Scientists have recognized: Between a man and a pig there is almost no difference

George Orwell's phrase, that between a man and a pig there is almost no difference, much closer to the scientific truth than he could guess the author. This conclusion is journalist Mark Prigg of the largest-ever study of the genome of pigs, which is published in Nature, writes Daily Mail. "Scientists have discovered that pigs are adaptable and amenable to domestication, and that they are easy to seduce a meal. All these features are very similar to a human, "- says the article. Furthermore, pigs suffer from the same genetic disorders and dysfunctions of the proteins that cause Read more [...]
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Scientists at the Berkeley Space listen carefully to find the brothers on reason

Today, scientists at Berkeley used a telescope "Green Bank", located in West Virginia. With this device they intend to detect radio signals sent from the planets orbiting 86 stars, intelligent races. Until now, there was no sign of life in outer space, but researchers had been calculated, according to which the Milky Way is present less than one star in a million, carries the well-developed civilization to send and receive signals of this kind. The oddest thing was that the scientists say: even in this situation in our Galaxy are able to exist millions of advanced races and their various Read more [...]
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End of the world because of the Higgs boson

According to the scientists from the United States, Joseph Lykken at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, the universe will die because of the Higgs boson. The researchers reported that an analysis of the opening of the so-called God particle confirmed the hypothesis that our universe is constantly inherent instability.Joseph Lykken of National Accelerator Laboratory named Enrico Fermi (U.S.) used to work at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Together with colleagues in July 2012, he found evidence of the existence of the Higgs boson. It is believed Read more [...]
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Scientists have made a list of the effects of tattoos

The clinical study showed that the dye, which is used for tattooing, is dangerous to health, since the content of harmful substances is high. In particular, the presence of arsenic in it can lead to cancer.The clinical study showed that the dye, which is used for tattooing, is dangerous to health, since the content of harmful substances is high. The red paint contains mercury sulfide, blue paint - the most dangerous - it contains aluminum and cobalt. Ink used for tattoos may contain toxic ingredients that cause skin cancer.Category: Science Read more [...]
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Scientists have reconstructed the face of an ancestor of all placental mammals

Ancestor of placental appearance (left) resembles a contemporary of dinosaurs Ukhaatherium nessovi (Right), but in fact it came much later. Large American team of scientists from several universities reconstructed image ancestor of all placental mammals, combining anatomical, genetic and paleontological data. The paper was published in the journal Science, and its summary can be read at BBC News, NatureNews and ScienceNow. During the researchers analyzed 4541 phenotypic characteristic of living and extinct mammals. This is an order of magnitude greater than it was previously used in all previous Read more [...]
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Scientists have found that dinosaurs destroyed meteorite

A team of scientists from the U.S., the Netherlands and the United Kingdom under the leadership of Paul Renne (Paul Renne) of Geochronological Center in Berkeley to present new evidence of the theory of Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez, that the extinction of dinosaurs due to fall to Earth a huge meteorite. Researchers have found out that these events occurred simultaneously or nearly simultaneously. After analyzing 14 samples of matter scattered on the ground after the fall of the meteorite in the Yucatan peninsula, and comparing the results with other studies on the subject, Rennes and his colleagues Read more [...]
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Scientists: responsiveness extends life

Compassion and care for people who need it, can prolong life, according to U.S. researchers, reports Daily Mail. This conclusion university staff Buffalo (NY) came after the completion of the study, which lasted for five years. During it became clear that people who help others, less likely to die if they themselves have happened any stressful situation: sickness, robbery, dismissal, etc. The study involved 846 people who told researchers what and how they help their friends, neighbors or relatives for some time. One of the staff of the University, Michael Poulin said that the noble people find Read more [...]
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Scientists were female mood calendar

If you have a bad mood, wondering if the whole thing is that there is simply not the most auspicious day of the week? This assumption seems ridiculous. But European researchers believe that being the fair sex is largely dependent on the calendar, according to German magazine Focus. Employees of British cosmetics company St. Tropez interviewed over two thousand fellow citizens, to understand how to change their mood for the week. As it turned out, most of the study participants reported that on Monday, often feel the aged. This is not surprising, say beauticians: if the weekend you have been Read more [...]
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Scientists have prepared bad news for vegetarians

A new study shows that replacing animal fats with vegetable increases the risk of death in people with cardiovascular disease.A team of scientists from the U.S. and Australia, conducted the study, which involved 458 men aged 30-59 years with a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. The results evidence that the participants who took omega-6 showed a high level of propensity to cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.Recommendations to replace animal fats with vegetable, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, caused heated debate among Read more [...]
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Scientists have refuted harm butter

In the British Medical Journal published a study that the condition should abstain hurry to change the oil for margarine. It turns out that the study's authors - experts from the National Institute of Health, USA - re-analyzed data from a study conducted in Australia in the late 60's - early 70's (1966-1972.). The survey polled nearly five hundred men and 60 years, had a heart attack and half of them in the study were encouraged to switch from animal fats to omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Now recommends Australians recognized at least controversial, because it followed the Read more [...]
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A person can live up to 800 years

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Scientists caught three killers sperm

Scientists at Harvard University concluded that watching television is bad! From such a pastime sperm becomes less. The reason, of course, not in the viewing of, and sedentary lifestyle, from which people gain weight. And obesity is a cause of infertility. Obese men have lower sperm counts and lower than the concentration of fragmented DNA, reduced testosterone levels.What to do? Surgical procedures such as suturing the stomach do not save: semen quality does not change, despite the fact that a person loses weight. Doctors advise: abandon a sedentary lifestyle and a diet change, while sperm Read more [...]
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What really would be watching travelers 'Star Wars'

According to a recent British study, the movement of the speed of light in the Millennium Falcon will look different than it is in the film. In the "Star Wars" Han Solo, Luke and Leia saw the light from the stars stretched by them, when the ship was moving faster than the speed of light.However, the four student-master of the University of Leicester have estimated that the stars would be invisible at that speed, and travelers would see a circle of light in front of him."If the Millennium Falcon, and there really was able to move so fast, it certainly would be appropriate sunglasses Read more [...]
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Russian scientists activated the fountain of youth in the human brain

The human brain can be made to produce stem cells, have proven experts from Novosibirsk of SFM-Farm, the first resident science and technology park in biotechnology Koltsovo, reports "Interfax". They created a product code-named "G5".The invention is unique in the world. Is a complete regenerative agent. This year, due to begin clinical trials. To date, pre-clinical tests have been conducted, says co-owner of SFM-Farm Andrew Artamonov.Stem cells are produced in the brain, independently find damage in organs, restoring them. It is known that children's brain actively Read more [...]
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Sunlight was the cure for arthritis

People living in countries where the sun shines often, rarely suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, according to U.S. scientists. They studied 200,000 women, says AMS citing BBC. The basic idea here is that vitamin D, produced by the sun, a positive effect on the body. The truth, to lie in the sun all day is not necessary.Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the fact that the immune system attacks the human joints, causing pain. It is more common among women. As the staff of the Harvard Medical School, they were able to trace the two groups of women. Followed by one in 1976 and the second - in 1989. Read more [...]
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Russian scientists have developed three DNA vaccines against dangerous infections

DNA vaccines ... Scientists of the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (GNTSVB) "Vector" has developed a DNA vaccine against smallpox, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, CEO told journalists GNTSVB Alexander Sergeyev. "The" vector "works on pre-clinical studies of three vaccines based on DNA. That is, DNA vaccines - ultra drugs against smallpox, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. The results of these studies show promise in animal use and subsequent promotion to conduct clinical Read more [...]
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Scientists have determined the relationship between the odds of getting pregnant and living with older relatives under one roof

Scientists from the University of Essex found an interesting pattern: a young woman who lives next to his mother or other close relatives, is more likely to get pregnant.The study was conducted on 2,000 women volunteers who are trying to become mothers. The experiment took into account various factors, including reproductive health, lifestyle and social status. Excluding the unfavorable factors and level the chances of women, researchers have a direct relationship between the ability of pregnant women and the situation in the family, in which the woman lives.According to scientists, a woman Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a dark spot in the brain of serial rapists and killers

German scientists found that pushes the murderers and rapists to the bloody crime scene. German scientist Gerhard Roth found that pushes the crimes of serial rapists and murderers. In the central lobe of such criminals, according to Roth, is a site that appears on x-ray as a dark spot. Thus, the scientist suggested, some criminals have a genetic predisposition to evil.To prove his hypothesis, an experiment Roth. Convicted showing short films by measuring their brain activity. Whenever the screen showed violent and dirty scenes, the subjects did not show any emotion. In the areas of the brain Read more [...]
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Scientists have created a program that predicts the future for news in the media

Scientists have created a program that is based on media coverage, will be able to warn of impending outbreaks and violence. When looking at the events, the system tries to identify common patterns between them and predict what will happen in the near future. Prototype created by researchers Eric Horowitz from Microsoft Research and Cyrus Radin, employee of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), writes BBC News.According to Horowitz, their system is based on the archives of the newspaper The New York Times for 22 years (1986 to 2007), as well as many online sources, including DBpedia, Read more [...]
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Mobiles prevent aliens reach humans

Epistles aliens humanity will be easier to hear on the moon, where there is no interference from mobile phones. So says the press-secretary of Pulkovo Observatory Sergei Smirnov. According to him, more often floats the idea of a space observatory. Astronomers now have to hide from prying mobile phones.

According to Smirnov, the aliens can "shout at all ranges," but the people of Earth and plug them with radio waves.

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