Fourth Reich: be prepared — the EU on the march

One of the most often repeated blunders in relation to the EU is the belief that the great European club was originally created to support the trade and implement the new face of the liberal idea of the XIX century unrestricted free markets. This is not only a profound error, but also a reflection of the complete lack of understanding of how, why, and why there was the EU. Masterminds who invented the Treaty of Rome - the famous stone tablets, fasten goal of European solidarity - not polls businessmen. They also were not associated with low worlds of production and transport of goods, exchange Read more [...]
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Top Secret — Israel

Transfer of describing the situation in the Middle East since the proclamation of the State of Israel.
Category: Political Factors
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Julian Assange: Ordinary people become enemies of their governments

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange on Thursday night made a Christmas appeal, which he read from the balcony of the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he hid for more than six months. Assange called on to defend democracy and freedom of speech in the world, saying that "we need to act and act now." Editor of the controversial site thanked his supporters for their support. "I am encouraged by your solidarity," - he said. In his speech, WikiLeaks editor urged his supporters to continue the fight for democracy "from Tahrir to London." Ordinary citizens in Europe Read more [...]
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The news of the fighter, interception of Kabul Boeing 767 with hundreds of Russians, embarrassed the Russian Embassy

Passengers of the flight from the island of Bali in Yekaterinburg were under the gun fighter: over Kabul aboard Boeing 767 followed, accompanied by Afghan military aircraft. On arrival in Russia of Nordwind Airlines crew reported the incident Rosaviatsia and the source in the airline - edition Life News. Russian diplomats have questioned the validity of this information.According to a source Life News, Afghan fighter jet passenger aircraft approached very close, in fact, the board has been taken aim. On the plane, allegedly were 285 people, including 17 children."Some passengers, Read more [...]
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Hurry to die: the Japanese authorities may waive the maintenance of life after 60 years

Older people need the right to end their days without artificial life support, according to the Japanese Minister of Finance. To date, the social security system of the country paralyzed by the support of people over 60 who make up a third of the nation. Known for his harsh speeches of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso said the government is paying too much money for a senseless violent extension of the lives of those whose days are numbered. This is a statement he made at a meeting of the National Council for Social Security reform. "Do not bring the Lord to have to live Read more [...]
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Read is not harmful

Educational standard for literature, testing starting in 2013, was at the center of criticism: the Ministry of Education and the Russian Academy of Education felt that in high school need to go Lyudmila Ulitskaya, not by Nikolai Leskov. In the dispute between the classics and contemporaries, and found several disturbing trends.   A new conflict around education reform erupted in January after appearing in bookstores in Moscow and other Russian cities in a new program to the literature, which is made up of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE).   Manuals collected, according to the authors, Read more [...]
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Patriot missiles arrived in Turkey

01/21/2013 Cargo ship Suecia Seaways, on board of which are NATO anti-missile Patriot, arrived on Monday morning to the Turkish port of Iskenderun. According to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, SAM Patriot, brought from Germany, will be located in the south-eastern province of Kahramanmaras in Turkey, and the systems brought from the Netherlands - in the province of Adana. In the near future unloading more than 130 containers of arms, which will be posted in the country by the decision of NATO to defend against attack by Syria. Recall Turkey in the second half of November, asked NATO to provide Read more [...]
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Patrols Sharia struggling with immorality Londoners

01/21/2013 In several areas of London there were so-called "Sharia patrols." Police Scotland Yard has launched an investigation against radical Islamists who are fighting for the observance of Sharia law, as they put it, "in a Muslim land."Hiding their faces behind hoods and presented "Islamic patrol," the young observant Muslims coming to passersby, who, in their opinion behave inappropriately and explain how to behave in accordance with Islamic law in force in those areas. Not in the most polite manner, it should be noted.It should also be noted that at the Read more [...]
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Education system will collapse — and the whole country will collapse

In order to explain to us all, how will put into practice the notorious education reform and how it will be our bright future, officials took nearly 120 pages of fine print with tables and footnotes. A sort of "road map" that subtly entitled: "Changes in the social sphere, to improve the effectiveness of education and science." Increased efficiency - it is, of course, good and claims to be an overwhelmingly positive response. Who is opposed to efficiency, even when it comes to such zhizneformiruyuschey field? .. Confused, however, this title the word "efficiency": Read more [...]
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Russia will be destroyed within a legalized financial aggression

As part of a special operation the world's largest financial institutions, valued advisor to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev as "legalized aggression", "partners" of the Russian Federation - the U.S., Japan, UK and EU countries continue to steadily increase its currency issue, whereby buy real assets. S. Glazyev resulting data showing that over the past two years, issued $ 1.5 trillion to 1.2 trillion euros and "comparable amount" in yen and pounds sterling. According to S.Glazeva, under the current economic model of the money supply in Read more [...]
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Lenin’s body has lost value to the majority of Russians

January 21 marks 89 years since the death of Vladimir Lenin. As found "Levada Center", the number of people who believe that the body should remain in the mausoleum, declined in recent years to 25%. Nationalists believe that "fans Soviet executioners soon will be even less." In the Communist Party are convinced that "society should be consolidated to address common problems, and disposal of Vladimir Lenin can share it," writes the newspaper "Kommersant". The number of those who want to have the body of Vladimir Lenin in the Mausoleum remained fell to a Read more [...]
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Self-fulfilling prophecy of the death of Bill Gates’ bank

Experts from Deutsche Bank will present a study forecast the death of the traditional banks as a result of the Internet. Thus, there are statistical and mathematical prediction of confirmation of Bill Gates, he did more in the nineties: «Banks - no, banking - yes» (banks - not banking - of course).  According to estimations of Deutsche Bank a few years will need to ensure that Internet companies first robbed banks payments market, and then - and credit markets, and deposits. The beginning of this fascinating process we see today. For example, there is no need to buy a service from the Read more [...]
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Israel helps fuel the war in the Caucasus

January is not over yet, and for Armenia sounded a lot of signals suggests that the opponents of the republic in the regional coordinate system, as well as their allies, are going to further aggravate the situation in the region through its unrestrained militarization.In the past year, especially after visits to Yerevan two government delegations of Israel (which in itself is unprecedented, if you take the point of reference since 1991), it seems that the Jewish state will gradually move away from adverse exchange rate on the full armament of Azerbaijan. However, a year 2013th already brought Read more [...]
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Ukraine decided to return control of Chisinau Tiraspol

Ukraine, the OSCE chairmanship in 2013, according to the priority of the Transnistrian conflict settlement based on "the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova." This was announced by a special representative of the OSCE on Conflict Andrew Deschitsa. "Ukraine and Russia have repeatedly expressed a common position on a peaceful settlement of the conflict on the basis of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, the provision of the special legal status of Transnistria, and guarantee human rights and minorities," Read more [...]
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U.S. accused the Syrian authorities of the terrorist attack in Aleppo

The U.S. State Department blamed the attack on the university campus in Aleppo in the Syrian army. Explosions January 15 claimed the lives of 87 people, more than 150 were injured.Today the U.S. Department of State issued an official comment on the tragic events in the second largest city of Syria. Department of State is the statement "witnesses" who claim that government aircraft carried out several strikes in the vicinity of the university. Were killed in attack students and refugees, highlighted by the agency. "We condemn all attacks on unarmed civilians and emphasize that Read more [...]
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U.S. fighter jets were scrambled to intercept two Russian Tu-95 — TV

U.S. Air Force fighter jets were scrambled to intercept two Russian strategic bombers Tu-95, which carried out a flight around the U.S. island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, reports Saturday TV NBC News, without specifying the date of the incident.The U.S. military said channel that found on the radar two turboprop strategic bomber, according to NATO classification bearing the nickname "Bear". Their potential interception of U.S. Air Force base "Andersen" flew F-15 fighters.However, the TV channel reported that "contact between U.S. and Russian aircraft was on a professional Read more [...]
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Obama laid out a program to strengthen the control of small arms

U.S. President Barack Obama delivered to Congress with a package of proposals aimed at strengthening the control of firearms in the country. Supposed to implement a package of measures, the total cost of implementation which Obama estimates at $ 500 millionThe President asked Congress to ban the distribution of military small arms. He also urged lawmakers to eliminate every possible loophole to avoid the screening when buying weapons. Earlier congressmen led statistics, according to which 40% of gun owners do not pass inspection before you purchase.The president also asked the federal agencies Read more [...]
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Japan is exploring options for a war with China

As announced on January 8 target group of liberal Democratic Party of Japan on defense, military budget could be increased to 100 billion yen ($ 1.15 billion). Three of the five scenarios considered by the Ministry of Defense recently, the SDF contains a commitment to take action against the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Although among the possible factors discussed North Korean ballistic missiles, and Russia, the three primary scenarios include the crisis in the East China Sea. The first scenario involved the war between China and Japan over disputed islands Diaoyutai / Senkaku Islands Read more [...]
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America is repeating the mistakes of the Vietnam War

40 years ago, in early 1973, the U.S. withdrew its troops from Vietnam and no longer participate in a war that has cost both sides - both financially and morally. Price war was too high to make the same mistakes. However, according to RT correspondent Marina Portnaya, in recent years, Washington's foreign policy has led many to doubt that the United States learned the appropriate lessons from those events.Category: Political Factors Read more [...]
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U.S. court ordered Russia to pay $ 50,000 for each day the Schneerson

The District Court in Washington issued a ruling that the Russian government should pay the daily Jewish Chassidic movement "Chabad Lubavitch" fine of 50 thousand dollars as long as it does not return the so-called "Schneerson Collection", a collection of historic books and documents. According to the Russian Embassy in the U.S., this decision is contrary to U.S. and international law. "According to Russian law," Schneerson Collection "is part of the cultural heritage of the country and can not be alienated - quoted by ITAR-TASS comment embassy press service. Read more [...]
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