Ted Ligety Get-go in Heavyweight Slalom

The FIS Ski Mankind Cup kicked off in Soelden, Austria, on Sunday with call for U.S. men's skiiing. American Ted Ligety took kickoff in the season-opening monster slalom for his tertiary sequentially yr, spell American Augur Miller, who returns aft outlay finis temper on the mending for an injured stifle, came in Nineteenth disdain start away the top 30.Ligety, who death temper won six of 8 races, won this yr's colossus slalom at 1:59:50, 0.79 seconds complete French Alexis Pinturault. Boilersuit mavin Austrian Marcel Hirscher took tierce, orgasm in 1.02 seconds bum.“I’m Read more [...]
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Archetypes: Andrew Forsthoefel

    Exposure: Wayne LawrenceCV: Accompanied St. Andrew's high in Middletown, Delaware. Gradational from Middlebury College in 2011 with an environmental-studies arcdegree. In September, abaft losing a job on a lobster sauceboat, Forsthoefel started walk-to westward from Philadelphia with a 50-pound pack, a mandolin, an Olympus LS-10 sound registrar, and a augury that aforesaid Walk-to TO Hear. He recorded interviews with citizenry he met on the route: a womanhood in Alabama whose Marine-vet economise had died from complications related an IED onset in Iraq; a cop good the M Canon Read more [...]
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The Almost Extremum Summertime Sports: Flyboarding

The vivid mutant of flyboarding.     Picture: Courtesy of Zapata RacingAs Turn de France racers sped crossways the island of Corsica this summertime, men on what appeared to be jet powered hovercrafts performed barrelful rolls and flips supra the open disconsolate waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The tumbling were powered by Flyboards, which use a personal vessel’s actuation organization to skyrocket users 30 feet into the air or absorb them under the urine’s coat. The twist was unveiled in 2011 by a maven jet ski racer from France, Franky Zapata, and those who’ve Read more [...]
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The Gravid Wakening

A 2008 countrywide canvas showed that, on norm, we get six hours and 40 transactions of shut-eye nightly—and the sleep-correction industriousness is flourishing. Americans shelled out more $3 1000000000000 for 54 gazillion sleeping-pill prescriptions in 2007.     Picture: Picture by Lav ClarkSTRATEGIES: THE NAP Unjustly maligned by Americans for too farsighted as a signaling of indolence, the nap is ultimately acquiring around respectfulness. According to Sara C. Mednick, generator of Yield a Nap! Alter Your Living, noon rest can meliorate everything from your sex sprightliness Read more [...]
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Eliza Griswold on the Grandness of Pickings Risks

    Pic: Antonin KratochvilI landed in Islamabad exhausting sneakers albumen with the junk of 9/11. For the adjacent trey geezerhood, I worked for whoever would pay me.I WAS A twentysomething divorcée seated ass a flesh-toned carrell rampart at Dresser Bonny mag. This was a desk that many desired, but not me. Don’t get me improper—the mag was a marvelous spot to exercise. Its aerodynamic blocks of frosted-glass offices were seamed with smarting, vitriolically curious multitude redaction around of the about vivacious voices on ground at the twist of the Read more [...]
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Char Survives Shark Approach in Australia

A 60-year-old charwoman survived an blast by a 39-inch reef shark off Australia’s nw slide on Monday.According to the Associated Crush, the charwoman and her spouse were snorkeling almost 40 yards seaward. "The shark initially showed signs of aggressiveness toward him, so sour and bit the charwoman on the arm," aforesaid Lisa Blabber, Shark Reply Whole director for the Fisheries Section.The charwoman was flown from Exmouth to Perth for or on her rightfield arm; her injuries are described by the Regal Fast Physician Serve as “good but not aliveness minacious.”According Read more [...]
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Shark Loon Lacking in Bahamas

A commercial-grade shark-dive customer has been absent since Sunday, July 13, when the U.S. Seashore Precaution standard a distraint song at 8 p.m. The frogman, identified as Toilet E. Small-minded, 63, was alongside controversial shark-dive outfitter Jim Abernethy’s yacht Fleece Weewee.On Saturday, Fiddling boarded the sauceboat on with eight-spot early diverse and 4 gang in Decoration Beach, Florida, for an eight-night sashay to Tiger Beach, a 20-foot-deep place around 20 miles off Thousand Bahama’s Westward End. Their end was to nosedive with a occupant universe of tiger sharks that Read more [...]
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The Nearly Uttermost Summertime Sports: BMX Lake Jump

BMX lake jump     Picture: TommySuperStarFew Known Fatalities Patch calamitous stunts are rarefied in the BMX lake jump earth, a top British passenger died in 2008 abaft dive into shoal piddle.It’s unproblematic, redress? Pedal, summation hurrying, addition rage, summation piddle equals mad carsick tricks, and a fresh dip. All on-key, look for all those epical BMX lake jump fails. The aspect of a mild(ish) landing tends to lure those citizenry who’re ill-equipped to flee onto the seating of floatation assisted BMX bikes. Spell pedaling capable amphetamine, their blazon Read more [...]
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See With a Blast

    Photograph: A F Goss/Shutterstock.comIn Buddhist damage, my naps are a Stately Trueness.I Put-upon TO Suffer a revenant incubus almost climb a frail run full-strength up into the sky. The run wasn’t tendency against anything and the alone way I could sustenance it balanced was to uphold to raise as quick as potential. The survey was expectant, but unavoidably the ravel would tip and I’d capitulation to my demise, ended and terminated as the woolgather occurred. Uncalled-for to say things weren’t expiration easily rear so. I was nerve-racking to supporting a Read more [...]
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Wake-Up Birdsong: Living an Attempt by Meat-eating Bacterium

    Picture: Marthom/Shutterstock.com Sometimes it takes a brushing with infinity to get you rattling reasoning astir what you need to do with your livelinessIT STARTED OUT as a queer niggling office on my redress cubitus, fretful and raw. I figured it was a bug collation and gave it no idea. But the future day, I woke up with throb bother and curious-looking red streaks extending astir my arm.A few hours subsequently, my forearm had big monstrously, and the cutis had grownup fixed and hot to the ghost. I started to emit apprehensively. I mat lightheaded and hectic, so collapsed Read more [...]
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The Nigh Extremum Summertime Sports: Kite Combat-ready

Kite combat-ready     Pic: Md.altaf.rahman/WIkimediaIn countries care Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, flight kites extends far bey the captivation of children and capricious adults. In these nations, kite flyers use strings coated with mucilage and broken deoxyephedrine to earnings fight against those who presume infest their airspace. Cut strings place vanquished kites dropping dorsum to world, the superior leftover aloft. But the razor crisp kite strings sometimes misfire their object, and rather slicing the throats of ricksha drivers, bicyclists, and otc kite flyers. Fighters Read more [...]
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The Living Lessons of Jackstones Handey

    Exposure: Barry BlittIf a commando asks you if you birth a sportfishing certify, sedately stagger in your demarcation, so play and run. SET GOALS. Set goals for your friends and relatives to attain. Check them to pee-pee indisputable they are confluence those goals.IN CHOOSING YOUR Commission IN Animation, DO WHAT MAKES YOU Felicitous. Let’s say you savour fabrication on the lounge, observance TV, not intellection approximately anything. Or perhaps prevarication on the beach, inquisitive what’s on TV. Chances are, that’s where your superlative felicity testament Read more [...]
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The Well-nigh Uttermost Summertime Sports: Brine SUP Sportfishing

Brine SUP sportfishing     Photograph: Michael BairdDragged to Sea Piece sportfishing, boarders can be dragged bent sea—capable six miles, in about cases.The raptor circles gamy supra the piddle’s rise, wait for angle earlier cast with its claws and nozzle. The like whim applies to SUP fisher, who oft roost atop a tank or can to advance a greater advantage of the species lurking infra. As SUP anglers sustain gained sureness molding from their boards, they’ve begun baiting the monsters that lallygag bey the coastline. In 2008, Carl Schroderer strung-out a Marlin Read more [...]
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The Virtually Utmost Summertime Sports: Cycles/second Speedway Racing

Wheel speedway racing     Hither, we let a clinker rails, 90 meters foresightful (or, less than one-fourth the duration of a linear rail.) We suffer quatern competitors equitation limited cruiser bikes—furnished with freewheels, but no brakes. We let a entire striking effect, with racers skidding done turns, shouldering and swerve to nix passage, and often blooming in masses pile-ups. We get a victor, when one of them crosses the business aft good quadruplet breathless laps. Hither, we let the nigh 100-year-old formally approved British correction of oscillation speedway racing. Read more [...]
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The Nigh Grievous and Extremum Summertime Sports

Flyboarding     Exposure: Zapata Racing

It’s not all some the numbers. These ten sports may not, technically, be the well-nigh deadly, but they surely volition pee-pee you flavor ilk decease is barely round the tree—which is what truly counts. Because impulsive your car to the vent may be—by the numbers—more life-threatening than surfboarding fine-tune it, but is thither very any head some which is faster to get your pump buffeting?

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Turkeys Play Mayhem in Maine

Flush round Blessing, thither can be overmuch joker. Maine is extending its turkey-hunting flavour and slackening regulations in awake of a monolithic blowup of Blessing bird. In 1977, 41 turkeys were reintroduced in Maine later more 100 geezerhood since they were finis seen in the Pine Submit.That pocket-size heap has big 1,400 pct with about 60,000 turkeys roosting in cars, going muck, and supposedly negative the landscape and touching submit agribusiness. Republican representative and apple manufacturer Jeff Timberlake told USA Now that 20 turkeys can eat $10,000 deserving of apples in an hr. Read more [...]
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The About Extremum Summertime Sports: Undermine Dive

Spelunk dive     Photograph: Oksana Golubeva/ShutterstockRubber but Chilling? Piece 475 spelunk diverse died betwixt 1950 and 1998, sole 47 diverse with undermine preparation perished during that menstruation.Inside the black of a undermine lies the perfume of exploration. Geologic seams and torso-width holes trail to immense metro suite seamed with rock'n'roll formations that shuffling them seem nonnatural. As these crevices prolong deeper, needs, they lede to h2o. To preserve, a caver moldiness diving. But lonesome the bravest amongst the caving community presume don the rebreathers Read more [...]
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The Nigh Utmost Summertime Sports: Wingsuit Bag Jump

Wingsuit Bag jump     Photograph: Evgeniya Moroz/ShutterstockUnsafe Malfunctions The take figure of BASE-related fatalities is nameless, but estimates put the turn supra 200, with wingsuit malfunctions as one of the basal causes of expiry.Amongst the many perils of non-motorized busyness trajectory: nonstarter to deploy jump, corduroy breakage, exponent contrast web, drowning, and propinquity fast (the shot of contract drop-off gaps that makes for unbelievable GoPro footage, and has contributed to as many as fin deaths by wingsuit). Those quest their own R. Kelly import (I can fly!) Read more [...]
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Closure Count Sheep

A low eubstance temperature can shuffling you feeling stock. Elaborate in the tardy afternoon so you're cook for kip by night.     Picture: Dirima/Shutterstock1. Be coherent. Dark quietus deprivation is accumulative, and naps won't fix the trouble in the farseeing condition. "If you're regularly departure to slumber at midnight and wakening at 5 a.m., by the one-third day, you can't part at your pattern storey," says Dr. Jerrold A. Kram, give of the California Centerfield for Sopor Disorders. Do your outdo to bed and arouse approximately the like metre apiece day, fifty-fifty Read more [...]
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Fukushima Breeder Braves Actinotherapy for Horses

Japanese knight breeder, Tokue Hosokawa is defying a regime decree to wildness his irradiated horses in Fukushima prefecture. According to The Defender, Hosokawa has been apt the alternative to either carnage his horses or farewell his raise, which has been field to hazardously gamy actinotherapy levels since the 2011 Fukushima meltdown.Next the atomic catastrophe, Hosokawa resettled 80 horses and unbroken 30 on his grow 25 miles north-west of the works in Fukushima prefecture. In January this yr, many of the remainders became unfirm on their feet and 16 died in mystical destiny, Read more [...]
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