American media are preparing public opinion to the invasion of NATO in Syria

To panic about Syria's chemical weapons are skeptical not only in the government of Bashar al-Assad, but also those who seek to displace. A senior rebel Washington denied that Assad is preparing a chemical attack. According to him, all of this - just propaganda media. However, as the correspondent RT Gayane Chichakyan even fabricated allegations can be very dangerous. American officials said that intelligence discovered the troops of President Bashar Assad is prepared for a possible chemical weapons use. The U.S. administration gives Syria understand that it is ready to act. Media Read more [...]
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The deployment of troops in China — the signal for war with Japan?

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) will relocate its troops in the coastal provinces. Experts are questioning whether the military action of the PRC step to war with Japan. Local residents photographed tanks that were moving along the main road of the coastal province of Fujian, from February 3 to 6, forming a multi-kilometer "plug." According to the dissident website, tanks being moved from Hubei Province on the coast. They were seen not only in the province of Fujian, but also in the neighboring province of Zhejiang. Movement of Chinese troops began after months of Read more [...]
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U.S. ready to strike Iran if diplomacy does not bear fruit

12/08/2012 Until the end of 2013 the U.S. to use military force if diplomatic efforts fail to reject Iran's nuclear program. This was a former adviser to the U.S. administration said in an interview with Israeli edition Times of Israel. "I think that this administration has the will, and if diplomacy does not bear fruit, the president to use force," - says Dennis Ross, a former adviser on the Middle East in the Clinton administration and adviser to 2011 for Iran to U.S. National Security Council. The same opinion is shared by a former adviser to the deputy head of the National Security Read more [...]
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Clinton: U.S. will not allow reconstruction of the USSR under the new name — The Customs Union and the Eurasian Union

U.S. authorities intend to prevent the creation of a new version of the Soviet Union under the guise of economic integration, the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton noted that the new USSR could be created under new names - "The Customs Union and the Eurasian Union." U.S. Secretary of State said that the Russian government supports the plan to deepen economic ties with its neighbors."Let's not make mistakes. We know that is the goal, and we will try to find an effective way to slow or prevent this process," - said Clinton, reports Financial Times.Hillary Clinton Read more [...]
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The Senate rejected Obama authority to raise the country’s debt ceiling

12/07/2012 U.S. Senate rejected a bill to raise the debt ceiling allows the order of the President. Proposal made by the head of the Democratic majority of the Senate Harry Reid received the required 60 votes out of 100. His blocking Republican leader Mitch McConnell faction.Democrats and Republicans are currently at an impasse on the issue of public debt, which must be resolved by the end of the year. At the moment, the country's debt ceiling of $ 16.394 trillion - it is expected that the mark will be reached by the end of December.GazetaCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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Egyptian president’s family was evacuated from their home

12/06/2012 Family members of the Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, who live in the city of Al-Zagazig in the province of Al-Sharqiya, evacuated from his home under tight security, said on Thursday, the Egyptian media. According to available information, the authorities made the move after a mass protest organized in the last few hours around the home of President youth groups opposed to the policy of the president. Repeatedly aggressive youths tried to break through the police cordon, which was put in the house of Murcia. Supporters of the radical organization "April 6," and the youth Read more [...]
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Israel is on the verge of war with Lebanon

Senior Israeli officials said they are preparing for war with Lebanon. This was informed source close to the government. Reportedly, Israel launched a missile defense system in the north of the country and ordered all civilian aircraft to leave the airport Haifa. According to The Washington Free Beacon, authorities have warned of an impending conflict, meeting behind closed doors in Washington. "The world must be ready for another war with Lebanon," - said one of the military advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting of representatives of the Fund Defense of Democracies Read more [...]
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Western media into all provide a reason for the invasion of Syria

Dozens of Syrian bombs already charged with deadly sarin gas for use in the bombing of villages. It is reported by the American broadcaster NBC. Now the military expect only the relevant order of Bashar al-Assad. At least this information spread Western media.U.S. authorities are only on Tuesday spoke on condition of anonymity, that they have no evidence that the charging process has begun bombs, but on Wednesday it became clear that the worst fears were confirmed.U.S. intelligence agencies believe that in addition to Zarina, Syrian dictator has access to a nerve gas tabun, as well as traditional Read more [...]
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Iran announced the independent production of nuclear fuel for the reactor

Iranian authorities announced that they were able to produce their own nuclear fuel for a research reactor in Tehran. On it informs RIA "Novosti".According to the newspaper VIEW, formerly Secretary of State, John Kerry, after a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said that the window for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue is still open, but Tehran has to make a choice.The next round of negotiations, "six" of international mediators (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) and Iran will be held in Almaty on 26 February.U.S. Vice Read more [...]
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The U.S. Senate will take the Magnitsky Act despite outrage Russia

U.S. Senate plans on Thursday to pass a law against the provisions of Russian officials who violate human rights. Position, known as the "Magnitsky Act" are included in the act of normalizing trade relations with Russia, which once caused damage to the Cold War.After the vote in the Senate will be sent for signature to President Barack Obama, and is expected to come into force, despite warnings from Moscow that the human rights provisions will damage relations between the countries.In November, the House of Representatives passed the bill 365 votes to 43. He gives Russia the status Read more [...]
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China beats the U.S. battle for world markets

12/06/2012 China has become the leading trading partner of 127 countries. The U.S. accounts for the bulk of trade in 76 countries. In this ranking, China and the U.S. in just six years mirror reversed. In this case, China overtook the United States even in the markets of their allies, such as South Korea and Australia. This is the coolest shift in the balance of power in the world after the Second World War. As a result of change and world trade flows and business priorities - from Africa and Australia to the United States. His leap into the global market, China began in the 90's of the Read more [...]
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In front of the presidential palace in Egypt exposed tanks

12/06/2012 Egypt's armed forces put the presidential palace tanks and armored vehicles, after the night of 6 December there were clashes between the supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Mursi. At least four tanks and three armored personnel carriers were exhibited in the palace, according to Reuters. They are governed by the soldiers of the Republican Guard of Egypt, one of its objectives is to protect the president. Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters of the Mursi, according to the agency, remain near the palace. Opponents of the president calls for further performances on Thursday, Read more [...]
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TI: Ukraine — the most corrupt country in Europe

International organization Transparency International presented the annual corruption perception index in Europe and worldwide. Most corrupt country in Europe is Ukraine. "Championship" in the EU went to Greece.Most corrupt country in Europe is Ukraine. This is the conclusion an international NGO Transparency International (TI), which presented on Wednesday, December 5, the annual Corruption Perceptions Index for 2012. Ukraine ranked 144th on the list of 176 countries that participated in the study. Maximum of 100 points, means practically free from corruption, the country got only Read more [...]
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U.S. will choose a new Pope

Voice of the U.S. will be the most influential voices in Italy after the election of a new pope, the article on the website of TV channel NBC News."Eleven of the cardinal electors, nearly 10 percent of the conclave will be Americans. This is the largest share of that has ever been in the U.S., although in the United States historically live a great number of Catholics, "- says the publication.Pope Benedict XVI promoted the strengthening of American influence in the Vatican. Last year, he appointed three new American cardinals, increasing the total number of cardinals to 19 Americans. Read more [...]
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Blue Army Pentagon

February 11 Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, said that to consist of homosexual relations troops expanded the list of social benefits, transmits citing Agence France-Presse.Among the new benefits are omissions, which provide access to educational programs and the right to visit military hospitals. If one partner dies in the course of military operations, "the second half" is financially supported.As noted Panetta, the current legislation does not allow for military partners health insurance and housing allowance. To change the item to recognize same-sex marriages Read more [...]
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In Moscow, discussed the legalization of prostitution

What about those girls who have failed to meet a real prince? Matter of choosing the way and family values, though somewhat unexpected refraction was discussed in Moscow on Dec. 4 at the round table discussion on the legalization of prostitution. Not long ago, such a proposal was made by one of the liberal political parties. Arguments of proponents and opponents of such a move listened Mikhail Ermakov. Profession - an employee of the sex industry, mnogostanochnitsa, rank higher, approval of the qualification exams - such or similar records together with the work book will appear at the Read more [...]
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UN calls on Israel to open access to its nuclear program

The General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution that Israel must allow IAEA inspectors to nuclear facilities. It also insists on Israel's accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
Category: Political Factors
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U.S. forced Iraq to inspect the planes flying to Syria

The U.S. demanded that Iraq tested aircraft from Iran to Syria following. In Washington state, so that they want to end the supply of arms Bashar Assad, while the West continued to support the rebels. However, according to RT correspondent Marina Portnaya, Baghdad is in no hurry to carry out orders from the U.S.. While the Syrian government is trying to retain power and fighting with the rebels, backed by the West, the U.S. decided to stop the supply of arms, which, presumably, go to Damascus forces of President Bashar al-Assad. Washington accuses Iran of it - the main supplier of weapons Read more [...]
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U.S. intensely preparing for a new war?

The new reform of the Ministry of Defense of the United States will affect the organization of the military intelligence, and the primary focus will be on a very significant increase in the number of agents of foreign intelligence. As noted by many analysts, such a measure means that the country is preparing for a new war. Is this true and what to expect from the U.S. in the near future? According to the Washington Post, the changes will be quite noticeable. At present, there are about 500 foreign staff of the Foreign Intelligence Pentagon, and this number will increase to 1,600. Thus, the Read more [...]
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Named the air defense system deployment times Patriot on the border of Turkey and Syria

Alliance deploy strategic air defense systems "Patriot" on the border of Turkey and Syria "in the coming weeks." As reported in the Middle East blog newspaper The Guardian, the corresponding statement, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.According to Rasmussen, the systems will perform exclusively defensive role, protecting the Turkish territory against possible missile attacks from Syria. NATO secretary general has warned Damascus of trying to carry out such attacks, saying that the allies immediately will defend Ankara.Rasmussen pledged that "Patriots" Read more [...]
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