Hominology Igor Burtsev — the existence of Bigfoot can not be refuted tabloid

Cryptozoologist Igor Burtsev skeptical of the information that has recently circulated newspaper The Sun, and believes that the Kuzbass Bigfoot exists.- Igor D., do you think the work of British scientists reliable?- On the one hand, I have no right to question the findings of colleagues from Oxford, it is one of the largest educational and research centers in the world, whose authority is practically unmoved. On the other - all my life I watched as the study of the Yeti, whose existence is considered a myth, and those who are trying to find it - eccentrics, moving into a new branch of science. Read more [...]
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Injection of a new drug makes complete adolescents dystrophic

U.S. researchers have figured out how to help teens experiencing complexes about weight loss, without driving them in the gym and not limited in the use of a favorite food.American doctors have long tired to warn and exhort their citizens with stories of the sad consequences of obesity. U.S. residents continue to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cafes and eateries, preferring to order all kinds of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, donuts and sweet drinks. By the way, fans of fast food in the evening also pamper yourself - absorb while watching TV, chips and popcorn.It is not surprising Read more [...]
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Climate scientists argue about the tree rings

Climatic reconstructions based on tree rings, has been actively disputed. For example, in 1998, climatologist Michael Mann had the misfortune to publish a schedule of temperature changes in the Northern Hemisphere, known as the "hockey stick" because of the sharp warming in the XX century. Since then, the scientist is a favorite target of critics of the hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change.The noise of the blogosphere is difficult to see a true scientific debate on the subject, but it is, and our hero has recently joined her too.Michelle Lee."Height =" 398 "width Read more [...]
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The huge dome of cold plasma surrounding Earth

And this veil affects space weather. Clouds of "cold plasma" are found in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, and they are distributed by a quarter the distance to the moon, according to data the data received from European satellites. Earth generates cold plasma, weakly charged particles at the edge of space, where sunlight separates electrons from the gas atoms, leaving only their positively charged nucleus or nucleons. Researchers believe that these difficult to detect particles influence on space weather, or rather the effects of solar flares on Earth, causing geomagnetic storms. Read more [...]
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Cells of partisans

Telegonia. We are talking about the impact that has a male, participated in a previous cross with female, her offspring derived from mating with other males. But there is a slit another interesting phenomenon, which is called microchimerism. This is when the ex-husband of the energy level does not become pregnant wife in her second marriage.Strange guests Donated blood. Is it harmless? ..What are these miracles are? In fact, nothing incredible - just a scientific fact. Scientists continue to make discoveries that explain a lot, strange before. But to start with some "female stories" Read more [...]
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Treatment of electrical returns

Once doctors becomes enraged if someone claimed that electricity can rejuvenate the person. Today on this is not laughing.The middle of the "Roaring Twenties". Throughout the hot newborn jazz. A new generation of party people shocked middle class, shuttling between cocktail parties and cabarets. There are so many new and clever things!How to keep up with the times? How to keep up with the young? Try "rejuvenator" Otto Overbeck! Connect to its wires, insert the battery and enjoy the buzz of the electric current, which gradually fills you with youthful enthusiasm! Pain Read more [...]
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The Higgs boson may indicate a limited lifetime of the Universe

Working with Buck physicist Joseph Lykken (Joseph Lykken) from the National Accelerator Laboratory. Enrico Fermi submitted to the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston (USA), a new, not yet published a study in which it is postulated that sequential analysis confirms discovery of the Higgs boson has repeatedly speculated about our universe is inherent instability.The Higgs boson has not only improved our understanding of the history of the universe, but also pointed to its potential end. You feel sad? (Image NASA / WMAP Science Team.)"... At some Read more [...]
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Today — the most depressing day of the year

Scientists from Cardiff University UK recognized Jan. 16 most depressing day of the year. According to the "happiness formula", which was developed by experts, on this day the British and other Europeans feel the post-Christmas posleprazdnichnuyu and sadness that come across them on the idea that as soon as they face little pleasant. Among the main causes of bad mood experts say cold weather, the stock of debt, unpaid bills, and the fact that up to wages for January is another two weeks. "All of these factors make January 16 the saddest day of the year working," - said the Read more [...]
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Neanderthals disappeared for 15 thousand years earlier than expected

Last Neanderthals disappeared from Europe about 45,000 years ago, not 30,000 years ago, as previously thought, which eliminates the possibility of contact with the ancestors of modern Europeans, anthropologists say in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."Our findings suggest the term audit manuals on the history of human evolution. Though such proposals have caused resentment among some scientists, the idea that there is no contact between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals still cluttered arguments" - said Jesus Chord (Jesus Jorda) from the National Read more [...]
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In order not to poison gold, bacteria convert it into nanoslitki

Bacteria living on gold, protected from its toxic properties, maintained the metal ions into large nanoparticles, which can not penetrate into the cell, and therefore does not cause her any harm.About ten years ago, scientists discovered that some bacteria can live literally on gold, though it is not safe - gold can poison the cell. (Here it should be remembered that gold, though inert metal, still being able to go into solution in the form of ions.) Bacteria, however, found a way out: it turned out that they can turn into inert gold nanoparticles, which, although they accumulate within the cell, Read more [...]
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Scientists closer to solving the mystery of conception

The study showed scientists from Denmark, the sperm have a certain "mind" - they are able to do some calculations to get to the egg.An ordinary person who does not have a clear understanding of the human body, it is difficult to imagine how the male sex cells are matched to the egg to fertilize it.Danish researchers decided to check the behavior of sperm in a liquid medium. Observation showed that the movement of sperm concentration of calcium in the controlled environment. Calcium concentration is particularly high in the vicinity of the egg - that in order to detect it, Read more [...]
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Before the Earth's atmosphere was almost the same as that of the satellite Titan

Scientists found that 2.5 billion years ago, Earth's atmosphere was very similar to the atmosphere of Saturnian moon Titan. This study dealt with the scientific team of scientists from the University of Newcastle (UK) under the direction of bio-geochemist Obreya Zerkla. Scientists have found that about 2.5 billion years ago in the atmosphere of our planet dominated hydrocarbons and methane and oxygen are not there. It was during this period of the Earth's atmosphere resembled contemporary atmosphere of Titan. After the organisms that live in a time in our planet, but it was mostly microbes Read more [...]
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Chewing gum activates the brain and increases alertness

Studies conducted by Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, suggest that the use of chewing gum, previously was regarded as a bad habit, has a positive effect on brain function.This process allows you to activate the process of thinking, to increase the reaction rate and increase alertness by 10%.According to the researchers this, chewing gum activates the eight different areas of the cerebral cortex through a temporary increase blood supply passes Newsru.During the 30-minute test study participants chewed gum, and the results of their brain is scanned and compared Read more [...]
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Scientists have combined the power of thought of two people

Everyone knows the saying, "One head - good, two - better." It seems that scientists at the University of Essex (University of Essex) interpreted it literally. They conducted an experiment in which the combined effect of two people thought to control a virtual spaceship.In their paper, the researchers used a system of neuro-computer interface that is actually able to read minds.The device records the signals from the brain with special sensors attached to the scalp detect mental commands and sends them to a computer. Previously, such devices used to help people with disabilities, for Read more [...]
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Scientists recognized videogame helpful person

As reported by the electronic version of the British newspaper the Sun, according to the scientist, the game increases a number of qualities that people often use in everyday life. According to Griffiths, "the process of the game has a number of positive effects: education, increased self-esteem, improve coordination. There is no evidence that video games, if done for them a moderate amount of time, have a negative effect on the person. " "I have three kids and they all spend part of their time in front of a TV playing games - said the scientist. - I think that if they did their Read more [...]
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Scientists have proven that money can not buy happiness

They say money can not buy happiness. And a new study shows that this is the case, even on the most mundane E materialistic things.Instead, the study proved that people are happy most of it just before you buy the desired items. As soon as they receive it, their joy quickly disappears. The data obtained from the University of Michigan scientists little surprised. In real life, many times and do not realize what a worsening of mood occurs some time after purchase, writes Raut.ru.Most people rarely make a major purchase such as a house or a car. And if it is good to reflect, the happiness of Read more [...]
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Kuzbass yeti was strange mutant

British researchers conducted a test of the Kuzbass Bigfoot hair and found that this mutant genes having a bear, a horse, and a raccoon.One of the samples' fur yeti "owns rare species of black bear, the growth of which can be up to two meters. And two of the sample - is a raccoon coat and the horse. However, scientists still can not explain where in Siberia took the bear, which is not found outside of the United States. Participating in the study, Professor Bryan Sykes suggested that the animal escaped from a circus, a zoo or private nursery, recognizing, however, that this explanation Read more [...]
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Living near the equator increases the risk of allergies and asthma, researchers found

"Allergies and asthma - a serious disease that can be life, if they are not identified and treated. Both conditions can ruin a human life year-round, regardless of where they live," - said the president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Richard Weber.Scratchy throat and sneezing are more likely to pursue the people who live near the equator because of the increased exposure to the sun, the researchers found the U.S., whose work is published in the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. "Ultraviolet light (UV-B) a greater impact on people living Read more [...]
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Men excite even ugly women

Men experience sexual attraction to all women regardless of their external data, say Dutch researchers.Scientists conducted an experiment with the participation of men aged 21 to 25 years. Volunteers for 5 minutes put in a room with a girl, not all participants felt pretty. At the end of the experiment, the subjects measured the testosterone levels in the blood, reports Medicinform. It turned out that this figure is increased in all men - on average by 8%.The experts concluded that the level of sex hormone in men is growing in relation to any woman of childbearing age, regardless of its visual Read more [...]
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Cro-Magnon men conquered the world thanks to the dogs

05/19/2012 Pat Shipman, an anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), published in the journal American Scientist totally unexpected hypothesis. The researcher believes that a person has had the better thanks to the domestication of dogs.Once famous paleogenetik Svante Saab said late last century that Neanderthals did not have family ties with us (he later recovered slightly, finding out that some genes from them to us yet passed) and represent an extinct branch of the hominid in their "death" were initially blamed for the war between them and our ancestors, who came Read more [...]
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