The financial break all the rules of the genre? U.S. on the brink of an economic abyss.

The last meeting one-on-one between President Barack Obama and Republican leader John Boehner on making financial compromise was inconclusive. But, characteristically, the press service of the two leaders simultaneously issued a statement that "the channels for dialogue are open."Until next economic doom in the U.S. is three weeks. If during this time the Republicans and Democrats fail to agree, the country will survive the so-called "financial cliff" (fiscal cliff). That, at least, draw situation the U.S. media. But what actually is a "financial cliff" how disastrous Read more [...]
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Canada is ready to join the NATO forces to invade Syria

As it became known to Canadian TV channel CTV, Canada has stated its willingness to join the NATO coalition in case vatorzheniya to Syria. If NATO will request assistance from Canada, the federal government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is preparing to go to Syria Canadian join a group of incident response.Frigate Navy, already based in the region, also in standby mode. "The contribution that Canada can make - just be there to be part of the coalition," - said retired Major General Terry Liston. NATO has already taken steps to deploy missile systems Patriot, and troops along the Read more [...]
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Russia and China withdraws offer for the control of the Internet

12/11/2012 China, Russia and other countries in which there are frequent cases of restriction of freedom of speech, at the World Conference on Telecommunications refused to put forward proposals that would provide them greater control over the Internet. At the disposal of the publication of the conference paper shows that several countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, wanted to have more control over the laws and Internet infrastructure. The representative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has confirmed the publication that "these proposals are removed Read more [...]
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Germany sends four Syrian diplomats

German Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of four members of the Syrian embassy. They must leave the country by December 13. The German Foreign Ministry said on minimizing contact with the current Syrian leadership.Germany to expel four staff Syrian embassy in Berlin, thus increasing pressure on the government in Damascus, said on Monday, December 10, the German Foreign Ministry."Today's expulsion of four members of a diplomatic mission in Berlin, we send a clear signal that we reduce relations with the Assad regime to the absolute minimum," - said German Foreign Minister Read more [...]
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American militia leader for harsh statements received 26 years

The leader of the "militia peacekeepers Alaska" (OMA) Schaeffer Cox, Jan. 8, was sentenced to an unexpectedly severe punishment of imprisonment for a term of 26 years on charges of conspiring to kill government officials. But those who knew the 28-year-old convict, consider it an honest patriot, locked up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and federal prosecutors in connection with his convictions and expressed his opposition to tyranny.Cox last summer, proclaiming that "God's law" more "human", was accused of conspiring to assassinate officials (federal Read more [...]
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European Union awarded the Peace Prize. World at a loss

Theater of the absurd. In the Norwegian capital Oslo today is the solemn act. Bureaucrats of the Nobel Committee awarded "Peace Prize" from the EU bureaucrats. Recall: EU officials awarded for the unification of Europe and turning it, quote, "War of the continent a continent of peace." So said the chairman of the committee's decision the Nobel Peace Prize Thorbjorn Jagland, who coincidentally is also the Secretary of the Council of Europe. The idea of European bureaucrats to award themselves was not to the liking people in Oslo. Opponents of the initiative Read more [...]
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Russia ceased operation Gabala

10/12/2012 From today, Russia will cease operation of the Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan. The announcement was made public today by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic. The department, in particular, explained that during the negotiation of the extension of the Russian lease, the parties failed to reach an agreement about payment for the lease of the station. "Due to the fact that the December 9, 2012" The status, principles and operating conditions of the Gabala radar station between the governments of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation, "expires, the Russian side presented Read more [...]
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Romania withdrew some of its diplomats from Damascus

Romanian ambassador in Damascus, as well as most of the embassy staff moved to Beirut in response to concerns about the level of security in the Syrian capital. "From December 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reduced the number dippersonala Romanian Embassy in Damascus for security reasons" - said in a statement, Foreign Minister of Romania.Most of the embassy staff moved to Lebanon, where they will monitor the situation in Syria and if necessary, provide consular services. According to Reuters, the Syrian Embassy in Bucharest is working normally.The conflict, which broke out in Read more [...]
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The Israeli ambassador was interviewed on Fox News the situation in Syria

Israel's ambassador to the U.S., told Fox News television on the probability that a chemical weapon in the hands of the Shiite terrorist group said that for Israel this situation would "change the rules of the game."Ambassador Michael Oren said that, if there had been a chemical weapon in the hands of "Hezbollah", Israel will consider it a "red line" and "change the game" in the region.Israel and the West are closely monitoring the situation in Syria, while Syrian President Bashar Assad is trying to hold on to power in a country ravaged by civil Read more [...]
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Kiberprogrammy Pentagon will cost U.S. $ 120 billion

According to experts, despite the increase in the budget deficit, spending USA on kiberprogrammy Pentagon will increase. In particular, it is predicted that in the near future funding developments in the field of cyber security and kibervooruzheniya be allocated tens of millions of dollars in additional funds.The experts argue that the increase in funding will be made either through downsizing departments and spending for social security of employees, or by cutting funding for other programs. In particular, the modernization programs and disposal of obsolete aircraft. In the first case, according Read more [...]
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Egyptian President ordered the military to maintain order

To help the military to maintain order resorted Egyptian President Mursi. Observers fear the country sliding into a military dictatorship.Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi gave orders to the military to ensure security in the country and ensure the protection of public institutions. Order comes into force on Monday, December 10, the agency DAPD. Army, in particular, will be given the power to arrest civilians. On the eve of the military erected concrete barriers around the presidential palace, near which in times past were opposition protests. Observers fear that such a move could lead to Read more [...]
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A treaty on preventing the deployment of weapons in space — Russia’s priority in the field of disarmament

Development of the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Space / PPWT / - Russia's priority in the field of disarmament. Said today in Russian dipvedomstve after a meeting in Geneva Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov formats nuclear "five" and "five plus two" / involving India and Pakistan /. "Discussing the situation in the CD / CD /, as well as prepare for its balanced program of work - have informed the ministry. - The Russian side stressed that the discussion on nuclear disarmament must take place in the CD with all states with nuclear capabilities Read more [...]
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Russia may lose the Baikonur

10/12/2012 Kazakhstan continues to discuss the question of whether to establish jurisdiction over the city of Baikonur, which leased the Russian side. Chapter Kazkosmos Talgat Musabayev said that Moscow and Astana have been considering a gradual transition into the hands of the Republic spaceport. According to him, the exact date on which the transfer occurs and the abandonment of the lease, as yet unknown."Today the President set a task to us and this question has been slandered with Putin when agreed to elaborate on the development of a new comprehensive treaty on Baikonur complex <...> Read more [...]
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Russia will withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol

10/12/2012 Country refused to accept new commitments to reduce emissions, Russian companies will not be able to make a trade after the 2012 air Yesterday in Doha ended UN World Climate Conference. Countries were to agree on the terms of the Kyoto Protocol and the extension of the parameters of a future climate agreement, which should come into force in 2020The negotiations proved difficult - the last day they dragged into the night. As a result, according to Bloomberg, the Qatari diplomat Abdullah bin Hamad Attiyah, who chaired the conference, lost his temper and began to read the decision on Read more [...]
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Egyptian President annulled the constitutional declaration

Egypt's opposition may submit proposals to amend the new constitution of the country, such a proposal was made by the head of state Mohamed Mursi, said former presidential candidate Mohamed Salim Al-Awwal.According to him, all Egyptian political parties and organizations, including those who did not take part in the dialogue with the President, may submit specific proposals for changes in the draft constitution. Awal said that these comments will be considered either before the referendum on the new basic law, which will take place on December 15, or necessarily will be considered newly elected Read more [...]
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U.S. urges Russia to open up access to U.S. meat to Russia

In a joint statement issued on Saturday, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk talks and the country's Minister of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that the Russian authorities on the import of U.S. meat contrary to the obligations of the Russian Federation, as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This statement was made after the Russian veterinary authorities have demanded that imported meat products contain a certificate confirming their lack of applicable U.S. and Canadian ractopamine, "The United States is deeply concerned by the fact that Russia has taken these actions, which Read more [...]
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Iran — life or death?

The film of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies said the situation in Iran. Why is this a Shiite country is subjected to pressure from the West and the Gulf monarchies? What and who so prevents Iran and in Iran only if it? What are the chances of survival of Tehran? Given the fact that the film was released in 2012, we are able to compare the predictions with the actual reality of the moment.Category: Political Factors Read more [...]
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Mursi withdraws to fight the opposition

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi ordered to deploy troops on the streets of Cairo, thousands protesty.Sotni to suppress opponents of the president last night attacked a government building in Alexandria, and declared the province independent of the "regime of Islamists." Over the past few days during the demonstrations killed at least seven people. The Vice-President said that the Mursi may postpone the referendum on the constitution. A short time later arrived at the scene machine with people armed with firearms, swords, knives and trimming accessories. It is reported that they Read more [...]
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Reference to God banned: new rules in U.S. schools

In American schools generally prohibit mention of God as students and teachers. Director forced to take such measures for fear of legal action by parents, because, under U.S. law, public schools allowed to allocate one religion over another. During the last year the administration of many schools were forced to ban the mention of "God", "God" and other religious terms. These words can not be used both teachers and pupils. Moreover, teachers are forced to revise the curriculum and to exclude from the text fragments of various works of a religious nature. In North Carolina, Read more [...]
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Turkey Netherlands has two sets of Patriot

The Dutch Government has decided to grant Turkey the two anti-aircraft missiles Patriot, which will be placed on the border with Syria. This was announced on Friday, the country's Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans.The Netherlands will send up to 360 military personnel to service the SAM. Ttochny The deployment of which has not been defined, the transfer of Internet media.Earlier, the German government approved a mandate to provide Turkey's two batteries of air defense missile complexes Patriot, along with their crews. The mandate has yet to consider the Bundestag. However, the head Read more [...]
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