Scientists have learned how to get the stem cells from the blood

Biologists Cambridge University have developed a new method of creating stem cells - from components of human blood. This method of reproductive cells may be the most efficient of the existing, BBC Russian service reports with reference to the researchers. At present, most stem cell scientists are of human skin. However, recent studies have found that these cells may have a genetic defect, and this makes them unsafe for transplant patients. Stem cells can turn into any tissue of the body cells and can be used in the treatment of various diseases.Category: Science Read more [...]
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Coffee is useful in diseases of the liver

American experts from the University of Colorado in a lengthy study concluded that coffee has a beneficial effect on patients with severe liver disease. Scientific work lasted 4 years, it involved 782 patients suffering from non-alcoholic fatty hepatosis. The average age of the study participants, of which 38% were male, was 48 years. Of these, 29% do not drink coffee, 28% drank less than one cup per day, 15% of the daily drank two cups of coffee, and 28% - to drink a day for more than two cups of drink. As a result, the researchers concluded that the admission of coffee has an inverse relationship Read more [...]
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NASA: End of the world will occur unpredictably and quickly

Experts from NASA dispelled rumors that the end of 2012 can be a cosmic catastrophe. Many publications have predicted end of the world December 21, 2012, but experts said the U.S. space agency, which is nothing like earthlings is not in danger, - "If the end of the world and there will be one day, it is unlikely we will know about it in advance". Scientists explain that the rumors were caused misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar. "If the end of the world and there will be one day, it is unlikely we will know about it in advance. Chances are, it will happen quickly and unpredictably Read more [...]
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Mushrooms zombifikatory help from inflammation

Cordyceps fungi most people know in their creepy relationship with ants: fungus infects insect zombiruet him into going to a place suitable for reproduction of the fungus, and finally kills him. Meanwhile, it is Cordyceps, according to researchers from the University of Nottingham (UK), may be a source of promising anti-inflammatory drugs.ressaure.) "Height =" 364 "width =" 600 ">Ophiocordyceps corallomyces on larvae of flies. (Photo ressaure.) It should be noted, however, that the medicinal properties of mushrooms have long been used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Read more [...]
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Genetic diversity of mankind owes the last millennium

At the same time, active breeding has resulted in a large number of potentially harmful genetic variants. However, this does not mean that mankind has become more frail.The human genome was not sitting in vain last five thousand years. The population has grown exponentially, and new genetic mutations occur with each generation. And now we have a great abundance of rare genetic variants in those parts of the genome that code for proteins.A new study helps to clarify, when the most of the options. Using deep sequencing scientists discovered and dated more than a million single nucleotide variants Read more [...]
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Pregnancy can be infected

German scientists from the city of Bamberg conducted a study from 1993 to 2007, attended by more than 42 thousand women workers. As a result, the researchers concluded that the pregnancy can be "infected" by looking at someone else's example.Thus, according to the study, women colleagues who are already familiar withjoy of motherhood, the probability of getting pregnant within a year after the birth of the child with colleagues increases almost in half. Also, this effect is observed during the second year, although at a much smaller level. Scientists cchitaetsya that the Read more [...]
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Nature of conscious thought can be rhythmic

The nature of the conscious mind "can be rhythmic." According to the National Science Foundation / U.S. NSF /, the conclusion made by experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology / MIT / Boston University and trying to solve the "one of the greatest puzzles in neuroscience" - to understand "how our brains encode thoughts on ... the cellular level. "Scientists led by Earl Miller of MIT conducted their experiments in monkeys trained to respond differently to certain things, depending on their color and location. It was found that the color "respond" Read more [...]
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At the Large Hadron Collider has obtained a new form of matter

Experiments with collisions of particles carried by the most powerful particle accelerator today, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), have allowed scientists to discover something that is very similar to a new, previously unknown form of matter. This new form of matter that has received a very strange name color glass condensate (color-glass condensate), is similar to the liquid wave, consisting of gluons, the elementary particles associated with strong interactions that hold the quarks together the protons and neutrons.Scientists working at the collider, it is not expected that the type of collision, Read more [...]
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Scientists NASA: end of the world on December 21 will not be

Scientists of the American space agency NASA convinced, despite numerous predictions that the end of the world in December of this year, will not occur."Our planet was fine for more than 4 billion years, and claims that the end of the world is coming soon, are without any scientific justification," - noted in a statement posted on its website.One of them, in particular, is that the Earth will face wandering in the solar system mythical planet Nibiru, which supposedly predicted the existence of the Sumerians. Originally disaster for this scenario was planned in May 2003. However, when Read more [...]
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Swimming makes children smarter

Swimming - is not only a sport that promotes not only physical development, but also mentally. This is especially true for children. Children who have learned the basics of the sport in a very early age, reach milestones of development, where before their peers. This is the conclusion of the Australian scientists Griffith Institute for Educational Research. Australian scientists have spent more than three years of his research in this area, the study of the impact of sailing on the brains of children. Scientists over the time of his research work with nearly 200 children younger, preschool Read more [...]
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Collision in the Large Hadron Collider suddenly produced a new type of matter

Collisions of protons with lead ions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have led to an unexpected result in the form of new particles created in the collisions. The new observations show that the impact could produce a new type of matter called color glass condensate (through the eyes). During the high-speed collision of particles formed hundreds noyvh particles, most of which departs from the place of collision at near light speed. But the team Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) at the LHC found that out of a sample of 2 million ion-proton collisions, some pairs of particles in the departure maintained Read more [...]
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Scientists have found similarities in the development of the universe, the internet and the brain

Scientists from the Cooperative Association analysis of Internet data (CAIDA) at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) with the help of complex computer models found that all networks, whether it is the brain, the social network, or the universe developed by the same principles. A previous work has shown that the brain and the Internet have a lot in common. Now, researchers have wondered whether there are common laws of development of networks, independent of their size and type. Guided by the theory of relativity, which explains how matter distorts space-time, they decided to model Read more [...]
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Scientists: horoscope can not be trusted

Guided horoscopes - means wasting your time and energy. The fact that they do not carry any useful information. Each person is unique, but all the words written in the horoscopes can go to absolutely any sign of the zodiac.Some people believe that the signs of the horoscope and the stars are controlled by external forces, writes Thus, in their study, psychologist Bertram Forer instructed his disciples to assess whether the recommendations in horoscopes meet them personally. As a result, 85% of respondents reported that the horoscope is made very accurately and specifically suited to Read more [...]
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From the world of beauty: the physics of fluids in photos

Physics at times is so beautiful that it seems as if it is not of this world. At the annual conference of the American branch of hydrodynamics Physical Society in San Diego, an exhibition of amazing images on the topic. The best of them will be published in the journal Physics of Fluids, and once again on display at the conference of the American Physical Society, which will be held in Baltimore 18? March 22. In the meantime, let's look at some of them. Head-on collision of two drops of water thick with two human hairs here leads to the formation of the pancake. Researchers are interested Read more [...]
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3000 years without light, heat and oxygen. In the subglacial lake found live bacteria

A new discovery by American scientists significantly extends the framework in which life could exist. They found living organisms in the Antarctic Lake Vida, which for three thousand years, has been completely isolated from the outside world under dvadtsatimetrovym layer of ice. Unbelievable, but the bacteria live and thrive in very salty water, without light and oxygen, at a temperature of minus 13 degrees Celsius. And it's not just one form, but of a whole ecosystem, which includes dozens of families. The detailed results are published in the journal PNAS. "It changes our understanding Read more [...]
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Write down your thoughts to control them

Psychologists have confirmed that the bad thoughts you can get rid of, leaving them on paper and throwing out the notes in the trash. Sounds like a fool, but, according to researchers at Ohio State University (USA) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), the method works.Generally speaking, the various psychological training is advised to use this technique to combat bad thoughts, but so far no one checked if it works scientifically. In the journal Psychological Science just published the results of such work.Scott Stulberg.) "Height =" 400 "width =" 600 ">A Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a way to create an invisible virus

The work of scientists from the U.S. and Japan, under the direction of Russian, a graduate of the Tomsk State University and an adjunct professor at Washington University Dmitry Shayakhmetov, the answer to one of the most problematic issues of medical science: on what grounds the immune system recognizes adenoviruses? The results of the study will help in the creation of reliable agents for targeted delivery of drugs to the affected organ. The paper was published in the journal Science.Dmitry Shayakhmetov: "We are the first to prove that the system can work as a coagulation of the immune Read more [...]
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Scientists are very close to the old dream of man to extend his youth

2012 around the world and in Russia dedicated to the Arctic and its global role in the life of mankind. Siberian and Tyumen scientists for many years paying close attention to the permafrost, and the unique biological resources that it holds. In particular, the minds of the researchers are relict bacteria, discovered a few years ago in Yakutia on Mammoth Mountain, near the river Aldan. Told academician, director of the Earth Cryosphere Institute, Tyumen Vladimir Melnikov, of the 300 strains isolated bacteria, 70 have described. Four strains completely deciphered genome. Moreover, one of these Read more [...]
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In Antarctic Lake Vida found life 3,000 years isolated from the external environment

American scientists have found in the water Lake Vida, located under the 20-meter thick ice, and several species of bacteria. Frost viable organisms that exist in such difficult conditions - in the dark, in salt water, in freezing temperatures, and completely isolated from the external environment - first discovered. Subglacial lake is located in the valleys of McMurdo in Victoria Land.Report on the sensational discovery of the research team led by Dr. Alison Murray microbiologists and Dr. Christian Fritz Institute of Nevada published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Read more [...]
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Americans are fat and happy

Most people in the U.S., recognizing the extra weight is not going to do anything to bounce back. As a result, the concept of shifting norms.A new opinion poll shows that the representation of the U.S. population of the ideal weight varies according to the increase in their waist.According to Gallup, in 1990, the average weight of Americans increased by 7 kg, and their ideal man is "correct" to 6 kg. As for the Americans, they surged by an average of 6 kg, and the woman of their dreams "scored" 5 kg. Wishes will not change: all this time, respondents acknowledge that to Read more [...]
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