Deep sea basin check for the presence of antibiotics

Scottish scientists are planning to see the sea basins antibiotics. This, according to scientists, will help overcome the problem of resistance of pathogens. Scientists working at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), will take up the study of the deepest ocean trenches. They expect to find there antibiotics. The budget of the project is £ 8 million. The research scientists expect to create depressions medicines that kill bacteria are much more effective than existing drugs. Samples of antibiotics, scientists plan to get in the ocean basins. It was here in the most extreme conditions Read more [...]
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Scientists say that the last few primitive people survived in the Garden of Eden

Scientists argue that a narrow strip of land on the southern coast of Africa has become the last refuge for a group of primitive people who lived through an ice age, destroying species elsewhere. The land, which the researchers called the "Garden of Eden", it may be the only part of Africa, which has always remained habitable during the ice age that began about 195,000 years ago. Excavations scientists have shown how a combination of rich vegetation on the ground and provided with food movements in the sea created a source of food that could support primitive people during the devastating Read more [...]
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The great mystery of the water

The notion that the world came out of the water present in all religions and cultures of the world. All ancient civilizations that arose near water, flourished not only in biological characteristics. Water has affected their way of thinking, art and philosophy. They say the water live mythical creatures that can affect the lives of people. Residents of villages Timbumeri say: - If we look inward, water spirits speak to us, they are still there, deep inside, in a forgotten place where we left their gills. Maybe they're right.Category: Science Read more [...]
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A blood test will show as soon as we die

Scientists from the UK examined the performance of blood taken from a population of wild birds, and found that using these tests can accurately predict the life expectancy of not only birds, but also humans. During the test measures the average length of tiny structures at the ends of chromosomes, called telomeres. Know that they are getting shorter each time, when the cells divide throughout the life of the organism. The experiment was conducted on populations of songbirds living in the Seychelles, according to the journal "Molecular Ecology". "We found that at any age telomere Read more [...]
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Geophysics confirmed mantle melting because of carbon dioxide

In the melting of minerals in the Earth's mantle is crucial carbon dioxide. No, global warming is nothing to do with, since we are talking about processes at depths of hundreds of kilometers. So deep drill hole is not yet possible, the famous Kola ultradeep well not even reached the design value of about 15 km, to study the inner planets by indirect methods have two different types. Tapping, the analysis of the oscillations in the explosions and earthquakes and simulations in the laboratory. In the journal Nature described a group of American geophysicists is the experimental method - with Read more [...]
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Trees and human health may be linked

Science gets more evidence that the natural environment can positively influence on human health. Environmental disaster, the disappearance of 100 million trees in the East and Midwest of the United States, despite the awfulness of the situation, at least something has been useful, allowing scientists to understand how the major changes in the environment are to our health.Emerald Beetle Podosesia fraxini sawfly was first discovered near Detroit in 2002. (Photo by David Cappaert / Michigan State University.)Jeffrey Donovan and his colleagues at the U.S. Forest Service analyzed data collected Read more [...]
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Confirmed the Khazar origin of Eastern European Jews

Contrary to the fact that all the Jews of Europe goes back to the people of ancient Judea, genetic research has revealed that a mosaic of DNA of this nation.Despite numerous genetic studies, the origin of the Jews of Europe is unclear. Another analysis, conducted under the direction of Eran Elhaika at Johns Hopkins University (USA), said that the Jewish genome is a mosaic of Caucasian, European and Semitic material.Contrary to popular belief that modern European Jews - direct descendants of immigrants from the Jews, the new data strongly support the Khazar hypothesis.The Khazar empire in the Read more [...]
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Our universe is modeled?

Maybe we all Neo living in a simulated universe?If our universe is just a model, similar to the Matrix, could we ever know? Silas Bean physicist at the University of Bonn in Germany thinks he knows the answer to this question. The magazine «Physical Review D» published his article "The limited universe as an example of numerical simulation." Justin Mullins: The theory that we are living in a simulated world is just science fiction, right? Silas Bean: In fact, there is a strong argument in favor of the fact that we do live in a simulation. The idea is that in the future people will Read more [...]
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Scientists have figured out how to slow the decline in mental abilities

The study showed women 53-100 years 1837, removal of the ovaries increases the likelihood of mental decline in old age. Removal is usually in young women due to cancer. Develops as a result of the operation "surgical menopause." This writes MedDaily. With this type of one-third of the subjects experienced menopause. Women are tested for thinking and memory. It turned out "surgical menopause" at a young age was associated with a more rapid deterioration of the ability to think and certain types of memory. Long-term memory, coupled with the concepts, ideas, and episodic memory Read more [...]
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The lack of light during pregnancy leads to blindness child

Childbearing in complete darkness can lead to congenital blindness or other visual impairments as well as passing through the body of the mother light is needed for normal development of the fetus and the light-sensitive neurons of vessels inside the retina, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Article biologists, published in the journal Nature."This finding fundamentally alters our understanding of how the developing retina. We managed to find a specific cellular mechanism that reacts to light and control the number of neurons in the retina. This process affects the development of eye Read more [...]
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Migraine with aura can cause heart attack, stroke, and blood clots

Women who suffer from migraines with aura, often have other problems with the heart and blood vessels, and those who take a new generation of contraceptives are at increased risk of blood clots.Women who suffer from migraines with aura, often have other problems with the heart and blood vessels, and those who take a new generation of contraceptives are at increased risk of blood clots.Migraine (photo Harry Vorsteher / Corbis).Migraine with aura is characterized by a complex of neurological symptoms occurring immediately before the onset of headache or when it began. Aura can be blurred vision Read more [...]
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Crabs can feel pain

Crabs, and, perhaps, other crustaceans can feel pain, according to a team of British researchers from Queens University in Belfast. In the experiment, the crabs had to choose one of two caves in the tank.

The researchers found that the animals quickly learned to avoid the cave in which they received small a shock.

According to the scientists, their work can have a big impact on the gastronomic industry. Now cooks often tear the claws of live crabs and throw them in boiling water.

Category: Science
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Tyumen scientists discovered a new state of the water

The new state of water - "droplet cluster" - opened Tyumen scientists. This at the meeting with journalists Academician, Director of the Institute of the Earth Cryosphere Vladimir Melnikov."All theories are always considered the three states of water - solid, liquid and gaseous. And suddenly there is another new macrostructure - drop cluster, you have a new layer with specific physical properties. Many experts amazed, because it was on the surface of the opening of many years ago, such arguments have already been. Imagine how many more such events await the study? "- He Read more [...]
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Scientists discovered the new changes in the DNA

Scientists of the U.S. found 24 new changes in the DNA that are associated with autism. Geneticists say that this finding could be the basis for new diagnostic tests.According to the researchers, each of the identified variations are fairly rare, but more than doubles the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder support, which includes the actual autism (Kanner's syndrome), Asperger's syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, Rett syndrome and non-specific pervasive developmental disorder ( or atypical autism)."Many of these changes in the genes can be valuable prognostic Read more [...]
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Russian scientists have turned vicious in tolerant rats

Scientists at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Branch (SB RAS) attended the world's dramatically increasing anti-social and criminal behavior and decided to look at what processes at the gene level for this phenomenon. Experiments with rats with increased aggressiveness showed exactly what the DNA causes aggression and what to do to stop it, according to - We have discovered and measured the molecular relationship between the work of serotonin receptor 5-HT1a (which among other things regulates aggression and depression) with silencers Freud-1, which is at the gene level Read more [...]
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Italian scientists explain the behavior jealous Othello Syndrome

According to the research scientists of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences, University of Pisa, in the human brain, there are areas that are responsible for the formation of pathological jealousy. As it turned out, the roots of "Othello Syndrome" are rooted in the neurons of the frontal cortex, which is responsible for the cognitive and emotional processes. The researchers explain that the brain is biologically programmed to produce acute emotions of jealousy, accompanied by abnormal behavior, obsession and even damage to the partner. The person suffering from jealousy, Read more [...]
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How to prevent the loss of human civilization?

Paul and Anne Ehrlich, the famous American biologists believe that we must first give all women equal rights with men. In particular, this means free contraceptives and abortion. All civilizations eventually crisis. The result was different: some completely disappeared (for example, the classic Maya civilization), while others eventually revived (eg, China). But never has the catastrophe threatening the whole of mankind.Famous American biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich are two factors that lead to the collapse: overpopulation and overconsumption. And he and other deceptive. Quite a long Read more [...]
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Genetic research has linked the Australians and Indians

Perhaps the Green Continent not been isolated from the outside world for thousands of years - contrary to what we thought about it until now ...Some Australian Aboriginal 11% are descendants of immigrants from India, who made it to the Green Continent about 4 thousand years ago. Migrants brought with them not only genes, but also new methods of manufacturing tools, as well as ancestral dingoes.The conclusion reached on the basis of large genetic studies, contrary to popular opinion in the science of history that Australia has had no contact with the outside world since the initial colonization Read more [...]
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Scientists have explained the benefits of tea of coffee leaves

The composition of the leaves of coffee, the scientists have put an end to disputes fans of the two most popular drinks in the world - tea and coffee - their usefulness. The researchers concluded that the leaves of coffee, you can make the most useful and healthy drink for people. Tea at the coffee milder taste than usual tea and strength as it is significantly inferior coffee. Drink is rich in high-components, which reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In addition, this tea was a reduction rate of caffeine and the presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These conclusions Read more [...]
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People do not differ from pigs

Experts came to this conclusion based on the largest study in history of the genome of pigs. Scientists were able to decode the complete genome of a pig, and it turned out that these animals suffer from the same disorders and dysfunction of the proteins that trigger diseases such as obesity, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Experts believe - is the key to creating new methods of treatment of human diseases.The length of the domestic pig genome is about 2.6 billion base pairs. He is 40% composed of repetitive DNA segments and contains nearly 22,000 genes. Pig has 39 types Read more [...]
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