Black holes looks like properties, both liquid and solids

12/12/2012 According to the new theory, the researchers suggest that the "black holes" have properties that are similar to the dynamics of how solids and liquids. Nils Obersee, a professor of theoretical particle physics and cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, says that "black holes" can be regarded as a particle. Particles, in principle, do not have the size and can be converted to any object.According to string theory, the various battles that act as "black holes" are called black brane. Black branes are heat, that is, they have Read more [...]
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Earth's orbital cycles can trigger volcanoes

The rhythm of climate change that occurred in the last million years of Earth's history, is determined orbital cycle: Depending on the amount of sunlight that glaciers are growing, then retreating. Responds to change the entire planet - from atmospheric and ocean circulation to ecosystems and even erosion and sediment transport.New research suggests that it affects the volcanism. Scientists in the past have noticed similar correlations for limited periods of time and at a regional level, and the new work provides a broader picture.fridgeirsson). "Height =" 399 "width =" Read more [...]
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Discover ancient crustacean striking conservation

12/12/2012 British paleontologists discovered the remains of crustacean that has preserved not only the shell but the soft tissue: a body, legs, eyes, gills and digestive system. Tiny arthropod found in rocks 425 million years of age, in Herefordshire - a ceremonial county in the west of England. The animal is about 10 mm refers to the Silurian period.Skin and crustacean, named Pauline avibella, researchers have been able to recover only to destroy the very discovery. To do this, the scientists had, removing layer after layer of the sample, taking pictures of each one. As a result, based on Read more [...]
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Camera to measure the velocity of the plasma on the surface of the Sun

Perm State University scientists have made from the camera device that can measure the speed of the plasma on the sun's surface. This will help in forecasting geomagnetic Earth. Research team of the Department of Computer Systems and Telecommunications PGNIU developing new methods to identify the physical phenomena based on the use of computer vision, which, unlike a human, allows a detailed analysis of fast processes. In many ways, it helps to use high-speed camera, capable of producing 100 000 frames per second. Acquired for one million rubles, scientists have turned to the camera meter, Read more [...]
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Scientists have shown that plant growth is not dependent on gravity

The knowledge gained will be useful, if humanity will sow the fields on other planets. Researchers from the University of Florida in the United States launched into space the plant to understand the issues of development of the root system of the plants and the effect on the process of gravity. It was found that in zero gravity plant growth is determined by the direction of the incident light.Scientists back in 2010 was sent to the International Space Station two kinds of small flowering plant and for two years have seen their development in weightlessness. Over time, it turned out that in the Read more [...]
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Scientists: genetic failure as the cause of homosexuality

Geneticists have suggested that the development of homosexuality due to a violation of human DNA in a package, that is the preservation of the embryo epigenetic markers, which he inherited from the parent of the opposite sex. Scientists have presented a new hypothesis in a paper published in the journal The Quarterly Review of Biology. She was nominated member of the University of Tennessee, Sergey Gavrilets, together with its counterparts in California and the University of Uppsala. Until now it was thought that preceded the emergence of homosexuality genetic mutations, however, all attempts Read more [...]
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The sensational discovery of Russian scientists — Drug substances can be effective at very low doses

A phenomenon previously unknown in nature and do not even predicted theoretically discovered by Russian scientists. Opening, already recognized sensational promises a revolution in pharmacology and medicine. It turns out that drugs can be effective in very low doses. That means you can create effective drugs used, such as leukemia.  'Be significant transformation of our understanding of the nature"The researchers say. This was explained in a scientific report on the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the research team, Academician Alexander Konovalov. Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a gene that could guarantee immortality

Scientists have not abandoned hope that they can give to mankind immortality, experts from the Zoological Institute at Kiel University have discovered a gene FoxO, which may not guarantee immortality.FoxO gene found in the freshwater polyp Hydra, which is immortal because of the regeneration of reproduction: the hydra dies if predators eat her or she gets sick deadly disease.   The scientists decided to study the genetic make-hydra that, if they do not make a man immortal, or at least support the immune system in old age.   The researchers looked at several versions with different levels Read more [...]
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Australian scientists have discovered that termites are able to search for gold

Australian scientists have published a study that describes the ability of termites to find gold and other precious metals, bringing them to the surface with particlesconstruction of embankments. Experts hope that this discovery can be used in mining operations. According to the researchers, in Australia it is increasingly difficult to extract gold from the erosion of rocks on mature fields. PS: In vain do they say - goodbye termites ...Category: Science Read more [...]
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On the optical effects in the atmosphere — Solar Halo

Recently received a lot of messages about Halo, false or second sun light or solar poles, which are sometimes regarded as the "Northern Lights." Many saw themselves these beautiful natural phenomena. What science says about this phenomenon?Halo - is refraction and reflection of light ice crystals in clouds in the upper tier, are light or bright circles around the sun or moon (lunar sample photos halo), separated from the heavenly dark spaces. Halo often seen in front of the cyclone (in cs their warm front) and therefore can be a sign of their approach.As a rule, the halo appear as Read more [...]
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Women more likely than men to fill his price

Desire of women to pick and elevate himself in the eyes of fans formed as a result of evolution. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from Australia and Singapore.Psychologists studying popular relations strategy, concluded: women change temper justice with mercy, and vice versa, to test the feelings of the potential partner and find out what it's worth, writes The Daily Mail.Total researchers counted 58 strategies "touchy" and asked respondents to evaluate their effectiveness. "The most successful women's tricks: the demonstrative confidence, conversations with Read more [...]
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Dark chocolate can treat cough

Studies of experts have concluded that chocolate can alleviate the symptoms of acute and chronic cough. Scientists conducted an experiment with 300 volunteers suffering from cough. Participants in the study for 14 days, three times a day to take theobromine derived from chocolate. As a result, pulmonologists found that 60% of the participants feel better. According to specialists of the National Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonology, Theobromine blocks sensory nerves and reflexes, which manifests itself in the form of cough. If every day to eat a chocolate bar, a cough will disappear - they Read more [...]
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Disgust can save a man's life

Disgust is a distinct evolutionary sense, which was produced by man of about 7 thousand years ago and during the entire period of its existence helped him survive - according to a new study by researchers from the U.S.. In a series of laboratory tests, experts analyzed the biological reactions in the brain that occurred when the subjects were shown some disgusting things. It was found that the feeling of disgust begins in visceral cortex and stimulates the production of negative hormones. Human behavior is modeled by a way to stay away from a source of disgust, even if that in itself it may not Read more [...]
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Live birth appeared long before the dinosaurs

12/11/2012 The birth of the living descendants of reptiles appeared about 280 million years ago, long before the dinosaurs.As established paleontologists, one of the first live-bearing animals in the stories was Mesosaurus - Marine reptile, lived in the early Permian in South America and South Africa, at that time was a part of the supercontinent Pangaea. Perhaps in the first million years of evolution mezozavry were simply not able to produce eggs with a hard shell, suggested Dr. Graciela Piñeiro of the University of the Republic of Uruguay. "After the recent discovery of embryos mezozavrov Read more [...]
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Sunny apocalypse VIII century

12/11/2012 Researchers is haunted mysterious "event Charlemagne", coinciding with the victories of the emperor of the Lombards. The annual rings of trees that era found abnormal concentrations of radioactive carbon-14. American astrophysicist Adrian Melot and Brian Thomas suggested that the cause is an enormous solar flare. Phenomenon related to 774-775 years, opened only this year. Experts explain the anomaly increased cosmic radiation and thus assumed that if it was caused by a luminary, then the Sun would have to attribute a thousand times more powerful radiation than observed Read more [...]
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Extreme changes in the evolution of

Evolution gave the polar bear its white coat "instantaneously"Swedish explorer and naturalist Folmer Bokma at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Boston, presented the report, which states that evolution is not a gradual and relatively uniform process (as suggested by the theory of neo-Darwinism), but a series of abrupt changes and transformations, so most new species can be formed almost Single-moment.Hopping theory of evolution appeared long ago. Its first expressed paleontologists who have studied the fossilized remains of ancient creatures."I have Read more [...]
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Scientists got a snapshot of DNA

12/11/2012 Scientists from the Italian Institute of Technology managed to photograph DNA using an electron microscope.Enzo Di Fabrizio and his colleagues developed a unique method of application of the sample. The scientists used a silicon substrate. The fact that nanoscale silicon pillars have water repellent, so when applied to them with a solution of DNA moisture evaporates very quickly, and only the elongated molecules, ready to shoot. In addition, researchers have made a number of holes in the substrate through which the electron beams are missed. So they were able to improve the image Read more [...]
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American scientists named in honor of U.S. President extinct species of lizards — obamadon

Scientists from the American Yale University named an extinct species of lizards in honor ... re-elected for a second term of President Barack Obama. According to paleontologists, obamadon / Obamadon gracilis / small lizard is about 30 cm long, which feed on insects became extinct about 65 million years ago. Scientists noted that their actions do not have any political agenda. "If Obama had lost the election, we would be in a very difficult position. In such a situation it would be cruel to name after him extinct lizard," - said the head of research Nicholas Longreach. In an article Read more [...]
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Greenland ice cores tell us about the history of fossil fuels

Scientists have recorded the reduction of nitrogen-15 in the layers of the Greenland ice sheet, dating back to the industrial revolution, and new research suggests that the cause is changing the acidity of the atmosphere.Acidity can be traced to sulfur dioxide - a byproduct of burning coal and a major cause of acid rain. Nitrogen-oxygen compounds (NOx), which are associated with high combustion temperatures also contribute to the accumulation of acid in the atmosphere. The abundance of nitrogen-15 - part of the chemical "signature» NOx.Kern Central Greenland (photo Jihong Cole-Dai).NOx, Read more [...]
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Dinosaurs still killed volcanoes

The new analysis suggests that the massive Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction due to the Deccan traps, and not with the fall of the meteorite.In the controversy about the causes of Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction another salvo did proponents of volcanic eruptions on the Deccan Plateau in India that lasted thousands of years. In their view, it is not in the meteorite, and the saturation of the atmosphere of toxic levels of sulfur and carbon dioxide, which has led to global warming and ocean acidification.Opponents, however, believe that the gas and dust rose into the air after a meteorite crater Read more [...]
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