Cosmonaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Distance

The Italian cosmonaut who virtually drowned in his infinite wooing when his life-support pack malfunctioned during a spacewalk finale month divided new details almost the near-miss on his blog Tuesday. "But worsened than that, the urine covers my pry — a rattling direful sentiency that I pee worsened by my fruitless attempts to actuate the piss by shakiness my psyche," Luca Parmitan wrote. "By now, the speed share of the helmet is full-of-the-moon of urine and I can't evening be certainly that the adjacent sentence I rest I leave filling my lungs with air and not liquidity."As Read more [...]
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The Better Carriers For Kids: Boba G3 Mailman

    Photograph: Courtesy of BobaScoop For: 7-45 poundsThe Boba G3 Toter is one of the few carriers that deeds evenly swell for newborns also as toddlers, without any redundant accessories to buy individually. This soft-structured bearer consists of a bingle composition of orthogonal textile, with added sparkle in the berm straps and waistbelt.  The Boba allows your tiddler to unbend into a well-off and fully-supported post on either your bureau or your rachis. The dorsum of the bearer comes up higher than many former exchangeable carriers, but the spare framework testament Read more [...]
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The Succeeding of Anti-Doping

    How to Economise Cycling International's editors array their guideline to restoring the athletics's credibleness.  On Monday, Circuit de France maven Chris Froome toed the jump business at Colorado’s USA Pro Cycling Dispute for a seven-day cycle run done the Rockies. It's his beginning Man Go degree wash since debacle a bailiwick of outside stars on the infuse slopes of the Alps and Pyrenees.It's besides Froome’s regaining to a pressroom entire of hounding journalists, and an interview filled with passionate but misanthropical cycling fans. For as immobile as Read more [...]
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Can Overmuch Umber Pop?

Can overmuch chocolate obliterate?     Exposure: Teo Tarras/Shutterstock"Slant and fit citizenry did not seem to be at increased jeopardy."Java and wellness are backbone in the tidings with a new discipline in Mayonnaise Clinic Proceeding exhibit that enceinte umber drink (28 cups per hebdomad) increased the adventure of all-cause deathrate in multitude less than 55 by approximately 50 percentage in men and two sheepfold in women. This discipline is the about late of a farseeing business of oft contradictory inquiry in respective populations display that java is goodness, Read more [...]
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ESPN Pressured Out of NFL Infotainment

Subsequently climax below insistency from the Interior Football Conference, ESPN has pulled out of an investigatory undertaking centered on brain injuries with "Frontline," The New York Multiplication reports. Both ESPN and the N.F.L let denied the reports."Frontline" and ESPN, which pays the N.F.L more a $1 trillion a class to circularize Monday Dark Football, had been workings on a two-way docudrama for 15 months, set to air in October. According to two sources, ESPN came below ardour later a poke was discharge in betimes Lordly, preeminent to a merging 'tween high-level officials Read more [...]
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The Topper Carriers For Kids: Kokopax Hellenic Flattop

    Photograph: Courtesy of KokopaxOutflank For: 6 months—35 poundsThis postman is jolly of a crossbreed betwixt soft-structured carriers and traditional underframe backpacks. Though it is held unitedly by an anodized al bod, it weighs in at lone 3 pounds, and can level tantrum an airway smash compartment. Your odd lilliputian beholder bequeath honey the 360 grade viewpoint he has from existence perched up gamy on your cover, and your shoulders and rachis volition lovemaking the ergonomically cushiony berm and waistline straps. PROS: It's one of the near whippersnapper Read more [...]
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The Trump Carriers For Kids: Deuter Kid Comforter III

    Exposure: Jennifer D. C. BauerOutdo For: 6 months—40 pounds (nestling moldiness be capable to reinforcement his mind)This flattop is competently named, as it offers the tallest and roomiest shaver’s compartment. Side-entry offers commodious in-and-out payload (sooner than nerve-racking to aim hanging, squirming legs into modest leg holes.) The Vari Bend Hip Fins fling the uttermost in consolation, fashioning this rucksack the lavishness Cadillac amongst its competitors. Comparable the early bod packs, the Deuter comes with an structured sun tone, hydration compartment, Read more [...]
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Uttermost Speed!

A luger in the overrefinement metro at the Ostsee Recourse and Spa, situation of the 2010 German Home Fastness Chuting Patronage     Photograph: Photo by Snick RobertsOstsee WaterslideGerman speed-chuting genius Jens Scherer enters the Ostsee tubing. Jens SchererScherer out of the slide (Pic by Ding Roberts) Joshua FoerThe source, a gallant runner-up (Exposure by Ding Roberts)The quickest hurrying always achieved on a piss swoop is 57 mph. It was clocked in 2009 on the Kilimanjaro, a 164-foot-high, 50-degree plump at Águas Quentes, a h2o commons external of Rio de Janeiro, Read more [...]
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Taking the World’s Toughest Bicycle Run

The hardest cycle subspecies in the mankind is presently afoot, and we’re not talk astir the Go de France. Started on June 13, the Circuit Disunite is a single-stage, self-supported off-roader airstream on the Continental Disunite from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.Well-nigh racers are quieten on row (or suffer dropped out), but the success, Jefe Branham, is already house. Branham, a 41-year-old wheel machinist from Gunnison, Colorado, sprinted the 2,745-mile grade in 16 years, 2 hours, and 39 proceedings. That’s an modal of more 170 miles per day. (For equivalence, Read more [...]
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The Finis Years of Stealhead Joe

Joe natation the Deschutes     Photograph: Tom FowlksRiant later a steelhead slipped off his occupation. Stealhead Joe's fly box. Stealhead Joe with his siblings and grandparents on a sportfishing activate. The wading freaked me out, and I was candidly retention on to Joe. I held tightly to his wader rap. I mightiness deliver been ten days old.THE Constabulary Theme listed the discover of the decedent as Joseph Adam Randolph and his age as 48. It did not quotation the diagnose he had tending himself, Stealhead Joe. The speak on his driver’s permission led patrol to his one-time Read more [...]
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The Trump Carriers For Kids: Beco Gemini

    Exposure: Reckon Our LivelinessTopper For: 7–35 poundsThe Beco Gemini is another soft-structured mailman that is idealistic for the baby-wearing push. It is really various—one of the few carriers that allows a coddle to expression out spell organism carried on the movement (a babe can too be carried on the backrest or hip, in plus to veneer in on the presence.) The short-circuit, specify consistency of this toter makes it the outdo fit for newborns, and the folding headrest provides flock of reinforcement when your picayune one inevitably Read more [...]
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Trouncing the Back-to-School Vapours

The early day, a Wednesday in the center of Revered, I played truancy from ferment and took my two daughters, leash and 5, stand-up paddleboarding on Abiquiu Lake, not far from our Santa Fe house.Abiquiu is a source, made from the dammed-up Rio Chama and encircled by peachy-red sandstone cliffs that artist-in-residence Georgia O'Keefe made notable. The multi-color defect is sensational, but we've ne'er apt Abiquiu Lake its props, bypassing its aqua piss to hatful the cloudy Family II-III rapids of the Chama rather. But abaft disbursement a month on a piney lake on the Canadian Buckler, we were Read more [...]
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Concern Sense

    Exposure: Representative by Tavis Coburn1. LOG OFF Behemoth.COM Like goes for CareerBuilder, Craigslist, and any otc sites you mightiness be obsessionally troll when you're not updating your résumé for the fourthly metre this workweek. For a smarter parcelling of job search clock, we consulted Nancy Franz, a Denver-based calling and liveliness jitney with clients at Circumstances 500 companies. Showcase Your Bailiwick: 25% Get informed on the position and flight of your elect professing done word and mag stories, books, and blogs. Tattle to Mass: 20% Substance Read more [...]
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The Art of Elevation Immature Ultrarunners

Envisage you're functional a 50k train wash when you listen voices buns you, reversal, and see that you're organism an eight-year-old. That's what happened to a mates 12 ultrarunners at the Siskiyou Out and Cover in Oregon (SOB), in later July, when third-grader Teagan Crimson accomplished her get-go 50k, attended by her dad, Seth, and her 10-year-old chum, Tajh.Yearn aloofness tag working is the average for the brother-sister distich from Phoenix, who grew up observation their parents run and sustain been racing ultras—and fosterage a hustle in the extremist humanity and on Read more [...]
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This Summertime’s Sterling Hydration Production

If thither is one long-suffering epitome from Level 17 of the 2006 Hitch de France, in which Floyd Landis took a 120-kilometer broadsheet to rase his contender and fix his (now disqualified) win, it’s of the redheaded American ducking himself with bottleful subsequently bottleful of ice irrigate.In defending his passenger’s grotesque operation later the degree, Landis’ autobus, Allen Lim, wrote this: “Hotness looseness is one of the near crucial factors determinant functioning … The tank the soundbox, the more bloodline is useable for producing superpower. With this Read more [...]
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Lookout: Eggbeater Raids Consortium to Scrap Firing

As monolithic fires ace Portugal, a whirlybird bunch has resorted to fill their pail from a local pond to combat the flames.

Portugal has requested assistance from Spain and France as fires cauterize in the exchange and northerly areas of the area. Roughly 1,300 exigency force are officious combat more 275 blazes.

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Hard-nosed Advice

    Exposure: gorillaimages via ShutterstockPoles The Authoritative Scott's Squad Exit poles ($120; are made from aircraft-grade aluminium (version: double as stiff as cheapies) and suffer a rattling dim-witted and perdurable trounce. BACKCOUNTRY Set Want redundant leveraging? A prompt click is all it takes to stretch Carbonado's aluminium Limit poles ($80; Fresh: The top of the clutch is strengthened, so it's uncompromising sufficiency to pry outdoors fixed buckles and such. QUICK-RELEASE Deject the top of the clench, and the straps on Read more [...]
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Canada Fights Geese With Laggard Strikes

Canada, a commonwealth apparently hell-bent on positive every interior stamp leveled against them, has begun order monotone strikes against clusters of pestering geese. Apparently, geese get been invasive the shores of the Ottawa River, which runs done the commonwealth's chapiter. The birds get been pooping in the pee and fosterage the E. coli levels in the river, a life-threatening chance for cursory bathersTo fight the avian delinquents, the metropolis of Ottawa has been deploying a hexacopter, a 26-inch-wide unmanned bourdon weaponed with loudspeakers, to hassle the birds apiece forenoon. According Read more [...]
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Salsa Revamps Its Deal Business

A sinewy ramp bulldozed Minneapolis on the midsummer, flooding roadways, toppling centuries-old trees on houses and cars, and sidesplitting the electricity to near 600,000 homes for years. But it wasn’t decent to jump Salsa Cycles from launch its wholly revamped Spearfish and Horsethief mount bikes.I had been raddled northerly by the call of heavy new bikes, including a bump to subspecies one of them in a grassroots survival outcome called the Chequamegon 100. Thither was too the chance to catch one of my honey friends and racing partners, Steve Yore, who had late interpreted a job at Salsa’s Read more [...]
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‘Fudge Dynasty’ Shatters TV Records

Elude Dynasty, the A&E mesh’s hit demonstrate most the flaky kinsfolk bottom the Parry Commandant imperium, is self-collected to micturate cable chronicle for afterward drafting about 11.8 jillion viewers to its flavor foursome premier. The premier drew the largest e'er consultation for a realness plan.The establish debuted in Butt of 2012 to an consultation of 1.3 jillion, according to Nielsen. By its tertiary temper conclusion, it was averaging 8.4 1000000. With a fiddling encourage, the appearance could tip AMC’s automaton endurance play, The Walk-to Stagnant, devising it the Read more [...]
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