Russia sent a fleet to the coast of the Gaza Strip

Missile cruiser "Moskva", frigate "Smetliviy" and amphibious ships "Novocherkassk" and "Novorossiysk" protect Russian citizens in the event of an escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. In the Black Sea Fleet of the squad, who had gone to the conflict zone, also includes marine ship MB-304 and a large sea tanker "Ivan Bubnov." "The ships were ordered to stay in a designated area of the eastern Mediterranean," - told RIA "Novosti" a source in the Navy. In addition, during an expedition in the Mediterranean crews Read more [...]
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The full text of the address Benedict XVI to the faithful of the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI sent a special appeal to Catholics. In it, he announced his abdication of the throne of the Roman church, apologized to the faithful and thanked all those who helped him in a difficult ministry. The full text of the address. Dear brothers! I called you here today not only to have to inform you of the canonization of the three saints, but to tell you it is extremely important decisions that affect the life of the Catholic Church. After a few times I thought about my decision before the Lord, I came to the decision that my strength, because of my old age, more than sufficient Read more [...]
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Slavery in the United States has not been canceled

In the U.S., finally finally banned slavery: the last of the states to complete the necessary procedures. It only took a half century. True, virtually slave labor in this country - and in many others - quite legally continue to exist ... as part of the economic system.Mississippi last completed the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It happened only because of chance. Released last fall, rent a movie by Steven Spielberg, "Abraham Lincoln" made a strong impression on the citizens, and a professor at the University of Mississippi, intrigued by the history Read more [...]
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Israel and Hamas agreed to a truce after all

The truce began tonight. However, Tel Aviv, said that after the announcement of the cease-fire into Israeli territory suffered a rocket attack. Hamas rejects this. Truce they traktayut as a victory. In the Gaza Strip, even declared a national holiday. At night in Gaza were again heard explosions. But this time, not Israeli bombs and firecrackers. Crowds of people cheering in unison poured into the streets together to celebrate the first night of the week without the airstrikes. "Gaza under blockade, but we say" no "to Israel. People in Gaza have not raised the white flag. Read more [...]
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Pope denies the papacy

Pope Benedict XVI is going to abdicate the throne, reports in the Italian news agency ANSA Monday.

According to him, the Pontiff at a church events announced that he was going to do it on 28 February. Code Canon Law provides the right to renounce the Pope from the throne, and the he does not need someone to say this decision.

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The White House blames the CIA responsible for misinformation Benghazi

Within the elite U.S. started a new war behind the scenes. In closed hearings in Congress, the Obama administration and the CIA are trying to escape responsibility for the misinformation about the events in Benghazi. Meanwhile, Congress requires a direct answer to the question, who is trying to hide the truth about the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. The head of the U.S. Congressional intelligence Rep. Mike Rogers requires the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper public explanation of the events in Benghazi, according to Foxnews. The reason for the scandal was reported that Read more [...]
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U.S. to help Israel defend itself by funding the Iron Dome

"Israel has destroyed hundreds of rockets from the Gaza Strip due to US-sponsored missile defense system that intercepts short-range missiles," - writes The Washington Times. In the "Iron Dome" uses cameras and radars which detect a missile launch and determine the flight path at a distance of about 73 km. This information is then transmitted to the system Launch Control, which determines whether the projectile is a threat to the populated territory of Israel, author of the article describes the mechanism of action of Israeli defense. In an emergency, the system launches a Read more [...]
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Israeli politicians, From Gaza to proceed as the U.S. in Hiroshima

While in Cairo continues complex diplomatic negotiations in order to stop the Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed, Israel high-ranking officials, politicians, religious leaders and prominent journalists call to raze to the ground the Gaza Strip. Interior Minister Eli Yishai said on Monday that the operation "a pillar of cloud," which killed about 100 people, "should be continued and expanded." Obviously, the interior minister was referring to the need for intervention in the Palestinian enclave of heavy equipment, as well as the elite units of paratroopers and infantry. Until now, Read more [...]
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The operation in Gaza will end on Tuesday, said the president of Egypt

Last week, the Mursi told reporters that his government is in contact with both sides of the conflict is the "some reason to hope for a quick cease-fire." '' The aggression against Gaza will end today. Without concessions and capitulations'' '- quoted President Edition'' Masri Al-Yawm. " Word of the Egyptian leader to stop operation of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip were made at the funeral of his sister, who had died the day before. No other details about the end of combat operations in the enclave Mursi did not mention. Israel November 14, spends Read more [...]
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The EU has recognized the National Coalition opposition in Syria

The foreign ministers of the 27 EU countries on Monday announced the recognition of the National Coalition of opposition in Syria, which has declared itself the legitimate representative of the Syrian people."The EU considers them (the members of the coalition opposition) Legal representatives of the aspirations of the Syrian people," - said in the conclusion of the ministerial discussions question the situation in Syria.Agreement on the formation of the National Coalition opposition, which should represent the interests of all opponents of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was Read more [...]
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Europe will remain at Christmas without Christmas trees

In Europe refuse to Christmas trees. The reason - the dissatisfaction of local Muslims. First demonstrated the wonders of tolerance Belgium and Denmark. Expected "Christmas excitement" The authorities of Belgium and Denmark demonstrate wonders of tolerance to other cultures, citizens of non-Muslims are preparing to street protests. Administration of one of the cities located near Copenhagen, banned installed on the main square of a symbol of Christmas and New Year - spruce. The prohibition applies not only to municipal trees, and installed on private money. The fact is that most Read more [...]
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Obama’s victory ensured gays

Decisive role in the victory of Barack Obama in the past 6 November in the U.S. presidential election could not play the sympathy of Hispanics and other ethnic minorities, of which many political analysts said, but remains virtually unnoticed tremendous support from gays and lesbians, according to a new study.Analyzing the data of opinion polls, representatives of Williams and laboratory Gallup found that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was supported by almost the same number of voters traditional sexual orientation in all states except Ohio and Florida, where Romney won a small victory in the group. Read more [...]
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U.S. offers Russia to give up half of the nuclear weapons

The U.S. President in his annual address to Congress to call on a further reduction of strategic nuclear weapons, and Russia intend to offer the Americans to abandon half of nuclear weapons.Obama has reached an agreement with representatives of the U.S. armed forces to reduce the number of strategic nuclear warheads by about a third, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the portal New York Times.The American edition, in turn, refers to sources in the U.S. administration. Obama "thinks it is possible to significantly reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads and thus save Read more [...]
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In Russia will generate cash for fingerprint

11/16/2012, the Withdraw cash from ATMs without cards, but simply applying a finger on the scanner, the Russians will be able in the near future. Technology, which has long been used in a number of Asian countries, is preparing to launch retail "daughter" of VTB 24 Bank Summer. Biometric identification is fraught with many different risks, experts warn.As told yesterday the first deputy chairman of the Bank of Summer Georgy Gorshkov, next year, the bank plans to test biometric technology clients. According to him, it will allow bank customers to withdraw cash from ATMs without Read more [...]
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Egypt threatens Israel

Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil visited a hospital in Gaza. Kandil said: "Every day the Palestinian people burying martyrs in order to achieve their legitimate rights."Kandil said that he is "millions of Egyptians" that will support the Palestinian cause "to the end." He also said: "We have to stop this aggression, we can not afford to let this tragedy continue."Kandil said: "Palestine - the heart of the Muslim world. Israel must fulfill all the conditions of all agreements which it has signed. Palestine should unite, Jerusalem must be released." Read more [...]
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Relatives Goebbels manage billions of dollars and own 50% BMW

Descendants of Joseph Goebbels' wife inherited family wealth Nazi industrialists. They live in Germany and account for nearly 50% of BMW. Their wealth is estimated at $ 18 billion portion of the money comes from funds that were established after the fall of the family of the Third Reich, according to The Jerusalem Post. In spring 1945, 23-year-old officer of the German Air Force Harald Quandt received a letter from his mother Magda Goebbels. "My dear son! We are in a bunker for six days. Dad, I and six of your brothers and sisters are ready to give their lives. Be faithful! Be true Read more [...]
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Attorney General’s office justified the issuance of two Russians rebels in Libya

Prosecutor General's Office found no violations in the actions of employees of the Russian Embassy in Libya, which in August 2012. prominent citizens of the Russian Federation Vladimir Dolgov and Alexander Shadrova Libyan rebels. According to February 21 the newspaper "Izvestia", prosecutors actually allowed diplomats in violation of the Constitution to grant other countries of Russian citizens. Check the actions of Russian diplomats in Tripoli, personally initiated Prosecutor General Yury Chaika after being referred to it the State Duma deputies. MPs were going to find out on Read more [...]
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Hackers attacked the U.S. headquarters of the Army of China

Security experts have determined hackers from committing attacks on websites of the American media. The hacker group, code-named «Comment Crew» is located in Shanghai, a 12-story office building owned by the PLA (People's Liberation Army). It's unbelievable, but another explanation as to what manner of attack could be carried out with such a limited area, specialists were not able to come up with Mandiant - if the attacker is not located directly outside the gates of the building PLA, writes The Verge.For the past few months hackers attacked the sites of newspapers The Washington Post, Read more [...]
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U.S. does not rule out a preemptive strike on North Korea

U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said that Washington does not remove from the agenda the possibility of a preemptive attack on the DPRK. "We do not take off the agenda," - the diplomat said at a press briefing in response to a question about the possibility of such a joint venture with South Korea's steps toward Pyongyang.Nuland, however, said: "We are, however, focusing on the way, scheduled UN Security Council Resolution 2087, which called for increased economic pressure, if North Korea does not change its course."The international community has serious Read more [...]
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Obama offered the post of Minister of the Interior — the seller of sporting goods

U.S. President Barack Obama has proposed for the post of interior minister Sally Jewell (Sally Jewell), President and CEO Corporation Recreational Equipment Inc (REI), which sells products for outdoor activities. It is reported by The New York Times. In addition, the media published details of who will be nominated for the post of Minister of Energy.If the candidate Jewell is approved, it will replace Ken Salazar served in that position since 2009. A major focus of its work will be protection of public lands, including national parks and coastal areas. In the U.S., unlike other countries, the Read more [...]
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