Scurvy de Bemaraha — cosmic corner of Madagascar

Madagascar became known to all after the same cartoon. Of course, the real southern resort is very different from the drawn on the screen, but the match is still present. For example, this island is a little reminiscent of the reality to which we are all accustomed to. You seem to get on another planet. This is a concrete jungle with unusual plants that only nature could create. No computer technology and the numerous industrial production can not create such monstrous bewitching tall trees. It's about the nature reserve "scurvy de Bemaraha" only, perhaps, because of which Read more [...]
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Two Australians involved in an accident, escape from the aliens’

Fairly strange story had police investigate Australian city Brisbane. Involved in the incident, two men, which caused the guards to the place of the incident, assured "that there was something very strange," and the accident was triggered by aliens. Trust only the facts of the police state that the driver of the car had increased proportion of alcohol in the blood. Repeat stories about UFOs Australians have a local court. How influential Australian newspaper reported, "the Sydney Morning Herald," at first it looked like a standard car accident. One of the victims he called Read more [...]
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Music pause: Lada

Yuri Loza. One of the banned during the Soviet era songs sung with a guitar in the courtyards and doorways. Current at that time (1984) theme.
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Musical break: The city is full

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Best photos of last week (14-20 January) from National Geographic

Each series of photos from National Geographic is a fascinating book about faraway lands and interesting events, wonderful landscapes and strange animals, strange people and colorful types. Will be no exception, and today's selection of the best photographs, collected the magazine's editors for January 14-20, 2012. January 14Gelada, close relatives of monkeys and baboons live exclusively on the mountain plateau of Ethiopia, and have a very cantankerous character. They live in groups or harem-like, with one dominant male and several females, or a purely male stag company. Males often Read more [...]
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Aquarium — Contredanse

Concert in Pavlovsky Posad, November 3, 2012. Country danceSoon be over age, as age is short;You probably expect - or not?But today was the snow, and you will not pass,Without leaving a trace, and why this trail?Reception there today, there is now a shelter,But perhaps we should expect in the party;Here was someone, and someone with him,But they do have them, you are you, I am myself.But in this world there is no chance,And I do not regret the fate.He plays them all, you're playing it,Well, who are you to play?And I ask one thing: if your houseWill silk and brocade, and ivory,So if you have Read more [...]
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Music pause: combiners

Igor perplexed.
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Music pause: Daisies

Igor perplexed. Daisies
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Best photos of the week (February 11-17) from National Geographic

In the weekly collection of the best photos from National Geographic sometimes possible to observe an amazing neighborhood. Thus, the frames are from the jungle alongside photos from the heart of the metropolis, pictures of wild animals - from portraits of "human children", and incredible photographs from the depths of the ocean - with a close-up of tiny insects and plants. February 11Symen Mountains National Park, located in Ethiopia's Amhara region, is famous for being the only resident in its territory a rare species of primates, gelada monkey mountain. The most visible sign Read more [...]
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The color scheme and its subliminal perception

Very important tool for visual communication is the color. A good designer always knows what colors are best suited for a particular idea. Color can cause people very compelling images. Consider the most common colors and associations. For example, red - love, energy, passion, danger and aggression. But in China, the color red - a symbol of luck and many women prefer red dress impulsively. In this respect, revealing the largest city of China - Shanghai, where the architecture and design dominates the color. Same blue, representing conservative, order, security, trust, purity, and sometimes Read more [...]
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In Hawaii, she rolled on the deadly to humans white shark

In Hawaii, a petite blonde from Honolulu, not only dared to come close to the great white shark to attack people, but also to grab her fins and swim around. Ocean Ramsey is a defender of animal rights, their action, she tried to draw people's attention to the fact that this shark species are threatened with extinction.
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About love and love

Love overshadows World - Love opens up a whole universe of infinite possibilities. Lover man forgets about his business, hobbies, service. To replace him, the whole world loved one. Loving person, why would not touch - create a masterpiece, enough time for him everything, and create art projects, and care for others, and create around beauty and harmony. A man in love with you requires your constant time and attention. This is a selfish request. A loving person does not require - He just admires you as a free agent, singing his songs for all. - Love is based on the Passion - the constant Read more [...]
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Do not like the others: Girl Tippy and African wild animals

Long before the birth of her parents Tippy once came across an article about the fauna of West Africa. And there was a photo of two cute little animals - mongoose-edging. Sylvia and Alan have decided to go on a trip to Africa to see the mongoose live, and stayed there to live. In total, the family lived in the degradation of the Kalahari Desert for seven years, on the border between the states of Namibia, West Africa and Botswana. Sylvia and Alan DeGraw shot many photos. Tippy parents in search of new images for days spent in nature and everywhere took my daughter with me. Girl studying Pitfalls Read more [...]
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Grandpa Frost

At home fabulous Santa Claus in Great Ustyug, found a real prototype of the famous fairy-tale hero. St. Prokop Ustiug back in the 13th century lived in the snow, performed miracles and joy to children on Christmas gifts.If the Western Christian countries Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Christmas trees and gifts in charge, we have the post erected pagan character - magician.This was done in 1935 on the initiative of the Bolsheviks, a member of the Presidium of the USSR Central Executive Committee, Peter Postyshev, who suggested in an article in the newspaper "Pravda" rethink Christmas Read more [...]
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The city, as living vampires

Have you ever thought about cities as living beings? No? But it is in vain. Each city is a huge living organism with its own character, their own destiny and their objectives. And the purpose of these absolutely not what the people inhabiting it. It is his own life goals and aspirations. Having your own egregor cities have virtually no one denies. Yes, and it would be strange to deny the existence of a single energy-information education at the object, consuming over particle attention of thousands or millions of people. But the city is not easy egregore, is a complete living being, in addition Read more [...]
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China built its statue of liberty

The memorial was built in honor of the martyrs who died in 1911 in Guangzhou during the uprising led by Sun Yat-sen.  At the top of the memorial statue of Liberty.
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Aussie found five-kilogram gold nugget

Australian amateur prospector, whose name is not called, found the precious metal nugget weighing 5 kilograms 505 grams. A piece of gold was found near the town of Ballarat in Victoria, about 60 inches from the ground, writes local newspaper The Ballarat Courier. Nugget was found on Wednesday, January 16. After the discovery was made, gold-digger went with her to the store, specializing in minerals to consult a specialist. According to the shop owner Cordell Kent, previously he has not seen such large nuggets. Kent explained that molten found Australian gold can be sold for around 300,000 Read more [...]
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The British took the sea mouse for the stranger

Bizarre marine animal found on a beach resident of Kent, lie down with your child. It turned out to sea mouse - kind of sea worm that lives at depths of more than 2 meters below the sea surface. She was washed ashore during shtorma.Neobychnoe creature was seen Julie Sherrard, who drew attention to a strange lump of wool, shimmering with bright colors, lying in the middle of pebbles and seashells. An employee of the University, 48-year-old Julie Heath walked along the shore near Folkestone with his 6-year-old son when she noticed the creature more than 10 cm in length "At first I thought Read more [...]
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Chinese programmers helped Americans sit back at work

The developer of the U.S. invented a way to sit back on the job, without causing suspicion from his superiors, according to a company blog Verizon. Bob (the so called Verizon Developer) worked full-time at the company, whose business is related to the "infrastructure of special importance." Programmer employer secretly signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese consulting firm.He sent to China to it by assignment, and after taking the finished work and showed it to his superiors, passing it off as your own work. Free time he spent on Internet surfing.The trick was revealed by Read more [...]
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Mimicry, Music

Still, the Japanese people are weird, but the originality of the ideas they can not refuse. This fellow called Daito Manabe. He connected the wires to the muscles of the face and synchronized electrical impulses to the music. Rhythms literally beat the Japanese in the face. Looks unusual.
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).