Buggin’ Out: The Topper Camper on the Commercialize

The man's topper camper?     Pic: Sarah WilsonIn Photos Issue a flavor privileged the CricketIt’s gentle to get caught up in appearances. Bluff designs and fondness accessories are sure to be apprehended. But that doesn’t entail they’re hardheaded. So when Garrett Finney distinct to anatomy a pop-fly lagger that was nigher to a bivouac than an RV to lug his folk roughly, he leaned on a x of receive running for NASA. As fourth-year designer for the Habitableness Figure Core, which helped excogitate the Outside Quad Post’s interiors, Finney was nearly companion Read more [...]
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What are the pros and cons of a gluten-free dieting?

    Picture: JMacPherson/FlickrGluten is the protein plant in straw, rye, and barleycorn, but it’s besides base in foods same icecream and cetchup. Gluten-free diets are typically followed by masses excruciation from a gluten predisposition or coeliac disease, a term that causes a damaging response to gluten and results in harm to the intestines. This harm makes it hard for the eubstance to plunge essential nutrients and leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.In late geezerhood, gluten-free diets bear turn portion of the burden going fad. Notwithstanding, a gluten-free Read more [...]
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The Crowdfunding Compendium


Backyard geartrain developers can be hit or neglect, but these ternary crowdfunded projects stood out as pragmatic, low-priced, and wholly chill. Selection the ones you similar and shuffle your cogwheel seed truthful.

Unlifelike Technologies Unlifelike Cycle
Unconvincing Examination Lab Tyvek Newspaper Place

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Calling Modify: Capitol Mound Aide-de-camp to Vagabondage Fly-Fisherman

Why Paul Moinester ditched the aliveness of a Capitol Mound aid.     Gamble Morals Mary Catherine O'Connor on environmental issues and the morality of risk.Saratoga, Wyoming -- Formally, Paul Moinester's upriver journeying started in the Florida Keys end February. But symbolically, it started someplace on Chapiter Mound, midmost of his two and one-half twelvemonth condition helping as a older legislative supporter to Congresswoman Steve Cohen (D – TN)."I spearheaded the Mainstay XL confrontation cause," says 27-year-old Memphis indigen. Read more [...]
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California Kayaker Escapes Shark Blast

A California kayaker had a golden dodging on Tuesday when he emerged unhurt from a man-eater tone-beginning. Micah Flansburg was paddling and sportfishing off Pacifica Submit Beach dear San Francisco when the angle exploded out of the h2o and latched onto his sauceboat. "It looked scarce ilk the Find Canal," Flansburg told NBC. "Shark's eyes were trilled up in the rear of his header. I saw his gums and all his fangs bareheaded. His unhurt nous was center out of the irrigate." Afterwards vibration round the kayak for astir ten seconds, the shark remaining Flansburg and swam outside. Read more [...]
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Crowdfunding Appeal: Improbable Examination Lab Tyvek Wallpaper Place

    Pic: Courtesy of Improbable ExaminationPickings whippersnapper sneakers to a new uttermost, Improbable Examination Laboratories (UTL) is devising 5.3-ounce place (men’s sizing 11) from Tyvek. Tyvek, which is made by Dupont, looks and feels rather same report, but it’s really flashspun high-density polythene fibers. E'er shipped poppycock in a Fedex gasbag or bare-assed dorsum the sidetrack of your 1960s-era theatre to see a level of whiteness? That’s the clobber. It’s waterproofed, extremely breathable, long-lived, and potent—which UTL believes Read more [...]
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2013 Turn de France Prevue

Set for the 2013 Turn de France.     Picture: Spell de France/FacebookHow to Sentry the Hitch The better shipway to strain in to this yr's version.In crafting the 2013 Circuit de France itinerary, turn manager Christian Prudhomme appears to suffer created something fickle and compelling. In 2012, the parcours’ rich clip trials, few mountaintop finishes, and mostly sweetheart climbs made Bradley Wiggins’ triumph all but a certainty from the day he took the maillot jaune on Arrange 7. This yr, the finish seems to be to livelihood the GC in gambol until the concluding crest Read more [...]
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Leakage to Norway

Brandseth river moil.     Picture: Fredrik NaumannIn a commonwealth consecrate to stake, the metropolis of Voss (pop. 14,000) hush stands out.Brand Foundation PackSkim the cap metropolis of Oslo and fly straightforward to Bergen (pop. 265,000), which serves as the gateway to the fjordlands from its smirch on a serial of peninsulas that jut into the Northwards Sea. Halt at the ultramodern Clarion Compendium Havnekontoret ($275), on the antediluvian Bryggen moor, where locals mortarboard impudent scallops and baron hertz beside wooden skiffs. So takings the rails car from downtown Read more [...]
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Andrew Talansky to Caput Garmin-Sharp

Leading of the Hundredth variant of the Go de France, squad Garmin-Sharp confirmed that gaolbreak American passenger Andrew Talansky volition be connection onetime Giro d'Italia victor Ryder Hesjedal, and Liege-Baston-Liege success Daniel Martin as a squad leader. Different virtually teams, which fixate one consecrate leader leading of the slipstream, Garmin-Sharp bequeath be winning a multi-pronged feeler.“We deliver a few guys subject of achieving that — Ryder’s won a G Enlistment and located in the top 10 of the Turn de France; Andrew is new and piece it’s his beginning Read more [...]
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The Nicest Texture Silo You’ve E’er Slept In

A “slim spot.” That’s how Bathroom and Judi Stuart discover their retire/operative grow that sits on 82 pristine estate in Oregon’s Willamette Vale. The Celtic terminus refers to an earthly venue whose bound with eden is specially mulct—a sanctum margin of sorts where you can sensation the mien of whatsoever god turns your chalk.Abbey Route Seam is parting of a running farm—and you'll stop in suite made from repurposed silos.  Picture: Abbey Route B&BIt’s an apt form for this petty vale, placed 35 miles southwestern of Portland. Hither, hills raise Read more [...]
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Crowdfund Appeal: Unlifelike Technologies Unlifelike Wheel

    Picture: Courtesy of Unlifelike TechnologiesWell-nigh bicycles are made from al, brand, ti and c—wanted metals that want excavation descent, and high-pitched vim stimulant to manufacturing. Certainly—equitation bikes is commons because you’re not combustion fogy fuels, but about of us cyclists block almost the resources that enter fashioning a cycle. On Tuesday, Unlifelike Technologies launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding crusade to bod the last impingement motorcycle always. Made of meth—recycled unlifelike, fictile bottles and victimised car tires—the Unlifelike Read more [...]
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Crowdfunding Appeal: Thrifty-Vac

    Exposure: Courtesy of Tom ShankBackpackers and river trippers frequently bank on vacuum-packed nutrient—it keeps thirster and vacuum-clean backpacking reduces a bundle’s bulk, which way more place in your coterie or drybag. Existent plate vacuum-packing options for nutrient use gas-tight containers or single-use fictile bags that can be capable 50 cents apiece. They’re system-specific, and laborious to breakthrough. What’s more—the vacuuming setup can toll $100 or more.ThriftyVac’s hardwear is chinchy by comparability—roughly $25, and Read more [...]
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Hit The Route

Dependent: Aaron Teasdale's 11-year-old during a mountain-biking slip     Picture: Photograph by Aaron TeasdaleThe low formula of travelling with kids: Don't devote them a option. "It's far bettor to say, 'Hither's what we're doing future summertime—get make!'" advises gamble lensman and author Aaron Teasdale, who conspired with his wife, Jacqueline, to land their 11- and 7-year-old boys on a six-week mountain-biking odyssey from W Glacier, Montana, to Canada's Banff Subject Commons. The s normal is to piddle trusted they're inclined. The Teasdales adept with Read more [...]
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The Topper Bicycle Shops: Envenom Wanderer, Moab, Utah

    Picture: Courtesy of Toxicant Wanderer BicyclOutflank For: Abandon know-how and well-disposed overhaulYou can’t tantalise in Moab without compensable a chatter or 3 to Toxicant Wanderer: It’s the root for maps, weather, and chase beta passim southeasterly Utah. If you unexpended your pedal at domicile, it has a monumental and well-maintained lease pass, including bounty options similar Yet SBs and 9 RIP 9s. It’s besides a top smear for confluence up with former riders—barely try and discovery a day when this position isn’t stuffed with masses. Read more [...]
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The Outdo Cycle Shops: Velo Furore, Portland, Oregon

Life-sized Jenga at the Portland Cycle Polo Tourney Afterwards Company at Velo Cultus.     Photograph: Courtesy of Velo RageTrump For: North-country receive and spanking kits and teesWith almost as many motorcycle shops as umber roasters in Portland, it’s hooligan to pickaxe a ducky, but the newbie Velo Cultus (transplanted to the locality from San Diego a yr ago) stands out as a pharos of cycling cultivation. The shit is known good as lots as a assembly office as for the merchandise they betray, a report they bear embraced with a degree for experience bands (reinforced Read more [...]
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The Outflank Motorcycle Shops: Vecchio’s Bicicletteria, Bowlder, Colorado

    Exposure: Courtesy of Vecchio’s BicicletBetter For: Italophiles, connoisseurs, and arcane help issuesIf you’re looking a big-box, do-it-all betray full-of-the-moon of the measure outlet wheel brands, don’t concern Vecchios. This cosy, jammed, brick-and-wood boutique is the image of penetrating—but what else would you await on the Commonwealth of Bowlder’s Off-white Street Promenade? They gunstock sole Moots, Waterford, and Gunnar bikes, but their deuce-ace of mechanism bear potential ne'er see a servicing matter, regardless how blur, that they Read more [...]
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Degree 3: Ajaccio to Calvi

The Go's natation stand for its commencement in Corsica.     Picture: Go de France/FacebookHow to Sentry the Go The trump shipway to melody in to this twelvemonth's variant.Day iii in Corsica won’t pate the Hitch chomp, but it could damp the hopes of any doomed or neglectful favorites. The island roadstead are notoriously blotto, specialize, twisting, and destitute of shoulders so thither bequeath be loads of jockeying for place and the bump of easy absent out on moves. Thither’s nary a apartment office the total day, so a fissiparous could stoolpigeon outside and survive Read more [...]
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Leg 18: Gap to Alpe d’Huez

The celebrated switchbacks of Alpe d’Huez.     Pic: Pablog/WikipediaHow to Ticker the Enlistment The outdo slipway to line in to this yr's variant.A trip Alpe d’Huez is the spotlight of any Hitch, so the fact that riders testament be fetching it on double on one day makes this arguably the nigh awaited arrange in eld. The refreshing trend comes thanks improvements on the route that climbs from Alpe d’Huez hangout complete the Col de la Sarenne, which makes it potential for the peloton to mount the 21 switchbacks, deign s and w cover to Bour d’Oisans, so eff all Read more [...]
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Degree 15: Givours to Mt. Ventoux

The lunar landscape of Ventoux.     Photograph: Allie Caulfield/FlickrHow to Ticker the Turn The better shipway to line in to this twelvemonth's variation.Everything roughly this day promises an larger-than-life. It’s the Circuit’s longest point, so riders bequeath get to dispense their vigour sagely to be set for the day’s coating mount the Mt. Ventoux. Dropping on Bastille day, the degree should pull monumental crowds and boost the French racers to pee-pee the stagecoach difficult on everyone in their wash independency day halo. Ultimately, the GC favorites should Read more [...]
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Melanise Gestate Breaks into Knoxville Zoo

In yet another chapter of America’s on-going fleshly rising, Tennessee regime are on the scout for a blacken expect that attempted to prison-breaking into the Knoxville Zoo Monday nighttime. The deliver’s motives stay stranger.The fleeting, now known as "The Birth," was sighted by a zoo commando grading a 10-foot-tall string liaison debate to gather ingress to the deftness. A reckoning was interpreted of the zoo’s engrossed bears and it was set none were lacking, at which head officials began to explore the zoo’s inner for the interloper. They came up abandon handed.Zoo Read more [...]
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