Dinosaurs killed a long time and you are not alone

According to the most modern ideas, dinosaurs began to climate change caused by massive volcanic eruptions. Point in this sad story has put a huge meteorite.In recent years, scientists are beginning to lean towards the fact that the fall of the meteorite was coup de grace (blow of mercy) to the dinosaurs, and died out without changing the sly because of volcanic eruptions in climate.New evidence in support of this view presented Paul Rennes University of California, Berkeley (USA) and his colleagues studied the crater in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.Illustration Mark Garlick, Science Source.The Read more [...]
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God has given us two of their particles?

Showed data that indicate: The experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physics "kicked" just two of the Higgs boson ... Found I do not know whatThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC) stopped, but continues to "shake" the basis of the universe. Already, however, not in the literal sense, simulating the Big Bang, and the figurative. Scientists understand the results of the experiments and come to put it mildly puzzled.From the analysis of historical data should be: the Higgs boson is not alone. At least two of them.Let me remind you, the Higgs boson, or simply Higgs - is an Read more [...]
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Extra two hours of sleep can lead to diabetes and heart disease

Scientists say the health problems that can occur in a person sleeping more than eight hours a day. According to experts, excessive sleep can lead to diabetes, obesity and cardio system. Who among us does not like to lie in bed? It is believed that for normal rest one has to spend in the arms of Morpheus about eight hours, but they see different amounts of time dreaming. Someone poured in six hours, and someone is in bed by ten or more hours a day. Experts argue that fans spend a lot of time in a dream to be more attentive to their health, because, in their view, long sleep is causing serious Read more [...]
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Humanity continues to evolve

It is easy to decide that people stopped in development, but there is nothing further from the truth. Although modern medicine and other blessings of civilization greatly facilitated the struggle for survival, making it almost invisible, evolution is still there. And over the past thousands of years, it could even accelerate.Charles Darwin was in no hurry to declare the existence of a common ancestor of man and apes, giving the right to prepare the public for this seditious thought his followers like Thomas Huxley. Only in "The Descent of Man, and sexual selection" (1871), when the Read more [...]
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NASA is planning a new mission to the moon

18.12.2012 Given the fact that yesterday ended Grail lunar mission of NASA, it is not surprising that the space agency is planning to send a new moon orbiter, which can help pave the way for future manned missions to the natural satellite of our planet. Before you send people to the moon, scientists want to collect as much information about the lunar dust that can cause significant damage to the lens of the optical devices and the health of astronauts. Therefore the next NASA mission called the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE). Tools spacecraft spectrometers operating in Read more [...]
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British scientists have proved the process of dialogue in plants

British scientists at Exeter University (Exeter University) proved that vegetables can "talk" to each other, according to BBC News. The researchers conducted experiment on Rezuhovidke Tal (vegetables from the cabbage family). After the leaves of a plant incised, Rezuhovidka released gas, warning about the dangers of the neighboring sprouts. In response to the intact leaves have started internal security mechanisms. During the experiment, the scientists added to the gas fotoforny firefly gene. Thus, the experts were able to fix the process of "dialogue" with the help of plants Read more [...]
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The most realistic doomsday scenario — the explosion of the Yellowstone, scientists say

Yellowstone supervolcano explosion looks the most reliable version of the apocalypse, the researchers say. According to them, in April this year and the giant began to wake up from observations Volcano supports significant increasing activity. According to scientists, its eruption will destroy all of North America and will lead to a global environmental catastrophe. However, the exact prediction of the eruption of the volcano volcanologists said they can not give. Supervolcano may explode tomorrow, but maybe in a few decades.Category: Science Read more [...]
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Scientists believe that people can extend their lives for years

Scientists from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, believe that man alone can prolong their lives for years, it is sufficient to only 20 minutes of daily physical activity.To prolong life rather spend 150 minutes per week of physical activity, the report says researchers.   The study was considered an active Canadian who engaged in physical exercise at least 150 minutes per week, as a result the researchers found that men who train in this manner, increased life expectancy by 2.4 years, and women - for 3 years.Vote: If you want to learn English quickly and easily, you will help technique Read more [...]
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December 21 begins the darkest week of the year

December 21 The sun will reach the southernmost point of the celestial ecliptic, the length of daylight in the northern hemisphere will be reduced to a minimum.The sun is approaching the far point of its winter travel and therefore is slow on the ecliptic. Reduction of daylight in the northern hemisphere continues, but not as fast as it was two weeks ago, about a few seconds a day. On the day of the winter solstice (December 21) the duration of the day at the latitude of Moscow reaches an annual minimum - 6 hours and 59 minutes.Category: Science Read more [...]
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Why do we need the moon

BBC film
Category: Science

Scientists question the origin of the solar system

Scientists from the University of Chicago found that in the solar system asteroids no chemical evidence of a supernova explosion, which is believed to stimulate her education. The researchers conducted a content analysis of isotopes of iron-60 and iron-58 in several minerals of the crust and meteorites, is part of the asteroids. According to the authors, the iron-60 is only formed by the explosion of a supernova, and, thus, is irrefutable evidence of the existence of such an explosion. Scientists have shown that, contrary to expectations, the iron-60 in meteorites studied first, very low, and Read more [...]
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Results of the 2012 version of the magazine Physics World

The most important physical discoveries of the year the monthly Physics World named the discovery of the particle-like Higgs boson, ATLAS and CMS collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).In July, a physicist experienced infrequently week Fame: TV reporters and other journalists from around the world occupied by the Geneva laboratory, where the rather modest workshop scientists cautiously announced that they have received the signal is very similar to that which would be worth waiting on the Higgs particle.Of course, the editors Physics World has made this the obvious choice not because Read more [...]
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Scientists have figured out how to find out whether we live in a matrix

Recently, many researchers are committed to check how realistic predictions can be made by the authors of science fiction movie. While the British expect the probability of Rise of the Machines, the Germans are trying to figure out if we do not live in a "matrix", reports Yahoo! News.Professor Silas Bean of the University of Bonn, said that if our universe is the built environment, then it has to be some limits and loopholes. Their discovery proves that we live in a simulated someone illusion. Physicists believe that this can be done by creating a sophisticated computer model of the Read more [...]
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Scientists have learned how to isolate the cancer cells in the blood and preserve their

According to a press release from the Japanese Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, a new nano-devices can provide an alternative to the painful procedure of biopsy, currently used for the diagnosis of metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread).A team of scientists from Japan and the United States invented the technology to not only identify cancer cells in the blood during the early stages but also preserve them for the diagnosis and understanding of the mechanism of cancer spread in the body. The work of scientists published in the journal Advanced Materials. According to a press release Read more [...]
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Scientists: whether to be afraid of a doomsday

Before the date of the end of the world in less than a week. But there is a real threat to humanity? Scientists believe: Doomsday will not. In their view, 21/12/12 for the era of the Mayan civilization ended and a new Jaguar. [Alexander Semenov, academician MAEN, maize] "When we were on the wall separates each year at the end of the year the last leaf, are we saying that the end of the world? Of course not. " One of the popular versions of the disaster called the approach to the Earth mythical planet Nibiru, but even today there is no evidence of its existence. There are other Read more [...]
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Scientists have bred fish feet

Spanish researchers have shown how the fish turned into land animals. The researchers conducted an experiment in which only one altered gene into the DNA of zebrafish, zebrafish.Hoxd13a gene responsible for the transformation of fins in the limb buds. The activation of this gene by introducing extra copies led to that in place of fins begin to form limb buds. They grew chondroid tissue, from which subsequently develop bone. Embryos with activated gene hoxd13a continued to live for a few days, but then died, news agency "Planet." Hox-family genes control the development of Read more [...]
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Do I need to be completely healthy to go into space?

Astronauts can spend on the International Space Station to six months. And for good reason. Loss of muscle and bone mass in zero gravity during this time is so great that a further stay in the space for a person is not possible.Future space tourists will not go through the same tough training as cosmonauts and astronauts - how flying can affect their health? In an article published by the British medical journal, argues that family doctor clinics in the UK have to be prepared for the fact that in the near future, their patients will begin to wonder whether they are able to transfer the body of Read more [...]
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Nepal was reset point tectonic couple in the Himalayas

Group of geologists led by Laurent Bolin (Laurent Bollinger) of the Commissariat of Atomic Energy in France Arpajon tried to find fault point Himalayan crust after earthquakes by studying photographs of the river valleys in Nepal.Faults in the earth's crust caused by the earthquake in Nepal in 1255, prompted the scientists that its territory is reset point tectonic "couple" resulting from the collision of the Eurasian and Indian plates, according to an article published in the journal Nature Geoscience. The southern part of Eurasia is composed of two large tectonic plates - the Eurasian Read more [...]
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Scientists have found out — sea urchins do not age

"Sea urchins living in the Red Sea, it seems, in practice, are immortal, - said a marine biologist from the University of Oregon (Oregon State University), Thomas Ebert (Thomas Ebert). - They are destroying predators, disease or some fishermen, but more than that then they have no signs of age. 100-year-old hedgehog can exist in the same way as the 10-year-old. " Scientists thought that the sea urchins live for 10-15 years, while they measured the levels of a radioactive isotope of carbon - element whose presence is important increased in all living organisms, then the atomic bomb tests Read more [...]
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Should I be afraid of artificial intelligence?

16/12/2012 The following year, on the basis of the University of Cambridge will be created, "Center for Global Risk", one of the goals is to determine the design principles of "safe" artificial intelligence.In the policy statement of the founders of the center state: "Many scientists are concerned that as a result of the development of human technology will soon be new risks calling into question the existence of our species as a whole." As similar dangers in the center emit artificial intelligence, climate change, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The head Read more [...]
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