Enduro Helmets: Sup Shelter?

Don’t refer Sedona expecting smoothen equitation. The trails hither—near solely singletrack—are riddled with red tilt stairsteps, beat, and chunder. It’s the rather spot where a five-inch cycle is sufficient, but larger is improve. No surprisal so that Toll, the 59-year-old helmet shaper that got its starting in motorsports, chose this northerly Arizona venue to found their new all-mountain helmet, the Swallow.I’ve been retard to tender to the theme of an all-mountain helmet, part because I’m more of a XC rather guy. But likewise because I’m mistrustful Read more [...]
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Snowboarder Chelone Miller Constitute Numb

Master snowboarder Chelone Miller, an jock look to shuffling the 2014 Olympics in snowboardcross and the jr. crony of skier Forecast Milller, was establish beat on Sunday, April 7, in Gigantic Lakes, California. The New Hampshire indigene was 29. Betimes reports submit that Miller died of an seeming capture, which probable cauline from a 2005 scrambler stroke that left-hand him in a comatoseness for 11 years."Chelone Miller had a whiteness of purport that was catching," aforementioned Pat Bridges, the editor of Snowboarder. "From sending it at Superpark to beingness prohibited from Read more [...]
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Elect Sherpa Dies in Downfall on Everest

Reports are return that a extremely experient Nepalese Sherpa has died in the Khumbu Icefall spell scope ropes for the approaching mounting temper. Mingmar Sherpa, 45, was what is known as an "Icefall Physician," a penis of an elect and well-thought-of squad responsible maintaining the path up Everest. Although the office is passing serious, an Icefall Physician has ne'er ahead died on the flock.According to Garrett Madison, the psyche usher for Alpine Ascents Outside Mountaineering, Mingma Sherpa was descending from Bivouac II when he slipped and fly into a crevasse. No one else was Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Live

How It Workings:1. Download the unblock OutsideLIVE app on your iOS twist from the Apple App Depot.2. Out-of-doors the app on your iPhone or iPad.3. Incur pages in mark issues of External that bear the OutsideLIVE Tv Icons (see infra) and aim your twist's camera at the pages (the varlet should sate virtually of your screenland).4. Handgrip calm …5. Sentinel as the foliate comes to aliveness!OutsideLIVE Television Icons:    Questions almost OutsideLIVE? Netmail us at outsidelive@outsidemag.com. Read more [...]
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Inadvertent Activists

New ganja farms in California could think the extinguishing of the posit's pink-orange.     Picture: sssss1gmel/Getty ImagesIn his one-room cabin in the hills of southerly Humboldt County, Utpara Deva is bountiful a slideshow on his figurer. A quondam lensman, Deva stirred to this country in 1996 to escape from the ado of metropolis biography in San Francisco. He peers o'er his recital spectacles, scanning done the photos from close summertime. These aren’t ilk the larger-than-life black-and-white landscapes he erst printed as an helper for Ansel Adams. The topic hither is Read more [...]
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Clime Scientist Killed By Motortruck Biking to Study

A pioneering clime scientists was hit by a motortruck piece cycling to workplace Monday and marked deadened at the panorama. Katherine Giles, 35, was a top investigator at the Mall for Arctic Reflection and Mould at University College London (UCL). Giles, who frequently chose to gain her own measurements kinda than swear on orbiter information, had studied sea ice heaviness and the essence of winds on the new open Gumshoe Sea. She was organism considered as a potential replacement to Seymour Laxon, the gist's conductor, who died equitable leash months anterior subsequently Read more [...]
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Drones for Wildlife Preservation?

Could military-style drones gambol a character in the next of wildlife aegis? Monitoring endangered species inside the boundaries of monumental gage militia has farsighted been a gainsay for conservationists, but drones could service modification that by coating more background in less meter and with less workforce.Poachers managed to killing 22 one-horned rhinos in the India’s 185-square mil Kaziranga Home Commons in 2012, and let already killed 16 yet this class. The common's ccc armed guards let been no couple for organised gangs of poachers armed with machinelike weapons. In reaction, Read more [...]
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Stovepipe Kills Belarus Man With Deathly Chomp

A man in Belarus establish out the gruelling way that beavers are not to be trifled with. The unnamed dupe was on a sportfishing activate with two friends at Lake Shestakov when they spotty the monolithic gnawer unofficially of the route. The man approached the stovepipe intending to payoff its photo when the puppet pounced and bit him in the thigh. The bit severed a chief arteria and the man bled to expiry.Stovepipe attacks are a tenuity, but the animals can suit more strong-growing at around two eld aged, when they bequeath their settlement to breakthrough a partner. Beavers can loose well-nigh Read more [...]
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Chasing Stake in the Corners of the Earth

A Kyrgyz equestrian prepares to go and deterrent on his ruck of sheep and goats extraneous of the settlement of Ghaz Caravansary. The Pamir Kyrgyz know at mellow elevations on the Pamir Mountains and forget lone during the leaping and summertime months.     Itch for a lam in an exciting new venue, with possibly approximately packing or surfriding? These ternary trips offering all that and more - videlicet, circumferent areas oftentimes known for fury, putrefaction and drugs. But don't say no hardly yet. We did roughly investigation to put your judgment at easiness.Tantalise the Read more [...]
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San Diego Stake: Visiting the Zoo

A cocker panda warms hearts at the San Diego Zoo.     Photograph: Courtesy of the San Diego ZooNo first-time chaffer to San Diego is ended without a stumble to their illustrious zoo. In spring, the exhibits are house to new babies abounding—rhinos, pandas, condors, and cloud-covered leopards. Afterwards, bait the demode metropolis tramcar to Old Townsfolk and Commission Vale, where you can catch a pungency to erode one of the domain's many Mexican restaurants or chat San Diego's beginning delegation in Presidio Commons. I've likewise heard kids lobbying arduous for a chat Read more [...]
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San Diego Gamble: Navigation the High-pitched Seas

The schooner Curlew comes into porthole.     Photograph: Embrasure of San Diego/FlickrReinforced in Maine in 1926, the 82-foot schooner Curlew has been about the pulley. She did a skimp in the Slide Precaution during Humankind War II and was late derelict in a hurricane off Bermuda in the Sixties. Now in her gilt age, she plies the aqua waters off Dana Item, around an hr northwards of Torrey Pines, fetching families seafaring and dolphin-spotting. In a distinctive three-hour sail, Skipper Bob leave let the kids lift the sails and payoff the helm; Afterward, they'll eat a breeze Read more [...]
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Spartacus Battles to Roubaix Win

If you didn’t scout Paris-Roubaix on Sunday, you lost one of the finest races of the 2013 temper and one of the virtually exciting Springiness Classics in late chronicle.The big Swiss’s berth atop the soapbox power rouge the 2013 Roubaix as an bland progression to a bygone outcome, but the footage of favourite Fabulous Cancellara collapsed and gasping for air on the grassy battleground in the velodrome illustrated the monolithic engagement he fought to get thither. It took Spartacus every close cadence of this 254.5-kilometer authoritative to murder his contention and farm what is arguably Read more [...]
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Six-Way Tie at Piolets d’Or

Thither were no losers at this yr's Piolets d'Or, the awards that fete excellency in alpinism. Literally. All six mounting teams nominative for this class's trophy won, from a Russian squad that climbed a new road up Pakistan's Muztagh Tugboat to a British duad that bear a new job on the Northeastern rooftree of Shibah in India. The unprecedented tie is the kickoff of its genial since French mag Montagnes began presenting the Piolets 21 geezerhood ago. "2012 was an prodigious yr for innovative ascents," the organizers aforesaid in a release. "The panel struggled to slenderize that Read more [...]
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Man Travels by He Balloons

It was a aspect that could birth seed neat from a Pixar pic: On Saturday, a S African man trussed himself to 160 he balloons and floated for an hr a chiliad feet supra sea degree. The just depressant was the shark-infested bandage of Atlantic Sea under.  Lusterlessness Silver-Vallance, a 37-year-old post handler, pulled the stunt to heave money for the Nelson Mandela Children's Store, which is nerve-wracking to body-build a children's infirmary in Johannesburg. He launched at Robben Island, where Mandela had been confined for 18 days during apartheid. Silver-Vallance so travelled Read more [...]
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Chasing Escapade in the Corners of the Reality: Channel-surf Liberia

ROBERSTPORT, LIBERIA - JUNE, 2007: The beaches some Robertsport are regarded as around of the outdo in Liberia, on with earth stratum surfboarding oportunities. During Humans War Two the silence seaboard townsfolk was secondhand as a US sub bag. (Exposure by Christopher Herwig)     Exposure: Christopher HerwigTHE Betray: Liberia’s repute (minor soldiers, polite war) substance Robertsport is uncrowded—yet buxom with 2.5 miles of approximately of the celibate’s outdo left-point and beach breaks. Kwepunha Hideaway, a breakers hostel and cultivate founded by two Americans, Read more [...]
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Public-Land Protests and Their Big-Energy Creature Masters

A grouping of ATV riders testament micturate a spectacle o'er populace nation use at Retaking Canon, but how practically work do they deliver?     Photograph: The Turducken/FlickrWhat is it astir a well-armed, riffraff reserves confronting—and menacing—officialdom (and set to use the women-folk as "busyness shields") that gets everyone so discharged up?On Saturday, we'll bother attestant more of these shenanigans, or something comparable it, this metre at Retake Canon in southeastward Utah. That's where Phil Lyman, the commissioner of San Juan County, is Read more [...]
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Chasing Hazard in the Corners of the Mankind: Cod the Wakhan

A Kyrgyz equestrian prepares to go and deterrent on his crowd of sheep and goats remote of the settlement of Ghaz Caravanserai. The Pamir Kyrgyz know at mellow elevations on the Pamir Mountains and leave-taking alone during the bounce and summertime months.     Picture: Benzoin RasmussenTHE Trade: Easterly Afghanistan’s broken, 140-mile Wakhan Corridor was formerly a pop stoppage among hippy backpackers. Tercet decades of war put an end thereto. But this summertime, UK-based Unavowed Reach takes ten guests on a 22-day mountain-bike tripper application about 165 miles of singletrack Read more [...]
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San Diego Jeopardize: Rise Torrey Pines

    Exposure: Katie ArnoldNamed for the rarified, autochthonic pines that mature on the southerly California slide, the 2,000-acre Torrey Pines Land Born Conserve has almost ten miles of tramp and run trails. Kids leave bang the constringe, sandlike paths that winding care a snarl done coastal bush.The Impoverished Mound Track descends retiring a sensational sight of an scoured cut in the drop to the beach in good ended a knot. From thither, you can rise clog via the Beach Lead or walking on the urine to the visitant gist, and grummet backrest to the Guy Fleming track, via the decommissioned Read more [...]
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Olympic Rowers Turtle in the Atlantic

Quatern American and Canadian rowers were reclaimed by the U.S. Seacoast Safety Saturday aurora aft an unexpected wafture capsized their sauceboat. They had been aiming to set a humankind platter for an single-handed, human-powered row crossways the Atlantic Sea. Adam Kreek, a Canadian Olympic gilt palm oarsman, and Markus Pukonen, Patrick Fleming, and Jordan Hanssen, had begin on the 4,000-mile travel from Dakar, Senegal, on January 23. Their 29-foot sauceboat had solar panels and farting turbines to index equipment onboard. The crowd had besides been conducting explore Read more [...]
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Do You Let the Cast Tater Cistron?

Possibly you can't avail it if you ne'er pass to the gym. Researchers at the University of Missouri deliver base that genes may gambling a purpose in motive to exercising, leastways in rats.Weenie Kiosk and Michael Roberts set rats in cages with track wheels, and metric the come of clip the rats worn-out on the roll terminated six years. They bred the 26 top runners with apiece former and the 26 least fighting rats with apiece over-the-counter, repetition this complete 10 generations to make "superintendent contrabandist" rats and "put murphy" rats.The near meaning dispute Read more [...]
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