For the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Yemen, offered three kilograms of gold

Branch of the terrorist group "Al-Qaeda", operating in Yemen, promised three kilograms of gold (about 160,000 U.S. dollars) for the murder of the U.S. ambassador to that country Feyersteyna Gerald (Gerald Feierstein). Reported by the Associated Press. Terrorists have also offered a reward of 5 million rials (about 23 thousand dollars) to anyone who kills one U.S. soldier in Yemen. Representatives of the "Al-Qaeda" claimed that these conditions will be in effect for the next six months, noting that, in their view, the proposal "would inspire Yemeni Muslims to jihad."Department Read more [...]
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Israel recognized the existence of a Prisoner X

Jerusalem acknowledged that the Israeli prison actually contained a "Prisoner X", who had dual Israeli-Australian citizen who committed suicide in 2010, according to The Jerusalem Post.Israeli Justice Ministry explained that the personal data that prisoner hiding for security reasons, says BBC News. His family was notified of the investigation, arrest, was approved by the court, and the rights of the prisoner followed.The fact that a man found in secrecy in an Israeli prison Ayalon, became known in 2010. The media reported that he was sitting in solitary confinement and has no contact Read more [...]
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Amphibious ship Novocherkassk went to Syria

Russian amphibious ship "Novocherkassk" out of the naval base in Novorossiysk and headed to the Syrian port of Tartus - said the General Staff of the Armed Forces. December 31 will ship the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles and enter the Aegean Sea. On board is a marine unit and a few pieces of military equipment. Two other amphibious ships "Azov" and "Nicholas Filchenkov" December 28, the straits and in the Aegean Sea, and joined to the order of the Black Sea Fleet. Accompanied Guards missile cruiser "Moskva" ships left for Tartus, which should arrive Read more [...]
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2012 — USA: The coup, overthrowing Obama martial law planned military

But the plot was uncovered. Gordon Duff, editor ("Veterans Today", a specialized edition of the prestigious American veterans of the American military and State Department employees - approx.). (Summary Article - D.Uilkok)Details of results publication veteranstoday. From October 1, all U.S. military bases in the country and abroad, the Obama administration put on alert. However, as far as we know, the U.S. did not threaten any terrorists. The enemy is called "internal", but its roots go far beyond America. Today Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaotte was "removed" from Read more [...]
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What does the testing of nuclear weapons in North Korea?

Threat to mankind comes not really from the hungry communist North Korea, and from the well-fed American capitalists, who do not want to ratify the CTBT and to negotiate with North Korea, which they terrified.February 12 at 2:57 am GMT on a worldwide network of seismographs registered a magnitude 5 tremor with its epicenter in North Korea. Several hours later, the DPRK announced third (official count) underground nuclear weapon test.The organization of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) has concluded that the seismic signal like an explosion and it twice as strong Read more [...]
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Israeli track in the shooting of children in Sandy Hook

Heavily armed fighters of the state police leave school "Sandy Hook" in Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012. One month and one day ago, the President of the United States issued a memorandum on the "insider threat", warning of acts of "violence" and "mass espionage" within the government.President raised the alarm because of the likelihood coordinated attack, which was to tear the very fabric of American society. Showed several conspiracies that quiet "deal", including through the organization of the physical liquidation.There is evidence that Read more [...]
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Russia is arming to the brink of a possible

According to a study at Hamburg University, 2012 proved to be more peaceful than the previous one: the world's recorded 34 armed conflict against 37 last year. According to the number of wars Africa has led (13), followed by the Middle East (11) and Asia (9). Potentially conflict region is Asia, where there is very strong growth in military spending and arms imports (in some countries - such as Malaysia - military spending over this period grew at times). Given the territorial disputes in the region (in particular, on the islands of the East China and South China Sea), as well as stiff Read more [...]
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Events around the Iron Dome …

Israel is convinced that technological superiority over its enemies - a matter of life and death. Therefore, making significant efforts in this direction. When certain achievements proudly declares them.So, in these days of Israel celebrates a tactical missile defense system "Iron Dome", which became the main character of reports on the progress of operations in Gaza, according to Israel's well-proven. Not limited to, verbal praise, the state of Israel even issued a medal in honor of the "Iron Dome." The media have the information that the Corporation "Coins and Read more [...]
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South Sudan explained why Russian helicopter shot down

Southern Sudanese Ambassador to Russia Shol Deng Alak not exclude that the Mi-8 helicopter with Russian pilots on board could be shot down an army of his country by mistake. According to him, the Republic of Sudan previously used an aircraft with the markings of the UN mission to support the rebels in southern Sudan."This is a confirmation. Question arises: why the UN did not require cessation of labeling?" - He said at a news conference in Moscow.He did not rule out that the preceding aircraft unfriendly actions marked the UN could lead to fire a Russian helicopter. "Because Read more [...]
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Syrian rebels say they are ready for the production of chemical weapons

Syrian opposition has the capacity to produce chemical weapons and does not preclude its use in case of emergency. The rebels say they are ready to strike at the "bases and centers of the regime." At the same time, no one can guarantee that the victims of the attacks will not civilians.The rebels have not only knowledge, but also all the materials required for the independent production of deadly chemicals. Today this information in an interview with Turkish news agency Anatolia confirmed Bassam al-Dada, Senior Representative of the Free Syrian Army. He said that the production process Read more [...]
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Lukashenko frightened Israel to supply Iran with S-300

The possibility of supply from Belarus to Iran advanced anti-S-300 is a major concern on the Israeli side. In Israel, the deal was soon nicknamed the "axis of evil." At the same time Russia in the recent past, according to the UN resolution to terminate the contract under which Iran was to provide a range of weapons. Meanwhile, the leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has followed a number of Tehran, as suggested by the public, and it is ready to supply the Islamic Republic has to be her arms, not to miss the opportunity to capitalize on this, says "Market Leader". The Read more [...]
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Dmitry Medvedev: The fall of a meteorite — is proof of the vulnerability of the planet

Prime Minister said that the fall of a meteorite - is proof of vulnerability not only the economy but also the entire planet. This is a statement he made at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. "Today on the Chelyabinsk Region, Tyumen and in some other places was a meteor rain. This is another character that must be our forum. I hope that serious consequences will be, but, nevertheless, it is proof that the vulnerability is not only the economy, but also the entire planet, "- said Medvedev at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. Meteor rain held today between Chelyabinsk and Ufa, in the town Read more [...]
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Syria called the information on the use of chemical weapons provocation West

Syrian ambassador to Moscow Riyad Haddad called a provocation allegations of Syrian army chemical weapons. In his opinion, misinformation can become a pretext for foreign intervention in Syria. "Of course, everything is done for the organization of intervention in Syria, but I think that, thanks to the efforts of Russia and China will not happen" - said Haddad. The politician did not give a direct answer to the question of who is behind the stuffing of this information, but said that the foreign media, including Turkish and Arabic, inaccurate covering the events in Syria to facilitate Read more [...]
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Russia sent to Syria marine units

Russia sent to Syria, large landing ships (LST) "Azov" and "Nicholas Filchenkov", carrying the few marine units and military equipment, "Interfax" referring to a source in the General Staff of the Russian Federation. The ships are sent to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the support center of the Russian Navy. According to the source, December 28 ships will join the group in the Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser "Moskva" and frigate "Smetliviy" that will guide them in Tartous. "The special forces tasked with ensuring security of ships while Read more [...]
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The United States will be able to move away from the edge of the financial cliff

Despite the global crisis, has hit the global economy, the United States, contrary to the predictions of different experts, it seems, are not going to give up the role of global economic leader. On the contrary, according to recent data, the U.S. economy is showing signs of active recovery after experiencing its crisis. Thus, in the thirdquarter of 2012, GDP USA increased by 3.1% instead of the experts predicted 2.6% - 3%. Notable improvements are viewed in such sectors as real estate, at the time became the "cradle" of the crisis itself. In this regard, according to The Wall Street Read more [...]
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Military U.S. and France are prepared to protect storage of chemical weapons from Syrian rebels

Elite units of the armed forces of France and the United States are on the Jordanian-Syrian border, preparing for a possible intervention in Syria, in the event of the fall of President Bashar al-Assad to protect stocks of chemical weapons at the hands of Islamists.The command of the French Foreign Legion in the past months repeatedly departing from Jordan to Syria scout to gather information. To camouflage the soldiers of the elite French army units carried out, presumably, protect the field hospital for refugees located in the Jordanian city of Mafraq.Specially trained for combat in the desert Read more [...]
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Blight of Western civilization: Who is to blame?

 Excuse me, no doubt, Immanuel Kant. In the "Critique of Practical Reason," he taught that happiness is "a state of a rational being in the world, when all of his existence is in his will and desire." That there was no interference, achieving a happy state, each person (if this exists) must conduct themselves in accordance with the maxim: "Act so that you are always concerned for humanity and in your face, and also any other person as an end and never treated to him only as a means. " Finally: "Act so that the maxim of your will could at the same Read more [...]
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Argentina denies the right of the UK to name a part of Antarctica in honor of Queen Elizabeth II

Argentine Foreign Minister demanded an explanation from the British authorities in connection with the renaming of Antarctica in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, news agencies reported. Argentines firmly rejected the claim on the London part of Antarctica, because they believe that their territory, as well as denial of the right of Britain to call this area the name of the Queen to mark the 60th anniversary of her time on the throne. Renaming of Antarctica in honor of Queen Elizabeth II was timed to the anniversary of her reign. Land area of Queen Elizabeth is 437 square kilometers, which is two times Read more [...]
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Yemen ignore their own interests for the sake of the U.S.

President of Yemen, which is actively supported by the U.S., took control of the country's arsenal of ballistic missiles and, thus, eliminate the military threat posed by their opponents. It was feared that the army would refuse to support this step, and this will lead to even more excitement. But the country's already raging rebellion, its besieged "Al-Qaeda", and U.S. drones repeatedly make the airstrikes. Washington continues to cover up their secret war on terror high moral principles. And Yemen are a sanctuary of terrorists, who are just waiting to attack America. Read more [...]
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U.S. created the award for Excellent in computer battles

The Pentagon has created a new medal for soldiers who distinguished themselves in the computer field. She will be awarded to the control of unmanned aerial vehicles and hackers working in the Ministry of Defense. "I personally witnessed how modern technology, such as remotely piloted platforms and cyber systems, changed the very essence of war. New award reflects the changing technological realities of the XXI century "- quoted by RBC outgoing U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. The official name of the award - "For outstanding use of military equipment." It will be in Read more [...]
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