injured, recovered from the rubble, were sent to the hospital. Presumably still under the rubble for 18 people. In Indonesia, a significant portion of the population that lives in mountainous areas, landslides due to seasonal rains occur frequently.Category: Read more [...]
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MOE: Number of landslides increases

Center "Antistikhiya" at MOE Russia promises increased number of emergency situations caused by mudflows, landslides and landslide-scree processes in 2013 compared with a year earlier. The main reason for increase in the number of such complex situations rescuers called growing number of severe weather events, such as increased glacier melting, heavy rainfall in autumn and winter, deep freezing of soils, as well as the imposition of rain on melting snow.The highest risk of landslides and debris flows in April - October 2013, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Read more [...]
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In Colombia, there was a landslide, there are victims

In the south of Colombia over the weekend there was a series of landslides. After the first, covered with sand and dirt road on which were stuck for about 20 cars, was called a bulldozer. The second landslide occurred at the very moment when the bulldozer was clearing the road. As a result of the vanishing second landslide, at least seven people were injured and another 20 missing. Injured drivers and their passengers are directed to provide medical care to the university hospital in Neiva, reports Ecowars.tv. Because of the threat of a landslide re-search for the missing postponed until Read more [...]
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Mudslide demolished cars of a moving train in Washington

19/12/2012Mudslide hit a moving freight train in the U.S. state of Washington, and led to its collapse near the city of Everett. Avalanche came down the slope height of 30 meters. The newspaper said the freight train carrying various goods, including small packages of disinfectant substances, chemicals and fertilizers. At the scene, the group went to work with hazardous materials. Experts argue that the threat to the environment and health of the local population there. However, the passenger traffic in the area was introduced 48-hour moratorium on security grounds. Note a few days earlier Read more [...]
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In the U.S., a landslide derailed freight train

In the U.S. state of Washington landslide derailed freight train. Recorded the time of the accident one of the witnesses. The footage can be seen as a stream of stones and mud pits just a few cars from the track. No injuries local police reports. It is known that in damaged containers and packaging were fertilizer and detergent. Now in emergency lifeguard. The movement of trains on the section temporarily halted.Category: Landslides Read more [...]
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Crimea slips into the sea

Activation of landslides in the Crimea could destroy the unique South Coast vineyards. Geologists say that Crimea is experiencing peak collapses, which was projected for 2010-2012. For twenty years, the number of landslides in Yalta, Alushta and all over the west coast of the Crimea has tripled state the specialists of the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. According to the inventory of landslides Crimea, now on the peninsula in 1589, there are varying degrees of landslide activity. About 68% of all Crimean landslides located Read more [...]
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