Vibram FiveFingers

Spyridon LS     Picture: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Lawful minimalistsFundamentally a muscled-up variation of the classical five-toed slip-on, its multidimensional pace looks same a mountain-bike wear (bang-up grip evening on wet, leaf-covered trails), and its conciliatory nylon-mesh rag in the midsole prevents your feet from the pip tilt bruises. But let your soles toughen up earlier fetching the Spyridons on foresightful hikes or beefy on a gravid camp. At 6.9 ounces, they’re most one-half the weighting of the Merrells and Salomons and crack approximately one-half the Read more [...]
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Evasion Artist to Skydive in a Casket

Breakage out of locked boxes is quotidian menu for dodging artists. Doing it as that box plummets to land from a skim, less so. That's precisely what a Wisconsin evasion artist plans to do tod. Anthony Martin volition be handcuffed and locked interior of a plyboard box, so dropped from a Short-change SC.7 Skyvan at 14,500 feet complete Serena, Illinois, where he testament suffer to pee-pee his issue yet to drag his slide.Martin, 47, pulled off the like stunt 25 eld ago, escaping from a casket supra Sandwich, Illinois. Among his otc serious stunts admit an shake locked coop infra the ice of a flash-frozen Read more [...]
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High-School-Running Phenom Mary Cain

    Photograph: Kevin R Morris7: The routine of home highschool records Cain owns.Seventeen-year-old Mary Cain was already a top offset when she began functional with fabled marathon double-decker Alberto Salazar death -October. Since so she’s set more sextet high records, won a U.S. fourth-year rubric, and interpreted her position as one of the better preparation runners since, comfortably, e'er.SKILLS: Cain covered the concluding 400 meters of the mil run at February’s USA Indoor Championships in an astounding 58 seconds—first coating hurrying that has insiders Read more [...]
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15-Ton «Fatberg» Base in London Gutter

London sewerage workers were strained to face the sum of all our sins this workweek when a 15-ton “fatberg,” a bus-sized deal made of fat and wet wipes, was observed block sewerage menstruum in the southwestward portion of the metropolis. Workers ground the batch afterward residents in the ar complained that they were no thirster capable to kick their toilets.According to local substitute fellowship Thames Piddle, the fatberg grew so expectant that it really discredited sewerage lines, which may payoff weeks to fixing. They too well-advised residents not to pullulate fat from cookery Read more [...]
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Panama Saves Dog, So Wife

Aft linear his yacht aground on a reef nigh, a Southward African man bravely swam his love Jak Russell terrier to land. Abaft that, he came backrest for his wife.Graham and Sheryl Anley were in the midriff of a three-month enlistment of Southward Africa's Easterly Ness when they ran aground dear the metropolis of Eastward London. Earlier redemptive his wife, whose rubber contrast had turn caught on the sauceboat, Graham Anley swam the duo's 9-year-old dog, Rosie, who was tiring a impost dog living cap, to shoring. The trinity were late reclaimed by a eggbeater from the Subject Sea Delivery Establish.Via Read more [...]
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Zookeper Suspended For Punching Sealskin

A British zoo has suspended one of its carnal keepers patch it investigates claims that the employee punched a stamp rightfield in the aspect.According to Bristol Zoo officials, the punching occurred spell the varnish was existence weighed. They did not say whether it was a lollipop poke, or if the dispute had been escalating complete metre. The sensual, an American fur sealskin, has been examined by a vet but appears to be okay.The zoo released a assertion regarding the incidental, locution “Bristol Zoo would ilk to pass real crystalise that it has a aught leeway towards such conduct and Read more [...]
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Tunari CNX     Picture: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Day HikersThither are plentifulness of concessions to reductivism in Cutting’s new CNX serial: a reduce four-millimeter bead, cryptical grooves in the pace for a more whippy outsole, and a pared-down innovation boilersuit. But we liked the ten-ounce Tunaris for the features Lancinating didn’t cut. A contoured implike provides a feeling of midfoot reinforcement, and Stabbing’s touch toe bumper took the bunco out of the casual trip-up. A goodness quality if you’re proclivity toward truthful shoeless place, Read more [...]


Cruzer     Pic: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: ScramblingThe lean examine amphetamine on these 7.7-ounce feeler place gives less sidelong backup than the others get, but it’s stillness plentifulness for hanker approaches to peaks in the wild. The pasty, climbing-shoe-like safe outsole and skinny toenail pee the Cruzers nettlesome plenty to deal hanker, mellowly scrambles and shortstop pitches to the crest. Level meliorate? The low-keyed styling won’t piddle you flavor ilk a sway supporter when you drumhead to the bar aft a day of climb or eyeshade sacking.Steel: Evolv$75 Read more [...]
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The Sharkapocalypse: 10 Movies to Cheque During Shark Hebdomad

    Pic: Daniel D. Snyder/Nejron Picture/ It’s hither. Wish the unstoppable twist of the creation, Shark Hebdomad is upon us again. It’s a sentence to ruminate, to leave our troubles, close, and joyfully disorientation astir sharks wish a clump of 3-year-olds at SeaWorld (assumptive the sharks don’t, y’cognize, wig out and eat a trainer ahead of a sold-out push).Personally, I’ve ne'er been a immense fan of Shark Hebdomad, not because I don’t cerebrate sharks are chill (they are), but because it takes outside from so many former, Read more [...]
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How Athletes Get Enceinte

"Near genes are sensitivity and not circumstances, and that shade gets befuddled."     Picture: Robert MxDavid Epstein's new playscript busts the 10,000-hour myth. "Gladwell's '10,000 hours' isn't around kinda principle. It’s not a wizard act where athletes turn elect or anything care that."Foresightful ahead he co-authored a damnatory investigatory clause on Spear Armstrong or introduced the formulate “cervid antler atomiser” into the dictionary with his characteristic on Ray Lewis’s traffic with about hucksters, Sports Illustrated elder author Read more [...]
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Uber Is Taking the War on Taxis

Backrest on June 4, we reported that Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the illustrious red knit-cap-wearing oceanophile Jacques Cousteau, was departure to expend 31 years submerged with his gang off the Florida Keys. Yesterday, Fabien resurfaced abaft outgo all of June in Aquarius, the humanity's alone submersed lab, which is operated by Florida External University.“It was awesome how practically it matte same plate,” Cousteau told the media, five-spot hours astern eyesight daytime first in ended a month. “I can think for individual who doesn’t comparable cockeyed spaces it could Read more [...]
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At-Risk Teens Get Their Feet Wet Whitewater Kayaking

How do you learn kids who don't recognise how to float how to kayak? If you're Jessie Gem, a freestyle kayaker and medico who reinforced a wellness clinic in Uganda, you commencement by pickings them to the pond and pedagogy them to put their faces in the urine. Jolly shortly, they're naiant the distance of the consortium. By end of day 3, you've taught them how to wet departure, bracing, and roster their kayaks. In otc quarrel, you don't thriftlessness sentence. Endocarp, 45, founded the Inside Metropolis Kids Kayak Bivouac in New York in 2001. Since so, she's offered an one-year five-day intensifier Read more [...]
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Rarefied Faerie Lightning Caught on Celluloid

A lensman in Colorado has captured rarified images of faery lightning, hard-to-observe electric bursts that come high-pitched in the air, on a flying supra Bowlder. Jason Ahrns was fast-flying on a extra planer from NOAA when he secondhand a dSLR and a window-mounted Gorilla Pod to pinch pictures of the sprites, red-colored, split-second electric bursts that happen at altitudes of around 40 to 45 miles.Spell sprites aren't well-understood (the kickoff photo of one was captured in 1989) researchers trust that they're caused by a positively-charged lightning rap which reaches the land, causation Read more [...]
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    Photograph: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Ever-changing YOUR StepThese 9.5-ounce Tevas lineament a rounded list that encourages hikers (or runners) to state midfoot, forcing a forward-leaning situation. Their otc unparalleled sport? Three-and-a half-inch-wide, shock-absorbing pods on either incline of the implike. Testers either loved the constancy the pods added on matte trails or couldn’t get secondhand to how blatant they matte, specially on bumpy, proficient terrain. One affair is certainly: if you’re dangerous astir tramp more expeditiously, the ’Spheres Read more [...]
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Hike Detective: Uber-Lightweight Tents

    Picture: Inga HendricksonFor geezerhood, tents and former packing essentials get been evolving to suit barge and barge. The adjacent footstep power fair be gamey detective fibers that ring consume rattling belittled without sacrificing comfortableness. Sierra Designs’ new Mojo UFO is astir as sparkle a camp as the caller can presently brand piece safekeeping it full enclosed, says Sierra Designs Pr Handler Scott Kaier.The alien-looking Mojo UFO, with its Cuben Character case and carbon-fiber bivouac poles, weighs in at 1 hammering, 11 ounces and sleeps two citizenry. It’s Read more [...]
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Examination the New Garmin Transmitter Pedals

Subsequently about leash age since exhibit prototypes of its pedal-based mightiness m organisation, Garmin has released the merchandise to mart. Garmin Transmitter isn’t the get-go arrangement to accumulate superpower information done the pedals. (That purity goes to the Feeling Keo Ability.) Withal, Transmitter appears to be the nigh cosmopolitan and, judgment by the two years we’ve had with them hitherto, rich arrangement useable.Garmin involute out the merchandise at an versed plunge in Bowlder, Colorado, where six editors from the cycling media got a bump to address direct with Read more [...]
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Liquid New York Metropolis: A Selection Template

    Picture: Bryan Busovicki/Shutterstock.comYou should experience that according to the metropolis, no share of the Interior Nurse is considered safety for swimOn July 12, a aggroup of New York Metropolis designers notable the successful conclusion of a Kickstarter effort. Prodigious their end, they elevated $273,000 to bod "+Pond," a barge-cum-swimming consortium that they programme to blow in the Eastward River. The thought: filters structured into its construction volition withdraw harmful bacterium and contaminants in the piss, qualification the kitty good for swimmers.Disregarding Read more [...]
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Tramp Investigator: Sunblock in a Tab

    Picture: Jameson SimpsonIn 2001, researchers from Rex’s College London ascertained a colonial made by coral that could be synthesized into tablet-form sunblock.An alga aliveness inside the coral produces a intensify that, when transported to its boniface, saved both organisms from UV wrong. Angle eating on the coral too benefited from the cancel sunblock, indicating that the deepen could be passed done the nutrient range without losing its protective properties.“This led us to consider that if we can mold how this colonial is created and passed on, we could biosynthetically Read more [...]
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Rodeo Bullshit Loses It, Injures Octad

A tempestuous crap, ostensibly no yearner contented to be the toy of our effete shipway, bust loosen at the Dakota County Funfair Wednesday eventide, injuring octet citizenry on its rampage.According to Dakota County Sheriff David Bellows, the rampage began at almost 8:15 p.m. when the bullshit loose from its pen. It was finally brought devour by an unidentified sheriff’s surrogate who discharged two shots into the carnal as it supercharged him.Of the ogdoad multitude injured, sole one needed all-encompassing aesculapian care. The charwoman dubitable was airlifted to a nearby infirmary forthwith Read more [...]
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Why the TSA Can Takings Your Telephone

The adjacent clock you bestride a skim headed for the U.S., pee-pee indisputable all your gadgets are sufficiently supercharged. Not so that you’ll be odd in a monster metallic cylinder with no Quarrel With Friends to livelihood you entertained, but so that surety won’t nab your devices earlier you eve senesce the airplane.The Expatriation Protection Government is request 15 airports in Europe, the Midsection E, and Africa to forfeited any electronics that cannot be ruttish. The fearfulness hither is that any devices that don’t charge up could be hollowed-out shells with bombs Read more [...]
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