Most of the press conference will be held on December 20 Putin

16/12/2012 The Kremlin announced the date of the big press conference of President Vladimir Putin - it will be held on December 20 at 12.00.Press Secretary of the President, Dmitry Peskov said that Putin intends to return to the practice of annual press conferences, which are held in the course of his first term (2000-2008). About the place and manner of passage for the upcoming press conference will be announced.ria.ruCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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North Korea threatened South Korea with cruise missiles

The armed forces of South Korea have adopted their own production cruise missiles capable of hitting any target in North Korea, said "Yonhap".Cruise missiles are placed on the South Korean Navy ships patrolling the waters around North Korea. Potential target of these missiles is the starting point of North Korean ballistic missiles, as well as objects of the nuclear industry.The South Korean government has also announced that it will continue to work on establishing a modern system for intercepting ballistic missiles, capable of neutralizing the threat from the north. It is expected Read more [...]
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Completed another phase of destruction of a secular Egypt

16/12/2012 On Saturday, December 15, was the first stage of voting on new constitution Sharia Egypt proposed "Muslim Brotherhood."Voting took place in 10 major Egyptian governorates of Egypt - Cairo, Alexandria, El-Sharqiya, Al Gharbia, Dahaliya, Assou, Sohag, Aswan, North Sinai and South Sinai. In Cairo, Alexandria and the central Delta guberantorstvah resistance to the project of Islamization of Egypt, "Muslim Brotherhood" is expressed most strongly.Despite this, the "Brotherhood" argues that the constitution was supported in these areas, although a small majority.Party Read more [...]
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There are more than seven thousand active nuclear warheads

12/15/2012 Cold War is long over, but the world still has more than seven thousand warheads in service, according to The Guardian, citing a report of the American magazine The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. As you know, on the number of nuclear weapons no easy solution. Least because disarmament commitments and utilization depend on the number of weapons, which recognized the state.One of the few reliable sources, said the British edition is the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists." It was created in 1945 by physicists working on the American "Manhattan Project" to develop Read more [...]
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NATO: the regime of Bashar al-Assad is approaching downfall

Regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is on the verge of falling, said Thursday in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen."I think the regime in Damascus is close to collapse. I think that now it's just a matter of time "- said the secretary general of the Alliance," Interfax ".In addition, Rasmussen condemned the use of Scud missiles, the Syrian government against the rebels. According to him, the use of missiles showed "absolute disregard" of the Syrian people's lives.Earlier, the U.S. newspaper The New York Times, citing a source in the Read more [...]
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Israeli soldiers attacked the Reuters staff

Reuters has accused Israeli soldiers in an attack on two of its operators. According to the report the agency released on the night of Friday, December 14 attack was carried out on Wednesday night in the center of Hebron. According to Reuters, the Israeli soldiers hit operators butts and forced them to undress in the street, as well as tear gas, resulting in one of the agency's employees were hospitalized.The Israeli military has promised to take the ministry to the message about the incident with the utmost seriousness, but no explanation was forthcoming.According to the victims, Yusri al-Jamal Read more [...]
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Russian Foreign Minister: Russia in an unpredictable world must focus on CIS

Russian diplomats have identified the main priorities of foreign policy. In their view, the world's problems are caused by the harmful influence of the West and Moscow should focus its efforts on maintaining influence in the CIS c using Twitter. The Foreign Policy Concept was created by Vladimir Putin's programmatic article "Russia and the changing world", according to "Kommersant". The main challenge of the new century, the authors consider the concept of instability and unpredictability of the world politics. This condition is due, firstly, the global economic crisis, Read more [...]
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Politicians urged Russians to abandon apocalyptic superstition

Russian officials have urged people not to panic and not to believe rumors of an imminent apocalypse. Head of the Republic instructed subordinates to do public education campaign and follow in the society. Russian officials not joking when it comes to the end of the world, rumors of which disturb ordinary citizens of our country. At the same time officials are not willing to follow the example of their foreign colleagues, for example, to produce non-serious address to the nation, by addressing imminent apocalypse, as did Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. They are really concerned about Read more [...]
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Chinese Dragon woke

Deputy director of the Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation Andrew Devyatov on Russian-Chinese relations. In recent years, political relations between Moscow and Beijing are characterized by "strategic partnership." At the same time, the authorities on both sides emphasize that achieved the greatest level of confidence in the political, that's probably true because Russia and China did somehow agree on political issues and act in concert in the arena of the United Nations and other international organizations. As to what these relationships in terms of the heart, in the mind like Read more [...]
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Bundestag allowed the ritual circumcision of boys

Ritual circumcision of boys in Germany are allowed to legally. Bundestag overwhelmingly approved a bill. German Jews and Muslims have welcomed the decision of lawmakers.In Germany, the ritual circumcision of Jewish and Muslim boys allowed legally. After months of heated debates in the Bundestag on Wednesday, December 12, an overwhelming majority (434 against 100) approved the Government's proposed bill that such operation is allowed, subject to medical standards, in case of need - under anesthesia. If the boy had reached six months of age, circumcision can be done not only a doctor but Read more [...]
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The Fed decided to extend the policy of quantitative easing

In 2013, a printing press in the United States will continue to operate in emergency mode. The Federal Reserve agreed to extend the policy of "quantitative easing" (QE). Only now, U.S. Treasury securities will be purchased directly, and "Operation Twist", involving the exchange of long-term debt obligations of the U.S. Treasury for short-term, should be completed by the end of the year.Starting in January the Fed intends to purchase a monthly mortgage-backed securities by $ 40 billion and long-term debt of the Federal Treasury in the amount of $ 45 billion, is not excluded Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan sent troops to Baikonur

12/13/2012 Kazakhstan has placed on the complex "Baikonur" cosmodrome and includes the eponymous town, the special representative Border Guard National Security Committee. The task of the military is, in particular, the surveillance vehicles and their maintenance. This was reported by the Russian media source at the cosmodrome. According to him, the captain headed the representative Azat Sunkar."The main task of border guards - check documents for entry to the country, vehicle supervision and support. Border guards working for two airfields -" Deadline "and" Jubilee Read more [...]
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Who undermine Russia’s south

The tragedy prompted a closer look at the natural processes in the North Caucasus Federal District, to recognize that not very desirable. Take, Stavropol region. In Pyatigorsk Minvody Nalchik walking bus and train. Close to everything. And this proximity determines the rate of change. It seems that the local authorities of not managing. To check your feelings, "News of the Week" was sent to Stavropol correspondent in New York, Eugene Popov. The last time Jack was in those places in the journalistic mission nine years ago. For nezamylennogo eye difference was staggering. The Read more [...]
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North Korea claims deriving its satellite into orbit

Central News Agency of North Korea reported that the long-range missile launch was successful, the second version of the satellite "Kvanmenson-3" launched by rocket "Ynha-3", the satellite entered the preset orbit. " Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday at 09:51 (04:51 Moscow time) North Korea launched a long-range missile from the Baikonur, located in the northwest of the country. Although before the rocket launch was postponed due to technical problems, but in the end it took place in accordance with the previously scheduled, reports "Interfax". Read more [...]
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North Korea launched the rocket and put into orbit an object

U.S. and Russia did not see the threat in a rocket launched by North Korea on Dec. 12 from the Baikonur Shohei. The Russian system of early warning (EWS) has fixed its starting, "Interfax" reports. According to the EWS, the rocket flew south of the Korean Peninsula direction and pose no threat to Russia.The Defense Ministry said that define the missile (it is a ballistic or space) "will be available only after a careful analysis of information from the Russian space control system."The command of the aerospace defense of North America USA (NORAD), also has admitted that Read more [...]
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U.S. Department of Defense report: Without the help of the NATO Afghan army will not be able to resist the Taliban

The Pentagon was disappointed in the Afghan army, without the United States, it will not be able to resist the Taliban. U.S. Department of Defense has submitted a report in which the state of the Afghan army is estimated extremely pessimistic. So, Pentagon experts concluded that of the 23 teams that are available today in the armed forces of Afghanistan, only one is able to conduct operations independently - without air, rear, intelligence and other support from the NATO forces. These conclusions confirm the fears that after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2014, the Afghan army will be hard Read more [...]
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The Vatican has called for a World Government and New World Order

The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI called for the establishment of a world government and the New World Order. In a speech to the Pontifical Council of 3 December 2012 Pope called for "building a global community of competent jurisdiction," the service "for the good of the human family."As a means of protecting global peace and justice, the Pope's vision to establish a world government and new world order, it seems, is not based on the creation of one super-state, and the new management body, which offered to those in power to politicians, who are responsible Read more [...]
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U.S. recognized the Syrian opposition

U.S. officially recognized by the national coalition of opposition and revolutionary forces in Syria as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, leading an armed struggle against the government of Syria."We have decided that the coalition is now sufficiently united and may be a legitimate representative of the Syrian people and the Syrian opposition ", - Said U.S. President Barack Obama. The White House has expressed hope that the U.S. decision was a "big step" on the way to the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad.However, this decision does not mean the beginning Read more [...]
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France calls for military intervention in Mali

Mali army officers overthrew Prime Minister Modibo Diarra. They intend to gather an army and go trekking on the Islamists, who seized the ancient city of Timbuktu. Paris insists on the need for international intervention. Before renouncing Diarra addressed the nation with a television message. "Our country is going through the most difficult period in its history. Men and women of hope for peace. For this reason I, Sheikh Modibo Diarra, resign and his government, "- said the prime minister. The resignation was obviously not voluntary. During recording, the head of government televised Read more [...]
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U.S. asks Russia to persuade Assad to surrender. Russia against

Despite the escalating violence in Syria, continued fighting between the government army and the motley opposition a chance to resolve the conflict through diplomacy still remain, convinced the principal opponents of the Syrian issue - the U.S. and Russia. However, the idea of the conditions of the peace dialogue diametrically opposed. Moscow is adamant - to interfere in the internal affairs of another country is not worth it. And here in Washington do not hesitate to ask the Russians to seek the resignation of Bashar al-Assad.Recently, representatives of the Russian and U.S. foreign Read more [...]
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