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Latent prediction

Detailed predictions about the fate of Russia, which gave the Lady of Fatima will be hidden until 2014. The Vatican does not give permission to publish the diary of a nun Lucia, who witnessed the miracle.Press secretary of the Vatican says that watching more than sixteen million documents requires a lot of time and trained people. So now the opening of the archives from 1939 to 1958, is not yet possible.In 1917, three shepherd children every month on a certain day the Virgin Mary. Children hit the world with his prophetic stories. So a child Mother told about the Russian Revolution and the Read more [...]
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Predictions for 2013

Drought in Brazil, the abnormal cold weather in China, wildfires in Australia. 2013 has just begun, but already marked by large-scale natural disasters. Astrologers, psychics, and the experts believe MOE: black water snake takes a lot of trouble to mankind.
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Scientist Pavel Poluyan gave a forecast: what happens in politics, economics and science

A longtime friend of editorial "KP", Krasnoyarsk physicist Paul Poluyan suddenly decided he could predict the future. And his predictions have decided to share with the readers of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Check it out at the end of 2013? 1. Continue anti-corruption perturbations: all who have caught, sit under arrest will be two of the governor and a minister. Corruption investigations and trials will lead to the confiscation of the property purchased by uvorovannyh funds. At the suggestion of President Vladimir Putin seized homes, land and vehicles will be sent to orphanages Read more [...]
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Astrologers: In 2013, the world is in serious danger

Merry Christmas from the Orthodox Christmas Eve begins. At this time taken to arrange caroling and divination, despite the fact that the church is strictly prohibited. But astrologers have already decided on the forecasts for the next year. That the stars predict Russia and around the world, learned correspondent MTRC "Peace" Sergei Polyakov. It seems to be "doomsday" forecast of the Maya left behind, but the "black sheep" of the apocalypse, it seems, the planet is still circling. In the new year the world faces another, equally serious threat. "I Read more [...]
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Edgar Cayce on the origin and destiny of man

This article is a translation of statements Casey on the origin and destiny of man.Questions are marked with (B), Casey said - a symbol (O).(B) Is the Darwinian theory of human evolution right or wrong? Give an answer that will enlighten people about evolution.(D) The man was created in the beginning, as the lord of those elements, which have been prepared on the earth plane for his needs. When this plan was so that people could maintain its forces and conditions, a man appeared, not from what has already been created, but as lord of all that has been created, and the man was all that was in Read more [...]
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Predictions and Prophecies, threatening humanity in the near future

End of the world in 2012, did not happen, but it was just one of the many prophecies that do not end 2012. -What awaits us in the coming years and what threats we expect?2013 - Ragnarok and Sunny ApocalypseRagnarok in Norse mythology - the death of the gods and the world will follow the final battle between the gods and the chthonic monsters.According to the prophecy, the day of Ragnarok monstrous wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun, plunging the world into darkness, but will come out of the sea coast, where the world will emerge from the depths of the serpent Jormungand. They will join and fire Read more [...]
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Natalia Evstigneeva beginning of the end epoch

Head of TV projects in Moscow. Participant in Season 8 of "The Battle of psychics." Recognizing that no rituals uses: "I just ask myself the question internally and pictures appear before your eyes. I see the entrance, and I understand that there will soon kill a man. Though it has been, and I just think about it. " Of predicted came true: attacks in the Moscow metro on March 29 2010 with the exact number of victims ("VAT", 24.12.2009). - I would next year called "The beginning of the end of the age." Something with a crunch turned, and everything that Read more [...]
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Mark Twain. Bright visionary.

"I came into this world with Halley's comet and go along with it," - said a year before his death, Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. He was actually born in 1835, when the comet appeared in the sky and died in 1910, when she left. Many unexplained miracles happened in his life, that there are indications that Twain had a remarkable gift of foresight.November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri, was born seven months' child, who was named Samuel Clemens Lenghorn. Up to four years, he was sick all the time, and my parents were very worried for his life.In early childhood, Read more [...]
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Apocalypse: The last of the Maya

We are waiting for the end of the world, we predict a it, we discuss it ... But we thought that really meant the ancient Maya, predicting the end of the world? Mayan prediction is mixed. And scientists can not explain everything that is predicted by the ancient priests. TV-3 team took to solve this problem ...Category: Predictions and Prophecies Read more [...]
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The Apocalypse Code

End of the world predicted by the Maya, to be held on December 21 this year. To understand how real Mayan prophecies, it is necessary to analyze it on the basis of what made these predictions. Despite the paucity of available evidence, many scientists are seriously prophecy Mayan priests - they were remarkably well-versed in astronomy ... What's your evidence? A sign of Tortuguero, fatal calendar, which supposedly ended December 21, 2012On a plate of Tortuguero, the age of which is about 1,300 years old, describes the phenomenon of a mythical character Bolon Yokte the end of time, that is, Read more [...]
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Hundreds of journalists are on duty in the shelter of the apocalypse in France

According to the channel LCI, to work in the countryside Byugarash, which is considered a possible refuge from the end of the world, some 250 accredited journalists from more than 50 countries. Meanwhile, the population of the village itself is less than 200.Hundreds of journalists from around the world are on duty in the area of Mount Byugarash in southern France, which is considered one of the possible shelter from the alleged apocalypse coming on Friday, according to French media. According to the channel LCI, to work in Byugarashe accredited about 250 journalists from more than 50 countries. Read more [...]
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Scientists refute doomsday predictions 21 December 2012 in the Mayan calendar

Moscow. December 21. INTERFAX.RU - Doomsday December 21 should be expected in this day to end one of the cycles of the Mayan calendar, which will begin after the new, says Director of Training and Research Mesoamerican Center. Knorozov, an expert in deciphering Maya writing Galina Ershov. According to her, the Mayan calendar shows a different date "End of the World" - December 23, 2012."Maya did not see the end of the world, they had the calendar account, it was built on the principle of multiplication by 13 cycles, that is, 13 days, 13 weeks, 13 months, 13 years. And now ends Read more [...]
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This is the end of the world! The history of our apocalyptic expectations

You may have heard that the world is once again predicting death, and, as early as this Friday.This time on the stage Maya. Their "Long Count Calendar", which started in 3114 BC. e. (Yes, it is indeed very long count), ends on December 21.It was in anticipation of this date in Russia and in America, people panic stockpiling supplies. NASA to try to calm the audience even released a video refuting conspiracy theories.However, do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the end of the calendar does not necessarily imply an end. Calendar simply starts over again from the beginning Read more [...]
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Apocalypse alone and options — many

The basic version of what will happen December 21, 2012, originated from the interpretation of the Mayan calendar, which ends exactly on this day. This date is seen as the latest in the 5125-year cycle of the Mesoamerican calendar, built on the Long Count (each era Maya consists of 13-year- b'ak'tunov, which is about 5125 years).The Indians believed that the time - this is not a straight line, and the cycle. Each cycle is determined by the Age of the Sun. According to the ancient Mayan knowledge, has come down to us, we live in the era of the Fifth Sun. And on the day of the winter Read more [...]
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End of the world according to the prophecy the oracle of Shambhala will come from 3-5 January 2013

When I bought the cheapest new Chinese phone - then immediately thought of this picture, the default, as a screen saver! This movie was the only one on this phone and I was struck by the fact that it is not to everyone else's! Neither the clock nor the barometer or the pressure gauge - no to everyone else's! I thought - this is what the message of common sense people! I thought long and that is why there is so marked and now came up with this idea! We not long ago my wife and I started talking about the old new year and then I strongly got the idea! I picked up the phone in his hands Read more [...]
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The most popular doomsday in December 2012

In just a few days, at the end of this week, there will be December 21, 2012 - a day known to all as the date for the end of the world, "the Mayan calendar."MOSCOW, Dec. 17 - RIA Novosti. In just a few days, at the end of this week, there will be December 21, 2012 - a day known to all as the date for the end of the world, "the Mayan calendar." RIA Novosti presents the most popular in the media and on blogs doomsday scientists and comments to these scenarios. The end of the Mayan calendar Scenario: The idea of completing a calendar created by the ancient Mayan, became the core Read more [...]
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In the German calendar found prediction resignation of Benedict XVI

In the German calendar 2013 Karicartoon found prediction resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, which he announced on February 11, the newspaper Bild. In the satirical calendar publisher Espresso corresponding cartoon was posted on the turn with the date of February 10.The picture shows the Pope in front of the TV. He compares the completed lottery ticket with the results broadcast on TV. When he realizes that he has won, my dad says, "O Lord my God! Tomorrow I shall resign! "February 11 Benedict XVI actually announced his decision to leave the Holy See.The author of the cartoons was prophetic Read more [...]
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The formula of the coming apocalypse

Expected December 21 "doomsday" will only happen in 100 years - in 2112, urges resident Romanian city of Iasi, a former accountant, 90-year-old George Gerasimos.- George Gerasim reasoning for its alleged end of the world in 2112 an interesting digital circuit. Day and month of 21.12 is the perfect mirror image of 2112. Further, he makes all the numbers: 21.12 (day and month) - (2 +1 = 3) + (1 +2 = 3) = 3 +3 = 6. Remainder of the year 2112, that is, (2 +1 = 3) + (1 +2 = 3) = 3 +3 = 6. It is these coincidences and give him a reason to believe that the world will end in 100 years Read more [...]
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The End of the World will be broadcast online

For the broadcast of "doomsday" in Mexico has brought equipment. The Associated Press announced that the "end of the world" will be broadcast on the Internet. Action will take place in the holy city of Chichen Itza Maya, which has already been imported equipment and satellite dishes.City of Chichen-Itza was the political and cultural center in the north of the Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico). Archaeologists consider it one of the religious "power spots" associated with the culture of the Maya. Select the city to film and determined that Chichen Itza is located Read more [...]
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Solstice instead of the apocalypse

Astronomers claim: large meteorites and asteroids are calculated and controlled. And the sun is behaving quite adequately, and magnetic attack on Earth is not expected. But the astronomical phenomenon will still be December 21. The winter solstice, which differs longest night time. But there are good points: after 21 days will be added. No wonder in Russia, this time called the solstice is celebrated as the birthday star. A huge solar flare separated from the Sun and headed straight for Earth. Break down all power. Planet covers darkness and chaos. This is the scenario of the apocalypse Read more [...]
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