The Biggest TdF Scandals: 1904—The Close Spell

The Circuit's low victor.     Picture: Nationaal Archief/Wikimedia"The Circuit de France is ruined and I'm afraid its arcsecond variant has been the death.” So wrote airstream beginner Henri Desgrange chase the ending of the scandal-plagued 1904 Hitch. During the raceway, club riders were disqualified for hopping trains or winning rides in cars and trucks. On the road, overexcited fans showed their accompaniment for their dearie competitors by lacing up their rivals. When the subspecies lastly reached Paris, it appeared that initiatory Circuit victor Maurice Garin had Read more [...]
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Wildfire Burns 7 Homes in California

A new, speedily maturation wildfire in Southerly California has torched septenary homes and constrained regime to ending contribution of the Peaceable Crown Dog since start on Monday. As of Tuesday, ended 2,200 firefighters and 25 aircraft were battling the 14,200-acre Batch attack w of Medallion Springs, and had it most 10% contained.Contempt the death, the bell could suffer been lots higher, the Afforest Serving aforementioned in a paper, adding that firefighters' efforts managed to protect a practically bigger turn of homes. "Frankly, we persuasion that the construction end was greater Read more [...]
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Overland Wheeler Killed By Car

An 18-year-old has died as the resolution of her injuries afterwards beingness stricken by a car approximate McCrory, Arkansas, spell cycling cross-country with the youthfulness gamble companionship Overland. Merritt Levitan, of Massachusetts, was one of 13 participants on the six-week misstep, according to the Associated Imperativeness. Overland issued a assertion offer their condolences to Levitan's phratry and locution that the ease of the slip would be canceled. At this gunpoint, we trust that this is what inevitably to be through to appropriate all tortuous metre to outgrowth their thoughts Read more [...]
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Shades: Rouge it Melanize

    Photograph: Inga HendricksonBEACH Mope Oakley OffsetWith their full-lens wraps and optics as goodness as high-end poly gets, the Offshoots feel fashionable whether you’re seafaring, skating, or sipping cocktails. They’ll oeuvre for route biking but deficiency galosh on the earpieces, so put them by for dog rides. ($140) With-itVonzipper LomaxThe Vapors Brothers’ black-box styling is rear, and the optics are amend than always. VonZipper uses a polarized greyness lense to cover glower on the urine. But be warned: gaps in peripheral reportage eliminate the Read more [...]
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Summertime Folk Floats: Metalworker River, Montana

On many westerly rivers, flower rafting temper is saltation, when snowmelt from the heights area feeds the rapids and a douse leave farewell you hypothermic. So, good when the upwind's acquiring hot sufficiency and the kids are last out of schooltime, the flows drib too low to drift a sauceboat. Oh, the satire. But approximately rivers, wish the Metalworker in cardinal Montana, a which flows to the Missouri, clutches their piss wellspring into summertime. Notable as one of Montana's finest trout waters, the 59-mile stretching of Course I-II rapids done Metalworker River Commonwealth Commons makes Read more [...]
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How to Get Hyperlocal Forecasts

    Pic: Chris PhilpotForecasts in nearly cities are dictated by readings from a NOAA-approved upwind send, normally at the nighest airdrome. Contingent your fix, that outstrip could be the remainder betwixt a part murky 65 degrees and a gay 80. You can do meliorate. A personal upwind post care Davis’s Advantage Pro2 serial (from $495) includes a rainfall aggregator, a temperature caliber, a humidness detector, an anemometer for winding upper, and improver upgrades wish a UV-level index (to avail evaluate how practically sunblock you’ll pauperization) and a radiocommunication Read more [...]
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Vamp Your Foundation Bivouac: Barebones Campaign Camp

    Pic: Courtesy of BarebonesWhether you’re circumstance up foundation coterie in the African veld or glamping in your backyard, the Barebones Campaign bivouac has 120 lame feet of coldcock distance where you can recumb or cast freely. Reinforced with a heavy-duty al and nylon framing and with a weatherproof Cordura casing and story, the Campaign tents shut the conditions overwinter and summertime. The aluminium framing anchors to concrete, solicit or soil. Screened windows and doors living you assuredness and shut the critters. And an expansile flooring agency you can slumber Read more [...]
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What to Liquidate Rio Too the Reality Cup

Bars suit stuffier and fútbol fans drunker as the Humankind Cup roars on. Get your caput supra the soccer slop and capitalize of the metropolis’s promiscuous approach to lifelike areas with these eight-spot adventures.Research Tijuca Subject Ballpark   Exposure: earlytwenties/ThinkstockThe outdo way to enlistment the humankind’s largest urban rainforest is on a cycle, although you should go other to avert dealings on the ballpark’s meandering roadstead. The 12.4 square-mile, hand-planted timber is perchance well-nigh noted for iconic Read more [...]
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The Outdo New Car-Camping Gearing

    Picture: Arun Roisri/Shutterstock

At the summertime Outside Retailer Display in Salinity Lake Metropolis, paraphernalia makers uncover adjacent summertime’s wares. Hither’s a snitcher eyeshade of what we’re delirious to check personally:

Jetboil J
Stanley Pro-Grade 16 Quart Stake Tank
Easton Syclone Poles
Barebones Campaign Encamp

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Vamp Your Groundwork Pack: Jetboil J

    Photograph: Broudy/Donohue Photography The kickoff portable preparation arrangement to be as exploiter favorable and condom as a tin range, with the superpower and inhuman upwind operation of a liquified fire range, the four-season J grouping basecamping range boils a litre of h2o in 2 transactions 40 seconds. Its isobutane/propane fire cannister is upside-down to give fluent, quite than gaseous, fire into a ascendancy valve. The controller valve regulates the fire insistence to a really low floor done an extra-large porta jet in the burner.The combining of the pressing Read more [...]
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Vamp Your Foundation Cantonment: Stanley Pro-Grade 16 Quart Chance Tank

    Photograph: Courtesy of StanleyThe masters of insulated bottles and one-handed mugs convey campers yet another must-have intersection, the Gamble Tank. Stanley says it’ll dungeon your burgers and beer coldness for 36 hours. A leak-resistant gasket locks the frigidity interior its sparkle lid and consistency, which are 250% bettor insulated than others in a corresponding terms reach. An adjustable bind substance you can trounce it to your ceiling if pauperism be. And when you don pack, kick—the flatcar top doubles as a bottom.Useable Bounce ’14, $65 Read more [...]
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Trainer Pushes Binding Against Doping Accusations

The trainer of two top sprinters who latterly time-tested plus for prohibited stimulants has pushed cover against accusations that he narcotised the athletes, expression that he is organism deuced as a scapegoat. Originally this workweek, the broker of Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson, damned their trainer, Christopher Xuereb, locution that he provided ended 20 substances to the athletes, one of which potential led to the electropositive essay. It's “middling obvious to us where we requisite to looking,” Paul Doyle, the factor representing both athletes, aforementioned originally this Read more [...]
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Squad Sky Selectively Releases Index Information

Squad Sky lead Dave Brailsford is in dialogue with the Man Anti-Doping Representation to liberation ability information particularisation Chris Froome's performances from the finish two days in hopes of suppression intuition that he is doping. Aft a thread of magisterial results therein yr's Hitch, Froome has repeatedly been accused of doping, though he has ne'er well-tried overconfident for any prohibited essence. “We deliver been in impinging with WADA and UKAD (U.K. Anti-Doping) and things are progressing,” Brailsford told VeloNews. “I don’t acknowledge what the outgrowth Read more [...]
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Lookout: Man Wrestles 7-Foot Shark

Nantucket nonmigratory Elliot Sudal has raddled the ire of fleshly activists and angle everyplace later telecasting of the sportfishing fancier wrestle a 7-foot shark out of the irrigate surfaced on the Web.The 24-year-old Sudal, who claims to let caught-and-released concluded a century sharks terminated the retiring twelvemonth says his interest is mostly harmless. "I clout them on prop, I picture them, then I let them go, I'm reasonably preservation tending, I'm not stressful to eat them or suffering them," he told Home Geographical, who radius to him roughly the telecasting. "It's Read more [...]
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Dim Kayaker Erik Weihenmayer’s Request to Run the 1000

Erik Weihenmayer, who has been all unreasoning since age 13, has climbed the 7 Summits, and is the just subterfuge individual to mounting Mountain Everest.     Photograph: Jeremy M. Lange (2)""" Panorama Photograph Verandah "I aspiration roughly fucking into rocks. Rob’s shouting at me, and I’m not audition what he’s locution. When I awaken my custody are perspiration." Pic Drift: Erik Weihenmayer trains for the Thou Canon at the U.S. Interior Whitewater CentreIT WAS AS IF the whirlpools could recall—materializing out of the dirty embrown piddle at Read more [...]
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How to Endure a Month Subaquatic

Binding on June 4, we reported that Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the famous red knit-cap-wearing oceanophile Jacques Cousteau, was passing to drop 31 years submersed with his crowd off the Florida Keys. Yesterday, Fabien resurfaced afterwards outgo all of June in Aquarius, the reality's just subaqueous lab, which is operated by Florida Outside University.“It was astonishing how practically it mat care family,” Cousteau told the media, five-spot hours later beholding daytime first in concluded a month. “I can ideate for soul who doesn’t care rigorous spaces it could be often Read more [...]
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Sea to Crown Speedy 26L DryPack

    Photograph: Courtesy of Sea to ElevationWhether you're day lightsome or island hopping, you indigence a dry bag to grip luncheon, a towel, an supernumerary bed and vital over-the-counter items, care sunblock. This one is amply seam-sealed, made of laminated, 420D nylon. A roomy, top-loading briny compartment closes with a cast top and cinching slope straps. And it’s comfortable to expect fifty-fifty when you’re paddling, thanks to ventilated berm straps. Your cogwheel volition be sluttish to obtain—the indoors of the Speedy is whiteness to survive loose to Read more [...]
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Tyson Gay and the Outpouring of Juvenility

Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell. Both sustain time-tested convinced for prohibited substances.     Photograph: thelefty/ShutterstockCommodity Cop, Bad Cop From the archives, Brian Alexander delves into WADA's controversial manoeuvre.Yesterday Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein reported that sprinter Tyson Gay, who has ostensibly time-tested plus for a core prohibited by the Man Anti-Doping Way (WADA), has been joined to an Atlanta-area chiropractor and “anti-aging specializer” named Clayton Gibson.Fair what Gay, 30, time-tested convinced for hasn't been disclosed. It's Read more [...]
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Township Could Subject Drone-Hunting Permits

 E'er dreamed of having a Vulture mounted o'er your hearth? If you exist in Colorado, you may be in circumstances. Officials in the settlement of Cervid Dog are considering issue permits that would tolerate residents to defeat federally-operated drones with a scattergun, oblation a $100 premium to anyone who does so.Contempt the fact that delivery devour an remote-controlled airy fomite with a scattergun is plausibly unacceptable, and unquestionably illegal, the source of the regulation, Phillip Blade, says that the $25 permits could land real veridical fiscal benefits to Cervid Lead. "They'll Read more [...]
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Perkiness Porter

    Pic: Courtesy of StellarFlips are hunky-dory for existence a beach bum, but when thither’s a whole hazard you’re loss to swimming you pauperism a horseshoe that bequeath remain your feet. These deliver a siped, non-marking solitary for clench on your add-in, and a cad entwine locks them on your feet eve when you’re accidentally victimisation them as flippers. When you’re on not in the browse, the uppers rest and debilitate. Uncommitted now, astraldesigns.comStigma: Stellar$85 Read more [...]
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