Hike Tec: Raincoat Cubicle Phones

    Picture: Inga HendricksonCameras took an evolutionary bounce forrader into the aquatic man with the waiver of the GoPro and its waterproofed showcase. Abruptly you could hiking a 14er in a rainstorm and papers every involved second. Following footprint: Smartphones. The roving devices deliver suit authoritative backcountry tools, but they’re victims of the elements. Bury to enclose your telephone in pliant during a river hybridizing and the firearm of heights tec engineering becomes naught more numb slant in your coterie.In July, Samsung unveiled a new ring aimed at recreationists Read more [...]
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Scientists Act Chocolate Into Intoxicant

The age of chemistry is upon us. Scientists bear figured out a way to bit exploited java yard into drink intoxicant. In the daybook LWT - Nutrient Skill and Engineering, the squad of Spanish and Portugese researchers described how they created the liveliness from fagged reason java. The fluent isn't as tasty as roughly umber liqueurs, but the scientists account the drinkable as beingness pleasant with the predilection and smelling of umber.The squad started with desiccated umber yard, interracial the real in irrigate at 325 degrees for 45 proceedings, detached the liquidness, and added gelt earlier Read more [...]
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The Engineering That Could Vary the Way You Boost

The CineStar 8 lagger from Freefly Systems.     Photograph: Hugh Doorbell/Freefly Systems

Packing and gamy tec don’t perpetually go paw in script. All you indigence are a duad of tramp boots, a stout camp and a judgment fix to revelry in nature. But if you consider manufacturers, a picayune bit of investigator can pee-pee the unscathed feel much more interesting

From super-lightweight fabrics to sunblock you can drink, we’ve highlighted a few advanced ideas that could variety the way you drop clock in the backcountry.

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Stateless Escape Curriculum in Hawaii Draws Opponent

A proposed platform that would earmark money to fly stateless multitude rear family from Hawaii is draft critique in the Fiftieth country. The alleged "return-to-home" syllabus would ply dispossessed volunteers with a quondam, one-way fine rachis to a metropolis of their choosing. According to ABC Newsworthiness, the full syllabus would toll $100,000, plenty to buy expatriation for some 100 to 200 masses.In a twisting, the island's Section of Buzz Services, which would be tasked with linear the syllabus, has spoken out against it, expression that a guaranteed rubber net could appeal new Read more [...]
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Tramp Tec: Backcountry Electronics Chargers

    All the detective in the earth is no beneficial if users don't suffer a way to superpower it. A few companies are stressful to overwhelm that obstruction with devices that commute estrus to electricity. In June, one former favourite, Vodafone, revealed its Mightiness Pouch, a courser for quiescency bags and dress that uses torso oestrus to exponent your sound, debuting it at euphony festivals roughly the U.K.BioLite, whose society shibboleth is “Muscularity Everyplace,” develops romance burn range that uses its own thermic vigour to bearing electronics.  BioLite Read more [...]
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Hike Tec: SAR Drones

    Exposure: Preservation Drones/FlickrPatch drones are well-nigh ill-famed for their purpose in military difference, they could be ill-used for a more unobjectionable aim: redeeming hikers' lives.UAVs, or remote-controlled ethereal vehicles, aren’t at that detail yet, but a fistful of sheriff’s offices approximately the commonwealth are examination the machines' limits for lookup and deliver missions.Ben Miller, the remote-controlled aeriform arrangement plan manager for Table County Sheriff’s Place, doesn’t cerebrate the drones volition substitute SAR Read more [...]
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Northeast Rivers Are Initiative Up for Angle and Paddlers

    Pic: Sekar B/ShutterstockWith or without whitewater, Phillips believes the freed river is exit to appeal more outfitters and guides.We endure in a area of old, decaying dams—many of which are existence decommissioned and remote due to prophylactic hazards and/or deficient get-up-and-go coevals. In the by two eld, breaches of ternary Washington dams—the 100-foot Condit dam on the Ovalbumin Pinkish-orange, the 108-foot Elwha dam and the 50-foot Glines Canon dam, both on the Elwha River—sustain been wide lauded by preservation groups and paddlers like because Read more [...]
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La Formule for a French Kinsfolk Holiday

Perchance 80 miles from my firm, thither’s a gravid faux-woodsy hostel with an indoor irrigate parkland unfold lonesome to all-night guests. It costs way overmuch and no reasonable grown without children would go approximate it, but the kids we cognise who get been thither jabber almost it. The spot represents one uttermost of how to design a kinfolk holiday The pivotal opposition – All some us – mightiness be a woolgather risk for mom and dad that sucks for Next-to-last and Girl, because it’s too rowdy, too brilliant and life-threatening, not suitable to abbreviated aid Read more [...]
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‘Jungle Men’ launch in Vietnam

Two Vietnamese men who fled civilisation to endure in the wild more 40 geezerhood ago are organism reintigrated into gild astern villagers trenchant for firewood establish them trench in the forests of Quang Ngai state. Ho Van Lanh was an baby when his beget, Ho Van Thanh, fled into the woodland with him undermentioned his wife's and two of his children's deaths from a mine during the Vietnam War. According to Sky Word, during their four-decades in the jungle, the couplet lived in a treehouse, development and forage their own nutrient and wear loincloths made out of skin.When a deliverance squad Read more [...]
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Toys of Summertime: The Drifter Mat

My daughters had been angling backbreaking for a drifter mat e'er since they'd played on them at friends' cottages this summertime, and I knew that a mat of our own would promote them to check in the lake thirster, burn their carcajou vigour, and perchance eventide assistance them go stronger swimmers. At 20 feet longsighted and a simple two inches duncical, the mat is made from marine-grade styrofoam and looks similar a hybridizing 'tween a trick rug and a slip-n-slide. It functions as a fiddling of both. Backbone it in lakes, calmness sea coves, or over-the-counter saved h2o, and with a airiness Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: San Diego, California

A 2-course beer dinner at the MIHO gastrotruck.     Exposure: Gary AllardUniverse: 1.3 billion (underground region: 3.2 billion)Medial Menage Income: $63,739Medial Domicile Toll: $477,100Unemployment Pace: 8.9 pctVotes: 997“For me thither is no meliorate post than San Diego,” says Chaff Landan, prexy of Apotheosis Bowman Brewing, a companionship he started in the Miramar locality on with—what else?—14 surfers and skaters.“The brave is 70 degrees. You can skate everyplace, motorcycle everyplace, tramp, ingroup, channel-surf. Wishing overwinter? It’s Read more [...]
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Zak Noyle’s Curl Photography

The Double-dyed Day, Christian Redongo. Detent to expand.     Exposure: Zak Noyle""" Sight Photograph Verandah Zak NoyleLensman Zak Noyle The Photography of Zak Noyle Arresting images stroke by one of the mankind's top channel-surf photographers. Lensman Zak Noyle spends about of his sentence chasing a brandish’s eye scene of the man. He’ll fly middle roughly the orb at a import’s bill to shoot surfers falling into goliath swells. Hold illustration, a actuate he made finis twelvemonth. He had barely returned to Honolulu from Los Angeles when he got Read more [...]
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Better Towns 2013: Greenville, S Carolina

The downtown overcrossing of the 17.5 knot Canecutter Train extends o'er the Reedlike River in Waterfall Ballpark of Greenville, SC.     Pic: Patrick Cavan EmbrownUniverse: 60,709Average Family Income: $40,925Medial Family Cost: $188,200Unemployment: 6.9 percentageVotes: 7,154In the by two decades, this one-time pulverization township in the foothills of the Blueness Ridgepole Mountains landed big employers ilk GE, Michelin, and BMW and transformed itself into a modest metropolis that’s awake with parks, leafy streets, motorcycle paths, and a flourishing gastronome panorama. Read more [...]
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Editor’s Prime: Washington, D.C.

    Photograph: Orhan Cam/Shutterstock.com The country’s great (pop. 632,000; tube region: 5.8 meg) is amend known for museums and memorials than parks. But the impelled unseasoned professionals who subsist hither sustain 7,617 estate of park at their administration—more born distance per somebody than in any otc metropolis this sizing. Stone Brook Green, which bisects the northerly end of the metropolis, is the everlasting pick for everything from operative on the Westerly Ridgeline Tag to farseeing out-and-back route rides.And that’s equitable inside metropolis Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: Bozeman, Montana

    Photograph: Forest WheatcroftUniverse: 38,695Medial Home Income: $44,412Medial House Damage: $269,000Unemployment: 4.8 percentageVotes: 1,836Masses who’ve migrated to south-west Montana sometimes say that they didn’t get Bozeman so often as it base them. “The berth you know helps to produce who you get,” says Carol Flaherty, a yoga teacher. What rather mortal does Bozeman produce? Person who hikes in sestet flock ranges, fishes foremost trout streams, and refuels with grass-fed gripe from local ranches.All that nature agency abundant Priuses and a local Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: Oklahoma Metropolis

Rowers surpass the Oklahoma Metropolis horizon during the Nous of the Oklahoma Regatta on the Oklahoma River.     Photograph: Alonzo J. AdamsUniverse: 599,199 (underground domain: 1.3 meg)Average Home Income: $44,973Medial Family Terms: $129,300Unemployment Pace: 4.8 pctVotes: 178Earlier you splutter your wheat-grass charmer, let us excuse. Six days ago the metropolis, a longtime oil-and-gas hub, was dubbed one of the fattest in the nation by Men’s Seaworthiness. This wasn’t too surprising. The functionary posit repast includes chicken-fried steak and pecan pie.What is Read more [...]
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The Within Goop on Cyder

Grueling apple cyder is a big summer swallow, specially if you’re gluten-free or hardly world-weary with beer. (Hey, it happens.) But if you’ve stuck alone to fermented-apple brews, you’re absent out on a unscathed reality of balmy nip.Piece the apple is quieten the ace of the cyder shew, more brewers are turn to over-the-counter fruits—including pears, berries, and apricots—to produce new cyder flavors. It’s both a topic of tasting and a way to batch with a famine of cider-specific apples in the Joined States.Ciders get turn progressively pop (betwixt 2005 and Read more [...]
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Chris Horner Pulled from Vuelta a Espana

When he won finish yr's Vuelta a España at the age of 41, Chris Horner besides became the oldest sensation of one of the leash 1000 Tours. He was all set to contend again this yr, but his squad, Lampre-Merida, has equitable proclaimed that he volition be replaced by K Hitch freshman Valerio Conti.Only put, this is a existent muffler for Horner's renowned cycling calling. He's competing successfully advantageously bey the efflorescence age for near cyclists, and this determination takes by Horner's stab at defending his deed really roughly the clip for retreat. But the thinking ass removing Read more [...]
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Following in the Johnstone Pass

Aft a successful quartet years shot off the glide of British Columbia, we crossed the Johnstone Pass and came crosswise leastwise 150 Peaceable white-sided dolphins, all queer approximately our sauceboat. We washed-out near two hours observance them scoot cover and forward in our backwash. When they became disinterested, we'd rpm the locomotive and scratch to forget. They'd pursual us consume.I get a few heavy images of dolphins jump and flipping, but this exposure is one of my favorites because of its phantasmagoric impression. TOOLS: Canyon EOS 1DX, 24-70mm f/2.8L II, 1/400 arcsecond, Read more [...]
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Editor’s Pick: Ann Spindle, Michigan

A 1928 Crossing Simulation A and 1950 Chevrolet 2d Princely at the Rolled Sculpt car read in Ann Mandrel.     Picture: Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock.com The scoop affair astir A-squared, as locals shout it, is that you ne'er let to forget—thither are bang-up heathenish restaurants, a foremost university, cycle lanes abounding, and brilliant trails, ilk the 35-mile Border2Border.“The Huron River is whole flanked by the Border2Border,” says James Morse, a lensman (and canoeist and cross-country skier and lot biker) who has lived in Ann Arbour for the retiring 5 geezerhood. Read more [...]
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