The accident at the nuclear power plant Fukushima has covered Russia with radioactive cesium-137

In 2011, the territory of Russia reached the radionuclides that have been thrown out of the reactor and the spent nuclear fuel term nuclear power plant under the name "Fukushima-1?. These Gosdoklada Ministry of Nature showed that the air Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Kurchatov, Kursk, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan and Tsimlyansk were reported elevated levels of radioactive cesium-137.Above Primorsky report the presence of radioactive iodine-131. 2 years later became known the truth, and the earlier the authorities have repeatedly said that there is no threat of nuclear accident emissions for Russia Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a new radiation protection

Scientists from the U.S. company Onconova Therapeutics found a new protection from radiation. Instead of the traditional protective suits they offer to take a pill Ex-RAD, which, according to the creators, is struggling with the consequences of not, and by the mechanism of radiation. The usual safety procedures when the threat of radiation contamination (eg, protective clothing) allow only reduce the risk of overdose of gamma rays. But it does not protect the body from harmful changes on the cellular level. The principal difference between medical innovation is that the active substance Read more [...]
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Half of the children of Fukushima has thyroid gland from radiation poisoning

Thousands of Japanese children in Fukushima Prefecture and surrounding areas have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 41.1 percent of the 57,000 children who are screened are potential victims of thyroid cancer.Japanese authorities deny the impact of radioactive contamination and say that the reason is the "excessive use of children seafood." Four of the five children of Fukushima are developing thyroid cancer. This isotope effects with relatively short half-life and longer as Cs-37, that can affect the thyroid gland.Category: Radiation Read more [...]
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Residents of Fukushima Prefecture were often sick with cancer

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that the real extent of the damage caused to the health of residents of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, after the accident at the nuclear power plant of the same name, will become clear in the next 15 years. Experts surveyed local residents belonging to different age groups. Doctors said that the people of Fukushima are often sick with cancer, but the growth rate was considered low. The highest probability of cancer in the village of Namie, which is located 22 kilometers north of the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". Risk of thyroid Read more [...]
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Radiation levels in fish near the nuclear power plant Fukushima higher than normal

The content of radioactive substances in fish in a river near the Japanese nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1" has exceeded the rate of more than 100 times. This was reported on Saturday, the Ministry of Environment of the country. In trout caught in the river Niida about 20 kilometers from the nuclear plant, cesium was 11.4 thousand becquerels per kilogram for the state norm of a maximum of 100 becquerels. Other fish in the area also was seriously contaminated by radioactive substances - their content is 3-4 thousand becquerels per kilogram. A ministry spokesman said that Read more [...]
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Fukushima continues to pollute the ocean

Radioactive material still falls into the sea from rivers, from the bottom, and as a result of incessant leaks with the ruined plant, although since the disaster took a half year.New data presented at the conference in the University of Tokyo (Japan), suggests that the level of radioactivity in the waters of the Pacific Ocean near the plant residues Fukusimskoy remains stable and does not drop as expected. The researchers believe that the cause is some runoff and continuing leakage from the station. Also contribute contaminated sediments and marine organisms. Any serious health risk there, but Read more [...]
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