Scientists: Beer protects against acute respiratory infections and the common cold

Japanese scientists have found an effective drink that can help the human body to cope with the acute respiratory infections and colds. It turns out that the substance humulone, which is contained in hops, has a good antiprostudnym action. This means that the intoxicating drink can replace drugs. Brewers from the Japanese company «Sapporo Breweries», referring to scientists claim that their product can be used to fight viral infections that lead to severe pneumonia and bronchitis. And the thing humulone - a substance that is responsible for the bitter taste of beer. This is it has this spectrum. Read more [...]
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Scientists have found what the smell drives women crazy

A woman by the smell can determine if her man. But her choice affects not aftershave or perfume. It turns out that the main criterion for selection - the smell of armpits men.U.S. researchers found that men secrete armpits whole complex odorless pheromones. These pheromones have a huge impact on women on a subconscious level.These pheromones contained hormone that controls menstruation in women. Tests showed that women who were given a sniff this hormone, to feel comfortable and relaxed.Scientists believe that, based on pheromones, allocated under the armpits, in the near future it will be Read more [...]
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The less a woman loves a man the more he likes it?

"The less we love a woman, the better she likes us ..." The famous rule of seduction sounds of the man's face, but use it more often than women. This conclusion, psychologists from the University of Western Sydney (Australia) and the Singapore Management University, who analyzed the different strategies of flirtation and courtship, are used by men and women. Scientists presented their results in the European Journal of Personality. The study involved more than a thousand people. Scientists have asked them about the tactics used to entice a partner, as well as how often they are Read more [...]
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Why is it difficult to prove the old man crossing with other species

The study of genetics and anatomy of howler monkeys in Central America showed that hybrid individuals to identify the characteristics of the skeleton is not possible. Hence, it is premature to conclude that our ancestors no one crossed, based on a single analysis of bones.A bunch of recent genetic studies have shown that modern humans had sex with Neanderthals thousands of years ago, when the two groups roamed the planet shoulder to shoulder. However, the bones left by these species do not have obvious signs of mating, and a new study of Mexican monkeys seems to give an answer to the question Read more [...]
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Ancient genes — the key to the management of plant

Scientists from the University of Warwick have found genes in plants that contain the secret of why some genes in the evolution of "off" and the other "on", and vice versa. This discovery will accelerate the study of plants and in the future will help to solve the problem of food security.Regions of DNA that are more than 100 million years, are involved in the management of the expression (activity) of other genes of the plant. Simply put, they once moved to the "on" or "off" certain genes that help or hinder the plants adapt to specific environmental Read more [...]
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Romanian scientist: December 21, 2012 the frequency of vibration of the Earth will reach its climax

Another theory about the coming end of the world, which, according to the Mayan calendar has come December 21, 2012, launched the famous physicist in charge of energy Earth Anka Dinke.Romanian scientist said that December 21, 2012 frequency of vibration of the Earth reaches its climax - 12,6-12,8 Hz. According to him, some people at the same time can experience discomfort, but the end of the world will not, said the scientist.He advised mankind to relax, go out with my family and celebrate "the most beautiful apocalypse."Anka Dinke in 2011 received the highest state award for Read more [...]
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And do we need dark matter?

While many teams of scientists around the world at this very moment trying to catch these elusive dark matter particles - the "other stuff", presumably, of 80 percent of the mass of the universe and inaccessible to direct observation (yet) - and try to calculate how much exactly the so-called "dark energy" responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe, but you will probably have this endless puzzle is much more simple solution may be that the dark matter and energy is not there.Pierre Mageyn, professor of the Belgian Institute of Institut d'Astrophysique et Read more [...]
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Is there life in Antarctica?

Interval of 500 000 years for the three-kilometer thick ice. British scientists complete study of the next section of the Lake Ellsworth in Antarctica. Many are still interested in the question: "Was there and is there life at the South Pole?" 12 members of the team layer by layer, dig up the truth. Which creatures can withstand extreme cold, darkness and low nutrients. In order to get the precious artifact - a piece of permafrost - scientists have to literally sink the ice with hot water. For 3 - 4 days in a three-kilometer ice hose supplied 90,000 liters of boiling water. Once Read more [...]
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Why children?

Strange question, is not it? Children need and point ... it would seem. Then why more financially independent and healthy women refused to bear children. And increasingly found families with no children, for reasons unrelated to the health of the spouses.Danish scientists, apparently yielding European trend to actively study the causes of unstable demographic situation and look for ways to resolve it in the direction of increasing the birth rate. But the Scandinavian specialists have more - they took a clear statement for the doubters - children should start to live longer.In Aarhus University Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a gene in each individual 400 mutations

Every person carries a 400 genetic mutations. At least two of them are directly related to the symptoms.Scientists have studied the genetic code of 179 healthy people and compared it to the directory of all versions released by mutations that cause the disease, writes Suddeutsche Zeitung."We now know that healthy people have a lot of damaged or completely deactivated protein chains, but it has no significant impact on their health," - says one of the study's authors, David Cooper of Cardiff University.The publication points out that most of the genetic abnormalities do not cause Read more [...]
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Pockets of Maori talk about the Earth's magnetic field

Julian Turner, a geophysicist at the University of Victoria, has proposed to use the analysis of stones, of which the natives of New Zealand held their pockets, to study the evolution of the magnetic field of the Earth. C report the preliminary results of the study was presented at the American Geophysical Society, and its summary results BBC News Existing data on the history of Earth's magnetic field are mainly to the northern hemisphere, while to understand its evolution knowledge of the southern hemisphere is not as important.One of the main ways of studying the history of magnetism - analysis Read more [...]
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Day, when photosynthesis changed the world

Found possible evidence of the cyanobacteria, just before the oxygen catastrophe. Billions of years ago, a small blue-green algae split the water molecule and released the poison, the result of which was the death and destruction on a massive scale. It's about photosynthesis, oxygen, and the death of anaerobic inhabitants of the earth.Geologists have found evidence for the first time a major evolutionary stage immediately before the splitting of water by cyanobacteria. This is a unique "snapshot" of the moment before the world became modern look: the emergence of photosynthesis Read more [...]
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NASA reports that the magnetic portals do exist!

Stargate, magnetic portals, vortexes in space: science fiction writers give various names unusual holes in space / time, to explain how travelers from distant regions of space, time, or both of them to come into the orbit of the Earth. But it is - just a trick of science fiction, an occasion to tell a good story, is not it?It turns out that they do exist, although the opening is said to be in its early stages. Researcher at the University of Iowa funded NASA suggested how to find them. However, some believe that it is - old news in the "advanced civilization" chosen people that visited Read more [...]
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Hawaii threatened megatsunami

Waves that can drag a heavy boulder up the steep slopes of Hawaii are generated by landslides. The latest of these occurred 100 thousand years ago. Is almost impossible to imagine: a tsunami of more than 300 meters high buries the island of Hawaii. But researchers say that this may well happen in the near future.They shared their thoughts on the meeting of the American Geophysical Union.Strip of light over Hawaii (NASA).Unlike the tsunami generated by the earthquake, Hawaii big wave is due to landslides because of the immense destruction of volcanoes. This happens about every 100 thousand Read more [...]
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The Bible is not the right: the first women appeared, not men

The order of events described in the Bible is unscientific: in reality, there is a woman first, and only then it can come out of a man, if its body contains the male sex hormones - at least this is true for mice, U.S. researchers have shown. How is the sex of the embryo development and at what point is determined, whether it will be a boy or a girl, try to understand, scientists at Johns Hopkins University (USA). While it is not about people: experts studied the growth of mammary glands in mice. According to an article published in the latest issue Science, work neural networks responsible for Read more [...]
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How to make false indistinguishable from the truth

The way to make his lie was indistinguishable from the truth to the banality simple: just tell lies to train quickly and without errors.It is believed that lying about a person is always possible to learn, because lying is harder than telling the truth. Lying about stuttering, go astray, longer collected his thoughts, etc. When a person is going to lie, in his mind there is a conflict between the two statements, true and false, and it takes time to suppress the automatic willingness to utter the true answer, and choose instead spurious.Anna Clopet). "Height =" 400 "width =" Read more [...]
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Water and mind

All metabolic and chemical processes in our body function because of the water. Nutrients, salts, minerals, and vitamins - all of it must first be dissolved in water to be absorbed into the blood and to bring their favor. Electrical transmission of nerve impulses in the brain - the basis of all systems of the body. In an adult 75% water, and the brain is made up of fluid by 90%. Therefore, water plays a role not only solvent, but also a conductor. Thought processes - it is essentially the result of electrical impulses. Consequently, there is a conductor - no thinking. Apparently, the view Read more [...]
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Scientists gave mice color vision

The American team of geneticists from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland (Washington, USA) and the University of California at Santa Barbara (California, USA) said that with the help of simple gene manipulation allowed ordinary mice get color visionAccording to zoologists, humans and other higher primates are unique animals because they can see the world in full color range. Human visual system is equipped with three kinds of sensors that are capable of collecting light waves of the three bands - long (responsible for the red color), medium (responsible for the green color) and short (responsible Read more [...]
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Mariana Trench can help unravel the mystery of life on Earth

Clue to the origin of life on Earth, and probably beyond can be hidden in the deepest spot on the planet - the Mariana Trench, scientists say.Explore a unique video footage and samples obtained during the March mission deep Hollywood director James Cameron, the scientists discovered bizarre forms of life. For example, at a depth of nearly 11,000 feet literally lined the bottom of "carpet" of microorganisms.According to scientists, this is so-called "bedding" consists of filamentary "bush" on underwater rocks, which seem to provide these microorganisms "chemical" Read more [...]
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Russian scientists have found a new way to fight viruses

Although mankind has long prevailed smallpox virus and it is stored in only two laboratories in the world - in Russia and the U.S., its study is still ongoing. Interest in this subject is heated about the alleged terrorist use of biological weapons (still fresh in the memory of the anthrax envelopes), and constant debates on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. And if there are doubts about the threat and should be able to answer them, and preferably several, modern ways. The international team, which many Russians found a new opportunity to fight smallpox, in which blocked its transfer Read more [...]
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