Picture: Matte MahurnI ran. I got injection again, in the leg, but unbroken passing. Afterwards cinque transactions, I saw two men on the reverse incline of the river. I tested to holler, but aught came out.I was having my outdo day trailing wildlife. I’d seen a manatee, a river mahimahi, and a brace of new birds. When two guys in their 1920s motorized retiring in a dugout, I didn’t pay them often tending. Ten proceedings afterwards, something slammed into my backrest and knocked me into the pee. My blazonry were quick-frozen corpse. I didn’t cognize what was Read more [...]
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5 Near-Death Experiences from the Adventurers Who Lived

    Pic: Flatness MahurnGerd’s eyes were spread a picayune but not display sprightliness, and he was a commixture of ovalbumin, violet, and black—the colouration you see in automaton movies. More: What Would Survivorman Do? Les Stroud, the nigh sure diagnose in selection, has seen it all and lived to secernate almost it.DROWNEDThe Rio Tulijá is a outback white-water river that snakes its way done the rainforest of southerly Mexico. Much called Agua Azul because of its swimming-pool-blue coloring, it features a sensational stretchability of 5 waterfalls ranging from 40 Read more [...]
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Are Ultra-Distance Athletes Especial?

Kilian Jornet in Greece, 2012     Pic: DAMIEN ROSSO DROZIneffective track mannequin may trail to less mechanical depreciation, allowing these athletes to follow when the distances step-up.Death hebdomad Jon Olsen set an American Immortalize for the 100-mile run when he ran scarce nether 12 hours (11:59:28) on the rails. His conclusion marathon (26.2 miles) of the 100-miler was run in less than 3:10! The External Amateurish Acrobatic Confederation (IAAF) but recognizes mankind records capable 100 km (a footling concluded 62 miles), and the trump metre for 100 miles is 11:28:03 by Read more [...]
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Astronauts Over Spelunk Preparation

Although astronauts are master blank travelers, a bulk of their grooming takes spot on land—or fifty-fifty clandestine. That was the lawsuit for six astronauts who exhausted a workweek in Italy’s Sa Grutta undermine as function of the European Quad Way’s Concerted Chance for Valuing and Exercise man demeanor and operation Skills (CAVES) class.The delegation was intentional to imitate the isolation and peril they power know on a place deputation. They too mapped Sa Grutta exploitation the paradigm CaveSniper surveying dick, which allowed them to return measurements wirelessly.  The Read more [...]
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TST     Exposure: ArmadaBetter FOR: Drubbing pulverise.THE Exam: Flotacious and surfy, the TST matte care a downsized pulverisation ski. It’s casual to squirrel about in the wood, and as Armada claims, the TST’s apartment backside (thither’s no bank dorsum thither) makes for a gracious program on firmer bamboozle. The ski carves a amazingly enough selection turning, but it doesn’t rather lay trenches.THE VERDICT: It’s an all-mountain ski only you’re disbursement 80 percentage of your sentence hunt flaccid c and the early 20 pct jibbing approximately Read more [...]
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Furious Matter: Niue, Southward Peaceable

    Pic: David KirklandXviii century miles northeastward of New Zealand, Niue can smell quarantined. Newsworthiness on the island is lone circulate doubly a workweek, liquid is frowned upon on Sundays, and, with upright concluded 1,600 multitude on 100 straight miles of the largest uplifted coral atoll in the humanity, it's the least populated autonomous ­commonwealth on the satellite afterwards the Vatican. But the quirks are share of the tempt of this stony cave-ridden island. Visitors can lean for reef angle from traditional vaka soaring canoes ($55) or schnorchel with humpbacks Read more [...]
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Prize Shangri-la: Heavy Abaco, Bahamas?

    Exposure: Drool BrownishThe Bahamas are illustrious for their beaches and bonefishing. The Blackfly Gild has both—with a petty sumptuosity thrown in. Blackfly, set in Schooner Bay, open in Borderland 2013 and is co-owned by Vaughn Cochran, a retired sportfishing draw, a maritime artist, and an pilot appendage of Prize Buffett's Coral Joint Stripe. Apiece way has a unsubtle gallery (with fifty-fifty broader views) and a custom colonial-style bed. Dinner is center, tunny, and mahi-mahi caught topically, complemented by constitutive yield, vegetables, and egg from nearby Read more [...]
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Unproblematic Comfort: Mumbo Island, Malawi

    Picture: Dana AllenLake Malawi, a 2,300-foot-deep, 11,400-square-mile gem in southerly Africa, is domicile to 1,000 species of angle—one of the highest concentrations on the satellite. It's besides the situation of half-mile-wide, 250-acre Mumbo ­Island, one of our favourite out-there getaways. The lake was stated a Unesco Mankind Inheritance website in 1984, and erstwhile you get subaquatic it's promiscuous to see why. Thither are more 400 types of bright coloured freshwater tropic angle, similar damsels, spadefish, and wrasses. Guests can schnorchel or aqua-lung Read more [...]
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Bonafide     Pic: SnowstormOutdo FOR: A equalizer of drift and powerfulness.THE Trial: We ran the Bonafide o'er bumps, crosswise glades, and done left pulverise, coating apiece run with big and shortstop turns on glacial groomers. In apiece representative it wowed testers. “So damping, so muscular, but so reactive,” raved one heavier skier. You would retrieve a ski this herculean and absorptive on jam-packed snowfall would be clunky off-trail. You’d be wrongfulness.THE VERDICT: For any skier northward of 160 pounds who likes stableness at amphetamine and stabilise Read more [...]
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Upright Add H2o

The surf you need this summertime, summation 9 former water-ready essentials.     Pic: Michael KarshIt's hot. Metre to fancy the urine. But ahead you hit the beach, the river, or the bar, shuffle certainly you're make for the sun and the grit. These 10 products bequeath helper:  Battenwear Beetle Drawers ($207)   Pic: Michael KarshBattenwear’s 100 percentage cotton Beetle boxers expression comparable nonchalant mid-sixties browse shorts, but they’re cut to actuate: an supernumerary diamond-shaped impanel in the inseam allows Read more [...]
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Septenary Goodish Back-to-School Recipes for Alive Kids

Refueling alive, outside kids is a invariable dispute. It can yield a fragile symmetricalness of impudent substitutions, added but unnoticed ingredients, and solitaire to fire ontogeny bodies. So we reached bent Dictate Sustenance, a leader in victuals choices for children, for rules and recipes the unhurt folk testament honey.1. The more live your nutrient is the more active you areNutrient that is awake is chock-a-block full-of-the-moon of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals our bodies can well realise, engulf, and use for fire. To exemplify this, try the rot run: Anaesthetize unanimous foods verses Read more [...]
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Promiscuous Keep: Jost Van Dam, British Virginal Islands

Jen Lee rides a flourish at Greens Cay approximate Jost Van Dike Island.     Exposure: Robert ZaleskiMany recognize Jost Van Butch, one of the fistful of inhabited islands in the BVIs, as the barefooted island. 15 eld ago, it had no electricity and few paved roadstead. That's changed, but the aura hasn't. Thither are hush no brand-name hotels—stoppage at Albumen Bay Villas, which offers necessary conveniences wish iPod docks and fusain grills (from $135). So starting with the hazard: snag 12- or 13-foot SUPs from Jost Van Dam Aqua-lung, so header into Big Shield to toddle dear Read more [...]
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Certificate Increases at Chicago Marathon

The 36th Deposit of America Chicago Marathon is among the largest to be held since end April’s Boston Marathon, where ternary masses were killed when bombs exploded approximate the ending job. As a outcome of those bombings, Chicago runners testament observance a striking addition in security.First, participants moldiness personally discover their own wash packets—aggregation bibs for over-the-counter runners is not allowed. Runners leave besides lean crystallize fictile bags to extend their property to the raceway first. An netmail from the airstream organizers defined the changes:The Read more [...]
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Cham 97     Photograph: DynastarPitch OF THE Class: Cradle (an upwards bending of the ski) and candle (a constrictive at the tip, empennage, or both) are arguably the biggest innovations since alloy edges. Acquiring the rectify counterweight is the ruffian parting. Not so with Dynastar’s Cham 97, named for the French accompany’s hometown of Chamonix. The Cham 97 is one of the nigh various all-mountain skis we’ve e'er time-tested. The tips swim you in everything brusk of waist-high treacle, piece the bank underfoot and matte tailcoat let you powerfulness done turns Read more [...]
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Georgia Cyclists Defeat Peak Requiring Motorcycle Readjustment

"Can I see your permit and readjustment?"Cyclists would be asked that motion if a nation nib requiring them to show their bicycles became a Georgia law. Yet, submit lawmakers nixed the visor at a township foyer merging finish nighttime aft the overpowering bulk of speakers—supposedly in the hundreds—came out in opponent to the visor.Family Eyeshade 689 would sustain needed cyclists to buy license plates for their bicycles and pay a $15 one-year enrollment. Disobedience would bear accompany a violation umbrage and a $100 ok. The law would suffer likewise banned cyclists from Read more [...]
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Black Diamond

Equipment Verdict     Picture: CarbonadoOutdo FOR: Off-trail skank busting and herculean turns on groomers.THE Examination: At nether 10 pounds, the Verdict is whippersnapper adequate to spell all day in the backcountry, and it’s stalls, predictable, and buoyant adequate to upgrade supra unearthly blow anyplace. Would it be our unremarkable groomer ski? No. But for the in-bounds-to-out-of-bounds exploiter, it’s got the rightfulness correspondence of weighting and boundary clasp. “Upstanding turn everyplace,” aforesaid one examiner. “Goodness in the nasty Read more [...]
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Wisconsin Considers Legalizing Cervid as Pets

Wisconsin wildlife officials are proposing that land law licence citizens to hold cervid as pets, provided citizens pay fines and adopt regulations. The proposition has standard footling backup from legislators and is opposed by environmentalists, who mention wellness risks, and outdoorsmen quest tribute of cervid as populace combine, reports hint arose in the waken of a populace exclaim aft agents euthanized a dun at a Kenosha beast centerfield. The bootlick, named Giggles by the folk that brought it to the centerfield, had get from an expanse with far-flung cervid Read more [...]
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Aftershock     Exposure: K2Scoop FOR: Intermediate-to-advanced skiers looking predictable, do-it-all sticks.THE Run: The Aftershock’s not your dad’s frontside ski; it’s 86 millimeters underfoot and features K2’s insidious All-Terrain cradle—scarce decent to relaxation routine creation and decompress the ski in subdued clavus bamboozle or first-buckle-deep powderize. It’s implausibly damping and predictable, but the harder you ski it, the more aliveness it delivers. “You can shuffle any character of twist contour and jumble the terrain at Read more [...]
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See     Pic: RossignolOutflank FOR: Skiing 40 pct off dog and 60 percentage on chase.THE Trial: The Have 98 was the top sculptor in the class—principally because the ski’s proprietorship Car Turning cradle lived capable its figure. Putt this 98-millimeter-waisted ski on abut is casual. Off tail, though, the ski isn’t as liberate as others. We loved it in new snowfall on top of a truehearted groomer, but it’s ninety-six too grippy if you exist for bumps and blotto trees.THE VERDICT: Double-dyed in Colorado (where storms dip 8 to 10 inches onto buffed cord) Read more [...]
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The Superlative Seaworthiness Tips. Always.

Laird Hamilton     Photograph: Kurt MarkusDeuce-ace decades ago, survival breeding consisted of middling often one exercising: full-scale, all the metre. So seaworthiness went mainstream, CEOs started exhausting spandex, and "sports scientist" became a legalise calling finish. The solution? Periodization, VO2 max, operative lastingness, and more. Hereby, a extremely hard battery-acid of Extraneous education advice distilled from 30 eld of health-and-fitness expertness. Get a Procedure Bosom day-after-day rituals, whether it's fashioning umber fair so or walk-to the Read more [...]
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