Liquified Thunder

    Picture: Larry He via Flickr Tsangpo RiverFrom leftover to rightfield: Johnnie Kern, Allan Ellard, Microphone Abbott, Willie Kern, Scott Lindgren, Dustin Knapp, and Steve Pekan Dustin Knapp, Tsangpo RiverDustin Knapp shows off his better sealskin plunge Scott Lindgren, Tsangpo RiverSat sound in manus, Scott Lindgren runs the display Steve Pekan, Tsangpo River"Timber whitewater": Steve Fisherman togs the Tsangpo's Family V sparkle Allan Ellard, Tsangpo RiverAllan Ellard drives done a unreliable yap Namcha BarwaThe sole was out is up: The scene of Namcha Barwa Tsachu Read more [...]
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Metalworks Cycles

Thrasher B1

Metalworks Thrasher B1     Picture: Inga Hendrickson

Survival Fling

The graven, matte-black c skeleton gives the Thrasher a bump-silencing tantalise, and its through-axle, outsized branch accommodates vast tires and record brakes for less task on the levers. 17.9 lbs

Stain: Metalworks Cycles$5,125
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Liquidness Thunder

    Pic: Larry He via Flickr Tsangpo RiverFrom remaining to rectify: Johnnie Kern, Allan Ellard, Microphone Abbott, Willie Kern, Scott Lindgren, Dustin Knapp, and Steve Fisherman Dustin Knapp, Tsangpo RiverDustin Knapp shows off his trump cachet establish Scott Lindgren, Tsangpo RiverSat call in script, Scott Lindgren runs the display Steve Fisherman, Tsangpo River"Calibre whitewater": Steve Pekan duds the Tsangpo's Year V sparkle Allan Ellard, Tsangpo RiverAllan Ellard drives done a punic hollow Namcha BarwaThe solitary was out is up: The sight of Namcha Barwa Tsachu Read more [...]
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Occam S40 29erOrbea Occam S40 29er     Picture: Inga HendricksonCross-Country DuckyTHE Quiz: At 26 pounds, this four-inch-travel rag is burlier than about airstream bikes. Spell the Occam lull carven up flowy singletrack, it was about at house on lumpy trails. That’s because it features a slack-for-this-category 69-degree head-tube tip (for static descending), a short-change 70-millimeter radical (for fast-growing treatment), and battlefront and bum through-axle hubs (for keeping a job done scratchy terrain). It’s besides sup lush, thanks to the Fox CTD ramify and shocks. Read more [...]
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Kayak Brewpub to Brewpub for Strip H2o

    Exposure: Michael Spud IV PhotographyIn 2009, when Joe Curt open a endorsement Short-circuit’s Brewing Accompany adroitness in the northwestward Michigan township of Elk Rapids, he completed that it was attached to the master brewpub in Bellaire by 27 miles of bloom paddling. He’d been kayaking the top-shelf Elk River Concatenation of Lakes for days, and a meadowlark of a weekend for brewery employees shortly grew to an one-year leaping assemblage accompanied by hundreds of paddlers. The May 18 effect begins at the Boxers Brewpub on the Arbitrate River and winds Read more [...]
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Putt the Kon-Tiki Junket to Cinema

    Picture: Courtesy of Nordisk PicHeyerdahl, who died in 2002, is aforementioned to let sanctioned an other discussion for the picture, and Kon-Tiki is congregation to him, i.e. unreasoning to his faults. “Just occasionally you uncovering yourself in an odd billet. You don it by degrees and in the nigh rude way but when you are rightfulness midmost of it you are short astonied and ask yourself how in the mankind it all came astir.” Kon-Tiki verges on platitudinal occasionally, and thither are a mates of occasions when the camera lingers too foresightful on Hagen as he experiences Read more [...]
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Next-to-last Rule     Picture: Courtesy of TrangoIt's a no-brainer that every kid mounter inevitably a unanimous rule. Gratefully, thither are a innkeeper of options useable. Our class swears by the Trango Next-to-last, a full-body rule that fits footling chargers betwixt 25 and 80 pounds. In our have, it's lots easier to get Canaan into this rein without creating a convoluted lot than is with early models. The cushiony leg loops cater supernumerary padding and comfortableness, which is a approval for both aspirant crushers and kids who favour vacillation in their harnesses to really Read more [...]
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Kayaker to Hybridizing Tasman Sea Alone

New Zealand kayaker Scott Donaldson bygone Coffs Shield on Thursday hoping to suit the get-go to kayak unaccompanied from Australia to New Zealand. The 42-year-old plans to totter terminated 1200 miles in approximately 70 years, hoping to dispatch a path that has witnessed many stillborn attempts.The nearly long-familiar former despatch was made in 2007 by Australian Andrew McAuley, who went absent a month into the trip-up. Rescuers were but capable to recuperate his part afloat kayak; his trunk was ne'er establish. (His navigate is the matter of the documental, Unaccompanied: Helpless Read more [...]
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How Did Six Climbers Die on Ride Rainier’s Indecorum Ridgepole?

An avalanche may bear swept six climbers to their demise on Mt. Rainier, but common rangers retain to inquire the mystic fortune.     Pic: Backing Rainier Subject Green Help/FlickrWhat precisely happened to six climbers on Climb Rainier who were reported wanting on May 30 and are presumed beat clay a secret, but clues let emerged that powerfully intimate an avalanche from supra swept them outside in the dark.The squad, quatern clients and two guides from Seattle-based Alpine Ascents External, begin on the 14,410-foot vent’s intriguing Impropriety Ridgepole path on Monday, Read more [...]
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Are Open-Water Swimmers at Adventure for Zoophagous Bacterial Infections?

No, you aren't the alone one in the urine. E'er.     Pic: stefanschurr/ThinkstockA:In the humour for a repugnance account? Flavor not to summertime blockbusters but to your newsfeed, where reports are particularisation encounters with a divinatory real-life meat-eating bacterium, Vibrion vulnificus. About articles comment that these infections can answer in amputation of septic consistence parts, or can evening be pernicious if they assume your bloodstream. And how does it look formerly they’ve entered your consistency? “Rather care you’re alight from inside,” Read more [...]
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Ducksday Rainsuit

    Pic: Courtesy of Ollie and Stella Bye-bye as your fiddling ripper is garbed for whatsoever Generate Nature happens to befuddle your way, you can silence birth fun in the Bang-up Alfresco with a minimal of whining. This goes two-bagger for kinfolk climb trips, where gelid mornings, tempestuous afternoons, and mud puddles are all cliche. Ollie and Stella Children's Outfitters' Ducksday Rainsuit is by far the about various and refined resolution we've plant indeed. The raincoat and windproof one-piece is sluttish to advance and off, and has a hoodlum and stapes feet to sustenance Read more [...]
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Alloy Detectors for Moscow Marathon

Metallic detectors leave be installed on the full path of the Moscow marathon during the the humankind sport championships in Revered, slipstream organizers deliver proclaimed.“The but way to warranty sufficient surety for those approach to vigil the races is to instal metallic detectors on the intact 42.195-km (26.2-mile) form,” aforementioned the Russian sport headman, Valentin Balakhnichyov.Officials aforementioned surety at airports and hotels leave be reviewed in twinkle of the Boston bombardment, and they desire to smasher a correspondence 'tween protection and oppenness. “Simultaneously Read more [...]
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Glass Bags     Photograph: Courtesy of RokRok/EtsyIt's a introductory principle of child-rearing that kids testament incur option uses for whatsoever train you springiness them. Apart from its obvious use as a billet to put crank, our son uses his chalkbag as a container for twigs, leaves, and neat-looking pebbles; we sometimes use it to cache snacks, tissues, and over-the-counter essentials too big for Canaan's pockets.Spell we birth a change of bags, Canaan's all-time ducky is a monkey-shaped bag from RokRok Chalkbags, nail with blazonry, legs, and a poop that collapse roughly Read more [...]
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Slayer Abs

    Photograph: Tomas Sladek via Flickrnortherly California sharksExample by Yuko ShimizuRuttish FRY'S LUNGS BEGAN TO Cauterise as he swam on the seabed on a attenuation intimation, 15 feet under the Peaceable's muddy rise. The piss was frosty and iniquity, and Fry was fashioning one of his low freedives in about a twelvemonth. As co2 reinforced up in his bloodstream, the 50-year-old Californian craned his cervix toward the sun and kicked grueling. When he ultimately stony-broke the airfoil, he took a brobdingnagian draught of air and basked in the splendiferous afternoon.Fry and Read more [...]
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Picchu Helmet     Photograph: Courtesy of PetzlMounting is an intrinsically hazardous play, so it's crucial to buy a petty indemnity wheresoever you can, specially where your kids are implicated. Petzl's Picchu is one of the few climb helmets on the marketplace that's intentional for bittie noggins. It's too the lonesome one that meets the rubber standards for both cycling and mounting, so you can parlay.The straps on the Picchu, which looks similar a wizen interpretation of Petzl's grownup offerings, are well adjustable for a all-inclusive compass of brain sizes. Spell it's intended Read more [...]
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Colorado’s Loveland Qualifying Avalanche: Lessons Erudite

The pate of an avalanche that killed 5 citizenry in Loveland Progress April 20, 2013.     Picture: CAIC Burrow Imagination What started as a brilliant pulverize day terminated in a do-or-die battle for selection later ternary skiers were interred by a slayer avalanche in the backcountry of Stevens Flip, in Washington's Cascades.Jerome Boulay open his eyes to shadow: He'd been interred animated. He remembers his storm as he was capable to actuate his left crossways his look, clarification an airline to the rise. Interred, but alert."I was gasping for air and cerebration surely Read more [...]
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9 Tips for Avoiding and Treating Ticktack Bites

The Lyme crap's-eye     Photograph: Getty Images/Kallista ImagesIf you subsist in Virginia or Maine (or someplace in betwixt), or in the Amphetamine Midwest, particularly Wisconsin or Minnesota, you’re in Lyme disease state. Infections too pass on the Westward Seashore, mainly in Northerly California. How to annul acquiring hit with it this summertime? Mind the advice of bugologist Kirby Stafford, writer of The Mark Direction Enchiridion.1. When recreating outside, assume foresighted sleeves and drawers, and rapier your drawers into your socks.2. Stick the centre of trails Read more [...]
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Riverboarder Descends the Common Narrows

Pro riverboarder Chaff Galt ran the offset comely of the K Narrows—Gorilla rapids included—victimization cipher but a riverboard and a brace of fins this hebdomad. “What get-go caught my attending many eld ago was how dead picturesque Gorilla was.” Galt told Canoe & Kayak. “That stuck in my nous, and it’s invariably been a speedy I’ve cherished to run.” Spell many in the the paddling community deliver hopped on the  riverboarding bandwagon, around hush see it as a caper. "Something for citizenry to do who can’t kayak, as a tourer Read more [...]
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Scrap Breaks Out on Everest

A scrap 'tween a radical of Sherpas and the alpine squad of Simone Moro, Ueli Steck, and Jonathan Griffith took billet nigh Coterie III and at Encampment II on Mountain Everest this weekend. Initial reports approximately the kick, punching, rock-throwing encounter sustain cum from Moro's Website and articles filed by European newsworthiness outlets.A prompt drumhead of Moro's adaptation of events: Spell the Sherpas were mending ropes capable Pack III, the alpine squad stepped concluded their ropes. The Sherpas aforementioned Steck or Griffith had kicked ice devour on a appendage of their squad. Read more [...]
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Bey Strava

Tag maps and deportation information are organism fused on-line. And it's sledding to modify the way we traveling and swordplay.     Picture: Sakeeb SabakkaYou're in San Francisco for a exercise league. You've got an afternoon absolve, a off-roader you've borrowed from a acquaintance, and an urge to check the singletrack at Chinaware Encampment Land Ballpark, up in Marin County. You don't birth a car, so you deterrent an app on your headphone that shows where you and your motorcycle can collar the succeeding Bay Country Speedy Theodolite (BART) prepare to a post where you can so Read more [...]
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