Military pilots in Turkey resign en masse.

The deputy, adviser to the leader of the main opposition forces of the Turkish parliament - the Republican People's Party (Cumhurriyet Halk Partisi, CHP) - Umut Oran from the parliamentary tribune asked Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the situation around the pilots. "Already 110 military pilots submitted resignation. It does not endanger national security? After all, in fact, resigned 15% of military pilots. If suddenly there military situation, I believe that part of the military planes will not be able to use, is not it? "- Said William Oran. It is noted that of Read more [...]
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About Photoshop-shooting American president and the present epidemic of shooting in the U.S.

In late January, the public has become available photograph of President Obama fired a gun allegedly skeet in his country retreat at Camp David. Alerted the public that the president ever expressed a love of, and the fact that the photo appeared on the eve of a vote in Congress on a bill to limit arms trafficking. Many saw this as Obama's kowtowing to numerous friends weapons states desire to once again show off "their guy"All anything, but from the pictures it is clear that Obama does not know how to shoot skeet. How else to explain that during the shot gun barrel is not aimed Read more [...]
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U.S. will not block entry CSTO troops to Syria under a UN mandate

If Russia will lift the UN Security Council resolution to send troops of the Collective Security Treaty in Syria under the plan Lavrov - Burns, the United States will not use the veto to block the resolution, the press service of the U.S. Consulate General. Meanwhile, on such initiatives as the details of the plan at the embassy did not know and took them with surprise."The U.S. position is based on the fact that in Syria as soon as possible was over the bloodshed, so if someone would take the initiative I peacekeepers in the country, the U.S. would not veto it," - The embassy said."The Read more [...]
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U.S. uses drones to kill Americans

On Thursday, February 7, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will get a secret memorandum, explaining the position of the presidential administration in relation to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to kill U.S. citizens involved in terrorist activities. The document is a long name "Legality of lethal operations against U.S. citizens who are the leaders of" Al Qaeda "and associated forces." In a 16-page document states that if the following conditions, U.S. citizens can be eliminated out of the country: to inform the officials determined that these individuals Read more [...]
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Israel wants to create a buffer zone in Syria

The government regards the possibility of creating a buffer zone of 17 km length in Syria. The Israeli military claimed that the purpose of this decision is to prevent attacks from the war-torn country. However, Dr Jamal Vakim believes this is an attempt to annex the Syrian territory.
Category: Political Factors
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Japan: Russian aircraft entered the airspace of the country

Japan's Foreign Ministry protested the invasion of Russian military aircraft near the island Risiri northwest of HokkaidoTwo Russian military planes Su-27 entered the airspace of Japan to the north-west of the island of Hokkaido, said the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Japan.According to the Ministry, the Russian planes were in the air in Japan less than a minute.To date, the Ministry of Defense of Japan is not sure whether it was intentional or accidental invasion. In connection with the incident, the Japanese Foreign Ministry lodged a protest note to the Russian Read more [...]
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U.S. left to save the Gulf only one aircraft carrier

07/02/2013 The U.S. military command has decided to reduce the presence of U.S. naval forces in the Persian Gulf area and left there is only one carrier. The last couple of years in this region were constantly at least two U.S. carrier battle groups of ships. As reported on Wednesday, the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has approved the plans. The main reason for change - the need for cost savings in terms of budget cuts the military.Currently, in the Persian Gulf is the U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "John Stennis." To be replaced by the end of this month will Read more [...]
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Deleted video on the impact of the alleged missile strike on the U.S.

YouTube video portal administration to block access to a few days ago posted anti-American propaganda video itself, which is credited with the authorship of the DPRK. But you can see it on other sites. Instead of the video, which reflects the dream of reunification of Korea and destroy the United States, now a gaping black screen with a notice that it was "no longer available due to allegations of copyright infringement," the ITAR-TASS news agency. Step Guide Portal exemptions, as footage of the destroyed American city, seems to have been taken from a computer game production studio Read more [...]
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In Saudi Arabia, the CIA drone base found

Two major U.S. newspapers - The New York Times and The Washington Post - February 6 published data that the CIA has built and operates a base of active drones in a remote area of Saudi Arabia.According to the publication, the Americans use this database for at least two years. In particular, it is from there fly attack drones with which regularly destroyed by insurgents and terrorists in neighboring Saudi Arabia, Yemen.The Associated Press reported in 2011 that the Middle East is building of drone bases, but at the request of U.S. authorities did not disclose the exact location of this base. Read more [...]
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For violations in the field of archeology in Russia offering to give up to 6 years in prison

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on introduction to the State Duma a draft federal law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation to prevent illegal activities in the field of archeology."Draft order of Russian Ministry of Culture presented and published in the official government website. The bill provides for amendments to the Federal Law "On Export and import of cultural values", the Criminal Code, the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation and Read more [...]
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Iran is on the internet video from intercepted U.S. drone

Tehran has confirmed that he was able to gain access to data stored by DRON Sentinel, who was captured in December 2011. As proof of entry airborne appeared in the Iranian television broadcast. In April last year, the country's military officials said that Iranian experts have deciphered from the disk drive drone, but the evidence for this is not provided. At first aired video shows flying drone, including circle, performed around the airfield in Kandahar in Afghanistan, and monitoring of buildings. How the so-called "Beast of Kandahar" has made an emergency landing in Iran, Read more [...]
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In Mali, invaded from Chad

Military forces from Chad in the 1800 officers and soldiers crossed the border on February 5, Mali, the Associated Press reported, with reference to the statement made by the French command in the region.According to this information, a contingent from Chad takes control of the city of Kidal, located in north-eastern Mali. Most of the population of this city are ethnic Tuareg, who flatly refused to take in Kidal Malian government forces. This is due to the fact that the Malian soldiers and officers have often been convicted of robbery, looting and killing of the Tuareg.Earlier control of Kidal Read more [...]
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Chinese frigate took aim at the Japanese destroyer

Chinese frigate patrolling waters near the disputed islands in the East China Sea, and took aim at the Japanese destroyer, who was in the same area with similar objectives, according to Agence France-Presse.According to the Minister of Defense of Japan Itsunori Onodery (Itsunori Onodera), Chinese ship brought on enemy radar, designed to assess the size of the captured target and the distance to it. Usually, this procedure immediately before the discovery of fire. Japanese sailors, however, showed restraint and did not retaliate.The minister also said that the incident in question, there was still Read more [...]
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Lebanon issued a warrant for the arrest of the head of the Syrian security services

Lebanese prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of the head of Syrian intelligence, Brigadier General Ali Mamluk, the Associated Press, citing a source in the Lebanese judiciary. He is accused of involvement in the preparation of terrorist acts in Lebanon.These charges were brought against General correspondence in the summer of 2012. Lebanon also issued a warrant for the arrest of a Syrian colonel named Adnan.According to media reports, Ali Mamluk and Colonel Adnan are defendants in the same case as the former Information Minister Michel Samaha Lebanon. He is under arrest since August Read more [...]
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Kuwaiti blogger, was sentenced to five years in prison for insulting the emir

Kuwaitis Mohammed Eid al-Ajmi was sentenced to five years in prison for insulting the Emir in the microblogging network Twitter. This is the maximum period provided for such violation.According to BBC, the constitutional status of the Emir of Kuwait is considered "untouchable."Recall that in the middle of last year, a Kuwaiti court sentenced him to 10 years in prison for insulting the man in Twitter Prophet Muhammad, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, as well as his own wife. Hamad Naki, a Muslim Shiite, said in court about his innocence, claiming that his account was hacked.Recall Read more [...]
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New York law has tightened control arms trafficking

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo signed a law passed on Tuesday, becoming the toughest in the history of the United States regarding the right of citizens to personal weapons. The new law forbids weapons as people with unhealthy psyche, limits the number of rounds in the cage, and requires the sellers of weapons report to the authorities of all the advanced sales. In addition, the law extends the ban on "assault" weapons. Andrew Cuomo said that the impetus to take such drastic measures was the recent mass shooting school in Connecticut. Just tougher laws that make up the annual tax Read more [...]
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North Korea is preparing to double nuclear tests

North Korea completes preparation of the two nuclear weapons at the site in the town of Pung-ri. Perhaps one of them is a fake, according to analysts from South Korea. "Satellites show growth of transport activity and movement of personnel in the tunnels in the southern half of the object. On Saturday the area in front of mines cleared of equipment. All the people left the zone, "- says the newspaper Chosun Ilbo. Now North Korea has two tunnels ready for a full atomic tests. "One of them may be fake, but we can not exclude the fact that the North Korean regime will test at the Read more [...]
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U.S. Defense Secretary spoke of torture for the sake of capturing bin Laden

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta acknowledged that torture and "enhanced interrogation techniques" were used in order to successfully carry out the operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. This was announced during the program Meet the Press on NBC. Panetta made the confession, when asked about the film by Kathryn Bigelow, "number one target", which shows that the U.S. military tortured prisoners to find out where bin Laden is hiding. U.S. Secretary of Defense, in its reply did not mention torture, but noted that the film really shows some of the techniques Read more [...]
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Iran presented a new supersonic fighter

Iranian engineers have developed a unique aircraft - fighter Qaher F313 "Conqueror", the presentation of which on Saturday was attended by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. According to the President, this aircraft is "one of the most modern in the world." And it is made entirely of materials of local production. Their appearance, "the Conqueror" reminds American silent machine "Stealth." But it is not known whether he is inferior to his transatlantic "brother" in terms of speed, agility and technical equipment. As recalled by the Bi-bi-si, Read more [...]
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Producers of GMO products are sponsoring politicians

Activists in the United States staged a protest during the meeting of the shareholders of the company "Monsanto". They require mandatory labeling of products, as well as transparency in research and business, as there are concerns that GMO foods are causing serious harm to human health. Adam Edinger, one of the shareholders, "Monsanto", believes that while such companies are sponsoring politicians, they can suppress any risks.Category: Political Factors Read more [...]
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