Nikola Tesla advocated eugenics

Few people know about it, but in the thirties of the last century, the famous inventor predicted that by 2100 it will be necessary to obtain special permission for the production of offspring. Nikola Tesla is widely known as a champion of the AC, wireless electricity and "death ray," but some of his fans probably will not be happy somehow scientists forecast on the future of science and culture. He predicted not only the coming of the workaholic-robots that allow a person to relax, and the war with the advent of super-weapon, but the spread in the XXI century, eugenics - they say, it's Read more [...]
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Is there life in the stratosphere?

And if so, what kind? How to cope with the low temperatures and cosmic radiation? Who lives on the edge of space? That is - who else, except for pilots and divers rare in the sky? To this question and prepared to answer one of the employees of NASA. If we try to imagine the conditions suitable for life, the stratosphere comes to mind is not right: high, dry, cold. This atmospheric layer lies over the site where the weather is formed, that is, at 10? 50 km above the Earth. The average temperature of the lower part is? 56? C, a jet stream blowing at a speed of 160 km / h Atmospheric density Read more [...]
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Death and telomeres: there is a clear link

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente and the University of California at San Francisco found a clear relationship between mortality and the length of telomeres.Telomere research (specific areas on the end of chromosomes) were carried out in the framework of GERA and include over 675 thousand genotypic markers 100 thousand patients. These data were then analyzed together with the medical records of test.As a result, found that people with the short telomeres are at increased risk of death. In other words, the shorter the telomeres, the higher the risk to die prematurely. Until now, scientists Read more [...]
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Why do we sleep?

Everything from fruit flies to dolphins need to from time to time to cover your eyes. The reason for this, apparently, is in the brain, and remains one of the mysteries of biology.At this session, we spend about a third of his life. If we deny this, we get sick. But we still do not know well, why do we need to sleep.At first glance, the answer is obvious: to the brain and other organs to rest and recover. But why can not we have a rest, staying awake and continue to be on guard? Why we can not restore power, and watch? Mystery ...Photo HelenHates Peas.Sleep - so common phenomenon in Read more [...]
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Ancient nests could appear at the beginning of the Cambrian

Paleontologist, known extraordinary and controversial hypothesis suggests that paleodiktion in reality an attempt to build a nest. Cubs (larvae?) Hatched and eats its way out.Nearly 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci made several sketches of marine fossils, including hexagons, resembling honeycombs. This phenomenon is well known and by modern discoveries: it is called paleodiktionom and a majority is the imprint of ancient burrows in loose sediments of the sea floor. Similar formations date back to the Cambrian period (542-488 million years ago). But about the creation of the animal is not known. Read more [...]
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Anxious thoughts about aging is programmed to disease

Young people who are negatively reflect on old age, more at risk of getting sick in old age than their colleagues with positive thoughts Young people thought that old age is heavy and disconsolate time in a person's life can actually lead to stroke and heart attack, according to U.S. experts, says "AMS" referring to the foreign media.Doctors have found that the treatment of old age may determine your future health in old age. Even after controlling for other factors that contribute to poor health, remains a clear link between the representations of the aging process and the development Read more [...]
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NASA scientists, the energy centers of the Earth

Scientists are one of the units identified NASA places on earth that have the greatest impact on human energy. In Ukraine - Koktebel. A topped the list of the American Grand Canyon and Yellowstone International Biosphere Reserve. "The light of positive" as the Old Town in Prague, the Montmartre hill in Paris and the area around St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, says TSN. "It is remarkable that in the list of the most favorable places entered our territory - the famous arboretum" Sofiyivka "Synevir Lake and Reserve" Askania Nova. "But the real power Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a way to predict when a person dies

U.S. scientists have found a way to accurately predict the time of day when the person most likely to die from stroke or heart attack. This factor is determined by the particular combination of the human genotype, writes the Daily Mail. A team of researchers from the Department of Neurology, Medical Center BIDMC in Boston (MA) has found that a combination of chance, in the study of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.The study involved 65 healthy 1.2 thousand-year-old Americans. The researchers studied the condition of these people while they sleep. In this study, they found a set Read more [...]
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Supercivilizations, how we imagine, less than one in a million stars

Despite our limited resources SETI, the most powerful of them, we would have already noticed. Yet nothing like this has not happened ...A team of astronomers led by Andrew Seeds (Andrew Siemion), including Jill Tarter (Jill Tarter), who heads the SETI, analyzed the results of the observations of the radio telescope in Green Bank. Considered 86 candidates for planetary systems discovered Space Telescope "Kepler".The observations were made for frequencies in the 1.1-1.9 GHz (the same ones that operate cell phones), but only for the signals in a very narrow range, no wider than 5 Hz. Read more [...]
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Science 2.0. Development back in 2012

Guest program — Sergey Kiselev, Sc.D., Professor, Scientific Director of the Division of epigenetics, chief researcher at the Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences Vavilov.
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The search for extraterrestrial life

Is the planet Earth, the only one of its kind, or somewhere in the universe there are others like her? Whether there is extraterrestrial life? The search for this life - one of the great problems of humanity. Only recently spoke quite optimistic assessment: up to a few thousand. With the expansion and deepening of knowledge in different fields of science is changing, and evaluation. Many experts believe that within our "star island" can be expected only 2-3 intelligent civilizations in addition to the Earth. The problem of extraterrestrial civilizations deserves careful and Read more [...]
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In the U.S., have found an animal with a 750 feet

A wonderful creation with the highest number of "legs" of all known living creatures on Earth, lives in California. Its size is smaller than a little finger of man, only 3 inches long, but the number is 750 feet.First appearance "Illacme plenipes" was opened in 1928 and was labeled as being "a record number of legs." But scientists believe that by the end of the 20th century, this kind of died out. Researcher Paul Marek University of Arizona found it again in Silicon Valley. In the new study, published in the journal ZooKeys, ucheye provides the first scientific Read more [...]
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All the kids a little telepathic

Scientists have discovered an unusual children's ability to read the thoughts of adults.Who has hidden scissors?- Perhaps all children come into the world a little clairvoyant - such an amazing idea once expressed scientist, head of the Laboratory of Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute, State Prize winner Professor Igor Garin. He wrote a two-volume book "What is mysticism?" And with the help of scientific methods to grapple with supernatural phenomena.- You probably do not notice the time, that even before the bad man in the room - the scandalous, malicious, or with a bad reputation Read more [...]
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Life and asteroids belt for Life

It seems that the existence of life on Earth would not be possible without ... the asteroid belt, which is located far beyond the orbit of Mars.Three possible options for the evolution of the asteroid belt. Above - the planet the size of Jupiter migrates through it, scattering asteroids and suppressing the possibility of life on the inner planets. In the middle - the real situation: Jupiter slightly violates stability asteroid belt. Below - the planet does not migrate, remaining in its distant orbit, leading to the emergence of particularly massive and dense asteroid belt. Asteroids with him Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the brain's ability to solve mathematical problems unconsciously

How much will the "8 + 6 + 9?" Stop! Israeli researchers say that your brain knows the answer before you start thinking about this problem. A new study published in the journal PNAS, shows that we can unconsciously read and perform math. Previously, the authors of other studies have found that the brain is able to perceive unconsciously separate words and numbers. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew University) decided to see if he can cope with more difficult tasks. For this, they conducted two experiments using a special technique when volunteers show different Read more [...]
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Einstein's brain is still different from the brain of others

Researchers have tried to determine the anatomical differences of the brain of the great physicist, based on a new, previously unavailable material that has recently been in their hands.If you ask, "Which one of you geniuses can call?" That Albert Einstein, to be sure, will be in the top ten, or even five, or even three. While his place in the public mind a great scientist must rather famous photograph than a subtle understanding of the theory of relativity. However, scientific and - increasingly - the cultural significance of his work can hardly be overestimated. And then another Read more [...]
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Scientists have looked into the mysterious pseudogap

Scientists in Japan have seen with my own eyes how a superconductor a phenomenon called superconductivity. And in doing so, they helped a scanning tunneling microscope. In addition, the researchers were able to see the mysterious pseudogap and find out exactly what her appearance precedes the emergence of superconductivity. Before you make sense of what the scientists were able to see, let us remember, and what is, in fact, superconductivity. Usually, this term refers to the complete absence of electrical resistance of the conductor, and susceptibility to external magnetic field (that is, its Read more [...]
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Scientists when he was born — and live!

The fact that the numbers affect our life? Han, astrologers say a long time. Their studies suggest that between the date of birth of the person and his health, happiness and career is a direct one. In fact, until recently, they were considered the main experts in the responses to the question, what will happen in the future. These have now been joined by the scientists. Meanwhile, serious scientists also began exploring the impact of a person's birth on his life. Predisposition to overweight, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system or allergies - among other factors - like, also Read more [...]
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I found the St. Petersburg Zoological Institute in hair yeti

Last week, scientist Valentin cryptologist Sapunov said that the hair found in the course of the expedition in Kemerovo region last year, with a 70% chance to belong to Bigfoot. It is true that scientists have learned about it in the winter - and the news for some reason there was only now.Conduct an examination of the hair director of the Zoological Institute, Doctor of Biological Sciences Oleg Pugachev says the opposite: study did not produce any results. Whether DNA A year ago, in the Kemerovo region hosted a conference on hominology (the science of the Yeti). Scientists from five countries Read more [...]
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Scientists have recorded the music of the human brain

Chinese researchers have reported the activity of the human brain in the form of music, and got to my surprise, quite a coherent melody, like a piano jazz improvisation.With developed at the Chinese University e-Science and Technology by electrical activity in the brain has been translated in time, and the movement of blood in it - the rhythm. As a result, the researchers were able to hear quite a complicated symphony."We hope that our success in building based on brain signals of music will help to explain the nature of the brain," - said study author Jing Lu and Yao Dechzhun writes Read more [...]
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