Children who watch TV in the future, become criminals

Unfavorable conclusions about the dependence of the child from addiction to the TV in the study, published in the edition of Pediatrics. "Anti-social behavior is a problem. Of course, we are not saying that television - is the source of all ills. But according to our study, the decrease viewing hours may significantly reduce the level of aggression and the development of antisocial tendencies in adolescents ", - said Bob Hancox of the University of Otago in New Zealand. Authors publishing claim that those who as children watched a lot of television, much more developed criminal tendencies Read more [...]
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Experiment Didier Dezor

Didier Dezor, biological behavior research laboratory of the University of Nancy (France), conducted a study of the behavior of rats, which showed the results of interest to psychologists. To study the swimming abilities of rats, he placed in the same cage six animals. The only way out of the cells led to the pool, which had to cross to get to the bowl of food. The experiment showed that rats do not sailed together in search of food. Everything happened as if they distributed among themselves the social roles: there were two exploiter, who never sailed, two operated swimmer, one independent and Read more [...]
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Russian scientists were the first in the world plunged into a lake in the cold pole

Achieving detachment of the Russian Geographical Society may enter the Guinness Book of Records as "the first winter diving into a natural body of water in the cold pole." The lake Labynkyr, which is one of the coolest in the world, near Oymyakon, nobody had never dived. The average temperature in the area of the lake is about 50 degrees below zero.Lake Labynkyr gained much popularity because of the faith of local residents that live in its waters creature unknown to science. ?Category: Science Read more [...]
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Collective intelligence is dependent on the size of the pack

The researchers showed how the actions of animals are becoming more efficient and "reasonable" as the number of neighbors.When we talk about collective intelligence, they usually mean that a collective decision problem is more appropriate than the adoption of a single person. This can be seen not only here, but also many social animals. Association in flocks, herds, schools helps to avoid danger, quickly find food or a mate. It is supposed that there are problems for which individual experience and knowledge is not enough.Researchers at Princeton University (USA) showed that the Read more [...]
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Scientists have offered to treat people with depression books

In Scotland, researchers from the University of Glasgow found that reading books about self-help relieves depression faster than antidepressants. The study involved two hundred people who were diagnosed with "depression." "Experimental" was divided into two groups. The first was given antidepressants, other books about self-help and participate in the session razgovoroterapii, reports the website. The results of the second group were much better than the first.According to scientists, the secret of success self-help books is that they form a human skills and self-help Read more [...]
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Verdict Scientists: G-spot does not exist

There is no evidence of the so-called G-spot in women, and make it difficult to find her love life couple. Such findings made by scientists, led by Dr. John Haven, analyzing the results of more than 100 studies.Anatomic survey is set the location of special women's pleasure center, which is called the point G. These findings are consistent with the results of the survey with 1.8 thousand British women and the findings of the Royal College of London.Dr. Haven encourages loving couples in sexual life is not to focus on the search for the "magic" of the point on a woman's body. Read more [...]
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The scientists were able to create a universe in the laboratory

A team of scientists of the University of Maryland reported that under laboratory conditions, they were able to create hundreds of microscopic universe. Or, more precisely, a way to create tiny universes of so-called metamaterials. Now, these so-called matematarialy, still quite widely used in the manufacture of mantle nevedimok, the principle of which is based on the distortion of the light waves. So, it turns out that when light passes through a metamaterial form many microuniverses. Resulting from such an experiment universes, known to scientists as "Space Melkovskogo." Its structure Read more [...]
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Scientists have found out how many hours a person needs to sleep

Australian scientists have calculated how many hours a person needs to rest. Experts of the University of Sydney, a two-week experiment with a group of healthy young men. All this time they were worn on the wrist device to measure sleep - aktigraf. Scientists note that the number of hours required for a person to sleep, constantly varies. This is a natural cyclical and depends on various lifestyle factors, said Dr. Chin My Chow of the University of Sydney, says RBC daily. Just a good sleep affects what we sleep, because nothing should hamper our body. For comfortable sleep suit pajamas large Read more [...]
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History of intestinal parasites began before the era of dinosaurs

Parasitic way of life is very effective. Tapeworms are not squeamish and primitive vertebrates.Tapeworm eggs, found in the feces of shark that lived 270 million years ago, suggests that parasites assailed animals much earlier than previously thought.Tapeworms are clinging to the inner walls of the intestine of vertebrates, and reaching the age of maturity, lay eggs which are released to the outside world with waste master. The study of the early history of these parasites - not an easy task, because their fossils from the time of the dinosaurs, are extremely rare. Have to analyze the coprolites.Shark Read more [...]
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