About Drug money in British bank HSBC and its contacts with the U.S. Justice Ministry

If you have ever been arrested on charges of violations of drug, even if you spent days in jail for possession of marijuana in a pinch your pocket, or "accessory addict" in the gym bag, then deputy attorney general and a longtime friend of Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton) Lanny Breuer (Lanny Breuer) has a message for you: "Bite me."Breuer this week signed an agreement with the British banking giant - HSBC. This is - an insult to anyone who once accused in cases related to drugs. Despite the recognition of the bank in money laundering for the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, Read more [...]
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Obama changes course the key agencies

Pulling John Brennan and Chuck Hagel at the head of two major law enforcement agencies - the CIA and the Pentagon, President Barack Obama appears to be preparing for a new dispute with Congress. Withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iran to support - these are the key slogans of potential colleagues president. Meanwhile, the White House and the Capitol on the national debt and illegal immigration differ. However, it appears, based on the shoulders of their comrades, Obama will be able to loudly declare its position on these issues. John Brennan worked at the CIA for 25 years. Previously, Read more [...]
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100 fighters work out in Israel Syrian scenario

01/08/2013 According to the second channel of the Israeli TV, in Israel are major air exercise of different countries of the world.The pilots and their machines arrived in Israel a few days ago. They will explore all possible scenarios in Syria, including actions against the Syrian chemical arsenal.Israel reports that any of the pilots involved in the preparation. Last week, Israeli TV reported that the exercises will be practiced bombing and air combat techniques.mignews.comCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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David Cameron: Britain is ready to fight for the Falklands

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the country's readiness to go to war with Argentina in case the latter will attempt to regain Falklands. "I regularly find out about all the changes on the issue to be aware of all events - the politician said in an interview with BBC. - Our defense and determination is at the limit. " The prime minister also said that despite the budget cuts, the weapons and the army are one of the key items of expenditure of the state. Cameron's statement came in response to an open letter to the President of Argentina Cristina Kishner, in which it Read more [...]
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As political correctness in the U.S. was censored

The fact that one person just a statement of fact, for someone else can be an insult. It is now understood as political correctness in the United States. But some believe that vision too much. RT correspondent Marina Portnaya found out, why a country which prides itself on freedom of speech has become so sensitive.Category: Political Factors Read more [...]
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Barack Obama, the Americans propose to solve the problem of debt by the platinum coins of 1 trillion dollars

Residents of U.S. President Barack Obama's offer to solve the looming problem of rising debt ceiling by the publication of the coins of 1 trillion dollars. So unexpected initiative contained in the new petition, which was published on the White House Web site. Two days on a petition signed by more than four thousand Americans. According to the existing rules in the U.S., if within a month can raise 25 thousand signatures, the administration will have to consider the request in an official order, and then take it as a guide to action or to give a negative answer. The authors call for a Read more [...]
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Hydraulic fracturing is a life-changing geopolitical issue

New technology to extract natural gas from shale rock, change the geopolitical balance of power. The benefits of this can get the United States and China, and Germany expects tough times.Money is not ringing at the box office the stock exchanges, if have to change course. The same applies to the history of the world, when the map of the world is, as in our days, the formation of the new geopolitics of energy. The new technology, which in English is called «fracking», which allows to extract natural gas from shale rock, changing not only the global markets and the geometry of power, but also Read more [...]
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U.S. Department of State’s visit Google’s top manager in the DPRK, not the right time

U.S. State Department critical of regarding the previously announced humanitarian mission to North Korea, with the participation of Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google, and former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson. According to the State Department, the position of which sounded department spokesman Victoria Nuland, the initiators of the mission chose "not a good time" for a visit to North Korea. V.Nuland pointed out that the tension in the region in recent weeks has grown substantially. The reason for this was the launch of the DPRK in December last year long-range missiles. Press Read more [...]
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Publishers in Germany crosses out of the famous fairy tales word nigger

The oldest German publisher Thienemann Verlag crosses out of the well-known fairy tales in German children's author Otfried Proysler word "nigger" and "negro", a spokesman for publisher Klaus Villberg Saturday's edition of the newspaper Tageszeitung."Books should be adapted to the linguistic and political change. Only in this case they will remain forever, "- argued Villberg position of the publishing house. However, he said that the politically correct in their opinion words are literally crossed out and not replaced by others. While the decision on "Edit" Read more [...]
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New witness Sarkozy confirmed the receipt of money from Gaddafi

Former mediator between Libya and France, Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddin (Ziad Takieddine) confirmed that the regime of Muammar Gaddafi has financed the campaign of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. This statement Takieddin made during a meeting with the judge in his case about illegal arms transactions is 19 December. Publicly, he confirmed his statements in an interview with Le Parisien, published on 2 January.Businessman promised to provide the court documents that prove that the former Libyan leader has funded Sarkozy's election campaign in 2006-2007. In addition, as the Read more [...]
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Switzerland’s oldest bank was closed due to a claim of U.S. authorities

Switzerland's oldest private bank, Wegelin & Co, announced the termination of its activities, Reuters reported on Monday, January 3. Such statements by Wegelin & Co made after an admission of guilt that the bank helped U.S. citizens evade taxes. Wegelin & Co, which began its work more than two centuries ago, has admitted that for nearly ten years has helped U.S. citizens evade taxes totaling $ 1.2 billion. As compensation, the bank agreed to pay fines to U.S. authorities 57.8 million. Do the Wegelin & Co reveal the names of its clients-Americans are demanding the U.S. government, Read more [...]
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Argentina demanded to the Falklands by British newspapers

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Christina Fernandez de Kirchner) published in British newspapers letter urged the UK to return to its country control of the Falkland Islands. So she decided to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the annexation of the territory of the United Kingdom.Kirchner argued their claims need to respect the decisions of the United Nations. So, she cited the UN resolution 1960, which demanded "to stop the policy of colonialism in all its forms and manifestations." Furthermore, the President recalled the UN General Assembly resolution in 1965, Read more [...]
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Naval aircraft were patrolling the Northern Fleet in the Arctic

Northern Fleet aircraft on a regular basis beginning patrols Arctic latitudes of the Arctic Ocean, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence? Captain First Rank Vadim Serga."This week, the crews of naval aviation of the Northern Fleet, carried out three flights in the Arctic region," said Sergei.Two flights were performed on IL-38 and one on the Tu-142. Aircraft took off from an airfield in the Murmansk and Vologda regions, and conducted patrols over international waters of the Arctic Ocean.Aircraft has monitored the ice near the North Sea route, to aid in navigation civilian ships in Read more [...]
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Putin signed a law raising the age limit to 70 years, officials

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law raising the age limit for civil public service and 70 years, according to a report published on the Kremlin website. According to the document, before the age limit for the public service of 60 years, but with the consent of the employee's term could be extended to 65 years. From now on, the age limit for senior officials of 70 years. "Federal law introduced the rule that the federal government civilian employee who has reached the age limit for the Civil Service, replace the post of the state civil service category of" managers Read more [...]
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Americans leave Afghanistan without paying land rent

Leaving the restive province of Kunar, U.S. troops left behind a huge amount of equipment, unpaid bills for the lease of land and a bitter dispute over the territory, which threatens to undermine the authority of the Afghan government, as reported by local officials and former landlords.The only sign that American troops ever leave the military base around which for many years was based village life Pashengar was roaring column of trucks in the middle of the night. In the morning, local residents discovered that the guard was gone, the buildings were blown up, and that was previously inaccessible Read more [...]
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Fiscal cliff in the U.S. temporarily prevented

In the U.S., the "fiscal cliff" (simultaneous sharp tax increases and cuts in public spending) is prevented by 2 months. This is stated in a special memorandum signed by the head of the Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid and Democrats in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, reports Reuters.The agreement provides for a balance between cuts in public spending and tax increases, which will postpone the automatic budget sequestration (sharp cuts in public spending).Half of the cuts will come from defense spending, while the second half of izyschut civilian spending. It will Read more [...]
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In Syria, the Turkish pilots were arrested while trying to enter the military airport

Syrian government forces have arrested four Turkish fighter pilots from the military airport "coercive" in the province of Aleppo, Syrian media reported.

Turkish soldiers were arrested while trying to secretly infiltrate the military airport.

Turkish pilots accompanied by a group of armed men pass online media.

Category: Political Factors
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In Japan, the number of death row inmates has reached record

Death in prison in Japan expect 133 people, the largest number of death row inmates in the country's modern history. In 2012 in Japan were executed seven death sentences. The number of prisoners on death row in Japan increased in 2012 to a record high - 133 people, according to local broadcaster NHK. Japan, along with the United States remains one of the few democratic and industrialized countries that have retained the death penalty.Executions in Japan are carried out by hanging - without prior notice to the prisoners without witnesses. Disposal of the execution issued in secret himself Read more [...]
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Turkish PM: Victory over the tyrant Assad close

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Tayep Syrian refugee camp in the border town of Sanliurfa ... He was accompanied by the leader of the Syrian opposition Moaz Ahmed al-Khatib and several deputies. Speaking to the refugees, Erdogan said that the victory over the "tyrant" Assad close. "I can clearly see that the help of Allah is near. You have suffered a lot, but do not despair." The premier said that Assad "tortured" nearly 50,000 people. "We will stand with you until the end" - quoted Erdogan MIGnews. Turkey is officially 150,000 Syrian Read more [...]
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U.S. budget: The compromise a few hours remain

The last day of 2012 in the U.S. Senate The ongoing debate around the border income, guaranteeing the Americans tax relief. The absence of a compromise solution would reduce all budget items.Failed negotiations in the U.S. Senate between Democrats and Republicans on the bill to prevent the automatic budget sequester, and the elimination of tax benefits for a total of 607 billion dollars from January 1, 2013. On Monday, December 31, the senators and the presidential administration has only a few hours to find a solution acceptable to all and to prevent the immersion of the country into another Read more [...]
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